6/24 Instance: Return of the Jedi

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6/24 Instance: Return of the Jedi

Post by Slarti » Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:02 am

Timelined concurrent to Family Disunion

<David> The elevator dinged and the doors opened, allowing David to take the final steps to the roof. Outside he was able to spot the redhead easily enough, leaning over the edge and looking down. He moved beside her, leaning over and taking a bite of Jess' macaroni and cheese. "Damn she's a good cook."

<Hope> Hope glanced over, surprised. "Aren't you supposed to be on vacation?"

<David> "Hello to you too, sweetheart," he grinned at her though, taking another bite. "So you going to tell me what's going on?"

<Hope> No. No she was not. "I didn't want to come back here and I didn't want to argue with Shinobi about coming here. But I don't want to be here. I can't be here." She pulled at her hair, frowning. Had she been using conditioner?

<David> "You didn't want to argue?" He placed a hand on her forehead in jest, pretending to check her temperature.

<Hope> "Ha ha very funny." She slumped down, frowning, her arms crossed and her chin resting on them. "It's... Jess is being Jess. Cooking and shit like nothing happened. Like she's just glad everyone's home for Sunday lunch or something. I mean who does that?!"

<David> "Hufflepuffs," he pointed out, taking another bite.

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes. "You don't even know what a Hufflepuff is." She pouted a bit. He was zero help, as usual.

<David> "Of course I do. I watched Harry Potter!" David laughed and nudged her a bit. "I'm serious though. What would you expect a Hufflepuff to do in a stressful situation? Really? What do you expect?"

<Hope> Hope considered this for a moment. "To hide in the kitchen and bake a cake or something."

<David> "Mmmhmmm... and who wanted to bake a cake? Who cooks all the time?" He held out the bowl to her in offering.

<Hope> Hope took the bowl without really thinking about it, taking an absentminded bite. "Jess... Oh my GOD she's a Hufflepuff!" Hope laughed, sinking down to the floor of the rooftop with her bowl, taking another bite. "How did I never see that?!"

<David> David laughed and sat down beside her, shrugging. "Well... I do have a lot of time to think while I'm on guard duty. It occurred to me... you have the heart of a lion. You never back down from anything. You are as brave as they come. Then I watched that goofy series on ABC family and boom! Figured it out. You're a Gryffindor."

<David> "Which logically meant I looked at the rest of you and figured out that Jess would instantly be sorted into Hufflepuff. Those traits that you complain about aren't her trying to mother you... they are her being a friendly badger."

<Hope> Hope considered all of this quietly as she ate the macaroni and cheese silently. "I felt like maybe she was trying to take my place. And how I felt like everything was a competition with her. Only she wins and plays like I'm mean."

<David> David laughed at her again and nudged her softly. "She wants to do things with you because you're her friend... not because she wants to replace you at anything."

<Hope> Hope wasn't so sure about that one. She gave David a skeptical look.

<David> "Look. The next time you'd usually be upset with something she does... I want you to stop and think. 'How would a Hufflepuff react to this?' I bet you anything it is exactly what she's done."

<Hope> Sighing, Hope rested her head against David's shoulder and continued to eat. "It wasn't really Jess anyway," she admitted softly. "I... I can't look at Miriam."

<David> He paused, but he didn't need to ask why. "Running and not looking at her isn't going to fix anything. It isn't going to change anything."

<Hope> "I know that... of course I know all that! I..." her words to Shinobi haunted her. She had promised to try. To be better. A plan began to formulate in her mind. If she couldn't do better, she could pretend. "I guess I'll have to suck it up at some point."

<David> Nodding, he sighed. "Yeah. You need to talk to someone. About what happened I mean." Someone that wasn't him.

<Hope> Hope cringed. "Obi wants me to... but I can't tell him. It's too... I don't know." Humiliating was a good word for it. Traumatizing another.

<David> "Then find someone you can." He gave her a look. "It's ok to not be ok. It's ok to get help through this. It's not ok to hide and run away from your family."

<Hope> Guilt washed over her at his words. She wasn't getting any better, which Obi had pointed out. "Fine. I'll pick someone to talk to," she promised. "But I don't want to."

<David> He grinned and took the empty bowl from her. "Good. Now what are you going to do now?" He dragged out the last now, giving her an expectant look.

<Hope> Puzzled, it took her a few minutes before she nodded. "Going to apologize. And sit at the table. And be civilized. And.... hey! You tricked me!" She shoved him a bit. "I ate that whole bowl!"

<David> A huge grin on his face, David got to his feet and offered her a hand up. "Yes ma'am. To all of that. And you are going to tell the Hufflepuff how amazing her cooking was. And yes. yes you have to."

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