5/19 Instance: Supersonic Solutions

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5/19 Instance: Supersonic Solutions

Post by Svartfreja » Wed May 20, 2015 3:50 am

Timelined for a few days after [Instance]Fallen Pryde.

<Pietro> Pietro had spend most of the day in the robotics lab tidying. You couldn't tell that was what he'd been up to because it somehow looked no better but things were actually in their proper places so he determined he had earned a break. Lunch! There were three very full plates on the table in a line, one empty one had been pushed to one side and the half-full one was sat in front of Pietro as he was eating from it.

<Kat> Kat took off in search of Pietro. She had been home from the hospital for a couple of days, and decided that she better start on her mandatory counseling before she was hunted down by Paige. Kat went to his office first, but he wasn't there. She went to the robotics lab next. Success! There he was, eating his lunch. She knocked at the door so she wouldn't startle him as much. "Excuse me..."

<Pietro> He looked up, then down at his food, then back up again. "Can I help you?"

<Kat> "Uh sorry to bother you when you are eating your lunch. I'm Kat Pryde. Dr. Guthrie has sentenced me to some mandatory powers counseling. She said you could help." She lingered in the doorway waiting for a response.

<Pietro> Pietro stared at her for a brief moment while he recalled her powers. "Sure, come in... and don't worry, I'll be done soon..." he could totally eat all of this at high speed.

<Kat> "I guess I could've called or emailed you to set up an appointment. Sorry." Kat blushed slightly and headed into the room. She sat down across the table from him to wait. She pulled out her cell phone and sent Chris a quick text so that he wouldn't worry. He'd been very protective lately.

<Pietro> "It's fine, I usually find it's better if I try to fit into other people's schedules," he offered her a smile, "For what I'm about to do... don't judge me." The plates were cleared in less than twenty seconds.

<Kat> Kat stared at him as he devoured his food in such a short span. "That's uh, impressive." She offered. "I guess you were hungry."

<Pietro> "Usually hungry," he piled the plates neatly, "It's a blessing and a curse. So. What can I help you with?"

<Kat> "Well... I've had some problems controlling my phasing. I started practising phasing through things here and there. And then, as I got a little more stressed from school work and some other things, I started phasing through the bed when I slept at night. Which in turn caused me to avoid sleeping because I have a deep fear of continuously phasing until I hit concrete and die."

<Pietro> He nodded, frowning a little. "Did these problems with phasing in your sleep happen before or after the schoolwork stress?"

<Kat> "After the school work stress and some interactions with other students."

<Pietro> "Am I right in assuming these interactions with other students were also stressful?"

<Kat> "Very stressful." Kat hated to admit that. She hadn't told anybody about how Shinobi and Hope had made her feel. "This is all so frustrating."

<Pietro> "I think we're hitting the root of the problem." He leaned forward, resting his forearms on the table, "Our powers functioning well usually rests on our emotional state. The more stressed out we get, the harder it is to keep things in check and then they get glitchy.... for example."

<Pietro> He reached out and touched the topmost plate. It exploded into a fine mist, the cutlery resting on top hovered for a moment before dropping onto the next plate. "This used to happen to me all the time. I misted a fair few glasses in my time when I didn't have very good control of my temper."

<Kat> "Well... glitchy powers landed me in the hospital. I didn't sleep for a few days."

<Pietro> "Okay... well I can help you get fine control but you need to address the problems that caused the glitches in the first place. Whatever it is that's making you anxious needs to be handled or reduced."

<Kat> Kat sighed. It wasn't the answer that she was working for, but it would have to do. "I'm working on it. I am taking a vacation from classes for a couple of weeks. I'm avoiding the people that were part of the problem. And I am taking up yoga."

<Pietro> He chuckled softly and shook his head, "These are good in the short term, to help you right now in this period of high stress. But you need long term solutions. You can't vacation from classes forever and the people that you have problems with are still going to be there. If I may make a further suggestion...?"

<Kat> "Go for it." She was interested to hear what his long term solution would be.

<Pietro> "First, I think you would benefit from a few sessions with Cessily, she can help you learn some techniques that will help deal with any anxiety that would cause your stress levels to rise. Second, I would like you to keep a diary of when you feel anxious or in control and what caused these feelings and whether or not you have any more incidents."

<Kat> "I can do that. It'll probably be a good idea to visit with Cessily. I'll work on the diary too. Thanks for the suggestions."

<Pietro> "No problem," he smiled, "In the mean time, if you are still worried about sleeping it might be worth requesting an inhibitor cuff just to use over night so that you can sleep with peace of mind. If you're not well rested because of worrying, it's only going to make any problems you have worse. If you don't want to, that's your decision. The offer is on the table and it will stay there so you can change your mind any time."

<Kat> "I'll think about it. I was loaded up with anti-anxiety meds and a sleep aid. So hopefully, I'll be fine. But I won't discount the idea either."

<Pietro> "Like I said, the offer won't go away. I'll check my schedule and give you some options for regular sessions and we'll see what we can do about getting you some control over your powers."

<Kat> "That'd be great. I'm usually pretty flexible, except for when I have classes. I greatly appreciate your help. I guess I should've come to you when I first started practicing to expand my ability.

<Kat> Kat shrugged. "Hindsight is always 20/20."

<Pietro> "Well... a lot of people should probably come and see me before they go nuts with their powers but they usually don't until something blows up. Don't worry about it, I don't judge." He leaned back in his seat, "We've all done stupid things."

<Kat> That made Kat feel a little better. "At least I didn't blow anything up or hurt anybody else besides myself."

<Pietro> "Exactly. You got off lightly," he offered a smile, "It's nothing we can't solve. I'll dig out my files on phasing and go through them for you."

<Kat> "Great. Glad I chose to stay in Boston then. Who knows what would've happened if I went back to Chicago."

<Pietro> "Who indeed? Don't worry, okay? We'll get this straightened out no problem."
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