5/21 Instance: PTSD

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5/21 Instance: PTSD

Post by Svartfreja » Fri May 22, 2015 12:46 am

Timelined after [Instance]No Words and [Instance]Waterworks.

<Hope> With Sebastian carrying her, Hope had managed to calm down somewhat.... until she felt Shinobi's mind go blank. What the hell!? Why was it like that again!? She started flailing in his arms. "I have to get to him!" What if he was hurt? What if they had done something to him?! He had had it out with Jess, maybe Viper heard! And was pissed.

<Shaw> "Him - yes, yes, where do you think we're going?" Sebastian found himself fighting her again, his progress suddenly slowed to a crawl when they were almost there.

<Hope> "You don't understand! His mind is blank! Why is it blank!?" She flailed, hoping she was slippery enough that he'd drop her.

<Jessica> The voices in the hall made Jess lift her head from its rest on her folded arms. Hope sounded and felt distressed which was never good... She sighed and rubbed her eyes with her palms in an effort to wake herself up.

<Shaw> Sebastian's grip just tightened and he picked up his pace. Love, he warned his wife, sensing her presence. The Stark is in a mood.

<Jessica> Mmhmm, I noticed... even if I couldn't hear her out there. She stretched a little bit then curled up again.

<Hope> "Let. Me. Down!" Hope snapped at Sebastian.

<Shaw> My apologies. He waited until they reached the door and put her down.

<Hope> She just barely managed not to smack him as she marched into Shinobi's room, crossing to his bed. "What did you do to him?"

<Jessica> Jess blinked, "Um... nothing?"

<Shaw> Entering the room at a more reasonable pace, he took in the boy asleep in the bed and Jessica in the chair and went to the head of the bed, flicking his hair back to see his face. He was healing well.

<Hope> Hope shot her a glare. "Yeah right."

<Jessica> "I haven't done anything... what the hell happened to you?"

<Hope> "YOU happened to me! You and your damn meddling! Couldn't you have just left him alone to rest?! He was fucking FINE when I left him. You come and five minutes later he's a trainwreck!"

<Shaw> Sebastian watched the women, eyebrow arched.

<Jessica> "He's fine." Jess pointed out. "But keep going if you want to wake him up."

<Hope> "Don't you fucking DARE tell me what to do about him! You caused this! You can get out if you don't want to wake him."

<Jessica> "I'm not going anywhere. I said I would wait and I'm going to wait." It was a good thing she was tired, it was helping her control her temper. So far.

<Shaw> "Hope, love, I cut off your link, if you recall, because you were out of control. Jessica had nothing to do with that."

<Hope> "Don't you 'love' me! She caused his melt down in the first place! You are fucking missing the point!" She pulled at her soaked hair, wrinkling her nose when some water dripped down onto the floor. She needed to change, but like hell was she leaving him again.

<Shaw> "How?" He looked from the women to the sleeping young man, using his own abilities to check his mind.

<Jessica> "It's fine!" Jess hated repeating herself, "He is absolutely fine now, I handled it. No thanks to you, as a matter of fact."

<Hope> "No thanks to me? Yes because I’m the one who got him thinking so poorly about himself in the first place! Oh wait... that was YOU! So fuck you. You both agreed to do what he needed. What he needed was time to rest before seeing either of you and talking about shit. But did you ask!? NOOOOO. You do whatever the hell pleases you!"

<Jessica> "He got upset because there was something wrong with you. He tried to get out of bed to get to you." Jess informed her, "So while you're passing out the blame, make sure to give yourself at least fifty percent of it."

<Hope> "I wouldn't have been fucking upset if you had left him alone! Get that through your thick fucking skull!"

<Jessica> "You wouldn't have been upset if you could learn to calm the hell down and think rationally either. You might have withdrawn from the link a little way, shielded your mind from his emotions. Maybe?"

<Hope> "Still avoiding the part where you caused it to begin with! You are unBELIEVABLE!"

<Jessica> "I wanted to see if he was alright! It may have escaped your notice because you seem to think it only matters when it's about you, but I actually care about him. And he's FINE."

<Hope> "No that would be you, Jess. You can't see past your own desire. YOU KNOW how he fucking felt because you don't keep your own damn power to yourself. Don't fucking preach at me about controlling mine when you have ZERO control."

<Shaw> "What in hell happened?" Now he looked at Jess.

<Jessica> "When the fuck would I find the time between all of your drama to sit down and learn how to control this? Please tell me because I would love to know. I asked if I could come in. He said yes. I sat and we talked. He asked questions and I explained why we'd done what we did. If you would stop screaming at me for five fucking minutes and give me a break it would be very much appreciated."

<Hope> "I asked you to go the fuck away! You want a break? THERE is the door!" she pointed at it.

<Jessica> "I told him I would stay and wait! I'm not going anywhere until he tells me to leave. You are not the boss of me. You have a problem being in the same room as me, you go."

<Hope> "You know what? Maybe I fucking will! Then you can explain to him why I'm not here. Because of YOU!"

<Jessica> "I'll tell him you had a temper tantrum and went to sulk in your room again."

<Hope> "More lies to him. Great way to start."

<Jessica> "It's not a lie. You are having a temper tantrum. Do you even hear yourself?"

<Shaw> Only half listening, instead he probed Shinobi's mind gently.

<Hope> She could feel it. Things began shaking around the room. "I asked you to leave. If I go? I'm not staying on this fucking base."

<Jessica> "Oh yes. Very mature of you. And you have the nerve to make me feel like shit when I want to hide from problems."

<Hope> "You have no fucking right!" Hope choked out as the tears came. "NO FUCKING RIGHT! NONE OF YOU! NONE of you have any idea what we went through. I have every right to hide! I have every right to fucking crawl in a hole and hide for months! But unlike you, I don't abandon the people I love. So I'm here. For him. HE is the only reason I'm here."

<Jessica> "But you're talking about leaving! You're talking about leaving because you can't SHARE. What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why is it so hard for you to accept that more than one person is allowed to care about someone in your life? More people than you have feelings, you know! I took Shinobi in. I wanted him to be part of our family. I tried. I tried so hard."

<Jessica> She got to her feet, "All you did was make it harder. You pick fights all the fucking time over nothing! IT DOESN'T MATTER! What matters is that you're both here and alive and you have a fucking family that loves you! BOTH OF YOU! No matter what you say to try and hurt me. No matter how much misplaced blame you throw at me. That won't change."

<Shaw> The screaming and tears finally broke his concentration and he looked up. "Ladies..."

<Hope> "SHUT UP!" Hope screamed at her as the objects rattled harder, not able to stop her own tears from falling. "I was just taken prisoner and tortured. THAT'S WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME! So LEAVE. ME. ALONE! You don't care about me." Hope backed up to a corner, sinking down. "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

<Jessica> "Hope, if I didn't care about you do you think I'd be standing here letting you yell at me without smacking you really hard?"

<Hope> "Because you are still standing there!!!!"

<Shaw> Sighing, he started to go to Hope, but Shinobi shifted on the bed, whimpering in his sleep.

<Jessica> Jess had to take a breath at the emotional shift but she managed to shove it all aside with her own anxiety. Moving around the bed, she closed in on Hope a little. "I'm standing here because I told him I would wait. I'm not going to go until he tells me to leave. So you can either accept that or you can't. But I'm not going anywhere. And you can pretend I don't care but that won't change the fact that I do."

<Shaw> For the first time in the boy's life, Sebastian found himself in the uncomfortable position of attempting to comfort his son. "Shhh, you're fine," he said, bending closer and smoothing his hair back. He laid his hand on Shinobi's shoulder.

<Hope> She was back in the cell. They were coming for her or him or both. Hope kicked at them to keep them away, screaming a bit. "LEAVE US ALONE!"

<Jessica> Jess blinked, backing up a step and looking over at Sebastian. If there was a time to get good at the empathy thing, now was it. She attempted to blanket Hope with calm after she sought out Viper to clear the emotional slate.

<Shaw> I'm sorry, love. I didn't know it was this dire. He had his hands full himself. Shinobi twisted on the bed and he was afraid the boy would injure himself.

<Hope> Pulling her knees to her chest, the calm helped clear the distress, leaving her sobbing into her already soaked knees.

<Jessica> It's okay... I think I have it... If Viper wasn't close by, I'd be screwed but I'm handling it... she directed some of that calm at Shinobi too then moved over to Hope's side, crouching down and reaching a hand out to rest on her shoulder.

<Hope> She flinched at the touch, continuing to sob.

<Shaw> His nose wrinkled in distaste. So that was what he felt. Viper. Shinobi seemed to settle and he breathed a sigh of relief.

<Jessica> Jess sighed, trying again, brushing her fingers over Hope's hair, very gently so she didn't startle again. "You're okay..."

<Hope> "I'm cold... and I'm wet...." which made her giggle. "I made it rain. Viper is going to be so pissed." She tried to wipe her face, which was pointless.

<Jessica> Jess laughed a little, "Only if she finds out..." She pulled Hope to her to give her a hug and try to warm her some.

<Hope> "I was trying to get you two to leave so I could change," she finally got out, hugging Jess.

<Jessica> "Into what? There are no clothes here... unless you were planning on stealing Shinobi's hospital gown?" She rubbed Hope's back, still projecting the calm.

<Hope> "I stashed some..." She sighed, rubbing her face. "I hate it here. Can't we leave yet? Isn't he stable enough to teleport?"

<Jessica> "In a day or two he'll be fully healed... wouldn't that be better than rushing things?"

<Hope> "If we were at a hospital, yes. This is Hydra and you are the only person who trusts them."

<Jessica> She sighed, "How about we ask Shinobi how he feels about it?"

<Hope> "When I'm not soaking wet and he's awake, sure. But seeing as how you won't leave, I guess that isn't going to happen anytime soon."

<Jessica> "I can turn my back and we can shoo Sebastian out into the hall, if that would help? I don't know why you're shy, I've seen naked women before."

<Hope> "Because I don't want another woman to see me naked? Why won't you just step out? Is it that much to ask? I mean really?"

<Jessica> "What did I just say? But if I really must, I suppose I can go into the hall." She rolled her eyes, "It's not like I was going to stare at you..."

<Hope> "You might. I'm fantastic." Hope smiled at her weakly.

<Jessica> "Mmhmm, I'm sure..." she gave her a small squeeze, "You're also wet... and now so am I."

<Hope> "Punishment for hugging me," she assured her, smiling a bit more.

<Jessica> "Yes... that sounds about right. Bright side, now we can't electrocute each other."

<Hope> Hope gave her a bit of a look. "I wasn't thinking of doing that to you...."

<Shaw> Now that things had calmed, he straightened and gave Shinobi a reassuring pat. "I will go in the hall," he said with a faint sigh and moved past the two confounding women.

<Jessica> "That'd be a first for us," Jess laughed, getting to her feet and offering Hope a hand.

<Hope> Hope took the hand, slipping a bit as she tried to get up. "Throttle you maybe. But you're the one who likes to zap people."

<Jessica> "And then you zap me back... much harder, usually." She helped Hope catch her balance, "I'll see if I can get someone with a mop to come by for that...."

<Hope> "Only way you'll realize it hurts and to stop that," Hope grinned at her, looking at her pool of water. "Sorry... I really did make it rain. It was bad."

<Jessica> "Pfft, I already know it hurts. I zapped myself so many times in the shower, I can't even tell you..." she shook her head, "My dad thought it was hilarious."

<Hope> "That's because it is," she laughed. "I won't be long. Just give me a few."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Just give us a shout..." she headed out into the hall to wait.

<Hope> Hope sighed heavily and took her time getting dried off and dressed. She'd apologize... she would. After she made sure Shinobi was ok.
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