5/10 Instance: Into the Viper's Nest

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5/10 Instance: Into the Viper's Nest

Post by Slarti » Sun May 10, 2015 11:22 pm

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<Jessica> Back in the relative safety of the Hydra facility, Jess relaxed her posture somewhat and looked around for any clues to where Shinobi and Viper may be.

<Hope> Hope backed away from everyone, trying to get her bearings again after the teleport.

<Shaw> Sebastian checked his weapon again, watching both women for signs of distress.

<Jessica> She couldn't sense Viper so she assumed that meant she was just out of range. That was good to know. She did know how to reach Viper's lab from the staging area and how to reach the infirmary. She started for the latter.

<Hope> When Hope didn't move to follow Jess, David put a soft hand on her shoulder, making her jump. "Where are we?"

<Shaw> "Hydra base. Japan." He paused in following Jessica himself, though he didn't want to lose sight of her.

<Hope> Had he lost his damn mind? She looked at him. She stared at him. She went at David for that teleporter.

<Jessica> Jess had neared the door and was about to disappear around a corner.

<Shaw> "Hope, love, this is where she would have brought Shinobi," he said quietly, knowing better than to point out she would know that if their link was still active.

<Hope> David swatted her away, dodging a bit. "Go find the kid!"

<Hope> She glared at both of them and sat down where she was. "He shouldn't even be here!"

<Jessica> Jess paused in the doorway, "Where the hell else would he be?"

<Hope> "How about back at the fucking school!? Where we have somebody who can fucking heal him and not some fucking psychopath who is more likely to kill him than save him!?"

<Jessica> "If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be sitting there badmouthing her!" Jess turned and left the room.

<Shaw> "Hope, as much as I am loathe to admit it, she's right. Once he's stable, we can certainly go to the school, or to a private hospital with reliable security." If he wasn't already dead.

<Hope> "I'm not staying here with her. I don't trust her! She's a psychopath. Do you know what that means? It, by definition, means she can't be trusted."

<Hope> David pulled her into a hug, squeezing her. "Where's Shinobi, Hope?"

<Shaw> "I'm certain then, if you wish to leave him in her hands, we can teleport back to her East Coast base," he said, crossing his arms and irritated that this had taken so long that Jessica had vanished.

<Hope> "I don't know!" She sobbed against David, frustrated. "I don't know and I can't DO THIS!"

<Shaw> Sebastian frowned. If she didn't know, then... it wasn't a good sign. "Love, yes you can."

<Hope> "No I can't! Not again! You should have taken him back to the school. Not here! Anywhere but here!" She cried against David, who kept squeezing her.

<Shaw> At a loss, he rubbed his face, realizing his hands were filthy - caked with Shinobi's blood and God knew what else from that lab.

<David> "We don't know where he is. If you want to make sure Viper isn't killing him... you'd have to find him first."

<Shaw> "I'm certain Jessica knows, which is likely where she went, if we'd followed," he snapped.

<Hope> "Then fucking go after her!" Hope snapped at him, trying to calm down and focus on Shinobi.

<Shaw> Eyes narrowed, he surveyed her for a moment, then glanced at Sum and found his glower matched. Well. He smirked and followed Jessica without a word.

<Hope> A short moment later, Hope looked up at David. "I got him. Get ready to hold your breath." She took a short cut through the walls.

<Viper> The noise beyond the doors to the operating theatre made Viper glance up, "What is going on out there? Someone find out." One of the lackeys nodded and ducked out of the room to investigate. Then tried not to pee his pants.

<Hope> Hope had paused outside the operating door, letting David bend over to ease his stomach. She crossed her arms at the lackey, sizing him up.

<Viper> "Can we help you?" the lackey asked, looking between Hope and David.

<David> David put his hand on Hope's shoulder before she could open her mouth. There was no guarantee on what would come out of it! "Inform Viper that Jess and the others are here."

<Viper> The agent nodded, going back inside the room. A moment later he was back out again. "She can't talk right now..."

<David> "Did I say I wanted to talk to her? No I said inform her. Follow directions."

<Viper> The agent glanced at the door again, he wasn't going back in there. "She knows."

<David> David just raised an eyebrow at the guy. "Then you are still here because....?"

<Viper> "Anything else I can help you with?" The agent squirmed uncomfortably on the spot, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

<David> "No. You are dismissed." David waved his hand at the guy dismissively.

<Viper> The agent looked visibly distressed by this but turned back for the door and disappeared from sight again. Viper glanced up when the door opened, her patient's blood pressure had stabilised so that was something. For now, he needed time to recover before she went poking around any more in there so she left instructions and pulled off her gloves and gown, going for the door herself.

<Shaw> Using their link, Sebastian caught up to Jessica, surprised he hadn't been forced to accost any of Sarkissian's lackeys on the way.

<David> With the agent gone, finally, David could turn his attention to Hope. Ut oh.

<Hope> Hope stared at the door. Just... stared.

<Jessica> Jess hardly noticed Sebastian was there as she'd arrived at the infirmary. Spying Hope and David, she zeroed in on them and the emotional black hole not far beyond.

<Viper> Opening the door, she was surprised to see David and Hope stood right outside. There were, after all, plenty of chairs.

<David> The door opening caught his attention. He turned to Viper, nearly gasping at her face. "Viper." He kept his feet planted, though just barely.

<Hope> Obi was on the other side of that door. She could get to him. She could get him out of there.

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped just behind them, attention focused on Sarkissian and trying to see into the room beyond. This close, he could sense Shinobi. The boy was still alive, for now.

<Viper> Taking the pins from her hair successfully covered up the hastily dressed wound on her face and she looked between Hope and David, glancing up when Jessica caught her eye. "He is stable for now, we need to wait before we can do any more."

<Shaw> For now. It confirmed his gut feeling on the matter. "Thank you... Viper." He moved to slide his arm around Jessica's waist.

<Jessica> Jess leaned against Sebastian, "Is he going to be okay?"

<Viper> "It is too soon to tell but I will do my best," her eyes caught David's for a moment, "He needs time to heal."

<Shaw> Sebastian's attention shifted to the green-haired woman... and her bandage.

<David> His gaze lingered on Viper, tightening his hold on Hope before she could do something stupid. He hoped.

<Hope> Hope glanced beyond Viper. Why couldn't they get him a real doctor? Or bring Anna to him?

<Jessica> Jess nodded, her eyes also tracking briefly to the bandage.

<Viper> "You should all get cleaned up. You are dripping goodness knows what all over a sterile environment."

<David> He nodded, trying to push Hope back away from the door, but her feet were stuck.

<Shaw> Reminded now, he looked at his hands with a grimace. Most of the blood was Shinobi's.

<Jessica> Jess tried really hard not to look down at herself but she couldn't help herself. Once she had, she started shaking again.

<Shaw> "Shhhhh, Jess, love." He gathered her into his arms. "I'm afraid we'll need to borrow some clothing until we can go home to get a change of our own."

<Hope> Home? Hope wasn't going home without him. She'd like to see someone try to make her! "How long before you continue?"

<Viper> "Of course," her eyes found a lackey before he could hide, "Show them where everything is. I should to get to work." She paused and turned her attention to Hope, "That depends on Shinobi."

<Hope> "Then when can I see him?"

<Shaw> Sebastian watched this exchange while he tried to comfort his wife.

<Viper> "He is going to a clean room. When you fit the criteria, provided he is still stable, you can see him."

<Hope> Hope gave David a look. How soon would that be?

<David> He nodded at Viper. "Thank you."

<Viper> She inclined her head to him in acknowledgment, "I am simply doing what is necessary."

<Shaw> There was a retort on the tip of his tongue, but he suppressed it.

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