5/7 Instance: Fallen Pryde

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5/7 Instance: Fallen Pryde

Post by Svartfreja » Thu May 07, 2015 8:57 pm

Timelined some days after [Instance]Cap 'n' Kat.

<Christopher> Chris leaned over and kissed Kat's cheek, she wasn't looking too good and he was starting to worry. "You need some water, Kat?" He looked around for somewhere to get her a drink.

<Kat> "I'm good." She lied. She wasn't good. She was far from good. She was woozy and had a pounding headache. "Can we go to a Walgreens or something? I want to buy some vitamins." Another lie. She needed tylenol.

<Christopher> "Yeah sure." Chris pulled out his phone and looked for the closest one. "It's not far."

<Kat> "Thanks. You rock." Walking the streets of Boston, Kat found herself unstable. She slipped her arm into Chris' hoping to stablize herself. "Sorry we couldn't stay in the movie. It was just...loud."

<Christopher> "You're fine hun." Chris held her arm. "Maybe we'll grab some ice cream too."

<Kat> "Rocky road? You're on." They continued to walk down the street until Kat spotted an ice cream stand across the street. "Will you go?" She asked gesturing at the stand. "I think I'll go sit on those benches over there near the entrance of the park."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I'll see if they have some water too. Just take it easy okay?" Chris frowned a little, not wanting to leave her when she was acting weird. "I'll get you a double scoop."

<Kat> "One is fine..." It was too late. Chris was already bounding across the street. She took off towards the benches, unsteady on her feet. Concentrating on the bench in sight, she took one step after another as her head started to spin. Her vision was blurry but she could still make out the bench. She took a deep breath, concentrated on her destination, but never made it.

<Kat> Her vision went dark and she felt herself falling. She called out weakly for Chris as she crumpled to the ground. She lay there unconscious.

<Christopher> Chris turned back around only to see his girlfriend on the ground by the bench she was heading to. With the ice cream completely forgotten Chris ran after her, his hands already dialing 911 to get her some help.

<Kat> Paramedics quickly arrived and loaded Kat into an ambulance. She was still unconscious, finally succumbing to the lack of sleep and the amount of stress she had put on herself.

<Christopher> ---Time Skip to the Hospital---

<Christopher> Chris didn't know what had happened to Kat but something was wrong she'd passed out and he was now waiting to hear what had happened to her. First thing he'd done after getting there was call Carol to contact her parents, Kat was probably going to be pissed about this but he'd deal with it when she was better.

<Carol> Carol was always glad when her alotted daily time for drama was actually taken up with drama instead of a nap. Fortunately, getting through the traffic in the city was not a problem for her so, when Chris called, it only took her a few minutes to get down there. Then she had to explain the situation to people she wasn't allowed to intimidate. Which was tedious as all hell.

<Carol> Eventually she got directed to where she needed to go and spied Chris on the way. She decided to stop by there first. "Hey..."

<Christopher> "Hey...." Chris ran his hand through his hair.

<Carol> "I called her parents before I left," Carol glanced around the waiting area, "What the hell happened?"

<Christopher> "Don't know... I went to get us some ice cream and she had passed out. Shouldn't have taken her through Boston. I knew she wasn't doing well when I got to her room but she insisted." Chris knew this was his fault somehow.

<Carol> Carol frowned, "I'll go find a doctor to talk to. Sit tight..."

<Christopher> "Thanks. I'm not allowed to ask for any information." Chris got himself some coffee from a vending machine and went back to where he was sitting. Looks like I'm going to get to meet her parents a lot sooner than she wanted.

<Paige> Paige was at the nurse's station, filling out the chart work on her latest patient when someone told her Mr. and Mrs. Pryde were there. She closed the chart and headed to the waiting room, somewhat surprised to see Carol and Chris. She approached them.

<Carol> Carol cocked her head on one side, "Working the Emergency Room today?" she gave Paige a small smile in greeting.

<Paige> "Somebody has to," she smiled back at Carol, glancing around the room again. "So... are her parents here yet?"

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "I called them but they have to actually drive here and the traffic looked pretty bad when I flew over."

<Christopher> Chris wasn't as talkative as Carol and just focused on his coffee. "Parents?" He froze a little.

<Paige> "I thought... nevermind." She smiled and glanced over at Chris. "She's fine... she's being treated for severe exhaustion. We're going to keep her here under observation. I admitted her."

<Carol> "She conscious yet?" Carol glanced at Chris.

<Christopher> "This is my fault... I should have made her wear my inhibitor." He sipped at his coffee.

<Paige> "No, no she's heavily sedated until she completes a complete sleep cycle, then we'll bring her back up." She didn't know what to say about the inhibitor. "So she's having issues with her power? How long has this been going on?"

<Carol> Raising an eyebrow, Carol turned her full attention to Chris, "No one should make any student wear an inhibitor if they don't want to."

<Christopher> "She hasn't been sleeping well for a while now. She's been phasing through her bed."

<Paige> Paige opened up the chart, making rapid notes. "What has she been doing to help with that?"

<JackSkulls> "Dunno... I didn't know it was that bad. If I knew it was this bad I would have had her do something about it sooner." Chris' hand shook a little and ran his hand through his hair.

<Paige> Paige wrote some more, finally smiling up at him. "Don't worry. We'll get her taken care of." And put her on a regiment to give her better control.

<Carol> "Do you need me to hang around for a while?" Carol turned back to Paige, "Because I'm going to need coffee."

<Paige> "You can if you want. It's going to be awhile. Going by what I've seen and what Chris said... it's been awhile since she slept properly."

<Carol> "I guess I should stay until her parents arrive, just in case... point me to the vending machines."

<Christopher> "I'm in for the long haul.... third cup of death by beans." Chris finished the cup he had.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige directed Carol to the vending machines. "If you guys need anything, just let me know. I need to get back to work."

<Carol> "We'll be fine," Carol gave her a smile, "I don't even need a chair. Just caffeine."

<Christopher> "Machine's over there, it's shit but it's caffeine." Chris offered a quarter over to Paige.

<Paige> Paige took it, depositing it into her pocket just as her pager went off. She picked it up, checking the number. "Have to go. No it's not her." She smiled and gave Chris a quick hug. "Get some rest."

<Carol> "Pfft, it's fine if it doesn't have machine oil in it. Take a seat, I'll get you some."

<Christopher> "I'll be fine. I heal, coffee just keeps me alert." Chris threw his cup away and went to his seat without arguing more though.

<Paige> With one final glance, Paige looked at them, then headed back to her patients.
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