5/29 Instance: Soft Spot

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5/29 Instance: Soft Spot

Post by Svartfreja » Sat May 30, 2015 2:32 am

Timelined for a couple of days after [Instance]Ritz Crackers.

<David> The children were safe in their hotel room with Drake and the team on patrol while the Shaws were back home. With his charge passed off, David had hopped the first SHIELD flight out, pleased to discover it was headed to Hawaii.

<David> David grinned as he adjusted his sunglasses, stirring his rum at the same time. It was a long overdue vacation, but lying there in the sun on the pristine beach was something David was relishing. No children. No work. No Hydra. Just the ocean, hot chicks in bikinis, and rum.

<Viper> Well maybe a bit of Hydra. Viper didn't mind being back in Hawaii, nor did she mind people eyeing her curiously for her vibrantly green hair that she now wore to cover the right side of her face. She was at least dressed appropriately for the beach and carried a drink that was almost the same shade as her hair.

<Viper> She stopped at David's shoulder and considered saying something before deciding not to disturb him entirely and just settling beside him in the sand.

<David> He grinned and held out his hand for hers.

<Viper> She took it with a small smile, glancing across the beach, "Enjoying your vacation?"

<David> "Ever so much more now," he admitted, taking her hand and kissing it before looking over at her. "Hello, Cupcake."

<Viper> She offered him another smile and gave his hand a gentle squeeze, "How long will this period of freedom last?"

<David> "A week or so. I wasn't too specific when I left," he admitted, taking a sip of his rum. "Thank you... for going."

<Viper> "What else was I going to do? Jessica was distressed..." she frowned, "I did consider not getting involved... Hope is an awkward subject... but she said you were with them so..." she gave a half shrug and distracted herself with her drink.

<David> He smiled softly, stroking her hand with his thumb. "She is an awkward subject, most certainly. A big, complicated one..." and then the last part of her sentence registered. He looked over at her. "You came for me?"

<Viper> "How long have you known me? You are the closest thing I have to a friend... the only person I could even consider to be a friend. That makes you very important to me..." she glanced at him again, "Don't let that go to your head. Your ego is big enough."

<David> He stared at her for a moment, setting his drink down. With his free hand he reached for her face, brushing her hair back from it.

<Viper> Viper caught his hand, "Don't..." she looked away.

<David> He used her hand to help him brush it away, tracing over her scar with his fingers. "Oh Ophelia..." the name slipped softly out of his mouth as he pulled her to him.

<Viper> She sighed, letting him hold her and leaning against him, "I made a decision. I chose to save the boy. Let's not pretend I am capable of being altruistic..."

<David> He kissed the top of her head before resting his against hers, nuzzling her softly. "I know how you are," he assured her. "Thank you for saving the boy. A rampaging Stark is not something I wanted to deal with."

<Viper> "I'm sure it's not something anyone wants to deal with... and I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed being the target of her wrath. Hydra has butted heads with a Stark before, as you well know." She relented and slid her arms around him.

<David> David held her protectively, nuzzling just a little. "The girl's abilities are extremely powerful... and growing." He sighed. "But I'm here to not think about all that," he pointed out.

<Viper> She shook her head, "What would you rather talk about?"

<David> "How beautiful you are," he grinned cheekily at her.

<Viper> She laughed a little, "Not anymore."

<David> "Yes anymore," he assured her. "The fact that you got that for me?" He swallowed, hard.

<Viper> "Don't blame yourself, I should have paid better attention."

<David> "Shouldn't have had to be there in the first place," he grumbled. Another one he'd failed.

<Viper> "I chose to be there," she made sure to look him in the eye, "You did not."

<David> "If I had done my job right, I wouldn't have been there either."

<Viper> "Does your job description include tying up the President's daughter so she doesn't go chasing insane Japanese businessmen on vendettas? Because I think you did your job as well as you could."

<David> David pulled back enough to give Viper an odd look. "She didn't go chasing him on an vendetta. We were taken from the Hellfire Club in New York."

<Viper> Viper waved it off, "Don't try to tell me she hadn't considered running off to Japan. I would have. My point is that she knew there was a threat, she should have stayed at home where it was safe. But it isn't your job to change her mind, is it? I know you, David. You don't take your duties lightly."

<David> "The club was always safe. Plenty of security. They teleported in. Kind of hard to prepare for that. She was going to go, but the kid and I talked her out of it. Mostly the kid. It is my job to deter her from stupid ass plans."

<Viper> Viper frowned, "David, listen to yourself. You just admitted there was nothing you could do. Don't blame yourself for this...."

<David> He pressed his forehead against her head, taking a few shaky breaths. "If you hadn't shown up, we'd all be dead. And there would be a clone of her."

<Viper> "But we did and there isn't... and I probably wouldn't have if you hadn't been there. So it all works out in the end." She shifted to see his face again, lifting a hand to his cheek, "No more blame."

<David> David nodded, kissing her forehead then pressing his to hers. "They did unspeakable things to them, Viper. I was next. Damnit, it should have been me and not her."

<Viper> "David..." she climbed into his lap, "There is nothing any of us can do about that now. It happened already and, despite my genius, I have not yet invented time travel. All we can do now is decide how best to help them recover and make sure that it doesn't happen again. It would be in everyone's best interests to make sure that never happens again."

<David> He smiled a bit and held her, pressing his forehead against her. "Yes... yes it is. I suppose I'll be fired as soon as Stark finds out."

<Viper> "The Shaws won't let that happen - it wasn't your fault," she brushed his cheek with her fingertips, "But you know you're always welcome with me."

<David> David smirked just a bit and kissed her hand. "I'll keep that in mind."

<Viper> "Good. Now... would you like me to go or shall I stay?"

<David> "I think you can figure that one out," he tipped her head gently to him, kissing her softly.

<Viper> She smiled, returning the kiss before glancing around them, "Shall we go for a walk? Perhaps we can find somewhere quiet."

<David> "I think a walk would be great," he admitted, reaching for his rum. He was taking his rum.

<Viper> Reclaiming her own drink, Viper got to her feet and offered him a hand, "No one here knows who we are... we can be ourselves for a little while."

<David> David grinned and pulled her to him once he was up, smacking her ass. "Ourselves huh!?"

<Viper> She laughed, giving him a playful shove before taking off at a run, "Catch me, if you can!"
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