5/19 Instance: Kat and Mouse

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5/19 Instance: Kat and Mouse

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 19, 2015 5:21 pm

Timeline: After Fallen Pryde, same day.

<Kat> Kat awoke in an unfamiliar bed with an IV attached. She groaned as she came to, her head was still pounding. She looked around frantically for Chris in her groggy state. She didn't see him, so she called out for him with her voice laden with sleep. "Chris? Anybody? Hello?"

<Paige> Paige wasn't far away, putting her paper charts into the electronic one. She still had trouble getting everything in, so she stuck to the paper ones if she was in a hurry. A voice from the room behind her caught her attention. She grabbed the right chart and headed in room. "Kat?"

<Kat> She rubbed her eyes. "That's me." She said to the unfamiliar face. "What happened? I'm assuming I'm in a hospital... Are you my doctor?"

<Paige> She smiled at her and moved to her side. "I am. I'm Dr. Guthrie. I also live and work at Xavier's," she told her. "Do you mind if I check you over?"

<Kat> "Go for it." She yawned as Dr. Guthrie began examining her. "Do you know what happened? I've got some gaps in time... Last thing I remember my boyfriend and I were leaving the movies." She paused. "Have you seen my boyfriend?"

<Paige> "I can get Professor Nord for you. He's still here." Paige told her, listening to her chest. "He said you collapsed when he went to get some ice cream. Do you remember that at all?"

<Kat> Kat snorted when Dr. Guthrie referred to Chris as Professor Nord. "Everything from the last few days is fuzzy. I remember us going to the movies and leaving, but nothing really after that. Is that bad?"

<Paige> Paige just smiled at her and continued updating her chart. "It's not exactly good, Kat. He said you've been having trouble sleeping?"

<Kat> "It's nothing worth mentioning. I've just been a bit stressed. That's all."

<Paige> "It's not really the best plan to lie to your doctor, Kat. I'm not here to judge you or get you into trouble. I'm here to help you. You are being treated for severe exhaustion. I think it's worth mentioning."

<Kat> "I'm not lying. I've been stressed." She reached for the water on the table next to her, taking long sips to avoid answering the doctor. They'd think she was crazy and make her see a shrink, or worse...they'd call her parents and send her back to Chicago.

<Paige> Paige just looked at her.

<Kat> Kat stared back at Paige, drinking the water until the straw couldn't suck up any more. When she was finished, she put the cup down and gave a huge yawn.

<Paige> Paige intensified her stare.

<Kat> To avoid Paige's death stare, Kat closed her eyes and yawns again. "Maybe since I'm so exhausted I should go back to sleep. You know... For my health."

<Paige> "That's a good plan. Your parents will be here soon, so you'll want to be rested to visit them."

<Kat> Kat sat up, enraged. "My what will be here soon? Who the fuck called my parents?" She threw back the bed covers and attempted to pull the IV out of her arm. She had to go. She could not face her parents after the lies she told them when she left Chicago.

<Paige> Paige quickly pushed her back down, "Hey! Easy! Don't make me get the straps! Your parents were called when you were brought to the ER!"

<Kat> Kat fought back against the doctor. "Nobody should've called them. Last time I checked I am an adult. I can take care of myself!" She struggled to stand up again.

<Paige> "Kat, I will sedate you and strap you if you don't lay back down right now."

<Kat> "You don't seem to understand. I can't be here. My parents are difficult. So I think I'm just going to go ahead and leave." She looked around for her clothes, but saw nothing. Escaping in her hospital gown would have to do. Making a mental note to severely hurt Chris because he wasn't here to help her get out of here, she made another attempt to push past Paige.

<Paige> Paige pushed hard this time and reached in a drawer for drugs. In a swift motion, she pushed it into Kat and set the syringe aside to keep Kat in bed. "Everyone has problems, sweetheart. You face them like an adult."

<Kat> Immediately Kat's muscles relaxed and she laid back into her bed against her will. She no longer had much control over her muscles. She turned her head to look at Paige. "Think you can knock me out when my parents get here?"

<Paige> "I'll do you one better," Paige moved back to the supplies and pushed a little more. "I'll knock you out now."

<Kat> "Great..." Kat mumbled as her eyelashes fluttered. Almost immediately she was back in a blissful deep sleep.

<Paige> ---Time Passes---

<Paige> With Kat sleeping, her room was the perfect spot for Paige to study for her intern exam. She had strapped Kat down to the bed, though loosely, to keep her from running off when she did wake up.

<Kat> Kat stirred again after a few hours. She tried raising her hand to rub her eyes, but she couldn't. Instead, she blinked several times to clear her eyes and realized that she was strapped down. "What the hell..." She mumbled.

<Paige> Paige glanced up quickly, giving Kat a pleasant smile. "Good morning, Sunshine. I trust you slept well."

<Kat> Kat glared at the perky blonde. "I'm still in the bed so that's something."

<Paige> "Why yes, yes you are. I do believe I warned you of that." Paige smiled sweetly at her.

<Kat> "No you don't understand." Kat shook her head. "I'm not trying to be a smart aleck okay? I'm actually still in the bed. This is the first time that I've woken up in the same place where I fell asleep in over a month."

<Paige> "Now that is something you could have led with," Paige set the chart down and went to release the straps, but paused. "Are you going to try to get out of bed again?"

<Kat> "I might. I need to leave this place." Kat starred at Paige, waiting to see what she would do.

<Paige> She smiled and backed away again. "Is there a reason you are so scared of your parents? I can call social services."

<Kat> "I'm an adult. We don't need to call social services. My parents are just over-bearing and ridiculous and incapable of allowing their grown daughter to make their own choices. I'd rather not deal with my mother's hysterics and drama, especially when I am so exhausted." She yawned again, to give her point.

<Paige> "This is what happens when you ignore issues with your powers, Kat. The entire point of the school is to gain mastery of your abilities so that you don't end up in the hospital. So that you don't endanger yourself or others. I'm sending you to some mandatory power counseling upon release."

<Kat> "If I am allowed to stay." She mumbled. "Fine. Who with?"

<Paige> "Pietro Maximoff or Rogue are the current counselors." Paige eyed her a little. "Either you are an adult or you aren't. Parents will always try to be parents, but they can only do what you allow them to do now."

<Kat> Kat raised her eyebrows. "I thought you were a medical doctor, not a counselor. Instead of lecturing me on my family business, maybe you could help me make a plan so that I don't pass out again in the streets of Boston."

<Paige> "Given the circumstances, I think I'll make that plan with your parents." Paige smiled at her brightly.

<Kat> Kat gritted her teeth. "You are so lucky I can't reach anything to throw at you. Are you going to help me or should I get another doctor?"

<Paige> "I did help you. You will go to power counseling. When you stop posing a danger to yourself, or others, I will be happy to release your arms."

<Kat> "Right and in the mean time I shall continue to phase through my bed and eventually crash through and get gravely injured from falling into a concrete floor several floors down."

<Paige> "Hence why leaving the hospital would be a very bad idea. You haven’t phased through your bed while you have been sedated. Once you feel rested enough to return to school, we will release you to begin your counseling. If Pietro or Rogue feel the need for further measures, that's what will be taken."

<Paige> Paige held the chart to her chest, smiling softly at Kat. "I know you're scared Kat, but lashing out at me isn't going to help your situation. This could have been avoided had you sought help sooner."

<Kat> "You know I've mentioned this issue to a professor or two at that lovely school of mine that is supposed to be helping me. I was told to wear an inhibitor. I chose not to and it landed me here. Guess I should've listened to that gem of advice."

<Paige> She smiled again. "And did you get help someone who actually deals with powers? Or did you just ask your boyfriend?"

<Kat> Kat just sighed and plopped her head back on the pillow. "He is a professor. He has powers. Besides I thought his idea was stupid and was planning on taking the advice lent to me by Carol. Which is fact, is the same advice you gave me. But I ran out of time. I was busy. Had work to do and other stuff going on."

<Paige> "Hmmm so... perhaps you need a good couple of weeks of vacation. Stress can cause all kinds of things with your abilities to go haywire. Trust me. I start peeling if I get too stressed," Paige giggled a little.

<Kat> "Peeling huh? What exactly is your ability?" She pondered the idea of a vacation. "A vacation from the crazy sounds like a good idea."

<Paige> "I pull off a top layer of dermis, skin, to reveal a layer of whatever material I desire." Paige made some quick notes in her chart. "Two weeks should do the trick. If you think you're ready to return back before that, I live on campus. You can find me and we can talk."

<Kat> "That ability sounds... useful." Kat paused. "Thanks for the offer."

<Paige> Paige giggled at her. "Useful isn't the word I'd use to describe it. But you're welcome. We're here to help you, Kat. You have a support system... you just have to activate it."

<Kat> "Consider it activated. I guess I'll need to contact Professor Maximoff. I'll do that after I deal with my parents." She thought for a moment. "In fact, if you'll untie me, I'll go ahead and get started on that whole vacation thing."

<Paige> "Are you going to promise not to bolt out of his place again?"

<Kat> "I'm thinking of Bora Bora for a solid two weeks." Kat grinned. "To be honest, I feel safer with the restraints, like I won't fall through the bed and through several stories. It’s easier to sleep with them."

<Paige> "Then by all means, we can leave them on," Paige smiled at her and checked her over again. "Get some rest. I'll make sure you get the good dessert at dinner tonight."
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