5/10 Instance: Web of Lies

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5/10 Instance: Web of Lies

Post by Slarti » Mon May 11, 2015 12:26 am

Timelined half a day or day after Shaw Showers

<Jessica> Jess had had a particularly graphic nightmare and decided that more sleeping was not happening. After another long shower so she felt somewhat clean again, she wound her way through the halls of the base to Shinobi's isolation room. Agents gave her odd looks as she passed them, barefoot in a robe and pyjamas but they knew better than to comment on it.

<Hope> The moment that Hope had been allowed into Shinobi's room, she had landed there and stayed. David had long since disappeared, leaving her with monitors and otherwise total silence. She'd had several positions in the room, but she had finally ended up with her chair pushed up against the bed, her feet curled up to her chest with her arms around them.

<Jessica> Pausing in the doorway, Jess cleared her throat quietly so she didn't startle Hope, "Alright if I join you?"

<Hope> Glancing over at Jess, Hope just shrugged at her. She looked back at Shinobi, resting her chin back against her knees.

<Jessica> Jess crossed the threshold and took in the sight of Shinobi on the bed then climbed half way up the wall to take a seat there. "Any change?"

<Hope> She shook her head, holding her knees tighter. The steady rhythm of the beeping was somewhat soothing, given that she wasn't in his mind. She'd debated it, but was scared it would overwhelm him.

<Jessica> "He'll be okay..." they wouldn't be allowed in here without someone watching if he was going to take a turn for the worst.

<Hope> Hope snorted. That was what you said to people in these situations. Jess had no way of knowing. "Sure."

<Jessica> "How're you holding up...?" It was easier to focus on Hope and Shinobi... so long as she didn't look at his face.

<Hope> Hope just looked at her. Really, Jess? Really? After a brief moment, she looked back at Shinobi.

<Jessica> Jess sighed, looking down at the floor, "I'm sorry... I just don't know what I'm supposed to say..."

<Hope> "There's nothing you can say," Hope told her softly, staring at Shinobi's face.

<Jessica> "Is there anything I can do?" she glanced at Hope.

<Hope> "Unless you have a way to get Anna here or another healing mutant? No."

<Jessica> "If anyone could find her, she'd be here already..." Jess scrubbed her face with her hands.

<Hope> Hope didn't bother pointing out that meant no. She ran a hand through her hair, then wrapped it back around her legs. "David left."

<Jessica> "Would you rather be alone?" she bit her lip, not really sure what else to do with herself.

<Hope> "I am alone." At least it felt that way.

<Jessica> "You're not..." She moved a little way down the wall, closer to Hope.

<Hope> "Let's sever your link with Sebastian and see how you feel then."

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, "I know how that feels..."

<Hope> "Then don't tell me I'm not alone," Hope told her, keeping her tone soft. "And you can all get the fuck over my being upset that we're here while you're at it."

<Jessica> "I know it's not the same... but you aren't alone. Sebastian and I are here for you..." she tentatively reached out with her empathy, "I'm not mad at you for being upset we're here... I get it... but we couldn't risk getting SHIELD involved... Hydra was our only chance of finding you..."

<Hope> "Both of you were complete asses when we got here. Like I should be fucking pleased to be at a Hydra base. So no. No you aren't here for me."

<Jessica> "I was worried about Shinobi... and I'd just... just killed someone so..." she sighed, "I get that you don't trust her... but he's alive... and she did that. So give us some credit, okay? We're making the best of a bad situation..."

<Hope> "You could have warned me where we were going," she pointed out, though paused. "Who did you kill?"

<Jessica> "We were using her tech and she was there..." she frowned, feeling that should have been obvious but whatever. "The other Oyama..." she swallowed, "Yurei..." She tugged on her hair a little as the face swam back into view before her eyes.

<Hope> A dark smirk spread across her face as she looked back at Shinobi. "Good."

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, feeling sick all over again. "Did you see his face...?" her voice barely crept above a whisper.

<Hope> "I didn't need to see his face. I felt his hands on me enough. Sick fucker deserved to die."

<Jessica> "He looks like Shinobi...." Looked like. Past tense.

<Hope> She snorted. Of course he would. "Then I hope you stabbed him in the face."

<Jessica> Nope. Nope! She was not in control of this. She bolted for the hallway and a trashcan. Bye-bye minuscule dinner.

<Hope> Hope was... relieved by the return of the silence. She'd have to remember that trick.

<Jessica> Jess passed off the trashcan to a random agent in the hallway and got some water from a nearby cooler to sip.

<Hope> Rocking had become the thing Hope did, ever so slightly. She rocked and she watched him, listening to the steady beeps.

<Jessica> Jess attempted to assure Sebastian that she was alright over their link but wasn't sure he believed her because she was having a hard time convincing herself.

<Hope> One hand slid down from her legs and curled around Shinobi's fingers.

<Jessica> After a moment of trying and failing to stop her hands shaking, Jess stepped back into the room.

<Hope> The beeping sped up to match the rush that Hope felt when she touched Shinobi. She jerked her hand back, startled.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at the reaction, "You okay?"

<Hope> Hope raised an eyebrow at her. "Are you?"

<Jessica> "I'll live..." She raked her fingers through her hair.

<Shaw> Using their link to track Jessica only got him so far in this maze, and he soon had to waylay one of Sarkissian's lackey's to lead him to the infirmary.

<Hope> "As will I," she smirked a bit, looking back down at Shinobi. She could feel him again. It was... weird. His mind was still. But it was there. He was there. She took his hand again.

<Jessica> Jess managed a small smile, feeling the slight shift in her. She moved a little closer, reaching to rest her hand on Shinobi's other but still unable to look at his face.

<Hope> Hope let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding, relaxing somewhat in her seat. The beeping had increased when she touched him again, making her smile behind her knees when she thought about it. She still made his heart race.

<Shaw> Sebastian paused in the doorway, taking in the sight.

<Jessica> Jess felt him there and turned her head, offering him a small smile, I told you I was fine...

<Shaw> I know, but I wanted to come anyway. He returned the smile, but his eyes were soon drawn to Shinobi.

<Hope> Hope didn't look up when Sebastian approached, too focused on Shinobi and how his mind was.

<Jessica> Jess brushed her thumb over Shinobi's fingers, looking down at his hand again.

<Shaw> "How is he?" Sebastian kept his voice quiet, stepping carefully into the room and moving around the side of the bed beside Hope.

<Hope> "Stable. Alive."

<Shaw> "Good." That much was rather obvious, but he let it slide and put his hand on her shoulder.

<Hope> Surprised, Hope looked up at him.

<Shaw> His lips curved in a slight smile. "Have you eaten?"

<Hope> "I'm fine," she looked from him, back to Shinobi. Junior Mints were totally food.

<Shaw> His expression slid into a smirk and he made a noncommittal sound. "Of course." Moving around her chair, he stopped at the head of the bed and stared down at his faux son's face.

<Jessica> Jess followed him with her eyes until they got too close to drifting down to Shinobi's face. She looked away again and bit her lip.

<Shaw> Sensing Jessica's discomfort, he sent her his reassurance, but kept his eyes on Shinobi's face. He must have struggled, likely trying to protect Hope, just as they'd witnessed.

<Shaw> After a moment, he reached out and smoothed the boy's hair back.

<Jessica> Jess felt bad for Sebastian. He'd finally been ready to accept Shinobi and now this. But Shinobi was alive, there was still a chance.

<Hope> "They told him, by the way." Hope told them, squeezing Shinobi's fingers.

<Shaw> The movement of his hand stopped and he looked at Hope.

<Jessica> Jess closed her eyes. There was nothing the world wouldn't take.

<Hope> "He knows we all lied to him," she elaborated.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed his eyes, and rested his hand on the crown of Shinobi's head. "I'm sorry."

<Hope> Hope watched Shinobi's face, pressing her cheek back to her knees. "He knows everything."

<Shaw> He could feel Jessica's grief and took a deep breath before he looked at Hope. "I owe him an apology. I owe you an apology."

<Hope> "It doesn't matter now," she told him softly.

<Shaw> "Nonetheless, I am sorry."

<Hope> She nodded her acknowledgment. "I don't know what happens now."

<Jessica> "He won't want to hear that, will he?" Her voice wavered and cracked and she swallowed.

<Shaw> He looked up at Jessica. "Pardon?"

<Jessica> "Shinobi... he won't care how many times we say sorry... we waited too long... and look what happened..."

<Hope> Thanks Jess. Hope swallowed hard, squeezing the hand she held.

<Shaw> "That's quite probable, yes." He watched his son's face and his hand resumed its movement.

<Jessica> "But it wasn't all a lie... that has to count for something..."

<Hope> Hope snorted at her. "Right. Because that's how he sees it."

<Jessica> Jess let go of Shinobi's hand and turned her back on all three of them while she wrestled for control of herself again.

<Shaw> "This falls on me. Let him continue to think me a monster who blackmailed and bullied you both into silence."

<Hope> "Tried that."

<Shaw> He just nodded, watching Jessica's back.

<Jessica> She shook her head, shooting a glance over her shoulder at Hope's comment.

<Hope> She wiped her face with the back of her hand. "I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't want me here when he wakes up."

<Shaw> That commend made him give Hope a dubious look. "If he will accept it, I'll give him an inheritance and he need not see me again."

<Jessica> Jess covered her mouth to stifle the sob then hurried out into the hall again.

<Hope> Hope just gave Sebastian a look. Right. Sending him off would totally fix this. She pulled her hand back and pressed her face into her knees, holding her legs tightly.

<Shaw> Or, not.

<Hope> "You're an idiot."

<Shaw> "Perhaps you should tell me exactly what he knows then, and his reaction."

<Jessica> Jess curled up on the floor in the hallway and tried not to listen.

<Hope> "Your first reaction is to pay him off and send him on his way." Maybe Shinobi was right to second guess everything.

<Shaw> "No, my first reaction is to tell him I was wrong!" he snapped. "Wrong to keep the truth from him for so long! To apologize for the anger I took out on him though I should have known better!"

<Shaw> He stopped himself, but barely, and stepped back from the bed, running both hands through his hair.

<Hope> Calmly, Hope glared at him. "Because you never think I might possibly be right. You have everything under control right? What do I know? I'm just a kid." She snorted and looked back at Shinobi again.

<Shaw> He turned back around and stared at her. "And what exactly are we talking about now? Because it's not Shinobi."

<Hope> "I told you to tell him. I told you the threat was real."

<Shaw> "Yes, and after what happened in London? We were going to tell him." He moved to the door to find Jessica.

<Hope> "Good to know. So glad I was included in your plans. Oh wait..."

<Jessica> Jess was still curled up in the hallway, leaning against the wall with her hands over her ears. It didn't help but she could pretend.

<Shaw> "Well there was hardly time before you vanished to New York, was there?" He threw it over his shoulder, spotting his wife in the hall and debating if he should leave her alone.

<Hope> "I'm so sorry I was busy being kidnapped and experimented on! I'll do better in the future to stay available for the off chance you might clue somebody in to what you are doing." Hope used a flick of her wrist to slam the door behind Sebastian, maybe harder than she meant to.

<Jessica> Jess yelped and flinched at the sound, curling up tighter.

<Shaw> He spun and glared at the door, but decided instead to check on Jessica. Sebastian crouched in front of her and rubbed her arm. "Love?"

<Jessica> "I'm okay..." the lie that wasn't all that convincing was getting old. "I just... need a minute...."

<Hope> Hope rubbed her face with her hands and sighed, looking down at Shinobi. Well now just everything was fucked up.

<Shaw> "I know." He sighed. "You were right as well. I will try to do what I can to fix this..."

<Jessica> "Can't plan ahead with that, Sebastian... you know that, right?" She lifted a hand to his cheek.

<Shaw> "I know." He closed his eyes and inched forward to give her a hug. "And sending him away was a poor suggestion... it was a last-resort reaction."

<Jessica> "You shouldn't give those to her when she's like this... she's right, you're an idiot." She hugged him anyway.

<Shaw> He sighed and after a moment pulled away and stood. "Coming or staying?"

<Jessica> "I'm going to stay for a little bit... maybe just out here though..." she considered telling him he should go back in there and apologise before he goes anywhere but she wasn't sure it'd do any of them any good.

<Shaw> Sebastian tilted his head at her, and withdrew his hand, opening the door and going back into the room. He stopped at the foot of the bed with crossed arms.

<Hope> Hope paid him no mind, just listening to the beeping of Shinobi's heart monitor.

<Jessica> Jess blinked in confusion. Had she thought that out loud? Whoops.....

<Shaw> "What are your thoughts on ways to address this problem then?"

<Hope> For once, she really didn't know. She wiped her face and looked at him again. "Whatever he needs."

<Shaw> He shifted and moved forward, bracing his hands on the footboard of the bed. "Agreed."

<Hope> Hope nodded, looking back at Shinobi once more. "He didn't take it well. Maybe he'll calm down..."

<Shaw> "I'm not surprised, yet... he still tried to save you." He watched Hope's profile. "And I suspect that wasn't the first time, judging by his face."

<Hope> Hope hugged her knees tighter. "It wasn't."

<Jessica> Jess got to her feet, using a hand on the wall to keep herself steady. She moved to the doorway just so they knew she was there.

<Shaw> "He loves you, and love forgives most anything."

<Hope> Her toes lifted up and pressed down over and over while she thought about that. "If it's enough."

<Shaw> Sebastian was quiet, and fussed with the blanket at the foot of the bed.

<Jessica> "Maybe not for us... but for you..." Jess offered a hopeful smile, "I know how you felt for each other... that wasn't a lie..."

<Hope> "If he believes it wasn't a lie now," she pointed out.

<Jessica> "He will... you'll show him."

<Hope> Hope pressed her forehead to her knees. Sure. Yeah right. She raised and lowered her toes, sighing. "I guess we'll see when he wakes up."

<Shaw> "You have the link with him. It can only help." He moved to the side of the bed and touched the boy's hand.

<Jessica> Jess stayed in the doorway, still not looking at Shinobi.

<Hope> Maybe... maybe if she took down all her shields for him. Maybe if he had full access. It was an idea. She could at least offer it. "Can't hurt."

<Shaw> "Just..." He was unsure how to continue, and closed his eyes, reaching out with his own senses. "Whatever you need from me, let me know."

<Hope> If she lost him now... after all this? It was unbearable to consider. "We'll just have to go by his cues."

<Shaw> "That's fine." Sebastian felt Shinobi's mind, which was thankfully intact, but idle right now.

<Hope> "Would you forgive Jess? For lying? For hiding things through your link?"

<Shaw> "I have, and I would." He looked over at the door, trying to catch Jessica's eyes.

<Jessica> Jess snorted. Oh she had no idea. She went back out into the hall. "Works two ways."

<Hope> Hope reached out her hand for her dad across Shinobi. Maybe there a chance, no matter how small.

<Shaw> Sebastian leaned and took her hand, giving it a squeeze. He gave her a small smile, that he could only hope was reassuring.

<Hope> Hope couldn't really smile back, though she tried. "Just hope it's enough."

<Shaw> "It is your specialty." Hope was hardly his, so she would need to hope enough for both of them.

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