6/12 Instance: Texts from last night

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6/12 Instance: Texts from last night

Post by JackSkulls » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:47 am

Timelined after Crash of Truth

<Christopher> Chris pulled out his phone and searched through his contacts for Hope's number. <Hey, I'm sorry I was an ass. Are you okay?> He texted her and took a few moments before he hit send.

<Hope> <Why wouldn't I be?>

<Christopher> <Carol told us that shield rescued you. She told us to leave you alone too, but I was worried.....>

<Hope> <You were worried?>

<Christopher> <I know... I don't have a right to be.> Chris frowned, the picture he had as for her on his phone was one he'd snapped when she was smiling and not paying attention. <Still am.>

<Hope> <I'll be fine. Just taking some time to recuperate... How are you?>

<Christopher> <I've been better. But don't worry about me. You just focus on getting better.>

<Hope> <Yeah... we're working on that.>

<Christopher> <I'm sorry for the way I treated you.>

<Hope> <Yeah... me too.>

<Christopher> <I'm here for ya if you need someone to talk to.>

<Hope> <Thanks, Chris. :) How's Kat? You two still getting along? lol>

<Christopher> <She's having some issues with her powers, but she's workin on it. And I hope we're doing okay. I think I blindsided her, with everything that happened to me.>

<Hope> <Yeah Shinobi and I offered to help her with her powers. She still struggling?>

<Christopher> <Yeah, but Paige and Pietro are working with her.>

<Hope> <Well that's good. Let her know our offer still stands.>

<Christopher> <I will. I think she's just stressed.>

<Hope> <Engineering will do that! Sebastian is a tough grader.>

<Christopher> <It doesn't help that her boyfriend's crazy.>

<Hope> <No, that never helps the stress haha :)>

<Christopher> <Pretty sure I broke her the other night....>

<Hope> <I got some duct tape you can have.>

<Christopher> <Don't think you have enough for the both of us.>

<Hope> <I don't think there's enough in the world for all of us.>

<Christopher> <Not even close. Maybe we need some super glue too.>

<Hope> <Like a giant vat!>

<Christopher> <All the super glue in the world. lol>

<Hope> <lol #stickymess>

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. <Better than blood and oil, trust me.>

<Hope> <#nodoubt>

<Christopher> <I'm here for you if you need me Hope.>

<Hope> <Yeah, :) you too Chris. Take care of yourself.>

<Christopher> <You know that's not gonna happen, but thanks.>

<Hope> <At least try.>

<Christopher> <Heh, you know me.>

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