5/21 Instance: Birds of a Feather

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5/21 Instance: Birds of a Feather

Post by Svartfreja » Fri May 22, 2015 1:01 am

Current Timeline.

<Warren> Warren stared up at the vibrant blue sky just enjoying the sun heating up his already starting to tan skin. "Why don't I live here again? Sun, sand, water, beautiful beach bunnies?"

<Heather> "Because you miss your weird American food?" Heather guessed, glancing over at her friend and flicking sand at him, "Also jellyfish."

<Warren> "Yeah... that vegemite shit is too weird." Warren laughed a little and gave her a poke with his wings for the sand attack. "And hey what's weird about a juicy cheesy hamburger?"

<Heather> "For one thing, it's false advertising because they're not even made of ham," she laughed, flinging more sand and then some ice from her drink.

<Warren> "Ack cold!" Warren tried to roll away from the ice attack. "And sometimes they have pork in them, the good ones at least."

<Heather> "Don't say that to my dad," she warned, with a giggle, "He'd throw the barbeque at you."

<Warren> "With shrimp on it and everything." He laughed a little getting up and spreading his wings wide to stretch them. "Though.... there's also the fact that it's impossible to get sand out of feathers."

<Heather> "Yeah, I don't really have that problem. I'm lucky that way," she shifted into her true form and spread her own wings. "I can hose you down?"

<Warren> "Tried that, swim, shower, all that, but you still find sand." Warren shook his wings a little, sending sand flying. "And I can go all metallic too. Just don't really like looking like a smurf."

<Heather> "Well which would you prefer? Five seconds all blue and pointy or days of finding sand in places it doesn't belong?" She raised a golden eyebrow at him.

<Warren> "Watch my luck it'll still be there after I change." Warren changed into his alternate form, and instantly felt the power surge through him. His wings turned a dull grey metal and feathers became razor sharp. "Smurf powers activate?"

<Heather> She laughed, "Now shake it out, I'll try and block it from the tourists."

<Warren> "Maybe I should make it rain?" Warren got an evil grin and spread his wings wide to take off, waiting for her answer.

<Heather> "Oh please don't..." she wrinkled her nose, "I have to live here..."

<Warren> "Yup and sadly I have to leave." Warren decided just to shake out his wings and then turn back, feeling slightly frail even though he was still stronger than the regular beach goers. "So what's on the menu today? More surfing lessons? Kangaroo riding? Croc Wrestling?"

<Heather> "A kick in the pants if you keep that up," she laughed, shaking a clawed fist at him. "We can do whatever you want though, have some fun until you have to go."

<Warren> "Yeah then I leave all the fun in the sun behind to go to cold ass Michigan. Sure you can't just kidnap me? I mean friends can legally kidnap friends right?" Warren stuck his tongue out at her. "Fly around till we find something fun to do? Kick the meat head's butt's in beach volleyball?" He thumbed over to the buff jocks grunting and making all sorts of noises as they played.

<Heather> "I already did that this week and it was funny... but I don't think they'll fall for it a second time." She looked up at the sky, "I could come back to the states with you..."

<Warren> "Why would you want to do that?" It was Warren's turn to raise an eyebrow. "This place is pretty awesome."

<Heather> "Because... I have unfinished business there... except it's not in Michigan."

<Warren> "Well that's not vague at all." Warren gave her a poke in the side. "Leave a boy toy back in the states that you wanna rekindle?" He gave her a teasing smirk.

<Heather> She laughed and flailed at the poke, "It's just outside of Boston... you've probably heard of the X-men, right? I lived with them for a while last year."

<Warren> "Well now I'm just picturing you in some tight leather outfit." He laughed a little. "Or were you in that spandex stuff?"

<Heather> "You can picture all you want but you won't live to see it if you keep that up," with a woosh of air and a graceful flap of her wings, she lifted into the air.

<Warren> Warren gave chase, running for a little until his wings pulled him up into the air. "Yeah but I've seen you in less so I think I can imagine it pretty well."

<Heather> "You've seen me in work orange... that's not flattering at all," she reminded him, "The X-men uniforms are kind of stylish."

<Warren> "Yeah..... They really gotta rethink the whole orange thing. Red's a good color." Warren took in a deep breath, just loving the feel of the suns rays on him and the wind rushing across his body.

<Heather> "Maybe I can get a job as a life guard in the US? What do you think?"

<Warren> "So you're definitely going for the guys?" He gave her a smile and then did a little spin. "There is nothing better than flying!"

<Heather> "Haven't found anything better yet! Well other than saving people... I like that. Which is why I want to go back there."

<Warren> "Dang and here I thought it was cuz you'd miss my sexy ass jumping around on the beach for you." Warren started to gain altitude preparing to dive so he could have a little rush.

<Heather> "Well... maybe I would miss you a little bit," she conceded, "But not that ego."

<Warren> Warren dove downwards turning his back so he could give her a big smile. His wings tight against his body to gain as much speed until he turned around and spread them wide to fly back up to her. "Ego comes with all this awesome." He gave her a wink.

<Heather> "Awesome is not what I'd call it," she had to laugh at the wink, "You're such a dork."

<Warren> "Yeah but in a cute way right?" He swooped down low to scare some Kangaroos sending them running. "At least I'm not one of those stuck up rich tourist assholes that always come during the summer?"

<Heather> "Oh no... you show up in the autumn," she banked close to him to catch him in the eddie created by her wings.

<Warren> Warren shook a little when she caught him off guard and folded his wings in tight to drop lower than her and then steadied himself. "Mean!" He laughed a little "So first class tickets back to the states and then you're just a short flight away?"

<Heather> "Oh you don't have to get me a ticket!" She assured him hastily, "I can fly myself there if I can't scrape the money together... I got enough last year..."

<Warren> "Yeah but then I have to be all bored and fly home alone. You'll be doing me a favor."

<Heather> "Oh... well, when you put it like that..." she grinned.

<Warren> "I'll have to make different arrangements though, so hopefully mom won't bitch too much about me being a little late. Though I don't know why it matters. She'll probably argue you should just come to the house for a little bit and then fly there."

<Heather> "I suppose I could do that... But I should also discuss this with my parents because telling them where I'm going to be is probably what I should do."

<Warren> "Just tell them you're eloping with me. Probably won't surprise them." Warren stuck his tongue out at her and attempted to out fly her.

<Heather> Heather laughed hard at that and had to hurry to catch up with him, "They'd never believe that!"

<Warren> "Pfft rich, sexy, gentleman-angel. I bet you they're at home right now making plans to shotgun marry us. Wait does that happen here too or is it just a crazy ass redneck thing from America?"

<Heather> "I think it's universal... but usually the woman in question has to be pregnant and there's just no way..." she giggled and shook her head.

<Warren> "Heeeeeeell nooooooooooo." Warren shuddered at the idea of knocking her up, not because she was unattractive (she was definitely his type), but she was one of his best friends and he did not want to be a father.

<Heather> "I'm glad we agree on that," she laughed again, "Come on, let's go home and get some lunch and then we can break the news to Davis because he'll hate it."

<Warren> "Oh he ships us? And here I thought he secretly wanted me to whisk him away." Warren stopped fooling around and banked off towards her house.

<Heather> Heather spiralled a little with laughter before she caught herself, "You're so ridiculous."

<Warren> "It's part of my charm." Warren landed first and gave a big fake gasp. "I was right they're planning our wedding as we speak! You're pregnant aren't you!?" He couldn't even hold up the fake shock long enough for her to land and was already on the ground laughing.

<Heather> Heather laughed as she landed, dropping to her knees, "Oh my God, stop talking!"

<Warren> "I tried that once, and for a minute I thought I was going to die." Warren got back up and brushed the dirt off himself.

<Heather> "Can't breathe!" Heather protested, still laughing hard.

<Warren> "Well if my Dad's company ever fails I guess I can be a comedian."

<Heather> She snorted, sucking in a breath to calm down before she attempted straightening up.

<Warren> "Man that was attractive." Warren gave her a light shove. "Ya know something I just realized, we go back to the states we won't be able to get smashed at the bars anymore, drinking age is 21."

<Heather> "I am twenty-one!" She laughed again, shoving back, "Just because I don't walk around with a cane!"

<Warren> "Ooooooold." Warren just pointed at her.

<Heather> Heather gave him another shove, "Aaaaass."

<Warren> "That's sexy ass to you ancient one." Warren shoved her back.

<Heather> "Your ass can fend for itself if you keep calling me old," she poked her tongue out at him and headed for the door.

<Warren> "Mmmm kinky going to give me some spankings?" Warren made sure that was loud enough for other family members to hear.

<Heather> "If I ever develop energy throwing powers, you'll be the first person I test them out on."

<Warren> "I'll make sure to have the lawyers make up a really good pre-nup for me."

<Heather> "If there's a shotgun involved there won't be time for a pre-nup," she headed inside, ignoring the raised eyebrows from Davis on her way past the living room.

<Warren> "Sorry honey she's stealing me from you." Warren gave Davis a wink.

<Heather> Davis laughed, "I think I'll survive." He went back to his book.

<Warren> "Damn I'm just getting shot down all around. Maybe I should stay grounded today, don't wanna get shot outa the air too."

<Heather> Heather poured some juice from the fridge, "We can help you with that."

<Warren> "Mind pouring me a glass?" He had followed her into the kitchen and for a second did size her up.

<Heather> She took a long sip from her own glass before she nodded, reaching to grab another for him, "Let's wait til after lunch..." she suggested in a whisper.

<Warren> "What're we waiting for?" She broke him out of his daydream and he was completely confused.

<Heather> "Telling them I'm thinking of going off to another country?" she held out the glass to him.

<Warren> "Oh yeah, sorry spaced out for a minute." Warren took the glass and took a drink. "Though going off to try and be a spandex clad super-heroine.... I dunno about that."

<Heather> She gave him yet another shove, "It's not spandex!" she hissed.

<Warren> "Aww just crush all my fantasies, or is it latex?" Warren just gave her a coy grin. "Any cute girls there?" He laughed a little.

<Heather> "I don't really look at girls... but I suppose there are... and it's leather... and stop talking about it because Davis is totally listening!"

<Warren> "Mmm they do some nice things with leather these days." Warren played it up for eaves droppers.

<Heather> Another shove for Warren and a glance over at Davis who was now frowning at them both, "I already told you I want to go back, don't give me that look..."

<Warren> "Yup she's totally going back to being a dominatrix. She wants me to help her pick out a real sexy leather number that barely covers strategic spots." Warren stuck his tongue out at Davis.

<Heather> Heather put down her drink and wrapped her arm around his neck to give him a noogie. "Ignore him, he's an idiot."

<Warren> Warren coughed and played up the idea that she was choking him. "See all just practice. Shoulda seen the spanking she gave a few of the meat heads at the beach the other day."

<Heather> Davis looked between them for a moment, both eyebrows raised, before setting his book aside and getting up from the sofa, "I'm going to go and see where lunch is..."

<Warren> "Avoid your sister's closet. You face might explode from blushing." Warren just cackled as Heather's brother left quickly.

<Heather> "I am never telling you a secret, you are the worst kind of person." She ruffled his hair a little more before letting go.

<Warren> "See I knew all the batteries were disappearing for a reason." Warren gave her a kissy face as he backed out of reach of her retaliation if there was one. "I really hope he knows I'm kidding. Or your parents might murder me for corrupting their poor innocent Heather."

<Heather> "I think they might have lost the illusion of my innocence some time ago but it's sweet of you to worry," she laughed, reclaiming her juice. "Come on... let's go eat."

<Warren> "Hey I just don't wanna see my wings mounted on some wall." Warren smirked.

<Heather> "There's not enough room for those... but your head..."
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