6/12 Instance: Crash of Truth

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6/12 Instance: Crash of Truth

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:15 pm

Timelined immediately after Shadows.

<Kat> Kat was perched on the brand new, overstuffed armchair she had strategically placed in Chris' room. She was tapping away at the keys on her laptop, pausing every so often to admire her handiwork. She had completely redone the room, making the room homey and inviting, a sanctuary.

<Christopher> Chris slowly unlocked the door. He was hoping, no praying that she was at one of her classes and that he would be able to change, destroy the evidence and figure out how to tell her about the car later. He was not that lucky. "Hey beautiful. Don't get up I'm just changing and then going to get some things done."

<Kat> Kat barely looked up as Chris entered the room. "Hey stranger. Nice to see you." She joked. She was used to Chris not being in his room very often. She had plans to try and change that, but she knew it'd take time. She finished the line of code she was typing, pressed save, and closed the lid of her laptop. She discarded the laptop and crossed the room to where Chris was removing his shirt. She wrapped her arms around him and watched the shirt fall to the floor. As it hit, she noticed the stains of blood on his shirt. "Is that... blood?"

<Christopher> "I...uhmm no?" Chris froze up a little when he felt her arms wrap around him. "Had a little accident." He slid his hands down her arms and took her hands in his.

<Kat> "An accident? What kind of accident?" She dropped her hands from his and picked up his shirt to examine it. "It is blood... and dirt. Chris, what the hell happened?" She narrowed her eyes, examining him for marks that she knew he wouldn't have because he could heal himself.

<Christopher> "Tesla's gone. Carol's having a guy come scrap it." Chris slid out of his pants and underwear and got changed into some pajamas pants, he knew she wasn't going to let him leave now and he wanted to be comfortable. "It's okay, no one's hurt but my pride."

<Kat> "How did you wreck the Tesla?" She inquired. Kat took in the view as he changed and was momentarily distracted. She caught herself biting her lip and quickly stopped to focus on the matter at hand. "Chris, seriously. I'm glad that you aren't physically hurt... wait... were you hurt? You can heal yourself."

<Christopher> "Would you believe the tree jumped out at me?" Chris sighed and moved back over to her, gave her forehead a kiss and slipped his arms around her. "Yeah, I must have gotten cut up pretty bad. But I don't know, I overpowered and passed out, when I woke up I was trapped and healed already."

<Kat> "Overpowered?" She didn't understand what he was talking about, but she knew it wasn't good. "I'm glad you can heal. I don't want to imagine the scene of you in a car wrapped around a tree." She winced at the thought of the Tesla. Thankfully, cars could be replaced. Chris' couldn't.

<Christopher> "I can only store so much energy, if I take in too much I pass out." He thought about putting on more clothes, but the distraction would probably protect him from her rage.

<Kat> "You just randomly took on too much energy? That seems...odd." She frowned.

<Christopher> "No that happened when I hit the tree..." Chris gave her a soft kiss. He was starting to get to scared to tell her what actually happened. He didn't want to scare her away, Who wants to be with a crazy person?

<Kat> She backed up from him. "But caused you to hit the tree. There is a whole cause and effect thing here. If the effect is hitting the tree and getting a energy surge... what the hell was the cause?"

<Christopher> Chris ran his fingers through his hair slowly. "We... Uhmm we need to talk. I haven't been doing so hot lately. My memory from what happened to me has been coming back. And none of it is good." He started to pace back and forth slowly. "It's been pretty gruesome, and vivid. I've been having flashbacks. And I thought I saw something.... I swerved to miss it and hit the tree."

<Kat> "So let me get this straight. You've been sleeping in your office, basically avoiding me, having gruesome flashbacks of memories from a difficult time, and it takes a car accident and me finding your clothes covered in blood for you to tell me. Right. Not suspicious at all."

<Christopher> "I haven't been avoiding you Kat." Chris frowned a little. "I thought you wanted your own space. And really.... I thought you'd run, we haven't been together very long and now I'm broken all over again." He sighed, deciding to put clothes on in case she told him to leave. "I've been working with Cessily, talking through things... It's just not that easy."

<Kat> "I've seen you maybe a handful of times since you brought me home from the hospital. And thanks for the trust in me. But whatever. Glad you are getting help." She rummaged around for her duffle bag and began shoving things randomly into her bag. If he didn't trust her enough to tell her about these things when they happened, she was out. Satisfied with the stuff she packed, she grabbed her laptop and slipped on her shoes. "Peace out." She headed towards the door and phased through it to leave.

<Christopher> "Kat stop please. That's not what I meant. I was scared... I still am, for all I know I'm going insane and I can't stop it. I don't know what to do..." Chris' hands started to shake worse than when he was with Carol after the crash. He was powerless he couldn't do anything to stop what was happening to him and that scared him more than anything.

<Kat> Kat heard Chris as she phased through the wall. She had one more retort for him and then she'd find some lab to hide in. She wasn't quite ready to go back to her room yet. Basically... she was homeless, but whatever. She stuck her head back through the wall. "I get being scared, I get the insane feeling, I get being out of control. After all, I think I just went through something strikingly similar. But I didn't hide from you. You hid. Coward." She pulled her head back out of the wall and started off down the hall.

<Christopher> Chris went out the door after her. "Kat... I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to hide it from you and you have my word I'll tell you everything if you want to listen.... I- I did terrible things and I don't want to become that thing again. I don't want to end up hurting the people I'm trying to protect."

<Kat> Kat stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Chris. "You have to be all inclusive truthful. I want to know everything. Nothing is left out."

<Christopher> "Open book, I promise. Just..." He trailed off thinking to himself. Why would she ever stay with you once she knows what kind of a monster you are?

<Kat> "Just what?" She stood her ground, arms crossed.

<Christopher> "Don't hate me... Please." He gave her his most worried look. The one thing he didn't want anyone to know about him was the event in Alaska.

<Kat> "I'll only hate you if you don't tell me the entire truth. Give me some credit Chris. I'm tough. I can handle it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." She headed back towards the open door where Chris stood.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry I didn't tell you already Kat." Chris leaned against the doorframe. "I don't like talking about it... I still feel completely responsible."

<Kat> Kat was speechless as she watched Chris curl up into a ball. There was a fine line she was walking between freaking out and fascination. After all, Chris was a grown man. And he was falling apart.

<Christopher> Chris steadied himself taking a few deep breaths. "Shield captured me, and Broo fixed me... for the most part, but I lost all my memories, I guess Hope couldn't deal with all that happened and left me, and that brings you up to date."

<Kat> "Obviously you didn't loose your memories. You just repressed them. So you are just reliving stuff now?" Kat inquired.

<Christopher> "Yeah, it's all coming back slowly. I think it has to do with how they controlled me.... now my healing factor is fixing my brain." Chris' hands were shaking, "I'm... I'm going to splash some water in my face." He got up without saying a word and went to the bathroom to do just as he said.

<Kat> Kat watched him get up and leave. She felt glued to her spot. What was she supposed to say? What was she supposed to do? Leave? Stay? She was very confused and a bit scared.

<Christopher> Chris came back in, face devoid of color, this wasn't something he could talk about easily. "Kat.....?"

<Kat> Before Kat could respond, her phone dinged signaling the arrival of their pizza. She found her purse and dug through it looking for some cash to tip the delivery guy. She didn't look at Chris as she walked through the wall, but murmured to him. "I'll be back in a sec." She sighed, grateful for the walk to clear her head.

<Christopher> "Yeah.... okay, I- I have cash you don't." He didn't finish the sentence before she was gone. Yup you're going to be all alone the rest of your life. Chris went to the windows and opened them both then went to his hiding spot. He needed something to take the edge off of everything, and keep him from breaking down. Making sure he had enough room first, Chris sat on the windowsill and lit up his joint.

<Kat> Kat returned to Chris' room with their pizza. Not bothering to open the door, she set the pizza down, and gazed at Chris in the window. Part of her wanted to run, part of her wanted to crawl into Chris' arms and stay there. He'd been so supportive during her power freak out. She decided to stay. After all, the man who she knew wasn't a monster. She went up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "It'll be okay."

<Christopher> "I hope so...." Chris took a long drag and let it out slowly. "Want some?" He offered her the joint in his hand.

<Kat> Kat gave him a wistful smile and accepted the joint. She took a long drag and held it in. "Thanks." She managed and let it out slowly.

<Christopher> "You didn't have to pay for the pizza." Chris slid his arm around her slowly, not sure if she'd even want him to touch her anymore.

<Kat> Kat accepted his arm and leaned into him. "I didn't. You did." Kat laughed. "Your credit card number was saved on my computer from the last time. If I would've tried to pay for it, they would've laughed and we would've starved."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Okay you coulda at least taken cash outta my wallet for the tip." He stole the joint back from her to take a drag.

<Kat> "Hey! Thief!" She bit her lip as he took the joint back.

<Christopher> "Mmhm." Chris smiled a little. "You okay?" He moved off the windowsill.

<Kat> Kat put her arms around the neck of the now standing Chris. "I'm okay. You?" Before he had the chance to respond, she stood on her tippy toes and leaned in for a kiss.

<Christopher> "Truth?" Chris kissed her back, his arms both around her now. "No.... not even close."

<Kat> "Anything I can do to help?" She asked.

<Christopher> "Turn off my brain?" Chris pressed his forehead to hers. "I don't know, I'm kinda just glad you didn't run away when you went to get the pizza...."

<Kat> Kat took a deep breath and sighed. She went back and sat down in her comfy chair. "Honestly? I thought about it." She paused for a bit. "But then I thought about how you aren't a monster. In fact, you are the exact opposite. You treat me very well, you were there during a difficult time, you dealt with my parents. You aren't that monster any more. And you didn't make yourself that way, someone else did."

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little when she left his arms but moved to grab the pizza and sit by her. "I don't know what to say about that Kat. If I can, I'll always be here for you. But all this.... it's starting to get to me."

<Kat> "I get that I do. I don't plan on going anywhere, unless you want me to. If you want space to deal with all of this, I can. I can go. Um. I don't want to add to your stress. So. I'll go." She suddenly jumped up from her chair and started grabbing her things. She had shifted so quickly with the realization that maybe he needed space, one less thing to worry about.

<Christopher> "Kat, I don't want you to go. I just don't want to hurt you... You've been nothing but good to me. Sit down and eat some pizza okay?" He frowned a little, almost pleading her to stay with his body language.

<Kat> "I- I- I can't stay. I'll just distract you from healing and getting better. You don't need to worry about me. It's too stressful for you. I don't want to cause you stress." She couldn't see Chris, her vision clouded with tears. "I'm just going to go. Its going to be better that way. I really like you Chris, I might even love you, but I can't keep you from getting better. And I will. I'm sorry." Her rambling ended as the flood gates opened.

<Christopher> "Kat." Chris got up and pulled her into a hug. "Shh, it's okay. We'll be okay."

<Kat> Kat just sobbed into Chris' chest.

<Christopher> "Shhh, it's okay." Chris rubbed her back gently. "It helps having you here, it really does."

<Kat> Kat hiccuped. "I'm sorry Chris. I just think in the long run I am going to cause you more problems than I am worth. Let's face it. You are having horrible dreams and flashbacks and whatever else it is, and instead of focusing on that and how to fix it, you are comforting me."

<Christopher> Chris carefully placed his hand on her cheek. "Kat, it's going to be okay. You help me by being here.... I can't do this alone. And I'm not going to abandon you. We'll just take this one step at a time okay?"

<Kat> Kat just nodded. She felt like fleeing, because she knew that she'd only get in the way of Chris' healing. "Two crazy people don't make a sane one ya know."

<Christopher> "Probably not. But we're not going to be crazy forever." Chris kissed her forehead. "Things'll get better, we're both getting help. Gotta stay optimistic right?"

<Kat> "I guess..." She trailed off.

<Christopher> "Don't worry so much Kat. I won't keep any secrets from you, and we'll take care of each other with some help." Chris ran a hand through her hair gently.

<Kat> "I can't help but worry Chris. I mean... seriously." She paused in thought. "Were you going to tell me about the accident, about everything else? Or where you going to keep it from me? I need to know."

<Christopher> "I was going to tell you. I just didn't want to freak you out.... The whole blood and oil...."

<Kat> Kat accepted his answer. "Sorry I freaked out on you. This is just new territory...for both of us."

<Christopher> "You're fine Kat. I kinda expected you to freak out about all this.... I mean who wouldn't." He gave her a gentle squeeze.

<Kat> Kat just shrugged and reached for the pizza. She was quiet and pensive while she ate.

<Christopher> "Plus now you can pester me about going to see people and getting help." He teased her a little. "The tables have turned."

<Kat> "Pfft. I think you will continue to pester me. It is more likely that I'll just pester you about buying a new car... since you wrecked the Tesla."

<Christopher> "Carol offered me a SHIELD SUV." He took a piece of pizza himself.

<Kat> "Are you going to take one of their tanks?"

<Christopher> "Yeah I don't think Carol could swing that." Chris laughed. "But we can go looking for something tomorrow if you want."

<Kat> Kat rolled her eyes a bit. "I don't think that’s a 'we' purchase. It's something you need to do though. Unless you want to be driving around in your classic car or limo all the time."

<Christopher> "Well the 'vette's all I used to drive. It's my baby. Maybe I'll get something big and badass so I can just knock the trees outta my way."

<Kat> "So a bulldozer? Seriously... you need to stay away from all of the trees! Next time it could be much worse. Much, much worse." Kat shivered just thinking about Chris being in another accident.

<Christopher> "Don't worry Kat. I'm pretty much indestructible." He leaned down and gave her cheek a soft kiss. "I really appreciate the concern though."

<Kat> "Even Superman was vulnerable and could be hurt. I just don't want to see you get hurt. And then you came in here today covered with dirt and oil and blood and who knows what. I don't like it."

<Christopher> "I'll make sure not to wear an inhibitor while driving, promise. I've been through a lot, Kat. I'm not going to let this take me out I promise."

<Kat> Kat just gritted her teeth. "Fine. You are a grown ass man. Do what you want. But that doesn't mean that I won't worry."

<Christopher> "Kat...." Chris frowned. "What can I do to help you not worry?"

<Kat> "Uh. I dunno. Stop wrapping cars around trees. Get some help. Stop hiding out in your office instead of in your room. It's just rough Chris. You're gone for days, and when I see you again you are covered in gunk and reveal that you are a former killer monster. It's a LOT." Her voice started to raise.

<Christopher> "Done and done. I'm sorry I haven't been around. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you this before. It's just hard to talk about all this.... I planned on getting cleaned up and changed and going to talk to some people to get help today."

<Kat> "Then what are you still doing here? Get the clothes, get the help. Scoot!"

<Christopher> "Well I'm eating lunch!" He stuck his tongue out at her. "And enjoying staring at my beautiful girlfriend."
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