5/29 Instance: Space, it's Full of Awesome

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5/29 Instance: Space, it's Full of Awesome

Post by Starfish » Sat May 30, 2015 9:04 pm

Timeline: Current.

Rocket: "Now, remember the deal? Because I'm a bit fuzzy on it. I just understand my part, I get you to the Shi'ar, I get money, and I win in the end." Rocket said while he tried not getting stepped on by the horde of people in the club. He kept having to smack random hands trying to pet him.

Danger: "You forgot the part where you take me back home after I convinced the Shi'ar not to destroy it," Danger replied, several steps ahead of Rocket. Even though the female robot received no less attention than the alien raccoon, she experienced the opposite reaction from the crowd, with people stepping out of the way to observe from a distance.

Rocket: "Details details, we'll get to each part when we get to them." Rocket replied, getting a bit of a shock when an advancing petting hand reached for more of a grope than a pet. The offending hand was quickly dealt with when its thumb was twisted the wrong way. "Let's just get the hell out of this crowd, they all seem high on some kind of aphrodisiac drug." he mumbled passing a big elephant hippy mutant on his way to the stairs.

Danger: "I think you are right," Danger said, feeling a young woman's fingers brush across the curves of her chest plate."Even though the air in this place is so saturated with pheromones that any more drugs seem excessive."

Danger: More hands owned by more people soon followed, as the machine girl navigated the throngs of lusty patrons. "I am very flattered, but I am not a doll," she turned down one of the advances she received. "Please excuse us, but we have a flight to catch."

Rocket: "Shove my tail where?! Get back you filthy savage or I'll shove my gun there and then you'll see how happy it'll make ya!" Rocket yelled, quickly getting people to make way the second he yelled it. "Danger, open the door while I keep these pheromoned freaks at bey."

Danger: "Perhaps you should leave crowd control to me," Danger suggested, pulling Rocket away from numerous grabby hands to shield him with her metal body. "Not that I doubt your ability to handle an aroused mob, but I fear we would outstay our welcome with Jack if you ended up mauling any of his guests."

Danger: "If you can't reason with them, try to give them what they want." Lines of energy glowed along her chest and arms, and several holographic dancers materialised between them and the crowd, all quite attractive and decidedly naked. The ruse seemed to work when people flocked to the fake lovers. "Quick, let us leave while they are distracted."

Rocket: "No no, I think I might want to stay... just five more minutes." Rocket replied while trying to watch the entertainers.

Danger: "What about the Shi'ar? Shouldn't we-" Even without his biometric readings flaring up, Danger only had to look at Rocket to realize what was happening to the raccoon. "I'm sorry, but we have to leave now," she said, grabbing the little alien. "Have you already forgotten our appointment?"

Rocket: "Oh come on, just five more minutes!" Rocket flailed a little until he gave up. "Fine fine." he mumbled while being dragged into the stairway, and from then on following her up to the roof of the Jackalope.

Rocket: On the roof, the wind was chilly and the tarp flapped as it held on tight to cover the invisible ship underneath. Rocket unveiled his ship and unlocked it, the camouflage disappearing at the main hatch opening for them. "Better transform to the smaller version of yourself. The uhm... the cuter version."

Danger: Danger complied with the suggestion, the nanoscopic parts of her body shifting and reassembling into a more compact shape. "You only say that because your brain is still affected by the pheromone cocktail you inhaled in the club," Danger said, whirring and whizzing as she made some small adjustments to her appearance.

Rocket: Rocket shuddered while watching her body transform, all the little moving bits sliding in and shifting out, the clicking and clacking of her body giving the technogeek a thrill he never thought he'd ever get. "Oh baby you have no idae."

Danger: "Actually, unless my biometric readings are entirely wrong, I have a pretty good idea," Danger said, before she strode over to Rocket's spaceship and leaned through the open port to take a look inside. "They also make me a little concerned if you are in any condition to pilot this craft."

Rocket: "Nah, I can fly this rust bucket in my sleep, while drunk, and under the influence of whatever drug was in my drink." Rocket said following Danger into his ship. The second both were inside the hatched closed. "The bay ain't big, but it's cozy in here," he added waggling his eyebrows. "You can strap yourself in to a chair, or I could do it for you."

Danger: Even with her slimmed down frame and his small size, the inside of the ship didn't leave much room for the robot and the raccoon. "This is more than adequate," Danger said, climbing over stacked boxes and piles of parts towards the front. "I have been trapped in far tighter spaces."

Rocket: "I bet you have," Rocket mumbled and grinned, having to readjust his suit at the groin. Rocket climbed over and shifted past Danger, giving a groan as he ground against her to get to her other side at the cockpit area. "Buckle up, it'll be a bumpy flight. The weather isn't making things easy. Think it'll start raining soon." he said while buckling himself up.

Danger: "Is it wise to launch in these conditions?" Danger asked, strapping herself into the seat behind Rocket. She looked up through the cockpit window, a few drops of water running down the transparent material. "Perhaps we should wait for the storm clouds to pass, and for you to get sober again."

Rocket: "Sober shmober, like I said, piece of cake this, it flies itself half the time. Just needs a little guidance at the start." Rocket siad whil flicking switches and turning knobs, the machine's engines coming to life along with a few more lights.

Rocket: "Hold on to your metal panties," Rocket added right before he pulled back on the controls and and the ship started to shudder as the engines revved up to lift the ship.

Danger: "I am afraid I left them at home," Danger remarked as their ship took off the Jackalope's roof, before the howling engines accelerated them into the night sky and towards the stars.

Rocket: It took them a while before they cleared the atmosphere, flying nearly blind through the clouds and even getting to see lightning up close and personal. The second they were past it all, the brightness of the stars started to show, and they were finally in space. "Just need to get a bit away from earth before I can activate the hyper jump. And here you thought I couldn't fly my shi-" his sentence got cut off as they clipped an orbiting sattellite.

Danger: "Impressive," Danger commented as their small spaceship shook under the impact. "No, I am being honest. Given the probability of hitting an object in orbit without intending to, that had to take an incredible amount of skill. Assuming your intention is to get us both killed, that is."

Rocket: Rocket mumbled under his breath. A few moments later when the ship was far enough, he added, "Activating hyper jump." Rocket tapped a few buttons and finally initiated the hyperdrive. Nothing happened.

Danger: "Nothing happened," Danger stated the obvious from the rear.

Rocket: "Oh for the love of glark!" he yelled, unbuckling and getting out of the seat to shuffle back to where Danger was. "Hang on, I need to fix something."

Danger: "I do not intend to go anywhere," Danger replied, while Rocket climbed over her, his little feet pushing against her shoulder and head. "Did the collision damage something, or is this ship simply as well maintained as it looks?" A fluffy tail ended up in her face. "Can I help with anything?"

Rocket: "I'll want your help when I ask for it. Just stay put. Stay. Sit. Good robot." Rocket said as he climbed up into a small airlock, closing the hatch behind him and activating his suit's helmet that slipped around his head. He pulled a lever and the air got sucked out of the airlock before the outer hatch unlocked.

Rocket: Rocket reached down at his little boots and activated the tiny rockets, making him float out into space, orientating himself so that he could make his way around to the ship's hyper drive. "So, thought of what you'll tell the Shi'ar to stop them from destroying the earth?"

Danger: Danger unstrapped herself from her seat and climbed to the front of the ship, where she could watch Rocket float outside in space."I am still working on the finer points of my argument," she replied, "but I planned on asking really nicely for starters. As an advanced space faring civilisation, I hope the concept of ethics is familiar to them."

Danger: "If not, I thought about appealing to their sense of self-preservation by threatening to blow them all up," the robot girl added.

Rocket: "Yeah, I think the second one might not go over so well. You know they can easily disable you, right?" Rocket mentioned before letting off a series of space cursewords when a bolt wouldn't loosen.

Danger: "As I have said, I am still working on the details of my plan," Danger said. "Such as avoiding my capture and your very likely death." Her articulated brow arched further down in an imitation of a frown. "Are you certain you do not wish my help?"

Rocket: Rocket paused his repeated assault on the machinery with his wrench, "What? Oh, no, it's fine, stupid bolts seem to be stuck... Can you hear hissing?" he asked, then looked around, "There's hissing coming from somewhere.... Ah nuts. Uhh. Can you do me a favour and get just pop out here for a second. I think I tore my suit and it's not healing itself fast enough."

Danger: "On my way," Danger said, not losing a second to spin around and bound through the confines of the ship, a well-calculated leap taking her right to the airlock. Using the comm system as an uplink, she remotely accessed the integrated systems of Rocket's suit to assess the damage.

Danger: "The integrity of your suit has been compromised, most likely due to material fatigue. The escaping air is enlarging the tear." She pulled the airlock shut behind her and slammed the button to depressurise the chamber. "I will not be able to make it in time. Are you familiar with emergency techniques to survive decompression in a vacuum?"

Rocket: "Yeah yeah, this ain't my first time almost dying in space, won't be the last. My suit's still able to keep me conscious.... conscious for.... I think I'm starting to black out now.... " Rocket said, his vision blurring as he felt his breath escaping from his lungs. He knew he still had about a minute left before he would be completely dead. More than enough time. Rocket's wrist flickered and over the comms a deep voice kept asking "I am Groot? I am Groot!?"

Danger: "Listen to my voice and try to stay conscious," Danger said, switching to internal communication when the outer door opened and the atmosphere around her escaped into the blackness of space. "I am almost there." Thruster ports opened on her hands and feet, a stream of glowing particles pushing her through the void.

Danger: The air escaping from his suit had pushed Rocket away from the spacecraft, the little raccoon spinning away into the dark. Danger accelerated with another boost, and she caught the drifting alien in her arms, just as the tear was about to rip his spacesuit apart and expose him to hard vacuum.

Rocket: Flashes of memories he didn't know he had flickered through Rocket's mind. Machines, tubes, liquids, an alien laboratory, pain throughout his body, things being drilled into him, a face of his creator, his eyes blinded by a light, unable to make out features.

Danger: Realizing she would not be able to take him back in time to avoid the harmful effects of decompression, Danger changed her plan, and held Rocket firm to her chest. Her shape dissolved around him, first covering the widening tear, before her morphing form spread out underneath the fabric to form a replacement suit under the one that was about to disintegrate.

Rocket: Rocket suddenly gasped, getting air into his lungs, his tunnel vision slowly dissipating until everything stopped being blurry around him. Stars everywhere. A big blue planet to his left. A moon further away. His spacesuit in shreds floating away to his right. "That was fun. Let's not do it again."

Rocket: He had to take a moment before he could breathe normally, his heart still pounding his chest. "Wow. Okay. Danger, thanks. How did you get me in a new suit so fast? Wait... where'd you get this new suit from?" he asked. "I think I gotta get a whole wardrobe full of 'em, this is way more comfortable than my other ones." Rocket added as his hand went down to his crotch. "Doesn't chaffe the fur at all at the privates."

Danger: "I will take that as a compliment," Danger said, speaking right into Rocket's ears, as her own head now doubled as the raccoon's helmet. "I was forced to improvise and you were loosing consciousness, otherwise I would have asked for your permission before getting this intimate."

Danger: The protrusions covering the raccoon's ears lit up, revealing their secondary function as flashlights to illuminate their spaceship. The thrusters lining the raccoon's tail gently pushed them back towards the hull.

Rocket: "This is kind of freaky, yet insanely cool. Also a first for me." He said. "So, you get this intimate to all the guys on the first date, or am I just lucky?" he joked before they reached the ship's hull, maneuvering back to the hyperdrive's access panel.

Danger: "Considering our intimacy saved you from almost dying in space, I would say you are incredibly lucky," Danger said, a hint of amusement in her voice. "I am capable of recycling the oxygen you spent, so you have enough time to finish the necessary repairs."

Rocket: "You should have used my suit's oxygen filter. Has nano-organics, can make ten minute's worth of air into four or five hour's worth." Rocket said he tackled the stubborn bolt once more, this time his Danger covered hand loosened it without any tools. "Have I mentioned how awesome you are as a suit? Because you are. Now, let's scan this baby and see if it's maybe the tachyon converter. That's been acting up for months now."

Danger: "I will make sure to incorporate any improvements you suggest for the next time you get blown out into space," the Danger-suit said. Scanning the equipment in front of them, she aided Rocket in his repairs by projecting a holographic overlay of any damage she detected. "So, do you still believe you are making a good deal by selling me to the Shi'ar?"

Rocket: "Definitely. If any empire needs a good ass whooping for thinking they could destroy a planet just because it's playing with their toys, the Shi'ar is one of them. Plus you seem more resourceful than I thought you'd be. I was going to mention it while in hyperspace, but I might tell you now. I was going to shut you down for a moment and do a few tweaks of my own on you."

Danger: For a moment, there was only the silence of space between. "And did you intend to tell me this before or after making these tweaks?" Danger asked. "Before you answer, please be aware that I could simply dump you back into space if I felt like it."

Rocket: "Oh don't get your titanium knickers in a twist. I was fiddling around with a mechanism to bypass the auto shutdown that they will use. It'll still turn you off, but just momentarily, your systems will bypass the signal and you'll adapt that way. They won't be able to shut you down remotely anymore."

Danger: Again there was silence before Danger replied. "You could do that?" she asked, all edge gone from her voice. "You... would do that?"

Rocket: "Well yeah, I'm a jerk, but I ain't an ass. We're friend's aren't we? Besides, like I kept saying, I'm a dast Guardian of the Galaxy, part of the job description is protecting planets and people." he said while fiing the drive's mechanisms.

Danger: For the third time in a row, Danger was left speechless. This was starting to become an unpleasant habit. "I feel I owe you an apology," she said, finding she almost sounded humbled, much to her own chagrin. "I believe I misjudged your character."

Rocket: "Hehe, I like to keep people on their toes. Forget 'bout it, you ain't the first to do it. Okay, looks like the drive's got it's life back. Let's get back inside before you feel me up some more."

Danger: "I will try to restrain myself." Danger's soft chuckle sounded almost mischievous. "Just one more thing - if you tell anyone that I admitted to having been wrong, I will toss you out the nearest airlock."

Rocket: "Your secret stays with me. And Groot. Groot, you still tapped into the ship's comms?" Rocket asked and got an "I am Groot." as an answer. "Yeah, don't worry big guy, I won't die on you that easy. Oh, Danger, meet Groot, Groot, Danger. "

Danger: "Hello, nice to hear you," Danger greeted the rumbling voice speaking to them over the comms.

Rocket: The two floated their back to the airlock's hatch, and before they entered, Rocket paused for a moment, turning them around to get one more look at the view. "This is why I love doing what I do. All of this. All this space you see, everyone says it's so empty, but it ain't. It's full of so many awesome stuff and people. This is my home. And you tell anyone I said that, I'll make sure I'll corrupt your core files."

Danger: "That sounds fair to me," Danger replied, not even trying to hide her amusement. "Now we should see if we can get your ship going, before we ram into any more of all that awesome stuff."

Rocket: Rocket went back into the airlock, closing the hatch and waited for the vacuum to fill up once more before the green light showed it was safe and the inner door unlocked. He climbed back to the hold of the ship, standing once more with the artificial gravity in full force.

Danger: Once the atmosphere was restored, the improvised spacesuit parted along the front and released the alien raccoon in all his naked furry glory, with the robot girl reshaping herself behind him. After some shifting and stretching, Danger coughed, and reached up to pull a brown hair from her mouth.

Rocket: "Let's get this going then. Strap up again, going into hyperspace is gonna jerk us around a bit, but the ship's grav stabilizers will kick in once we're in hyperspace." Rocket made his way back to his cockpit seat, getting the settings ready. "You strapped in back there? Or would you prefer a view up front here?"

Danger: "If you do not mind, I would love to see this for myself," Danger said, staying right behind Rocket as they climbed through the ship, so she could look over the back of his chair. "How could I resist getting an up close view of the fabric of the universe."

Rocket: "Honey, you ain't seen nuthin' yet until you've gone through a raw warmhole while a star's going suprnova right behind your tail." Rocket said, grinning before he activated the hyper drive.
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