5/6 Instance: Cap 'n' Kat

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5/6 Instance: Cap 'n' Kat

Post by Svartfreja » Wed May 06, 2015 2:08 pm

After [Instance]Special Date and around the same time as [Instance]Viper in the Nest.

<CaptMarvel> Carol had been left to her own devices because the other had some sort of epic emergency to deal with. Bored with no more files to read, she had taken to wandering around the building looking for ghosts. Because, where she was from, ghosts were a thing. Maybe they were here too and no one had looked right yet...

<Kat> Kat was walking through the school avoiding her project in the lab and sleep. She had been trying to concentrate on her problems with the project, but the memory of her night with Chris kept clouding her judgement. She yawned as she turned a corner not paying attention to where she was going.

<CaptMarvel> Much to her embarrassment, she eeped as she was bumped into as she'd rounded the corner too quickly to really stop herself when she saw another person.

<Kat> The bump into another person jolted Kat out of her daydream. Thankful she didn't drop anything, she looked up to see Carol standing inches from her. "Hey Carol. Sorry about bumping into you. Nice outfit by the way."

<CaptMarvel> Carol looked down at her costume, "Thanks... but... this is not the Carol you're looking for..."

<Kat> Kat raised her eyebrow and pursed her lips. Was this some kind of a joke? "Well..." She paused. "If it looks like Carol and talks like Carol... it's not Carol? I'm pretty good with math but that's an equation that's not adding up."

<CaptMarvel> "It adds up, you're just looking at it wrong... You're looking for Carol that wears this," with a flash of energy, her costume changed into a SHIELD uniform. "Goes by 'Agent' or 'Lieutenant Colonel'. This Carol," she thumbed at her chest, "Goes by 'Colonel' or 'Captain Marvel'. This Carol has a fanclub."

<Kat> "Aren't you fancy? I'm Kat. Katherine Pryde to be exact. Nice to meet you Captain Carol." She extended her hand in greeting.

<CaptMarvel> Carol switched back into her costume as she reached to take the hand and give it a firm shake, "I'm meeting all kinds of new people here. What fun stuff do you do?"

<Kat> "Let's see... I'm working on building a robot. I can phase through walls and other objects, including my bed. When I am asleep." She contemplated for a minute. "So... other Captain Carol... how'd you get here?"

<CaptMarvel> "Phasing in your sleep? That sounds annoying." She offered a sympathetic look, "I came here through the portal in the basement... sort of a part exchange thing..."

<Kat> "Yeah. It's highly annoying. I'm not sleeping very well." As evidence, she gave a huge yawn. "...portal in the basement? Obviously, I haven't explored this place enough. Is it weird being around Agent Carol?"

<CaptMarvel> "Not really, I've been to other realities before... they were way weirder... you look like you could use some coffee."

<Kat> "Mmmm coffee. I can always use coffee. Coffee is why I am still standing. Wanna grab a cup?"

<CaptMarvel> "Sure, I know where the coffee is," She pushed a hand through her hair and glanced down the hall before starting toward the kitchen. "So... building a robot. What for?"

<Kat> Walking with the Captain, Kat explained her project, "It's for one of my classes. I'm working on building a robot for domestic purposes. But it's not going so well. Right now it's just a circuit board that does nothing." She sighed.

<CaptMarvel> "Well, when Tony builds stuff like that he generally starts with the shell... maybe you're doing it wrong? ... Mind you... I've watched him work and it's a mess. Jess is always sneaking in there and tidying his lab. It's sort of funny."

<Kat> "Maybe... Although this is how I've always built them. I've just been distracted by... people." Images of her night with Chris and her encounter with Hope and Shinobi flashed through her head. She shook them off as they arrived in the kitchen.

<CaptMarvel> "Then you need less distractions." She headed straight for the coffee machine, "Maybe drink all the coffee, hang a sign on the door and work through the night?"

<Kat> "Except for the sign on the door, I've basically tried that. I'd kill for a good night's sleep." Kat helped herself to a cup of coffee. "Too bad I have to have very still hands to work on this robot. Otherwise I could have all the coffee."

<Kat> She took a deep draw from the cup. "But enough about me... what brought you to this world?"

<CaptMarvel> "Sharing information... your version of me came to ask some questions about herself and we offered to share some intelligence on other stuff.... I'm not sure how much you all are supposed to know..." she frowned a little, "And I don't know where the other me is to ask."

<Kat> "Hmmm... I'm probably not supposed to know as much as I already do. The other you is good friends with my boyfriend and I was privy to her conversation with the raccoon." She rubbed her eyes and yawned again. "Have you met Rocket? He's a character. I can't imagine there being another one of him."

<CaptMarvel> "I haven't met him yet... there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on whether or not that's a good idea." She gave a shrug, going to the fridge to investigate the prospects for a sandwich, "I'm supposed to be imparting my knowledge of alien races."

<Kat> "Fascinating. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that all of this is real... you know mutants, aliens, etc. I know I'm a mutant and all, but still." Kat cradled the coffee cup and lost herself in thought.

<CaptMarvel> Carol laughed, "I used to be like that... but it's been a long time of crazy stuff happening every day so you kind of get desensitised to it after a while... and I live with an alien so that novelty factor sort of wore off already."

<Kat> "Living with an alien? That's got to be interesting. It's still a novelty for me to be dating a guy who occasionally glows purple and can't get drunk."

<CaptMarvel> "Neither of us are good at getting drunk," Carol offered by way of consolation, "Which is fine... we have wine in the house but Maria likes to use it for projects... which usually involve spilling it all over everything." Locating some likely looking foodstuffs, she collected it and set it on the counter, closing the fridge with her hip.

<Kat> "Hmmm. Wine." Kat said dreamily. "Wine sounds good but makes me sleepy. And I can't sleep. Too much to do."

<CaptMarvel> "Well you should sleep - it's good for you. Human brains can't deal with no sleep, they go a bit crazy." She found a frying pan and set it on the stove, "If you start hallucinating, it might be time to consider going to bed."

<Kat> "I'll consider that." She got up for more coffee. "I do sleep some. Its just that I usually end up under my bed. And that's not comfortable. At all."

<CaptMarvel> "Maybe try putting some blankets under there?" she glanced over her shoulder, "For a while I was sleeping on the floor in the kitchen because, for some weird reason, it was the only room in the house Phyla felt safe in. We built a fort. It was awesome."

<Kat> "I have a mattress pad under the bed. That part is comfortable. It's the fear of waking up in the basement that gets me. That and the stress of this project." Kat sniffed the air. "What are you making?"

<CaptMarvel> "I was going to make an omelette but then I found steak... so that... also eggs. Figure I should eat before the raccoon guy gets up... want some?"

<Kat> "Steak and eggs? Yes please! I've been living on take out and sandwiches. That sounds delicious!!"

<CaptMarvel> "I used to live on takeout... I miss those days." She tossed in enough for two, "I never used to cook... every time I tried ended in total disaster so I couldn't see the point. Then I had a kid and I figured I couldn't feed her takeout forever, Kree DNA or not, so I took classes... and Joe mocked me every day."

<Kat> "Yeah. I don't cook. Hmm hope Chris doesn't want someone who is going to cook. That's not me." She laughed a little. "That would be an interesting restaurant concept. Totally have a Kree restaurant or something. Well. Maybe not here. But in your reality you totally could."

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "We couldn't get the same stuff on Earth that they eat... but we could mock it up I guess... except I wouldn't want to work there and cook all day.... Jess would though." She laughed, checking the underside of the steak, "Maybe I'll suggest it at our next team meeting."

<Kat> "See. I don't need to sleep. If I slept, I wouldn't have any good ideas. And that idea just made you millions." She yawned a huge yawn.

<CaptMarvel> "Well it'd be kind of a niche market... but you totally need sleep. At least a solid eight hours." She flipped the steaks and added the eggs to the pan because fuck getting another one. "Are there any plates around?"

<Kat> "In this reality or in this kitchen? The probability of both is high." Her eyes shifted around, after a minute she got up and started looking in cabinets. Kat searched until she found some and took out two and handed them to Carol. "Always in the last place you look. Two enough?"

<CaptMarvel> "Yeah, unless you're hiding more people around the place." She set them on the counter beside the cooker, "I feel like there should be salad or something... that's very 'mom' of me, isn't it?"

<Kat> "Very mom of you indeed." Kat sat back down and put her head on the table. She laid her head on the table. "Let me know when that's ready, k? It smells delicious." She yawned and her eyes closed slightly.

<CaptMarvel> She laughed softly, sliding the food onto the plates and turning off the stove. Locating some cutlery she brought the plates to the table and set them down gently.

<Kat> Kat stirred slightly when the plates hit the table. "Thanks for the food. A few bites of this and I'll be good as new. You aren't bad Other Carol. Not bad at all."

<CaptMarvel> "I know. You don't get a fanclub for being terrible." She nudged the plate toward Kat, "Eat up... then go take a nap."
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