5/25 Instance: Explosive Friendship

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5/25 Instance: Explosive Friendship

Post by Svartfreja » Mon May 25, 2015 4:29 am

Current Timeline.

<CaptMarvel> Carol had once again been left to her own devices. Obviously they were trusting her more... or something drastic had happened and they decided she was a tiny problem in comparison. Either way, she had claimed a pot of coffee and was currently poking around one of the robotics labs while their Pietro was distracted by lunch. At least some things never changed.

<Rocket> "Yo Speedy!" Yelled rocket as he walked through the door into the robotics lab, carrying a rather unnecessarily large space gun on his back, "Skippy McFastlegs, you got a pair of micro-pliers? I left mine on my ship and I can't find the bot chick to give me a ride back to it."

<Rocket> He stopped in his tracks when he saw Danvers in a rather fetching new suit. "Styling the superhero look, are we? Or just cosplaying a Kree. If you are, you got the colours wrong."

<CaptMarvel> Carol raised an eyebrow as she turned toward the door, "Oh hey, the raccoon guy! I know the colours are wrong, I tried it the other way... looked weird." She turned back to the station she was at and pitched him a set of the requested pliers, "And, actually the superhero thing is correct except I don't just do it for show."

<Rocket> Rocket sucked in some air and huffed it out. He pulled the weapon off his back and placed it on the ground as he started tweaking at it. "I thought you were married to your SHIELD job. And this place." he waved the pliers around.

<CaptMarvel> "I don't work here," she laughed, "But I do work for SHIELD. You're getting me confused with someone else." She sat down on the floor to watch him work on the weapon, "You've met the other me, the one that lives here... she does not like you."

<Rocket> "...uhh, oh.... oh no... ugh.... uuuugh...UUUUGH, really? Did they actually go and break reality? For flark's sake, the Guardians and I JUST fixed all the holes on the other side of the galaxy! Great."

<CaptMarvel> "Don't worry about it," she waved it off, "it's not broken, just a bit fuzzy around the edges... and I've done the reality hopping thing before." She glanced around and located the coffee pot. It was so far away. She grumbled to herself and got up to fetch it.

<Rocket> "Oh, well I won't be surprised if this whole planet goes belly up in a year with a blackhole appearing around here. Hey, you getting coffee? Get me some as well, toots."

<CaptMarvel> "... Don't call me that." She opened a couple of drawers in the desk for a second mug and found a whole lot of candy. It made her laugh.

<Rocket> "I'll stop calling you toots the second you not call me one of those filthy garbage eaters you guys have on earth."

<CaptMarvel> "I can't help it if that's what you look like..." she shrugged, finding a mug in the bottom of the drawer and setting it on the desk to fill it with coffee after she emptied it of candy. "What are you if you're not a raccoon?"

<Rocket> "I'm Rocket, that's what I am. Nothing else like me, and I'm like nothing else in the universe... except for some others who were made the same like me."

<CaptMarvel> "Well I guess that makes two of us... except no one else was made the same as me." She offered him the cup of coffee she'd just poured, "I'm an anomoly and I'm okay with that."

<Rocket> "Oh great, don't tell me you were forced into a therapy group as well. Doesn't change, whatever universe you go to. Thanks." he said before sipping his coffee. "This lab needs a target range. Need to test this baby out."

<CaptMarvel> "No... I didn't get therapy for that. I just accepted it all on my own," she eyed the weapon, "You can aim it at me if you like?"

<Rocket> "You sure? I'd rather not, Danvers might not like me, and if I end up imploding you, she might even, dare I say, hate me."

<CaptMarvel> "I'm not worried," she shrugged, "But we should probably go outside, just in case."

<Rocket> Rocket picked up the gun, "So I got the idea for this new way of crowd control, got it when I was playing an earth game that has a gun shooting portals."

<CaptMarvel> "Portals, huh? Anyone would think I'd have had enough of those things by now..." She ran a hand through her hair and took a sip of her coffee.

<Rocket> "Nah, can never have enough portals... well portals that don't break space and time. Just fifth dimensional portals. What it does it shoots a pellet that contains a micron of blue matter that activates twice, the first when it impacts, the second after the first activation."

<Rocket> "So it creates a mini wormhole that sucks for a second and spews what it sucked in out at the direction it was shot. Basically the thing you shot at becomes the ammo for whatever is behind it. Crowd control."

<CaptMarvel> "And if you miscalculated?" She eyed him with suspicion, turning for the door to go outside.

<Rocket> "Look at the state of this planet, everyone's on borrowed time anyway." Rocket answered as he swung the gun on to his back and took his coffee, following doppeldanvers.

<CaptMarvel> "I'm not from this planet - and I have a kid at home... and a Kree girlfriend. You wanna piss her off?"

<Rocket> "Ehhh, not really, let's rather just shoot a wall or a tree." he said, following her to the outside. "I should have packed my sunglasses, this sun sometimes gets a bit sharp to the eyes."

<CaptMarvel> "Can't help you there," she resisted making a comment about raccoons being largely nocturnal. "You got any other fun settings on that thing you want to test out?"

<Rocket> "Well there's the silly making a portal setting, but that's pretty much useless unless you want to escape a prison, and how the glorp will you smuggle something like this into prison?"

<CaptMarvel> "I can think of ways a portal generator would be useful... provided it doesn't backfire like ours did. Man, that was a pain in the ass...." she shook her head.

<Rocket> When they got to a place that looked good enough to double as a shooting range, Rocket handed his cup to doubleDanvers and swung the gun around, pressing a button and letting it load itself up with a whine. "See the tree trunk there? Now watch that baby fly."

<Rocket> Rocket pulled the trigger and a small pellet shot out rather anticlimactically, hitting the tree trunk, which caused a loud bang, disappearing from existence for half a second and reappearing, shooting back at an insane velocity, smacking against another tree and exploding into a shower of splinters.

<CaptMarvel> Carol winced in sympathy for the tree... and the grounds keeper. "Maybe you should fire it at something that I can catch and we'll make less of a mess?"

<Rocket> "Actually I just wanted to see something explode." he said, while a very evil smirk was plastered across his face. "Just need to see if the diameter of the wormhole stays constant. See any walls I can shoot? It'll look like swiss cheese when I'm done with it."

<CaptMarvel> "I wouldn't shoot any walls around here, they just got through rebuilding them... but there's probably some places you can destroy on my side of the portal that no one'll complain about."

<Rocket> Rocket's shoulders sank as he sighed again. "Fine, let's jump to your side, just FYI, I get a bit dimensional sickness when going through to other universes with different gravities."

<CaptMarvel> "Well we're going to the same planet so the gravity should be the same... but I'll make sure to keep you at arm's length if you feel woozy..." she located the nearest entrance to the basement tunnels and headed for it.

<Rocket> "Hey! Long legs, I'm carrying a frikken wormhole generator on my back, not so fast, will ya?" he asked as he followed her.

<CaptMarvel> "What do you want me to do? Carry you?" She raised an eyebrow at him, holding the door open and waiting for the tiny-legged one to catch up. "Maybe you should invent yourself some rocket boots."

<Rocket> "Okay, one, rocket boots are so old school, I got a rocket pack in my ship, and two, our glorious leader Starlord has a pair, and it'll look like I'm copying him, and I'll be damned if I copy anything off of him. Won't hear the end of it. And why is the dimensional portal hole thing hidden away in the basement?"

<CaptMarvel> "Because this place is full of dumbass kids that will go through portals without precautions and get in all kinds of trouble that no one has time to help them out of." She frowned, "I feel like working here would be easier than working where I do because most of the adults are the dumbasses there..." She shook her head.

<Rocket> "Uh-huh, wiping noses instead of wiping... whatever grown people needs wiping." Rocket said while looking around. "So where's the hole then?" he asked as they ventured deeper into the depths.

<CaptMarvel> "It's this way," Carol gestured down the hall, "If you have anything that can track an energy signature you should be able to pick it up, that's how I find it."

<Rocket> "Or we just follow the dozens of power cables." Rocket pointed at the cables running along the hallway in the direction differentDanvers went.

<CaptMarvel> "Yeah not all of those are for the portal... I went snooping." She offered him a grin, turning off down a branch of hallway and showing him to the portal location.

<Rocket> "Clearly I have not explored enough of this place. Oh, have you seen the Brood kid they keep here? Hur hur hur, that's just asking for trouble. I give this planet a month, max, before they're invaded."

<CaptMarvel> "Well, given the presence of a Bood here already, looks like they know the planet is here so it's only a matter of time..." she shrugged, "I think they can handle it."

<Rocket> "Famous last words. Oh, insects from space? Pfft, we can handle'em. I got a feeling I'll end up having to call backup or something. Can feel it in my gut. Holy crap look at that!" Rocket pointed at the glimmering hole in space and time. "How has this not torn this planet up yet?! This tech is so basic!"

<CaptMarvel> "Spit and glue, my friend. Spit and glue." She gestured to the portal, "after you."

<Rocket> "Here goes nothing." Rocket said, taking a step back and did a couple quick steps before jumping into the portal, realizing his mistake when he reappeared quite far from the ground. "Catchmecatchmecatchmecatchme!!!"

<CaptMarvel> Carol was right behind him and did just that, "Might have forgotten to mention that part!" she laughed, "We're working on building a platform but last I heard it blew up and they had to start over... my kid stuck something in there, she's like that."

<Rocket> Rocket twisted around and dug his tiny little claws into her hands as he clung for dear life. "Don't pull the tail." he said with the might of a mini furry god in him.

<CaptMarvel> "I would never!" she protested, lifting him so he could sit between her shoulders while she flew across the city, her helmet forming to answer a ping on her comms. "Don't freak out, it's only a small alien... what? No! ... Don't even think about it."

<Rocket> "I ain't small for my species!" Rocket yelled so that her helmet could pick it up as well. "I'm bigger than average!" he quickly added. "So how far are we from the shooting range?"

<CaptMarvel> Carol facepalmed, "That was not helpful... at all." She pointed to the outskirts of the city which had intentionally been left demolished after an incident for demonstration and training purposes. "Tony, I swear to God, we will test this thing on your house. Get back to work."

<Rocket> "What's a Tony?" Rocket asked as he watched the scenery while they flew. Everything looked pretty much the same like the other Earth.

<CaptMarvel> "Tony is a pain in the ass... but he's really good at inventing things so we keep him around." She landed them amongst a partially demolished warehouse, "How's this?"

<Rocket> "Oh this looks good." Rocket said, landing on the ground himself, quickly going on around the side of the building. "Just need ten shots, that'll give me an estimate of the consistency on the wormhole sizes."

<CaptMarvel> "Then... go nuts, I guess." She gestured to the crumbling walls as her helmet folded away.

<Rocket> Rocket swung the weapon around and started it up, giving the first shot. The pellet shot against the wall, a circular chunk of the wall disappeared in a boom and reappeared shooting forward into the the building. Rocket did again and again, stepping further away and closer.

<CaptMarvel> Carol watched him with amusement, he seemed to be enjoying himself, "That only work with solid things?"

<Rocket> "Works with any matter, if the pellet hits something, the wormhole activates, and blam, one small moment of sucking in and shoots what it sucked in." Rocket aimed the gun towards the ground. "Check this out." What happened looked like a wave of rubble exploding and splashing away.

<CaptMarvel> "So... energy blasts?" she eyed the gun, "Just out of proffessional curiosity, you understand."

<Rocket> "What you mean energy blasts?" Rocket asked, as he set up a large chunk of rock to shoot. "Okay, let's calculate the speed they all travel." he said, shooting the rock while another device recorded the speed of the rock as it went flying far off.

<CaptMarvel> "I mean energy blasts, like this." She raised a hand and fired off a few low powered ones, leaving scorch marks and small craters in the wall she targeted.

<Rocket> "Nothing like those energy blasts, but the end result is just as devastating I guess. Or even more devestating. It'll basically make holes in anything. I think I'll call it the Holy Maker."

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "There are worse names I suppose.... so it wouldn't work on my energy blasts?"

<Rocket> "Wait, you mean to tell me you want me to shoot your energy blasts? I never actually thought about activating a wormhole with just enegry. Don't think that would do much damage though, your energy blasts dissipate. The wormhole will just divert your blasts I guess."

<CaptMarvel> "They come in various levels of destructive... I just don't want to put a hole in anything today."

<Rocket> "Well now, let's see what we can do then. Let's see if we can ricochet your energy blast to the building." Rocket suggested.

<CaptMarvel> "Sounds like fun... say when," she charged a blast in her hand.

<Rocket> Rocket prepped the gun. "When!" he yelled. The second she shot, he shot. The pellet struck the energy blast, and a bigger explosion happened as the energy blast exploded as well, disappearing and the resulting explosion went everywhere.

<CaptMarvel> Carol blinked and waved away the dust from the blast. After a moment, she looked down at rocket, "That was awesome. I want one."

<Rocket> "Urgh," Rocket replied while lying on his back a few feet away. "That was flarkin' awesome."

<CaptMarvel> She went to help him up, "Seriously. Build me one. I need it."

<Rocket> "You got it, just let me take a moment to bask in all my awesomeness." Rocket replied with the biggest grin his face could manage.

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "No problem there... this will be way better than my last experimental weapon present."

<Rocket> "And what was that?" Rocket asked as he sat up, dusting himself off.

<CaptMarvel> "It's easier demonstrated than explained..." she wrinkled her nose, offering her hand to him, "I keep it at my house... which I'm not sure is a great environment for you today..."

<Rocket> "Show it to me another time. Let's just call it a day. I need to report it on my side, comms don't work through dimensions." Rocket replied.

<CaptMarvel> "Yeah I know, I have some experience with that," she reminded him, "I'll taxi you back and tomorrow I will show you all my toys."

<Rocket> "Sweet. Hey, do you hear a ringing as well?" Rocket asked as he locked the weapon and swung it around on to his back.

<CaptMarvel> "Nope... don't worry, it's just your ear drums." She crouched so he could climb back up to her shoulder for the ride.

<Rocket> Rocket got on her, pointing to the skies, "To home, Danvers!"
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