6/4 Instance: Homing Pigeons

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6/4 Instance: Homing Pigeons

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:33 pm

Timelined for around a week after [Instance]Winter Migration.

<Heather> With Warren's help, Heather had arranged for her bulky luggage to be shipped to Boston leaving her with only a backpack to carry on the trip across the country. It sat relatively comfortably on her back between her wings - she'd spent some time back home picking out the perfect backpack - and contained some essentials to keep her going.

<Warren> Warren spread his wings wide catching the different winds and just enjoying flying with his best friend. "I'm going to have to do a cross country trip sometime and just fly everywhere." Warren called back to her.

<Heather> "It won't be as good as doing that back home," she grinned at him, "Less thermals and kangaroos." She was seeing familiar landmarks now, things she remembered from her flights around the grounds of the school which meant she could stop checking her phone's gps.

<Warren> "Yeah, kangaroos are pretty awesome. But our landscape is more diverse."

<Warren> Warren slowed back so that she was taking the lead. He had no idea where they were going besides Boston.

<Heather> "And colder," Heather pointed out, descending a little way once the sprawling mass of the building came into view.

<Warren> "Whiner. I'm completely comfortable. Just wait till I drag you up to Maine."

<Heather> She laughed a little, "Who's whining? I'm just making an observation." Heather turned to take them in a wide circle around the grounds and check the place out before they landed.

<Warren> "Didn't this used to be some super creepy insane asylum...." Warren took in the dreary looking building.

<Heather> "Yep," Heather threw a grin over her shoulder, "Danvers State Asylum - I googled. Now it's the Danvers Institute, a place for mutants to learn the fun stuff.... that bit I did not google."

<Warren> "And get murdered by crazies hiding in the woods?" Warren did another pass this time a little higher so he could get the lay of the land. "I really want to make a crazy joke at your expense right now but I feel you might knock me out of the air if I did."

<Heather> "Of course I would," she laughed, "And there's no danger here - I'd know."

<Warren> "If you say so, but then again compared to Australia this must be like minor leagues. Not everything here wants to kill you."

<Heather> "Just most things... and all the people." She dropped into a dive, spreading her wings just in time to halt her fall and land softly on the grass.

<Warren> Warren followed her lead and landed close by, his wings folding against his back once he was safe on the ground. "I guess it doesn't look that bad."

<Carol> Having spotted the not-so-inconspicuous shiny gold person land on the lawn, Carol ventured out of the hangar and crossed the lawn to them. She remembered Heather but the person stood with her was new. "Hey, can I help you?"

<Warren> "Huh me? No?" Warren shrugged. "I'm with shiny. She's my golden ticket."

<Heather> Heather gave him a shove and turned her fanged grin on Carol, "I decided to come back to school," she paused, "That's okay, right?"

<Carol> She blinked, "Yeah, that's prefectly okay. Welcome back," she gave the girl a smile, "I think your old room is still vacant if you want it back."

<Warren> "You shoulda seen how much chocolate it took to cover her." Warren snickered to himself.

<Heather> "Shut up!" Heather smacked him, glad her blush was invisible under her golden skin. "Feel free to vaporise him."

<Carol> "I don't think I'm allowed to vaporise prospective students..."

<Warren> "Wait what? No, I'm just here for her. Had to make sure she didn't get lost on her way and turn into an aussie-cicle. Since you know it's so cold here." He teased Heather a little. "Ooh I think I missed a piece of chocolate."

<Heather> "He's too scared to come to school here," Heather told her in a stage-whisper.

<Carol> "Ah, I see... well they do say the place is haunted."

<Warren> "Pfft, me scared? I'm an angel. I fear nothing." He struck his best imposing angelic pose.

<Carol> "Sleep in the basement for a week - that'll change."

<Warren> "I think I'd prefer my nice memory foam bed at home. But I'm sure Heather would love it."

<Heather> "Oh no, I know what they keep down there." Heather shook her head.

<Carol> "You are welcome to stay though," Carol gave the guy a more sincere look, "My name's Carol - I'm SHIELD liason here. My office is over there," she thumbed to the hangar behind her, "For now anyway."

<Warren> "Warren Worthington, at your service." He gave her a little bow.

<Carol> "I have enough people to boss around but thanks for the offer," she raised an eyebrow at the bow.

<Heather> "He's a masochist, abuse him and he'll keep coming back for more," Heather nodded sagely, "Which is why he should stay."

<Warren> "She's just a sadist. She loves the whole leather outfits and everything. She was telling me all about it when we were in Australia."

<Carol> "Awesome... well she knows her way around..." Carol gestured them toward the building, "I'm sure there's a corner of the basement you can use as a dungeon."

<Warren> "Well, see Heather? They're more accepting than you thought. I'll get the chocolate."

<Heather> Heather face-palmed and turned for the main building, "Thanks... I think I'll just go raid the cupboard for snacks and hide."

<Carol> "Good luck beating the raccoon to them..." she gave them a small wave and started back for the hangar.

<Warren> "I'm just teasing you, Heather." Warren bumped into her playfully.

<Heather> "I knooooow...." she rolled her eyes, "But I have to live here so it'd be nice if you didn't embarrass me in front of the staff...."

<Warren> "Hey you never know, it might make you some new friends." Warren followed her to the main building looking around. "At least it doesn't look as creepy as the reputation gives it."

<Heather> "How is thinking I'm some sort of mega dominatrix going to make me any friends.... no wait... don't answer that." She wrinkled her nose, "Stairs are this way..."

<Warren> Warren just laughed. "Honey you have a lot to learn, this country is full of weirdos. I mean look at me. And I'm not even the product of public schooling."

<Heather> "Never thought that might have something to do with it?" she gave him a shove.

<Warren> "Pfft I'm practically normal compared to kids from public school. I mean they don't even know what cribbage is." He took the shove without paying attention and had to flare his wings to catch himself.

<Heather> She laughed at his fail, "Trying to sound cool makes you sound like even more of a dork, you know that right?"

<Warren> "Pfft if I'm a dork then you're just plain ole weird, Ms. Mega Dominatrix." Warren let that last part slip out a little louder. "And your leather fetishes." He gave her a mischievous grin.

<Heather> "I'm not a mega dominatrix anywhere except in your twisted imagination... don't make me yank feathers out."

<Warren> "Sadist." Warren stuck his tongue out at her and moved just out of reach of her. "I think I just know the truth and you don't want anyone else knowing."

<Heather> "I think I must be a masochist to put up with you for so long," she poked her tongue out at him, dropping her golden skin for maneuverability and running up the stairs ahead of him.

<Warren> "You can be both." Warren smirked at her. "Dragging me off to your scary dungeon to do God knows what with me."

<Heather> "You can't be both! The two are polar opposites!" She laughed, "You're an idiot."

<Warren> "Pfft you really need to check out the internet sometime. And no I'm not an idiot lil missy."

<Heather> "Why the hell would I want to look at all that on the internet?" Heather just stared at him, dumbfounded for a moment.

<Warren> "You're the one that's lovin' the leather." Warren bumped into her. "Look I'm sorry. I was just kidding, took it a lil too far."

<Heather> "Yeah you did!" she smacked him, "I never said anything about loving the leather, I just said their suits were pretty stylish..." She turned for the door to her room.

<Warren> "Oooh harder." Warren couldn't help but tease her a little. "So what it's a 'school'," he did the air quotes, "and they just train you to save people and kick ass?"

<Heather> "It's a college... university... thing," she shrugged, opening the door and flicking on the light, "They have normal classes too."

<Warren> "Too bad I'm already enrolled at Harvard Business." Warren cringed a little at the sudden light.

<Heather> "So arrange a transfer? They have business classes here too but try not to get the fat guy with the fez... he's a creeper."

<Warren> "You gonna tell Mom that I'm not going to Harvard and I'm going to some school they've never heard of?" He scoffed at the idea, because she would totally murder him for that.

<Heather> "Noooo that would be your job," she giggled, "Come on... do you really want to go to Harvard anyway?"

<Warren> "Well I don't want to really go to any college. I know how to manage stocks pretty well and my math skills are above college level. I'm totally going for the girls." He teased her. "And pfft yeah right I'm telling her, if I did switch it would be our secret and I'd murder you if you told her I did it without asking!" He gave Heather his best serious face before cracking and laughing some more.

<Heather> "You would have zero chance against me in a fight," she tossed her backpack onto the bed, "I wouldn't tell but that's not really up to me... what do you want to do?"

<Warren> Warren just shrugged. "Really I guess I don't care. I'd much rather go back to Australia and be a beach bum."

<Heather> "Soooooo? Transfer here! You know Australia's not going to be any fun without me anyway..."

<Warren> "I dunno that one girl that works the shifts you don't is pretty cute." Warren picked a clear spot on the wall and leaned up against it.

<Heather> Heather threw a pillowcase at his face.

<Warren> Warren caught the pillowcase. "That all you got?"

<Heather> "You know it isn't!" she laughed, "But this room is too tiny... how about I show you the rest of the building and then you can decide?"

<Warren> Warren contemplated a lewd comment then thought against it. "Uhmm sure. Anything fun to do around here?"

<Heather> "Apart from flying around and being superheroes? Isn't that enough?" She opened the door and gestured him into the hall beyond.

<Warren> "What? It's not like we just flew around all day every day in Australia. We messed with kangaroos and people too."

<Heather> "Maybe we can ask the local for fun places to hang out? ... I'm going to miss the 'roos though."

<Warren> "I'm going to miss the ocean. The Atlantic is not as good as the Pacific."

<Heather> "It's not so bad... colder up here but it's workable," she smiled, "Stop complaining!"

<Warren> "You can't make me." He pouted at her. "What're you gonna do about it."

<Heather> "Uh.... shout you lunch?"

<Warren> "How's that going to make me? You're not supposed to reward bad behavior." He laughed.

<Heather> "We'll call it an incentive," she shooed him toward the stairs, "Come on, I'm starving."

<Warren> "Alright, alright. Come on let's get you some shrimp." He went down the stairs before she could hit him.
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