6/19 Instance: A Monster of a Vacation

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6/19 Instance: A Monster of a Vacation

Post by Starfish » Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:11 am

Timeline: After "Feeding Stray Cats"

Christopher: Chris needed to have words with his bestfriend. Not only about the fact that he was going to seek out additional help because their sessions in his opinion weren't making much progress, but also because of the whole Greer being back.

Christopher: He didn't want to bump into Greer again so he took the quickest route he knew to get to Cessily's office. If she wasn't in there his next guess would be Carol's, and if that failed he would text her and ask her to meet him later.

Cessily: Cessily tapped a pen-shaped silver fingers against the edge of her tablet while brooding over the digital spreadsheet, trying to figure out how to best fill the gaps in that week's schedule. Even with Greer back at the school, their staff was stretched thin trying to fill all the required classes, not to mention other activities.

Christopher: His hand gently tapped on the wooden door. Chris didn't want to disturb her if she already had someone looking for help. "Hey Cess you busy?"

Cessily: "Chris, come in!" Cessily looked up from her tablet and turned towards the door. "Not with anything that I wouldn't be happy to leave alone for a moment."

Christopher: Chris gave her a smile and entered her office, shutting the door behind him. "So.... anything you want to tell me oh best friend of mine?" He fixed her with his best you forgot to tell me something look, that he usually gave to his students.

Cessily: A small smile played across Cessily's face features. "I guess you already heard the news then."

Christopher: "Yeah.... we ran into each other. When I was kinda having a breakdown." Chris sighed and sat down in one the chairs across from her.

Cessily: Cessily bit her lip. "Oh my. I'm sorry you had to find out that way. I had hoped you two would be able to avoid each other, at least for a while."

Christopher: "Yeah.... it was an experience." Chris ran his hands through his hair. "It's not like I want to avoid her. I don't hate her I'm not mad at her. I feel terrible about it, and it's awkward cuz I do miss her Cess... Which is a whole 'nother can of worms right there."

Cessily: Cessily let out a small sigh and put on a sympathetic smile for him. "I get that, Chris," she told him. "Though, I'm really not sure what kind of advise to give you here. There are obviously a lot of emotions involved on both sides."

Christopher: "Yeah, I expected her to hate me." Chris slouched down in his chair. "I want to talk to her about all this, I want to fix things, but I don't think I have the right to. I left her and then there was Hope and now I'm with Kat. And she has all her own problems to deal with, she doesn't need to add me and my ex-wife to this. I just dig my holes deep don't I?"

Cessily: "With a big shovel, yes." Cessily smiled. "To be honest, I'm not sure if you can fix it. Well, you definitely won't be able to force it. Believe me, I've tried that in the past, and it never works. The best you can do is be mindful of what she wants, respect her wishes, and do your best to make things work."

Christopher: "I know Cess... I really do." Chris let out an exhasperated sigh. "Why does being an adult have to be so damn complicated. Back when we were students shit was so much easier. Or at least when I was. Now I have my ex-wife back in my life. My ex-girlfriend just went through a traumatic experience. Kat's been disowned by her family. And that's just outside problems."

Cessily: "I wish I could give you an answer to that, but I don't think anyone has really figured out how to make being an adult less awful. Though, now that I think back to it, I doubt our lives really had been that much easier. It's just that we've learned to pay more attention to all the problems around us."

Christopher: "Yeah I don't think that'll ever happen. What do you think I should do about all this shit Cess?" Chris ran his hands through his hair.

Cessily: Cessily bit her lip. "Well, if you want a surefire suggestion from me, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you," she replied. "I know you feel overwhelmed right now, which is why I can only tell you not to try and solve all your problems at once. Look only at the most pressing one, and try to take it one step at a time."

Christopher: "Yeah. I think I need a vacation." He sighed. "Yeah.... one thing at a time though. Any tips on telling your current girlfriend that your ex-wife is now a teacher here?"

Cessily: Cessily smiled. "Yeah, I think we could all use one, no? And I think it would be best if you just got that over with. When it comes to things like this, I found out that beating around the bush only leads to things getting more awkward in the end."

Christopher: "Yeah.... well it doesn't help if you still have feelings for said party. I didn't marry her for no reason at all.... We hit a rough patch and I ran, apparently I'm good at that."

Cessily: A faint sigh escaped Cessily's lips and she looked at Chris with weary eyes. "Just be careful with those who might have feelings for you before you act on your own, okay?"

Christopher: "Life's a bitch huh Cess?" Chris played around with his phone a little, looking for close by vacation spots just out of curiosity.

Cessily: "Still, it's the only one we've got." Cessily offered Chris a small smile and stretched her arm across the desk to squeeze her friend's shoulder. "I wish I could give you some simple advise that solved all your problems, but I'm still looking for that myself. All I can really tell you is to be honest with those you care about."

Christopher: "Yeah I think I need to take some time to figure all this out.... Think I could trick someone into giving me a leave of absence?" He joked but was slightly serious.

Cessily: "If you really feel you need a break, just let me know, okay?" Cessily glanced down at her tablet, still displaying the class schedule with too many open slots and not nearly enough names to fill them all, before she looked back up at Chris. "Don't worry, I'll find a way to make it work."

Christopher: "Actually... yeah I think I do. I can write up a lesson plan for someone to cover, or we can give my students a little break and I'll make sure to catch them up."

Cessily: Cessily chuckled. "I don't think the students would have much of a problem with that. And I really think it might do you a lot of good. Just leave all the formalities to me."

Christopher: "Thanks Cess. I really don't know what I'd do without you." Chris got up and moved around the desk to give his best friend a hug. "I think I'm going to be a rich boy for a little while and go to a resort, think I could swing a week?"

Cessily: Cessily got up so she could return the hug properly, wrapping her arms around him in a close embrace. "No problem. I think this will do you very good. Just make sure you look after yourself, okay?"

Christopher: "I definitely will. Now I just need to tell Kat...." Chris gave her another squeeze. "Already found a nice place on my phone." He pulled up the website and showed her on his phone.

Cessily: "Looks like just the place you need right now." Cessily gave him a smile as she looked up from his phone. "Only make sure you come back this time. I really don't want to have to worry about you again."

Christopher: "Yeah at least this time leaving is my choice." Chris let go of her. "If I was really evil I'd beg you to tell Kat too." He laughed a little as he headed for the door. "Gonna go find her now and let her know what's going on."

Cessily: "Yeah, I think it would be better if you did that yourself," Cessily replied, wearing a small crooked smile. "Otherwise you might only have two exes waiting for you when you come back."

Christopher: "And that's only if Hope doesn't come back. I'm wracking up a nice list of people who want my ass on a silver platter huh?"

Cessily: "Which should be a sign for you not to add any more to it," Cessily suggested with a wry smile.

Christopher: "Maybe I like a good spanking?" Chris grinned. "I'll see you around Cess. Gonna go get some things in order before I talk to Kat and make reservations."

Cessily: "Alright." Before she let him leave, Cess gave Chris another hug. "Take care of yourself, okay?"

Christopher: "I think I need to take a class or two on that. But I'll try." Chris hugged her back tightly. "Give that blonde of yours a big smooch for me. I'm sure she won't miss my crazy."

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "I'll make sure to do that," she said. "And don't forget to give us a life sign."

Christopher: "I'll keep you updated. Promise no compromising pictures." He gave her a wink.

Cessily: "Well, if you plan on coming back, I'd strongly advise against sending any of those." Cessily grinned.

Christopher: "You girlfriend can fly.... I wouldn't be safe anywhere if I sent you those." Chris just laughed. "I'll get outa your hair now Cess. Promise I'll keep you updated."
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