5/16 Instance: Welcoming Committee

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5/16 Instance: Welcoming Committee

Post by Starfish » Sat May 16, 2015 6:17 pm

Timeline: Current.

Erik: The alarm clock managed three final, skull-piercing beeps, before a magnetic pulse melted its wires together and silenced it forever. Its own fault for doing that on a weekend. It had to be weekend for him to feel like this. He hoped it was weekend.

Erik: Erik debated opening his eyes to find out, but given he had just destroyed the only device around that could tell him, he saw no point to it, and instead rolled over in his bed. If he was late for work, someone would call him.

Emma: The space where Erik rolled to was currently occupied by a petite blonde, who mumbled in protest at being moved. Her slender arm snaked around the warm body that had so rudely woken her, pulling it closer as she nestled into the warmth.

Erik: Erik tensed at the contact, until the warmth of the touch brought back the memories of the previous night. Another reason to stay in bed, he thought to himself, a smile playing across the corner of his mouth. He pulled the soft body against his, inhaling the familiar scent from her hair.

Erik: Ah yes, he had met her last night, at the event that was otherwise so uneventful.

Emma: His memories were picked up by the telepath, causing a smile to spread across her own face. She kissed his chest before tilting her head up to see his face. She had thrown a fit about going to that event because they were always so full of stuffy old people. This time, however, she had gotten lucky.

Erik: "Good morning," Erik said, his voice low and gentle, his hands following suit. "Sorry about the alarm. I didn't mean to wake you." Now would be a good time to start remembering her name.

Emma: "Good morning," she nestled into his chest again, letting her hands wander over his back. "It's ok. Worth it." Emma smiled and breathed him in, dreading when they had to get out of bed.

Erik: He bowed his head to kiss the top of her head, keeping his face hidden in her blonde hair. "I hope you slept well," he said, brushing a wayward strand aside. Maybe if he got a peek of her face...

Emma: "Mmhmm," she mumbled against him. "Did you?" Amused by his thoughts, she tilted her head up to him.

Erik: "Not nearly long enough," Erik replied, smiling at the girl as he scanned her features. He could have sworn she had looked older the night before. "That's all right, though. After all, I had a reason to stay up."

Emma: "Many... many reasons," Emma agreed, leaning up and kissing along his jawline.

Erik: Erik brought his arm up and pulled her close, closing his eyes when he felt her lips on his skin. His fingertips trailed up her bare back. "Maybe I should just call in sick today."

Emma: "You so should," she nodded, kissing down his neck slowly, deliberately. "Then you could help me move too," she mumbled against his throat.

Erik: Erik swallowed. He didn't remember having had that much champagne. "Oh, you're moving?" he asked, and hoped he didn't look as if his life depended on the answer.

Emma: "Mmmhmmm...." she kissed his throat again, smirking just a little. "Transferring to a new school from Dartmouth. And you know, I could use the help of a big, strong, handsome man such as yourself," she ran her fingers lightly along his arm to demonstrate the size of his muscles.

Erik: He kept his relief to himself and smiled. "Well, if there's any way I can be of service..." His smile was replaced by another frown. "You're a college student? Transferring to where, if I may ask?" There was that tightness in his chest again.

Emma: "Of course you can ask. You'll have to pick me up there for our date this weekend." She leaned up kissing his jawline again. "It's a private school. Xavier's University."

Erik: Erik hoped his fake cough covered up his panicked choking, even though he was pretty sure he ruptured something in the process. Not his most elegant move, he had to admit. "Really?" he asked, sounding hoarse as he tried to keep his voice under control. "Xavier University? That's... fantastic."

Emma: Emma sat up a bit, leaning on her elbow as she looked down at him. That was a bit of an odd reaction. "Yeah... heard of it?"

Erik: "Actually, yes," Erik replied, giving the young woman in his bed a smile, while wondering if they had a mutant with the ability to turn back time at the school, which would allow him to travel back a day and kick his own ass before doing the same mistake again.

Erik: "Erik Lensherr, your headmaster," he introduced himself, still smiling. "Welcome to Xavier's."

Emma: She blinked at him a few times, processing his words. The headmaster... Her mind raked her memories, trying to confirm this name. Her powers, gleaning tiny bits from his mind, confirmed his words. She'd just slept with her headmaster... a few times.

Emma: Emma lay back down on the pillow, rubbing her face with both her hands. Not again! "Greeeeeeat."

Erik: "Exactly what I was thinking," Erik said, his eyes on the ceiling. "I hope you believe me when I say this it not my usual method of welcoming new students. Had I had any idea who you are..."

Emma: "It's not like I'm still a minor," she pointed out, pressing her hands over her face to block out this day. Everything had been so perfect just five minutes ago. Now? Ugh. She sat up, keeping the sheet over her front as she leaned into her knees, running a hand through her blonde hair.

Erik: "Well, I surely hope so," Erik replied with a look at the young woman next to him. He sat up himself and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. "Still, you just happened to sleep with the headmaster of a private university right before enrolling there."

Erik: He ran a hand through his dishevelled hair. "I guess I don't need to explain how this could further rumours if anyone hears of this."

Emma: Right, because her money and powers weren't enough to get her in, she totally had to sleep with the headmaster. Why did she want to transfer schools? She should have stayed at Dartmouth. She sure as hell wouldn't have slept with the Dean there! He was old. Really old.

Emma: "So that's it then?" she questioned, looking over at him, debating on her next move carefully.

Erik: Erik took a deep breath and let out a sigh, rubbing both hands over his face. His head was still thumping from the lack of sleep. He knew the only appropriate answer to that question, so why did he hesitate to give it? "I don't know," he said and meant it.

Emma: That caught her attention and redirected her thoughts. "You were rather excited about prospects last night," she pointed out.

Erik: He looked over his shoulder and chuckled. "Is that so?" As he took in her flawless features, he had little doubt about that. "I hope I wasn't the only one who found last night exciting, though."

Emma: A smile slid across her face as she watched him. "Of course not. I agreed to a second date... or would it be a first date?"

Erik: Erik returned the smile, then leaned over to kiss her forehead. He knew he was probably making a big mistake, but she was so damn beautiful. Besides, there were more immediate things to worry about, such as the lack of fresh coffee.

Erik: "How about first things first then?" He suggested. "You grab a shower while I make us breakfast. And if I remember correctly, I promised to help you move."

Emma: "Now that sounds like a plan," she told him as she slid to her feet, sliding her arms around him. "Of course... you could just join me."

Erik: His headache seemed to evaporate when he felt her arms around his body, and he felt quite awake even without any coffee. "You're right," he agreed, "I could do that." He turned in her arms, so he could slip his own arms around her waist, then promptly lifted her up.

Erik: "Besides, it's at least twelve hours too late too worry about doing something stupid," he said, carrying the girl to the bathroom. He still didn't know her name.

Emma: "I'm Emma Frost. I don't do anything stupid," she reasoned, as they went, holding onto him. She didn't point out that she had slept with her teacher in high school though. Nope! Nope. "I think we're safe!"

Erik: "Well, nice to meet you, Miss Frost," Erik said, and paused by the door to his bathroom so he could kiss the girl he carried in his arms. "And I sincerely hope you're right. After all, it's not your job that's on the line."

Emma: Distracted by that kiss, Emma didn't have a quick comeback. She nodded and kissed him again. No, she knew what her father was capable of. This time, she'd protect him. Nobody would find out unless he wanted them to. She kissed him again. "Then we'll protect it."

Erik: Erik grinned at Emma, and hoisted her further up as he carried her into his shower. He used his powers to turn on the water, splashing down hot on their naked bodies. "We'll have time to worry about that on the way to the school," he said, before his lips sought hers again.
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