7/2 Instance: Lights Out

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7/2 Instance: Lights Out

Post by Slarti » Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:28 am

Timelined after Family Disunion/Return of the Jedi

<Hope> So Shinobi wanted to ignore her and sleep on the couch in the living room? The stupid couch in the stupid living room. Oh she was pissed. She sat on the edge of her bed in her yellow room, rocking ever so slightly. He had ignored her and then refused to speak after "dinner" too. What the fuck, Shinobi? Really?

<Hope> Hope got up and started slamming the dresser drawers as she looked for pajamas. Well his ass could stay down there!" She locked the bedroom door. Not that that would stop him of course, but it'd get the point across. He was not wanted. Not tonight.

<Hope> Changed, Hope sighed. She wasn't going to sleep. Not on her own. She opened the bottom drawer and pulled out the false bottom revealing a small vial and package of syringes. Her Ketamine blend. She'd promised Xavier she wouldn't use it again, after he expelled War. She hadn't. However, she couldn't make herself get rid of that last vial.

<Hope> She picked it up carefully and considered, weighing her options. It'd be the first real sleep she'd had in how long? Since that first night with Shinobi? She shook her head and moved to the bathroom, setting the drug down so she could brush her teeth.

<Hope> Why shouldn't she? It was harmless. It was one night. It was one peaceful night of sleep so she could deal with Shinobi and his sudden bullshit the next day.

<Hope> Teeth brushed, Hope picked up the vial and measured out her dosage. The same dosage she had always used. The same drug. Everything was the same right? She prepped her arm and let the alcohol dry before carefully injecting herself.

<Hope> Feeling better already, Hope headed to put the syringe into the trash can. But she never made it. Her world dizzied and she fell, blacking out once she hit the tile floor. The syringe rolled away from her, stopping a couple of feet away. Hope had made just one crucial error: she had forgotten about the weight she had lost.

<Shinobi> Hope only thought he was sleeping on the sofa. The truth of the matter was he'd laid there for over an hour staring at the vaulted ceiling. After he'd left the dinner table, he went to his room in the basement. Quickly enough, it became unbearable.

<Shinobi> Coming upstairs hadn't been any better, since Hope's presence in her cheerful yellow room had been anything but. Giving up, he finally took the hint, changed his clothes, grabbed a blanket, and settled on the sofa.

<Shinobi> Obi tried reading, and he considered going to find Jess, but she was busy with her real child. So, he simply laid there, every problem taking its turn at the fore of his troubled mind.

<Shinobi> Sebastian was being disconcertingly cordial all evening. Once all he'd wanted was to have a father, but now even that victory rang hollow. Hope was broken, and didn't seem to really want to get better. He'd thought coming here might help, but clearly he was wrong. Sighing, he sat up. This was ridiculous.

<Shinobi> He would go to Hope and tell her he was wrong to pressure her. They could go back to the fucking Ritz, for however long, and see how things went. He could pretend he was alright, and maybe someday he'd believe it.

<Shinobi> When he tried the door, he sighed again and knocked softly. When there was no response he reached out with his mind. Nothing, not even the echo of her dreams or nightmares. Phasing through the door, he saw the empty bed and looked around the room. "Oh God..." He ran for the bathroom.

<Shinobi> She wasn't in the tub, but what he saw was worse. Hope sprawled on the cold tile floor, her hair spread out like blood. Then he saw the syringe. "Hope!"

<David> Oh that wasn't good. David put his phone away and took the stairs two at a time to get to Hope's door, trying the knob. He pounded on he door. "Kid, open up!"

<Shaw> He groaned. What was that noise? It didn't sound like Miriam, whose cries would have woken him instantly, but this took a moment longer for Sebastian to process, and then he heard the baby cry. He pushed himself up onto his forearms and looked over at Jess.

<Jessica> The yelling wasn't what initially stirred Jess from her medically induced sleep - the yelling had woken Miriam. But it did get her attention once she was semi-conscious and she pushed herself up, rubbing at her eyes. What was going on?" She tried to force herself more awake and dragged herself out of bed.

<Shinobi> He couldn't tell if she had a pulse, and she wasn't waking. "Hope, what the fuck did you do!? Why?!" Unaware of the tears running down his face, he scrambled for the syringe, stabbing himself with it and swearing.

<David> David weighed the cost of a new door, then rammed it, breaking it open on his second try. He brushed himself off and calmly walked across the room, kneeling down beside his charge. He rolled her over onto her back and checked for a pulse.

<Jessica> "What's going on?" Jess scrubbed both hands over her face and got up to get a robe. She was a little wobbly with the drugs still in her system. What time was it?

<Shaw> Sebastian was instantly awake when he heard the crash from upstairs. "What in hell!" Then he made out Shinobi's words. "It's Hope..." He rolled to his feet. "Can you calm Miriam? I'll..." That didn't sound good.

<Shinobi> "She injected something!" He dropped the syringe into the sink and spotted the vial and a few other scattered syringes in packages. "Fuck. Is she..."

<Jessica> "Yeah..." she pulled her robe on and went to the hall to soothe her daughter.

<David> David shook his head no. "Her heartbeat is slow but steady and strong." He moved his hand to her mouth, feeling the breath from her nose. "She's breathing. Do you see what she injected?"

<Shaw> He sprinted up the stairs and didn't pause to take in the damage to the bedroom door, skidding to a halt inside. "Good God - she's alive?" He reached out with his telepathy and found only blankness.

<Shinobi> He sagged with relief, but it was short-lived since her condition could change any time. "I got it," he said, but his hand was shaking too hard for him to focus on the small print.

<David> "She's alive," David confirmed. Damn telepaths relying on their powers He looked over to Shinobi. "Mr. Shaw, please take the vial from him and tell me what the hell she injected."

<Shinobi> "I got it," he snapped, but found the vial snatched from his hands anyway.

<Shaw> "Ketamine," he read from the small vial, frowning at it.

<Jessica> Jess picked Miriam up and cuddled her close, sitting down in the rocking chair to wait until she was calmed again.

<David> "Anyone know what the fuck that is, or are we going to the hospital?"

<Shaw> "I have no idea. She's going to the hospital," he decided, tone firm. Love, do you know what a drug called ketamine is? Hope seems to have injected it.

<Shinobi> Obi shook his head, covering his face with both hands and sinking to the floor. This was a nightmare that just got worse and worse. "Hope..."

<David> David started to bark an order to the kid, but he was well, useless. He pulled Shinobi over, pressing his hand at a good spot to feel her pulse. "Count. If it slows down at all, I want to know."

<Jessica> Ketamine? Why was that familiar? She tried to make her brain work but it was no good so she deactivated the inhibitor. Holy shit that was an uncomfortable sensation. She shook it off. Ketamine... I think she was on something before to help her sleep after that stuff with Nur... might have been that....

<Shinobi> Nodding, he dashed the tears from his face with his free arm, though they welled over again. She looked asleep... peaceful. She said she wanted peace. Hope, please, come back. I can't do this without you. Her pulse was slow and steady and he counted, hanging on every beat.

<Shaw> "Jessica thinks she was on it before. It's an anesthetic of some sort." Sebastian scrubbed his hand over his face and stared down at her. "She took it after Nur, apparently."

<Shinobi> That was enough to cut through Obi's fog and he looked up at Sebastian in horror.

<David> David nodded, considering that. "You want to pack her a bag, or want me to," he asked Sebastian.

<Jessica> With her powers restored, calming Miriam was easy and she put her back in her crib before heading upstairs via the express route.

<Shaw> "Bags come later. She needs attention, now." He stepped aside for Jessica as she joined them, giving her a worried look.

<David> "Get her loaded. I'll call the hospital."

<Jessica> "She's not going to like that..." Jess shook her head, reaching out with her empathy to try and reassure Shinobi.

<Shaw> "She should consider these things before she shoots up in my bathroom," he snapped, stepping over her to determine how best to pick her up.

<Shinobi> "I didn't know she had that..." He was still trying to count beats, and looked up at Jess when she appeared. "I swear I didn't know," he said, tears filling his eyes again.

<Jessica> "It's alright, it's not your fault," She put her hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

<David> This is why he couldn't take vacations. David stepped out to start making calls.

<Shinobi> He didn't argue, but he knew better. Putting his head down, he concentrated on counting her heartbeats and smoothed her hair back with his free hand. I love you. I'm sorry...

<Jessica> Jess rubbed his shoulder before moving to gather some clothes for Hope.

<Shaw> "Shinobi, move," he ordered, after indulging him for a moment longer. "We need to get her to the car." Sebastian scooped Hope up, shocked at how light she was.

<Jessica> Jess shot Sebastian a look before glancing at Shinobi again. Snapping at him isn't going to help her.

<Shinobi> The slip of the name didn't register until he was slowly climbing to his feet. "I can carry her," he pointed out in an icy tone.

<Shaw> He's dawdling. "I have her."

<Jessica> He's in shock! Give him a break! She slammed a drawer in irritation and stuffed some clothes into a bag for Hope before she went to pick up Hope's shampoo.

<Shinobi> "But I can phase." He followed Sebastian from the bathroom.

<David> "Guthrie is being paged." David told them, catching up. "Hospital is preparing. We'll go in a back entrance, no ER. No press."

<Jessica> "Someone needs to stay with Miriam..." she knew that would be her but she had to say it.

<Shaw> "Guthrie? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised..." He made it through the room and paused. "Perhaps you could call Drake to watch her, so you could come, love."

<Jessica> "Bobby has his own kid to worry about, I'm not going to drag them all out of their house at this hour. Don't be ridiculous." She rolled her eyes, "I'm going back to bed."

<David> "I can stay. Team is ready to move. Oh, yeah, Guthrie is apparently her doctor on file. I don't think any of us knew that. I'm sure she threw a hissy at her last visit."

<Shinobi> He wasn't surprised he was being ignored, not really.

<Jessica> Jess gave David a long stare. Any other time she'd say sure but with Sebastian and Shinobi sniping at each other it wasn't going to be the best environment.

<Shaw> "It's your decision," he said, finished with the discussion, and started down the stairs. It was then he realized he had a shadow. "Do you think you can control your abilities in your present state? You're distraught, it's understandable. We'll be there in a moment."

<David> "Or not. Let's roll." He headed for the car.

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