5/25 Instance: Shadows

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5/25 Instance: Shadows

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 26, 2015 2:06 am

Few days after [Instance]Stray Kat.

<Christopher> Chris slowly started to wake up, it was hard for him to breathe and he couldn't figure out why. Slowly, his eyes started to adjust and he realized what had happened and why he couldn't breathe. He'd wrecked his car, completely totalled it and was pinned down pretty hard. "F..fuck." He gasped out, there was no way he would have survived this had it not been for his mutation.

<Christopher> The amount of force he'd taken in overloaded him and knocked him out - the only drawback to said mutation - and now he was traped with no power and his mind was racing to figure out what happened. He had to have swerved for a reason, then it clicked, he'd seen something chasing people across the road, he had to get out had to help them. All he could do though was struggle against the parts of the car pinning him.

<Carol> Carol had been doing her usual check on the grounds when she spotted the car, recognising it as Chris'. She sped to the roadside and hurried over to the vehicle, "Chris?!"

<Christopher> "He...hey. Lil help?" He tried to be as loud as he could but the fact that he couldn't get much air didn't help.

<Carol> Well he was conscious so that was a good sign. She started pulling parts of the car off to get to him, "Hold on, okay? I'm going to get you out of there..."

<Christopher> All he could think was; I don't really plan on going anywhere. "Yeah." He needed to get out and let whoever was helping him know what he saw.

<Carol> Pulling the roof off, Carol located him, "Hey, there you are! Broken anything? ... Other than your car, I mean."

<Christopher> Chris winced a little at the sudden light and person. He quickly realized who it was saving him. "I... I'm fine, what're you doing here?" His mind started racing trying to explain why Carol was saving him and not some fire fighter.

<Carol> "I could ask you the same thing. Did you forget how to drive on your way home?" she started pulling the steering column out of his lap.

<Christopher> "Where am I?" Chris started to realize what happened. Either the school was in deep shit or just he was.

<Carol> "You're on the access road to the school..." she gave him a concerned look, "You okay?" having pulled enough of the steering column off him, she went to pull the door off and let him out.

<Christopher> "I thought I was..." Chris pulled himself out of the wreckage of his car as soon as Carol made it possible. "I didn't hurt anyone did I?" He looked around quicky for any signs that other people had been there. I'm going in-fucking-sane.... Chris, pull yourself together!

<Carol> Carol shook her head, catching his shoulders and searching his face, "No one else here... are you alright? You seem distracted..."

<Christopher> "No.... I'm not." Chris couldn't look her in the eyes. "I think this place is having a bad effect on me, Carol. I'm going crazy. I swear I thought I was further from here. I swerved to avoid people - they were running from something."

<Carol> "There's no one else here, you didn't hit anything other than the tree... and the tree won that fight pretty well..." She ducked her head to catch his eye.

<Christopher> "Carol... I'm scared I saw that creature... the thing I was chasing kids across the drive. I could see the fear in their eyes." He ran his fingers through his hair trying to steady himself. "Tell me I'm not going insane. It was a bear or fog or something."

<Carol> "I can't tell you it was a bear... but I can tell you you're not going insane," she gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, "Let's walk the rest of the way back, yeah?"

<Christopher> "Y..yeah." Chris moved walked from the wreckage of his car to the drive still looking for signs of what he'd seen the night before.

<Carol> Carol took his hand to keep him focused on moving, "Have you... seen anything like this before?"

<Christopher> "Not like this... not so real." Chris almost pulled his hand from hers when she made him think about his other flashbacks, how he'd see the snow covered in blood, or his hands as claws.

<Carol> Carol tightened her hold on his hand at the tug, "What's it usually like?"

<Christopher> "Blood... like I just got into a fight." Chris' hands started to shake from the building anxiety. "I... I've seen the claws before. But it's never this real I can always tell myself that it's not real and it goes away."

<Carol> "Have you spoken to anyone about this before?" she glanced at him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

<Christopher> "Me and Cess haven't gotten to it yet. I didn't think it was anything big..."

<Carol> "Honey, if you're having hallucinations it's something big..." she gave him a sympathetic look, "But I can understand you wanting to keep it secret for as long as possible... it's normal."

<Christopher> "We've only talked about my nightmares so far...." Chris ran his free hand through his hair again. He was starting to get more and more nervous. "We've been taking it slow..."

<Carol> "Which, normally I'd say would be awesome... but there's obviously something going on here that needs to be addressed...." she glanced back at the car, or what was left of it. "I've totalled a fair few cars in my time and... I gotta say... that's impressive."

<Christopher> "Yeah I'm pretty good at fucking up." Chris looked back at the car. "Guess I should call a tow truck to scrap it...."

<Carol> "Don't worry about that right now," she waved it off, "I can call someone. I want you to talk. Talk until you feel better."

<Christopher> "I'm losing it, Carol. Would you blame me if I asked you to lock me up again....?"

<Carol> "I don't think I need to," she studied his profile, "I can understand why you think I do... you're scared and that's okay. But we can help you."

<Christopher> "I know. I just don't feel right. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but it doesn't feel like this is all over. I've been wearing that inhibtor just in case I do change."

<Carol> "So we'll talk to someone about giving you a checkup if that's what you want," she suggested, "You don't have to deal with this alone, you know."

<Christopher> "I know and I've been talking to Cess. I just don't want to do anything that'll worry Kat, she's got enough stress." Chris sighed, what had he gotten himself into?

<Carol> "Okay I get that you're worried about her but this isn't about her. This is about you and how much worse this'll get if you just sit on it for her sake.... Think how much more worried she'll be when she finds out you totalled your car."

<Christopher> "I know, Carol. I'm pretty adept at making a bad situation worse." Chris looked back at the car again. "Could tell her the trees were seeking revenge for their brethren I murdered." He made a weak joke to try and cover up how scared he was.

<Carol> She laughed, "Generally trees don't jump out into the middle of the road," she gave his hand a squeeze, "Take my word for it, if you keep this from her because you're worried she'll get worried... she's going to notice you're keeping something from her and then she'll be even more worried."

<Christopher> "Cess is teaching you therapist talk isn't she?" Chris gave Carol a weak smile.

<Carol> "No... I learned that one the hard way. All advice I give is tried and tested by me."

<Christopher> "Any other sweet gems you're hiding?" Chris sighed when he saw the school. "Or maybe just a secret shower somewhere I can use so no one sees me covered in blood and oil?"

<Carol> Carol looked over at the teachers' residence, "No one's home, you can use my bathroom." She turned them toward the building in question, "I have plenty of other gems but I like to save them for when I need them."

<Christopher> "Cess asks you seduced me." Chris followed where she led.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Nooooo I did nothing of the sort, you snuck in there all by yourself." She unlocked the door to her room and toed a bra under the dresser out of sight before she stepped aside to let him in.

<Christopher> "Yeah I wont corroborate that." Chris followed her into the room. "Though she might be a little biased to believe you."

<Carol> "She will totally believe me, you have no hope," she tossed him a grin, "Bathroom is that way, I'll put some coffee on." She headed to the kitchenette to do just that, "I'd offer to clean your clothes or something but... I haven't done my own laundry in literally years."

<Christopher> "They'll be fine I can explain blood on those from forge stuff. Thanks." Chris went to the bathroom to quickly clean up.

<Carol> Carol didn't think he could explain that much blood with forge stuff but maybe he'd see how delusional he was when he looked in the mirror? She buisied herself putting a pot of coffee on and poking in cupboards for any snacks. There was only scotch.

<Christopher> Chris came out after getting himself completely cleaned up. "Thanks again. I owe you a new towel."

<Carol> Carol waved it off, leaning against the counter and sipping her coffee, "Don't worry about it, I hardly use that bathroom."

<Christopher> "I think I'll have to trash these clothes." He sighed. "Thanks again for saving me."

<Carol> "No problem," she gestured to the coffee pot, "Have a drink."

<Christopher> "Really glad I was wrong about you hating me." Chris moved to get himself some coffee. "Guess me and Cess have more to talk about."

<Carol> "Looks like it... but if you find it hard to talk to her about this stuff we can maybe arrange someone else... or you could talk to me... it's your call but you need to talk about it."

<Christopher> "I can talk to her. She's been my best friend for a long time now. This stuff.... it's just not easy." Chris drank some of his coffee.

<Carol> "That's what I mean," she watched him, "Sometimes it's easier to talk about the worst things with a complete stranger because you don't have to see them every day and know they know."

<Christopher> "Yeah, maybe. I think I'll see Hank first about some tests." The warmth and caffeine was helping to steady his hands.

<Carol> "Maybe.... talk to Pietro too? He knows mutant genetics better than anyone else around here... he might see things other people miss." She offered him a small smile.

<Christopher> "Yeah maybe. Dunno." Chris sighed. "Why do the geniuses all have to be my friends?"

<Carol> "If it's any consolation, any judging he does will be at super speed so you probably won't even notice it."

<Christopher> "Or I won't be able to hear a single word he says. He's kinda like a hummingbird most of the time."

<Carol> Carol laughed, nodding, "Yeah... including the sugar addiction. But it might be worth a shot."

<Christopher> "Yeah.... maybe I'll have Hank talk to him."

<Carol> "And what if he has questions Hank didn't ask? You going to do everything via proxy?"

<Christopher> "Stop using logic you Vulcan." Chris paced a little nervously.

<Carol> "I can't help it, military brain," she shrugged a shoulder, "I'm just saying... you have options and resources here.... use them. We all want to help."

<Christopher> "I know. It's just hard. Hard having everyone know what I did." Chris drank more of the coffee. "I'm supposed to be the impervious one." He sighed knowing that wasn't true.

<Carol> Carol blinked at him, "Who the hell told you that?"

<Christopher> "My own stupid ego." Chris frowned. "That's what started all this shit. Well that and drug use.... but that was just stupid, period."

<Carol> "Well, look... that's bullshit. So tell your ego to take a hike. Your health is more important."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Yeah, I'll work on that."

<Carol> "You should, you'll be happier. Egos make life complicated. There's only room for one ego in your life - mine."

<Christopher> "How did you and Hope ever manage to fit in the same room?"

<Carol> "Scotch." Carol gave him a grin.

<Christopher> "Alcohol did make her ego easier to bear." Chris smiled a little. "And that ass."

<Carol> "We both drink and badmouth photographers... that aren't Cessily because she's awesome and I am not biased."

<Christopher> "So are biased. But she is good. You best take care of her or I'll sic my monster on you."

<Carol> "I could kick your monster's ass... that sounded way less perverted in my head."

<Christopher> "Yeah too bad my phone's trash somewhere, then I'd have proof you seduced me."

<Carol> "... I worry for you if that's your idea of seduction."

<Christopher> "I could think of some horrible things to break your brain but we only need one broken person in this conversation."

<Carol> "Oh please don't, I really don't want to throw up today..."

<Christopher> "Glad to know I sicken you." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Most people do, you're not unique."

<Christopher> "Ouch. Beat a dog while he's down." Chris finished his coffee. "I should probably go get new clothes... Maybe burn these."

<Carol> "Or just wash them?" Carol rolled her eyes, "You can have another cup of coffee if you don't want to go just yet."

<Christopher> "I don't think most of this will come out. Plus it's pretty cut up here and there."

<Carol> "It'll come out... leave it with me. I know people." She gave him a smile.

<Christopher> "You just want me out of my clothes don't you?" Chris rolled his eyes a little. "It's fine. I really don't have to worry about clothes."

<Carol> "Well that's because you're not normal... and you can get changed first and leave them in my office or whatever."

<Christopher> "Nope not even remotely normal. I like it like that."

<Carol> "The rest of us would like it if you were a bit more normal."

<Christopher> "Yall are no fun. But I'll attempt to not destroy my car on trees anymore."

<Carol> "I think you might have a problem destroying it more than you already did..." She gave his shoulder a pat.

<Christopher> "Well... I'll be getting a new one soon. Maybe I'll get a big truck, just mow down those trees."

<Carol> "Want a nice nondescript black SUV? Because SHIELD totally has a deal with some guy for them..."

<Christopher> "I'll be fine Carol. Remember, rich?"

<Carol> "Yeah, yeah, I know... but let me help, okay? You have enough to deal with right now."

<Christopher> "Kat's the one that needs it. I told her she could use it when she needed. I still have my other car. My baby."

<Carol> "Well maybe you should not drive that one for a while until you stop seeing mist monsters or bears chasing invisible people across the street..."

<Christopher> "Yeah I think my mechanic hates me now." Chris rubbed his ring finger with his thumb without thinking.

<Carol> "I know a guy...." she singsonged at him, "Seriously, trust the local."

<Christopher> "If he can repair that heap. He's not a guy he's Hephaestus." Chris got another cup of coffee, not wanting to run into his girlfriend until he was a little more put together.

<Carol> "You have no idea how many cars I've introduced to trees," she giggled.

<Christopher> "So he has a scrap yard the size of Narnia?" Chris laughed with her.

<Carol> "Yes," she nodded sagely, "It's a magical place... I should take you there sometime."

<Christopher> "Satyr hunting? I think one of the students has bows."

<Carol> "I know one of the students has bows... but I'd rather use a gun."

<Christopher> "Think you can get me a badass sniper rifle?" Chris wasn't big into guns, but that's something he did want to try out.

<Carol> "Not til you've had some weapons training..."

<Christopher> "Damn, that's no fun." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "And when you accidentally shoot someone, don't come crying to me." She gave him a shove.

<Christopher> "Is that what you'd be there for? Adult supervision?"

<Carol> "I'm always the adult supervision... also bullet proof supervision."

<Christopher> "Good thing I'm an artist not a soldier. Cuz I probably can't be trusted with weapons."

<Carol> "It's a good thing I won't trust you with any weapons then, huh?"

<Christopher> "Smart move." Chris sipped at his coffee trying not to let the dark thoughts come back. I'm dangerous enough as is.

<Carol> "If you want though... I'm sure Clint would love for more people to show up to his archery classes."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "I'll stick to my art work and getting my classwork done. He'll have to stick to recruiting students."

<Carol> "He'll be so disappointed I failed to recruit you..." she pouted.

<Christopher> "You're not a very skilled recruiter. The pouting has no effect on me." Chris smiled.

<Carol> "I'll make sure to tell Kat."

<Christopher> "She has other ways to get me to do what she wants. I mean damn, that girl." Chris shot Carol a grin. "Not that she has to seduce me to get me to do what she wants."

<Carol> Carol covered her ears with her hands, "Lalalalalala..."

<Christopher> "Now the challenge is going to be sneaking in, getting a change of clothes and getting rid of these so she doesn't freak out about all the blood."

<Carol> "Or, or you could just tell her."

<Christopher> "I'm going to tell her. Just... yeah don't want her to freak out. I look pretty gruesome. Oil, blood whatever else this stuff is." He pointed to a mystery stain.

<Carol> "I think that's tree," Carol poked at it, "And so what if she freaks out? It'll be temporary because you're walking around and not bleeding everywhere - you're clearly fine."

<Christopher> "You are far more rational about this than I expect her to be. Or expect anyone to be. Are you high right now? Cuz seriously I expected the padded room treatment...."

<Carol> "I don't do drugs... random drug checks." She shrugged, "I'm just... hard to shock, I guess?"

<Christopher> "Apparently." Chris finished the rest of his coffee and stared at the bottom of his mug. "Well I guess I should get this over with. And then go talk to Cess, and Pietro, and probably Hank.... Anything I'm missing, besides a portion of brain?" He looked around for a place to set the mug down wanting to stall a little.

<Carol> Carol nodded to the space on the counter next to the coffee machine, "Well... you could try a 'thank you, Carol, for pulling me out of my self imposed tin can prison'...."

<Christopher> "Yeah thanks Carol, for everything." He set the mug down and started for the door. "I owe you like twelve." Chris contemplated asking her to have the agents keep an eye on him, but thought she'd probably just scold him. "I'll let you know how things go."

<Carol> "You better... I'll come by later and see how you're getting on, okay?" She set her own mug down and went to the door with him, she should probably clean up in her room too.

<Christopher> "I'll make sure I have coffee and booze at the ready." Chris gave her a small wave goodbye as he headed out her door and off to his room.

<Carol> Carol reached out to pat his arm before he shuffled off then turned back into the bedroom. She frowned at all the mess, who was she kidding? She was totally just going to take a nap.
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