5/25 Instance: Winter Migration

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5/25 Instance: Winter Migration

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 26, 2015 2:05 am

Timelined for a few days after [Instance]Birds of a Feather.

<Warren> Warren couldn't be happier when he saw then pulling up to the house. Why his parents insisted that he be driven home he didn't know, but he hated being stuck in the car all the way from the airport. At least Heather was there for company. "Welp home sweet home."

<Heather> Heather couldn't help staring at the house and all the green, "Holy shit..."

<Warren> "Hmm?" Warren gave her a confused look. He was so used to the size of the house that it didn't even register with him that she wouldn't be.

<Heather> "That is a huge house... don't you get lost in there?" She leaned over him to look out the window.

<Warren> "Oh nah, not really, it's really pretty easy to navigate, east wing upstairs is bedrooms, west is well, uhmm I think it's mostly un-used. Then there's the downstairs which are full of Mom's various art collections and downstairs east is my dad's office, study, a few rooms with his collections, and I have a few rooms with my stuff. But I prefer the pool house - it's basically my hideaway when I'm home from school."

<Heather> "How do you know which is east and west when it's dark? Are there signs?" She frowned, sitting back in her seat and wondering at the wisdom of not booking a hotel that she couldn't afford anyway.

<Warren> "Well, just hope you don't forget where the bathrooms are." Warren gave her a crooked grin. "Or we can just stay out in the pool house. Just gotta come in to get meals and stuff like that, but then again that depends on how long you stay too."

<Heather> "I don't know if I'll stay that long... I mean, there's the other place..."

<Warren> "Yeah but the other place doesn't have me." Warren struck a pose as best he could in the car. "Yeah don't worry about getting lost then, I'll show you the basics and we'll just hide away or go flying. We've got some pretty cool woods nearby and there's also the lakes."

<Heather> She laughed at the pose and shoved him, "Flying around sounds like a good idea. You'll have to show me all the best spots."

<Warren> "Well I think flying over the lakes is the best, especially early in the morning. Flying through the fog is pretty awesome."

<Heather> "Well I think early mornings might be out for a bit... until the jetlag is gone anyway."

<Warren> "Okay but you're not leaving till we race across the lakes!" He gave her a warm smile knowing the jet lag was going to mess with him too so he didn't really care that much.

<Heather> "Deal," she smiled, chewing her lip, "I suppose we should get out of the car now..."

<Warren> "Yeah and go say hi to Mom and Dad. Maybe the cook's still here so we can get a bite too!" Warren had completely forgotten that they were still in the car.

<Heather> "Food sounds great then we can sleep off the jet lag and try to be real people tomorrow sometime..." She smiled, turning for the door.

<Warren> "Sounds like a damn good plan to me. Though.... I don't know how well you can act, so being real people might be hard." Warren pushed her playfully with his wing as he went to the door to open it.

<Heather> She laughed, "Speak for yourself, feather brain."

<Warren> "Pfft they know I'm not real people. I'm just a pigeon that the stork delivered by mistake."

<Heather> Laughing harder, Heather went to get her bags and found someone else was beating her to it.

<Warren> "We'll be staying in the pool house. Wanna make sure she doesn't get lost and eaten by some crazy mansion monster her first night." Warren teased Heather.

<Heather> Heather giggled, "Some other former guest that got lost in the bowels of the building and went insane, you mean?"

<Warren> "Nah I think some scientist used to own this place and ran creepy experiments in the basement. Every once in a while we have to go find a villager to sacrifice to the monster so we don't get eaten."

<Heather> Heather laughed again, deciding to give up trying to reclaim her baggage from the staff and going to Warren.

<Warren> "Yeah just give up you're going to get pampered while you're here. You'll get used to it, just don't let mom take you to her spa.... it's weird, they do weird things. Like try to melt you."

<Heather> "You remember where I'm from, right? Melting is not a concern... it actually might be nice. It's freezing."

<Warren> "Yeah I'm so telling mom to take you to hot yoga now." Warren gave her an evil smirk and led her into the house towards the kitchen.

<Heather> "Easy! Challege accepted!" Heather slipped her arm around his and let him steer her.

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little. "Maybe it's not your parents we have to worry about marrying us off." Warren opened the door to the kitchen and found the cook preparing stuff for breakfast the next day. "Hey Wanda would you mind making us something up for a quick dinner? We just got back and we're a little jet lagged. Thanks." He gave her a warm smile.

<Heather> Heather was giggling again and managed a smile for the cook, "Your parents? I don't know, they might not like me."

<Warren> "If you go to hot yoga and all those crazy places with Mom she'll love you.... Dad's a harder sale, it's all about business with him. Taught me to manage stocks as soon as I passed algebra." Warren got into the fridge and pulled out a smoothie for himself and Heather. "I have no idea what's in these but they taste good."

<Heather> "You could ask?" she suggested with a smirk, adding; "I don't know if I have a good business head - Davis is better at that sort of thing."

<Warren> "Yeah but I think he'd be a little angry if I came home with a guy." Warren laughed a little. "It's some kinda of weird berries and things that are supposed to all be super healthy for you. Most of them look like they came from some alien planet. Look there's pictures on the back."

<Heather> Heather giggled, "I will decipher them later... shouldn't we say hi to your parents or something before we go pass out for twelve hours?"

<Warren> "I guess, I mean if we have to." Warren smiled a little and let the cook know they'd be back.

<Warren> He managed to navigate them through the house to his mother's office. The signs of it being her side of the house being many different pieces of art all over the walls and sculptures wherever they wouldn't block the walkway.

<Heather> Heather kept stopping, distracted by all the art, until Warren vanishing from her peripheral vision prompted her to hurry and catch up.

<Warren> "At this rate you're going to get eaten." Warren teased her. He opened the door to his Mom's office and headed in, leaving it open for her. "Hey Mom, we're here. And going to probably go comatose soon."

<Heather> Heather ducked past his wing and gave his mother an awkward wave, "Hi..."

<Warren> "Mom this is Heather, didn't know if you'd remember her or not." Warren gave her a little shove with his wing when she went past it.

<Kathryn> "I remember your little girlfriend from Australia. She's cuter than I remember though." She gave him a big smile. "Hello Heather, how was your summer?"

<Heather> Heather gave Warren a look at the term but turned her attention back to his mother, "Hot but it was nice, thanks..."

<Warren> Warren blushed bright red. "Mom... she's not my girlfriend, she's just a good friend."

<Kathryn> "Right right, different hemisphere. I hope it's not too cold for what you're used to here. If you want, I have plenty of things you can borrow." She gave her a smile. "Just none of my furs please they're a little too delicate." Kathryn chose her words well instead of outright saying they were too good for her.

<Heather> Heather waved it off, "Oh no, I'll be alright," she assured her, "I'm sure I'll get used to it."

<Warren> "She's staying in the states to go to school. So she'll have to." Warren folded his wings back tight so that he wouldn't accidentally bump anything. With how cluttered it was in her art area of the house it made him feel extremely claustrophobic. "Any idea where Dad is?" Kathryn shook her head and tapped away at her computer a sign that it was time for them to leave. "Well I'll show Heather around and maybe we'll find Dad, bye Mom."

<Heather> She gave Warren's mom a smile and a wave, "Bye, it was nice to meet you in person finally." She let Warren herd her through the doorway.

<Warren> Once out of earshot; "Well..... yeah." Warren was at a loss for words after the whole girlfriend comment.

<Heather> Heather just laughed, bumping his shoulder with her own, "Wait til Davis hears!"

<Warren> "He'll be devastated. You can't tell the poor boy that we're a couple yet." Warren bumped her back, but he was still a little thrown by his mom. "Well... I have no idea where my Dad's at."

<Heather> "Your mom'll tell him we're here though, right?" she glanced at him, "So at least he'll know and it won't be a surprise..."

<Warren> "Uhmm maybe? If she doesn't stay up all night buying and selling art." Warren contemplated going to his dad's office when they got to the split in the hall. "We'll check a few rooms and then maybe dinner will be ready?"

<Heather> "Okay," she gave him a smile, "I'm in no rush."

<Warren> "Yeah me neither. So let's steal some booze from the pantry, get our dinner, go get smashed and pass out?" Warren laughed a little. "I don't think it'll be hard to pass out though.... I'm already starting to feel tired." He stifled a yawn.

<Heather> She giggled, linking arms with him again, "Sounds like a plan!"

<Warren> "Well hi there hot stuff." Warren gave her a coy wink. "Ready for a not so romantic fully lit dinner?" He just laughed a little.

<Heather> "So ready for dinner," she nodded in agreement, "And then sleep. Lots of sleep."

<Warren> Warren led them back into the kitchen to pick up their food and thanked the cook. "Off to the pool house. I'll grab some drinks and you can pick a movie for us to watch while we eat."

<Heather> "I can do that," she smiled, helping Warren with the doors when they reached them.

<Warren> "No chic flicks, don't need ya balling all over me." Warren teased her almost falling with the food when he bumped into a deck chair.

<Heather> She laughed, "And I don't need you falling all over me," she teased back.

<Warren> "Hey... someone moved the furniture since I've been home last." Warren stopped walking backwards and instead turned and lead the way carefully to the pool house.

<Heather> "Suuuuuuure," she didn't believe him for a second. "Like I'd know the difference."

<Warren> "Ouch now you're doubting my skills?" Warren stuck his tongue out at her and waited for her to open the door. "Light switch is over there, mind hitting it?"

<Heather> "I always doubt your skills," she giggled, flicking the lights on and blinking at all the red and white.

<Warren> "Hey I'm amazing." Warren just grinned at all his Redwings gear. "Alright I'll see if there's anything in the fridge, if not I'll run back to the house real quick." He set down the plates on the coffee table that was in front of the couch.

<Heather> Heather flopped down on the sofa and tried to resist the urge to just fall asleep right then.

<Warren> "Okay we have a few old beers and water... I think the water will be our best bet." Warren stifled a yawn again and brought the water back to her and took his spot behind his plate. "I don't know if this couch got more comfortable or if I'm just too tired to know better."

<Heather> "Probably the second one," she levered herself up to claim her water and her plate, "Let's eat before we pass out..."

<Warren> "Definitely the best idea I've heard all night." Warren tucked into the food, trying not to fall asleep while he was eating.

<Heather> Heather ate quickly which was good because she was battling the sleepy now, "Shall we skip the movie?"

<Warren> Warren was almost out cold with a fork in his hand. "H...huh?" He jumped a little.

<Heather> She giggled, "It's a good job I'm not your girlfriend, I'd be disheartened by your lack of stamina." She took a sip of her water, "Skip the movie and straight to bed?"

<Warren> "Ouch pick on a guy when he's sleepy. I'd hope if I was your boyfriend you'd be kinder to me." He poked at her with his wing and then got up to deal with the plates.

<Heather> Laughing again, she slid sideways onto the cushions and closed her eyes, "I think I'll just sleep here."

<Warren> "Uuugh you stole my idea." Warren collapsed over the back of the couch.

<Heather> "You know where the bedroom is, go fall over in there..." she mumbled into the couch cushions.

<Warren> "Cheater...." Warren didn't want to move so he just pretended to snore.

<Heather> Heather reached a hand up and shoved him off the back of the sofa.

<Warren> Warren flailed when she pushed him over. "I hope you get a crick in your neck." He blew her a raspberry as he headed off to bed. He was nice enough however to bring her a few pillows and a blanket.

<Heather> By then, Heather was already fast asleep.

<Warren> "Maybe she is a little cute..." Warren covered her up and left the pillows where she would notice them if she wanted them and then went to bed himself.
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