6/15 Instance: Skating the Ice

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6/15 Instance: Skating the Ice

Post by Slarti » Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:28 am

Timelined a day or two after Rivalry

<Jessica> Jess hadn't gotten through the front door yet but she didn't mind. She was enjoying sitting in the long grass surrounded by wild flowers with her daughter in her lap. Probably someone should really mow the lawns but she kind of hoped they didn't for a while. Spring flowers were the best and Miriam liked all the bright colours.

<Bobby> Running into the shark in the hallway, Bobby learned Jessie and baby shark were in residence too and went out to find them. Now that spring had finally sprung, it was harder to pick out heat signatures when he was outdoors. Something as large as a human was still pretty darn easy though, so Bobby started across the grass, waving both arms as if to flag her down.

<Jessica> Jess heard the sound and looked up from her daughter. The movement drew her attention and she recognised Bobby, raising a hand to wave back and smiling.

<Bobby> "Jessie! Baby Jessie!" He broke into a trot and halted in front of her. "Hey! How's tricks?" With a tiny wave at the baby who was now staring up at him blowing spit bubbles, he flopped onto the ground beside her.

<Jessica> "Getting better..." she offered him a smile, leaning to bump his shoulder with her own. "Sebastian had a class to teach so I thought I'd come over here with him for some fresh air..."

<Bobby> "Mmmmm smell that pollen!" He laughed and bumped back, wriggling his fingers at Miriam and moving them closer and closer until she grabbed at them with a squeak.

<Jessica> "I do like flowers!" she giggled at Miriam's happy squeal, "I needed to get out... well... I have been... but I wanted to come here and maybe see some friends..."

<Bobby> "Hey then you're in luck!" He put on his best cheesy grin for her. "Paigey is here today too. You guys should have a play date."

<Jessica> "I am in luck! I wasn't expecting to see you at all," she smiled, "I'm glad though... I missed you... not sure if I can handle Paige on my own though - might need backup."

<Bobby> "I know a guy who might be interested in that." Bobby gave her a wink and let Miriam play with his fingers, sliding down to lay on his side in the grass. "It's my day off, but I think I can pencil it in."

<Jessica> "Awesome, you're the best," she laughed, "How're you holding up?"

<Bobby> Bobby blew a raspberry as eloquent summary of his situation. Miriam loved it.

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose a little, "And how's Hope? Figure you may give me a less biased answer than Shi-... Michael." She was training herself.

<Bobby> His grin faded. "Hope is... not so good."

<Jessica> She sighed, "I wish I could help... but she doesn't want to see me."

<Bobby> "She doesn't want to see anybody, babe." He made a face at the baby. "Well, nobody but the junior shark xerox."

<Jessica> "And Sebastian..." she gave him a slow motion shove at the comment on Shinobi, "I'm used to her being angry with me for one thing or another... Just hurts..."

<Bobby> "I wouldn't take it personally, ow," he deadpanned at the shove, then poked out his tongue.

<Jessica> "It's hard not to... She's angry with me a lot... think most people would have given up by now... but I'm probably crazy."

<Bobby> "You know how some people are. It's love or hate, oil and water." He shrugged. "And... she's not really herself right now," he added, more quietly.

<Jessica> "I wish I could do something to help... is there anything I can do to help?"

<Bobby> "Just keep me from goin' nuts, yeah?" He put on his best imploring puppy eyes.

<Jessica> "Oh, sweetie... I think we're way past that." She gave him a consoling pat on the shoulder.

<Bobby> If anything, that made his eyes larger, and a lower lip wibble was added to the mix.

<Jessica> Jess laughed and gave him another shove, "I'm here, aren't I?"

<Bobby> "You aaaaare, and so is baby shark!" He leaned in and crossed his eyes, since the baby was already amused by his face.

<Jessica> Jess ruffled his hair, "She's not a shark - got no teeth."

<Bobby> He wrinkled his nose. "Just wait."

<Jessica> She giggled, "She's still too cute to be a threat." She pressed a kiss to her daughter's forehead, "Maybe she'll take after me and be a spider instead of a shark."

<Bobby> "Yeah... she's awfully cute..." He thought of Paige, and sighed a bit. "So," he started, giving the baby another tickle. "A clone? How the hell does that work?"

<Jessica> She sighed, "I don't know the details... don't really want to know the details. All I know is that Essex mixed the Oyama woman's DNA with Sebastian's and Shinobi was the result... It's sort of like having a kid the normal way..." she shrugged a shoulder.

<Bobby> "Yeah but he's... not a kid." It still didn't make sense.

<Jessica> "They aged him artificially..." she swallowed, looking away and trying not to remember the tanks.

<Bobby> "Fuuuu...dgesicles." His face screwed up while he imagined this. Bobby shook himself and sat up. "Well, Hope begged me to keep an eye on him, but he seems... okay? I guess. More worried about her."

<Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah he is... and getting a little cabin fevery in the hotel... Did he, um, mention that I was going to check out classes with him while he finishes up the semester at MIT?"

<Bobby> "No!" He looked up at her in surprise. "I've been talking to him... but not a lot. Trying."

<Jessica> "I need to get out of the house... he's not the only one going stir crazy... but I don't know if I can come back to this place.... Hard to feel safe here... so I'm just looking at options for now." She offered him a small smile, "I've been thinking about coming back to school for a while... just never seem to get around to it with all the dramas...."

<Bobby> "Hey, I hear MIT is a good school." He grinned with a shrug. "Seems like a good idea."

<Jessica> She nodded, "It's weird though... being in a normal school... I've never done that before."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed and bumped her shoulder. "No, babe, it's not weird and that's the best part about normal school. It's just the normal kind of weird, not 'holy shit somebody blew up the kitchen again' weird."

<Jessica> "It's weird to me... mutant university was my first experience of education with other people around... it'll take some getting used to not dealing with explosions and portals in the basement with naked blue dudes."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, I went to public school, sooo..." Bobby grinned. "But MIT would be different than that, so hey."

<Jessica> "It's a proper school... but I'm older than the average student and a mom so... things'll probably be weird for me anyway... It's okay, I'll get by."

<Bobby> "And apparently going with your clone step son guy, so yeah it's still plenty weird for ya."

<Jessica> "Well they won't know that..." she rolled her eyes, "And I doubt we'll end up in any of the same classes..."

<Bobby> "Details," he said with a wave of his hand. "Always bogging it down with details."

<Jessica> She laughed, shifting to get up off the ground, "I need a drink and, yes, I still remember the way to the kitchen."

<Bobby> "Well good!" He bounced up and reached to take Miriam to help her up. "I wanna cuddle your spider shark and you know Paigey will too."

<Jessica> She let him take Miriam and levered herself out of the grass, "You can have all the cuddles you want, you've earned them."

<Bobby> "Hiiiii beautiful!" He snuggled the baby up into the crook of his neck and kissed her dark hair.

<Jessica> "Cuddle on the move, I'm getting tea," she started toward the building.

<Bobby> "Ooo, bossy," he complained, but followed her, directing his high voice to Miriam. "Mommy is bossy!"

<Jessica> "Bobby is on thin ice," she tossed over her shoulder with a grin, using a similar tone of voice.

<Bobby> "Where else would I be?" He laughed and skipped a couple times, then broke into a trot to catch up.

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