7/6 Instance: Relative Realities

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7/6 Instance: Relative Realities

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:14 pm

Timelined some days before [Instance]Doughnut Mugging (because I forgot about it ¬.¬).

<Carol> Carol glanced at Cess as they stood in front of the portal, "You might want to hold on to me... their portal's not really on the ground."

<CaptMarvel> "We're working on it!"

<Cessily> "Oh, okay," Cessily said and stepped closer to Carol - her Carol, that was - and held on to her shoulders. "I went splat on the ground the last time I was dragged through that thing, and I really don't want to make a habit out of that."

<Carol> "I would rather you didn't, too, that was not good to watch." She turned her head to kiss Cessily's cheek then lifted them both off the ground and followed her other self through the portal.

<Cessily> Cessily embraced Carol a little tighter than she had to when they passed through the anomaly. "So you have been over there, yes? And you're sure they don't have any monsters in that other dimension?"

<CaptMarvel> "None that you need to worry about - you're with a card carrying Avenger and I can call in backup from there." She pointed ahead of them up higher in the sky at the floating airship that the Avengers called home.

<Cessily> "Wow..." Cessily tore her gaze off the alien world that at first glance looked so much like their own, and stared up into the sky. "Is that a blimp?"

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "Oh man.... say that to Hank and Tony and I will love you forever."

<Cessily> "That's a real other Earth." Cessily climbed on Carol's back to get a better view of the world underneath them. "Carol, can you see that? It looks just like home, except it's not. Look, they have baseball, too!"

<Carol> "Yeah they have a lot of the same things... but there's obvious differences...." She followed the trail of light left by her other self and landed in the hangar bay a few steps behind her.

<CaptMarvel> Carol waved the security team away and strolled on toward the corridor beyond the main doors, "It's like no one reads memos..."

<Cessily> "At least that much we have in common," Cessily remarked, her apprehension falling off again when the guards didn't even give her a second glance. They seemed more perplexed about seeing their boss twice.

<Carol> Carol took Cessily's hand and followed her other self to the recroom, she'd been there before but today it was empty.

<CaptMarvel> "Well make yourselves at home.... I need to go pick up my kid..."

<Cessily> "Oh, okay." Cessily squeezed the hand of her Carol and smiled at the other. "We'll stay here and promise not to start an interdimensional incident."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla had heard that Carol was back from her little vacation and was pretty pissed that she hadn't told her where she was going, and apparently she brought people back with her. She quickly gathered up her things and threw them through a portal to the house, she'd pick them up later, and went in search of them.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Go with her, you can look around the base at the same time... I'll stay here and drink all the coffee."

<Cessily> Cessily looked from one Carol to the other. "Are you sure about that? I mean, I really don't want to be a bother." She bit her lip. "Or get lost on another Earth."

<CaptMarvel> "Oh you'll be fine," she smiled, "You can come with me, that's okay. You can't get too lost on this heap - there are maps all over and people you can ask."

<Cessily> "Then maybe this is the right moment to tell you something about me," Cessily said as she caught up with the Carol from the otherworld. "I'm really bad with maps, and I can get lost in an empty room."

<Cessily> She paused and cast a look back at her girlfriend. "Are you sure you'll be okay without me?"

<CaptMarvel> "She can handle it... and she leaves me alone all the time to get accosted by crazy raccoons and women made of liquid metal. I feel like I owe her some trouble," she gave Cessily a grin.

<Cessily> "You know, I think you're right." Cessily returned the grin, then turned to her girlfriend and waved. "Okay, see you later! Please don't leave without me."

<Carol> "I'll be here until the coffee runs out," Carol waved back and set the coffee pot in its place.

<Cessily> Cessily leaned over to the resident Carol. "Then we better hurry, because I have no idea how quickly she'll go through your supplies."

<CaptMarvel> "You haven't seen how much coffee is in there. We run on the stuff," she laughed, "Don't worry, there's always more coffee." She led the way to one of the elevators though to take Cessily to the level they needed.

<Cessily> "Oh good, then hopefully she won't take the place apart." Cessily giggled. For a moment she was quiet while they waited for the elevator. "So, you're married? I hope you don't mind me being nosey."

<CaptMarvel> She shook her head, "No... I don't think being married really matters... and I'm kind of afraid what would happen if I left Phyla in charge of wedding planning...." she gestured Cessily into the elevator ahead of her.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla used her quantum bands to find Carol, but they had to be on the fritz cuz it was saying she was all over the place. She decided to just walk to the most likely place, wherever the coffee would be. Her lips turned up into a smirk and she chuckled to herself a little, until she realized she was supposed to be mad.

<Carol> Carol was helping herself to the contents of the fridge while she waited on her coffee. She picked up a container and turned it around a few times, "I don't know what you are..." she wrinkled her nose and put it back where she got it.

<Cessily> "Oh, great," Cessily replied with a smile. "I mean, it's great that this is working out for you two. I pretty much feel the same way, you know. All that matters to me is that Carol is happy."

<CaptMarvel> "We've been together a while... And we live together so we're pretty much married." She returned the smile, stepping out of the elevator when it opened at the right floor. "And now we just wait here..."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla stopped in the doorway and stared at her significant other, or who she thought was her significant other, digging through the fridge. It didn't matter how mad she was, she really liked staring at Carol's butt. She shook off the urge to go over and give it a spank, but she was supposed to be mad. "Carol Susan Jane Danvers!"

<Carol> Carol straightened up quickly and banged her head on the inside of the fridge, "... Ow." Rubbing the back of her head, she stood up properly and turned to see who'd used her whole name.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla put on her best mad face and crossed the room glaring at Carol the whole time, until she turned around. The anger instantly disappeared, she quickly crossed the rest of the room pulled Carol into a tight embrace and kissed her on the lips. Her hands moving down to cop a feel of the butt she had just been admiring.

<Carol> Carol flailed.

<Cessily> "Okay," Cessily said and waited right by Carol's side. "And what are we waiting for?"

<CaptMarvel> From somewhere down the hall, a child's voice shrieked, "Mom's here!" "That," Carol smiled at Cessily, "I don't know how she always knows."

<Phyla-Vell> "You're lucky I missed you more than I'm mad at you!" She didn't even notice the flailing, she was too busy concocting what to do with her next. "You look nice today honey, want to leave Maria up here for a while so I can punish you for just leaving without telling me?" Phyla gave Carol a naughty grin. "Or we could find an empty room here."

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled. "Maybe she has already been waiting for her mommy."

<Carol> Carol blinked at her, "Uh... I think you have the wrong me..." She took a step back to put some distance between them.

<CaptMarvel> "She does it every day and you can't see the elevator from there," she bent to catch her daughter in a hug and cringed at the paint she knew was now all over her uniform. Oh well. It was also in Maria's hair. She sighed.

<Maria> "You're sliver!" She stared at Cessily over her mother's shoulder. "Cool!"

<Cessily> Cessily gave the girl her kindest smile and waved. "Thank you, I think so too," she said. "My name is Cessily. And you are, young lady?"

<Maria> "My name is Maria. I don't have a codename yet but mom says I can have one when I'm older." She grinned, brushing a few previously unpainted strands of her hair out of her face. Now they were interesting shades of orange and blue instead of white-blonde.

<Phyla-Vell> "Huh?" Phyla just stared at her for a second. "Other you? There's no other you silly." A small twinge of fear entered her mind for a moment as her mind went to worst case, does she have amnesia? "It's me Phyla.... A... are you okay honey?"

<Carol> "I'm fine... just..." the coffee was ready. She needed it. And also scotch but she hadn't found any in the cupboards. "Coffee?"

<Phyla-Vell> Well at least she wanted coffee, to Phyla that definitely meant she was still Carol. "Mmhmm, lots of sugar please."

<Cessily> "Nice to meet you, Maria," Cessily said, her smile growing into a grin. "I like what you did with your hair. I'm a friend of your mommy and she invited me to visit today."

<Maria> Grabbing a handful of her hair and inspecting it, Maria's gaze drifted to her mother. "Oops...." she grinned, "the elastic broke..." She attempted to tidy it up a bit, which really just succeeded in making it more colourful. "Are you coming to dinner at our house?"

<Carol> Sugar? Ew. She wrinkled her nose, "How much is 'lots'?"

<Phyla-Vell> "Four scoops." Phyla just smiled still looking over the woman who she thought was her girlfriend. "At least I don't need flavored cream anymore?"

<Carol> Carol just dumped sugar in the coffee and held out the cup to the other woman, "Here you go."

<Cessily> "If you would like me to come by," Cessily replied, before looking up at the girl's mother. "And if you're mommy doesn't mind either."

<Phyla-Vell> "Thank you." Her grin spread from ear to ear when Carol just dumped the sugar in. Phyla took the cup and took a few sips. "Mmmm perfect."

<CaptMarvel> "I guess it wouldn't be a problem, we can get takeout or whatever..." She gestured them into the elevator, "Let's go collect the other me."

<Cessily> "Only if it's really no problem for you," Cessily said, following Maria back into the elevator. "I really don't want to get in the way of precious family time."

<CaptMarvel> "Given how much time I've spent on your side of the portal lately, it'll be good to have a buffer."

<Carol> Carol sipped her own coffee and eyed the other woman, "So... you're the other me's girlfriend?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla chewed her lip a little, she didn't know how to answer that one. "Uhmmm.... Yes?"

<Carol> "Awesome... my girlfriend is with your Carol... this isn't awkward at all."

<Cessily> "A buffer?" Cessily asked with a look at the other Carol, sounding slightly worried. "A buffer against what?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla really didn't know what to say to that so she just smiled and sipped at her coffee. Maybe she's delusional? Should I go get a doctor...?

<CaptMarvel> "Incase she's mad at me..." Carol sighed, stepping out of the elevator to lead the way back to the recroom.

<Cessily> "Does she have a reason to be?" Cessily asked, following behind Carol and her daughter. "If she's angry at you getting stuck on our world, you can always blame it on us. Or the space raccoon."

<Maria> "It's because I'm a handful," Maria announced, marching ahead of them to the recroom.

<Cessily> Cessily couldn't help but laugh as she trailed behind the young girl. "I believe you."

<Carol> Hearing the voice in the hall had not prepared her for the sight of the child that bounded through the door and Carol blinked at the state of her. Holy shit.

<Maria> Maria tackled Phyla around the waist, transfering yet more paint. Now her mommies matched. "Hiiiii!"

<Phyla-Vell> "Hey there munchkin." Phyla giggled a little at the paint. "You're a mess! I'm going to have to get the fire department to hose you down."

<Maria> "Yay!" She giggled, "Jen needed more ammunition so I gave her my elastic..." she brushed her hair out of her face again and looked over at the other Carol, "Ooooh."

<Cessily> Cessily looked at the woman who was the girlfriend of her other-Earth girlfriend, and simply smiled and waved before thinking too much about all this made her head spin. "Hello."

<CaptMarvel> "Hi... I see you two met..."

<Carol> "Yeeeeah.... we met..." Carol took another sip of her coffee. She still wished it was scotch.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw her Carol come into the room. "I.... you... there's... And I .... I." Her head started to spin as she dealt with the fact that there were two Carols and she had just molested the one that wasn't hers. It turned out to be too much to handle and she collapsed on the floor.

<Maria> Maria squeaked and looked at her mom.

<CaptMarvel> Carol went to pick Phyla up off the floor, "I was going to come and get you and explain it before this happened... guess I should have got you before Maria..."

<Cessily> "Oh my..."Cessily blinked, looking from the unconscious woman on the floor to her Carol. "I guess you didn't tell her yet," she said, failing to hide the little smirk playing across her lips.

<Carol> "I tried! But I think she thought I was crazy..." Carol gave a helpless shrug and offered Cessily some of the coffee.

<Cessily> "Ooh thank you," Cessily whispered as she grabbed the offered cup and took a sip from the hot coffee. She watched the other Carol peel her girlfriend off the floor. "That was definitely needed now."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla slowly started to wake back up. "Mmm hi honey... Wait not honey?" She instantly went to defense mode because she was being touched and she didn't know by who. Her hands lit up with energy and she shifted to her glowing armor.

<CaptMarvel> "Woah, hey!" Carol caught her hands, "Take a look at my paint covered uniform before you start blasting things."

<Maria> "Uncle Tony would be really mad if you put a hole in the wall..." Maria tossed in.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla didn't let down her charge, "Why're there two of you... And why'd you let me kiss the other you! It's not nice to bring clones home and not tell me!" She decided to leave out the fact that she had felt the other Carol up and made naughty suggestions.

<CaptMarvel> "I didn't get the chance to tell you - we just got here.... and she's not a clone." Carol rolled her eyes, "She's from another reality."

<Cessily> "Have you ever seen Sliders?" Cessily asked, cradling the warm cup between her hands. "You know Sliders in your world, right?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla frowned a little. "I'm sorry other Carol." She was beyond embarrassed now, and could feel her cheeks reddening a little. "Sliders? You mean like the white castle hamburgers?"

<CaptMarvel> "It's a scifi series...." Carol got up and offered a hand to Phlya.

<Carol> "Don't worry about it," Carol offered the woman a smile, "Worse things have happened."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla let Carol help her up and slipped an arm around her. "Don't judge my lack of tv knowledge." She blew a raspberry at her Carol.

<Cessily> "Carol and I," Cessily began, then pointed at her girlfriend standing next to her. "This Carol here, I mean - we're from another Earth. A parallel universe, where many things are just like here, while others are a bit different. I'm sure Doctor McCoy could explain it a lot better than me, though."

<CaptMarvel> "I'm not judging... I judge the scoffing at my favourite movies but I don't judge that you have no idea what the plots are because you're too busy scoffing." She poked Phyla in the ribs.

<Phyla-Vell> "Hey you stop that!" She poked back. "And it's not my fault you like weird movies." Phyla was already back to smiling and beaming with energy, she missed Carol too much to be mad at her. The whole trying to make out with the other Carol was also her fault so she couldn't really blame her Carol.

<CaptMarvel> "They're not weird! They're awesome." She poked her again, "And I won't stop - I like watching you squirm."

<Cessily> Cessily leaned closer to her girlfriend. "This place doesn't seem too different from our own Earth," she said.

<Carol> Carol giggled and prodded Cessily in the ribs too.

<Phyla-Vell> "Ack! Stop that - we're in public!" She tried to dodge the pokes without moving away from Carol. Phyla was definitely a lot more comfortable in Carol's arms.

<CaptMarvel> "It's not public - it's another me and her girlfriend... and Maria... damn it, stop drawing on the wall! You're too old for that! Jeez..." She hurried to get a cloth to try and wipe it off.

<Maria> Maria stuffed her pencils back in her pocket and tried to look innocent. Quite a feat when you were covered in paint.

<Cessily> Cessily giggled and squirmed, failing to keep her coffee from spilling onto her clothes and the floor. It fit right into the mess they had already made.

<Phyla-Vell> "It so is public!" She poked Carol back as she slipped away to clean the wall. "Maria, you know better. If you want something to draw on just ask."

<Maria> Pouting, Maria protested, "You were all talking..."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla gave Maria her best mad mommy glare. "Then what should you do?"

<Maria> She frowned, "Jess says it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

<CaptMarvel> Carol face-palmed.

<Cessily> "She's very artistic," Cessily commented with a laugh. "And clever." She smiled at the young girl. "I like drawing and painting, too, you know. I even teach it in my class at our school."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla just stared at her for a second. "You wait patiently.... And Jess isn't mommy now is she?" She was so having a talk with Jess later, one that involved energy blasts.

<Maria> Maria was distracted by Cessily, her eyes growing huge with interest, "Really? Can I go to your school?"

<CaptMarvel> Carol leaned closer to Phyla, "I hate to admit it but she kind of has a point..."

<Phyla-Vell> "Carol!" She shoved her playfully. "You know that's not okay."

<CaptMarvel> "It's fine... no harm done, see?" She wiped the last of the marks off the wall, "All gone."

<Cessily> "I can't see why not," Cessily replied, with a brief glance at the girl's mommies. "When you're a little older. My school is for bigger kids, I'm afraid."

<Maria> "But I am a big kid! Look!" She went and picked up the sofa.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Okay, I like this kid."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla just rolled her eyes. "Please don't break the sofa Maria."

<Cessily> Cessily raised her eyebrows, then burst out laughing as well. "I can see that you are," she said. "But I still think your mommies would terribly miss you. Unless they dropped you off and picked you up each day, that is."

<Maria> "They do that anyway," she put the sofa down and grinned. "Can we go home now? I'm hungry."

<CaptMarvel> "Yeah we can..."

<Phyla-Vell> "Express Route?" Phyla tried to stealthily pinch Carol's butt when she came back from cleaning the wall.

<CaptMarvel> Carol laughed, tossing the cloth into the sink, "What was that about us being in public?"

<Cessily> Cessily exchanged a look with her Carol. "Do you think we should leave them to their family time then?" she asked quietly.

<Phyla-Vell> "I have no idea what you're talking about." Phyla feigned innocence, almost as well as Maria did.

<CaptMarvel> Hearing Cessily's question, Carol shook her head, "You don't have to go - you're supposed to be hanging around for the evening... I thought we decided we were getting takeout and you were being Phyla's deterrant to murder....?"

<Cessily> "If you're both okay with that," Cessily replied, looking from Phyla to the other Carol and then to her girlfriend. "I really don't want to intrude."

<Phyla-Vell> "Oh it's perfectly fine, I'll murder her with you there." She gave Cessily a wide smile. "I'll probably need help she's a feisty one. You'll have to be careful though, Maria likes to defend with tickling."

<CaptMarvel> "She's really good at it," Carol warned while, behind her, Maria looked rather smug.

<Cessily> Cessily laughed and gave the family a grin. "How could we turn down such an invitation, right, Carol?"

<Carol> Carol gave a shrug, "Sure... but, if you tell anyone I voluntarily spent the evening in a house with a kid, no one will find the body."

<Phyla-Vell> "Aww Maria's not that bad. It's Carol you don't want people knowing you're hanging around with." Phyla kissed her girlfriend's cheek. "So what should we have to eat?"

<Cessily> Cessily giggled and leaned in to give Carol a peck on the cheek. "No worries, your secret will not leave this dimension."

<Maria> "Pizza!"

<CaptMarvel> "The boss has spoken! Pizza it is."

<Maria> "Yay!"

<Phyla-Vell> "Woo Pizza!" Phyla picked Maria up and spun her around. "See, cute and good taste in food."

<CaptMarvel> "Aaaaand now we're all covered in paint. So, before we have pizza, showers need to be had."

<Phyla-Vell> "Woo showertime!" Phyla poked at the girl in her arms.

<Cessily> "Pizza sounds awesome," Cessily said. "And any dimension that has pizza is all right in my book. So, should we just wait for you guys here, or are we going to meet up somewhere else?"

<Phyla-Vell> "I can take us all to the house quickly." Phyla smiled and used her quantum bands to open a portal to the house. "Just step on through, and excuse the mess.... I didn't get to clean yet today." She bit her lip.

<CaptMarvel> "Maybe we got lucky and Chewie figured out how to use the vacuum cleaner...." She headed on through the portal to prove to their guests it was safe to do so and picked up her cat on the other side.

<Phyla-Vell> "After you. I have to go last." Phyla motioned to the portal and then called into it. "Put away the laundry while you're at it Carol-kins." She grinned at the name that she knew Carol hated.

<Maria> "I'll do it!" She wriggled til Phyla put her down then darted through the portal to help, once on the other side she remembered the paint, "Oooor I'll go and shower..."

<Cessily> "Well, that's handy," Cessily said, and stepped through the portal behind the others. "And don't worry, we're used to unusual methods of transportation. It's how we ended up here, after all."

<Phyla-Vell> "I prefer flying, but this is just faster. Portals are handy." She smiled. "And yes, go shower, don't touch the clean clothes!"

<Carol> Carol followed Cessily and glanced around the living room they'd walked into. If this was untidy, her room was a disaster area and she should call the national guard.

<Cessily> "I like your place," Cessily said, turning in place to take in the entire room. "And don't worry, it's way more tidy than mine. How long have you two been living together now?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla moved through the portal, closing it afterwards. "Oh don't lie, it's a horrible mess!" She started to tidy up as soon as she was in the house.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "It's really not... you should see my room. It looks worse than the school did when Danger took off through the roof..."

<CaptMarvel> "Uh... we've been living together for... six? years... I think?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla just rolled her eyes. "About that yeah. Unless you count the time I was in jail... that kinda sucked."

<Cessily> "Oh, I'm sorry," Cessily said, biting her lip and deciding not to press the matter. "I didn't want to be nosey."

<CaptMarvel> "It's okay, it was a while ago now... and I crossed half the galaxy to get her back and blasted my way through a Kree army..."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla giggled a little. "Yeah being an Avenger is kiiiiiiinda crazy." Phlya gave Carol another kiss on the cheek. "Mmmhm, my savior." She acted like she was swooning over Carol. "I'll order the pizza, any special requests?"

<CaptMarvel> "You know what I like. I'm going to run up and shower."

<Phyla-Vell> "Extra anchovies it is." Phyla went to grab the phone. "You two?"

<Carol> Carol flopped down on the sofa and was rewarded with a lapcat, "Pretty sure I'll like whatever other me is having."

<Cessily> "Could I have one with extra mozzarella? Because I really like melty mozzarella. Oh, and maybe some dried tomatoes, too? And some pepperoni please. Do they have salads, too?"

<Phyla-Vell> "Uhmm probably. Breadsticks?" She started to dial the pizza place while she looked for the menu.

<Cessily> Cessily nodded vigorously. "Yes to all of that."

<Carol> "Cessily likes her food - it's one of many things we have in common," Carol smiled and petted the cat in her lap.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla put in the order for their food and hung up the phone. "Okay it'll be here soon. We love our food too. Though for a while all we ever ate was take out. Carol killed everything she cooked." She laughed a little and took a seat to wait for her Carol to get out of the shower so she could take hers.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Yeah, I have no intention of making it out of that stage."

<Phyla-Vell> "My suggestion then. Menu drawer." Phyla laughed a little. "And don't throw out the ones you don't like, mark them or you'll forget and try them again! That was a horrible experience with an Indian place."

<Carol> "I have a system," Carol smiled.

<Cessily> "Can we help with anything?" Cessily offerend, exchanging a look with her girlfriend. "You invited us over, so it's only fair if we pitch in. We could set the table, if you show us where everything is."

<Phyla-Vell> "And oh, if you really get tired of ordering out, get her some chickens. They're evil beasts.... but after that is when she started getting better at cooking." Phyla hadn't even thought about plates. "Oh uhmm... yeah we probably want those." She stared at the dishwasher for a minute hoping she'd done some dishes. "Oh no you're our guests. I can manage and if not Carol shouldn't be too long. Uhmm my Carol that is."

<CaptMarvel> Carol had gotten most of the paint off, she was going to have to have words with them about letting Maria use acrylics. She shut the shower off and dried quickly, pulling on some clothes and using her powers to dry her hair as she wandered back down the stairs. "Shower's free..."

<Phyla-Vell> "<[Good! Get in here and do dishes while I go clean myself.]>" Phyla made sure to speak in Kree, hoping the other Carol wouldn't understand it. "<[And boo you were too fast I wanted to come check on you.]>" She gave her Carol a teasing swat on the butt as she walked by to take a shower. "I'll be out in a jiffy."

<Cessily> "Okay, if that's fine with you," Cessily replied and smiled at Phyla. "You guys just let us know if we can do anything."

<Carol> Carol knew they were speaking a language that wasn't english and was unfamiliar to her but she could totally understand it. She cocked her head on one side in confusion, "What language was that?"

<CaptMarvel> She laughed at Phyla's swat and comment, but stopped abruptly when she saw the mess in the sink. This was some kind of punishment. "Kree," she called over her shoulder.

<Cessily> Cessily turned to her Carol and leaned closer. "Kree?" she asked under her breath. "Weren't those the aliens who... you know?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yeah... and I understood all of that... somehow." She wrinkled her nose, "It's so weird..."

<Cessily> "Wow, looks like you two have a lot in common," Cessily remarked, a sheepish smile on her lips, as she looked from one Carol to the other. "Even the, uhm, unusual family history."

<Carol> Carol sighed, cuddling the cat and slouching into the cushions, "I thought my family were normal... I guess I need to ask questions.... And her family history is normal - she knows the exact cause of her powers."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla blushed a brilliant shade of red when she heard Carol say that she understood that. Ugh why did I have to open my mouth! She rushed into the bathroom to take her shower and get changed out of paint covered clothes.

<Maria> Mostly paint free - some of it had stuck in her hair - Maria skipped down the stairs again, "Chicken dinner time!" She headed out into the yard.

<Cessily> Cessily sidled up to Carol and put her arm around the other woman's shoulder. "No worries, we're going to find out where yours came from," she assured her. "Maybe your other you can shed some light on your heritage. Or at least give us a hint where to start looking."

<Cessily> The silver girl giggled when the other Carol and Phyla's daughter skipped by. "She's adorable."

<Carol> "I've already seen where her powers came from - it's in the yard." She gestured after the kid, raising an eyebrow at Cessily's assertion, "I refuse to comment."

<Cessily> "What is in the yard?" Cessily asked, feeling the urge to stretch her neck and peek out the window.

<Carol> "A spaceship... but it's probably invisible right now."

<Cessily> Cessily blinked, then her eyes widened. "Can I see it?" she asked. "I mean, obviously I can't if it's invisible, but could I see it." She looked at the other Carol. "After dinner perhaps? Please?"

<CaptMarvel> Having washed five plates and five glasses, Carol decided she was done with dishes for now. "You can see it now, if you want," she offered, drying her hands and picking up the plates to take them to the table.

<Cessily> "Yay! Cessily was on her feet in an instant and held out her hand towards her Carol. "Wanna come and have a look with me!?"

<Carol> "I've already seen it... but sure." She smiled, unable to say no to that level of excitement. "Sorry, Chewie." She stood up, putting the cat down where she'd been sitting, and took Cessily's hand.

<CaptMarvel> "Okay then, follow me." She headed outside, pausing to watch Maria petting her favourite chicken having thrown seed around in the coop.

<Cessily> "Oh my God!" Cessily exclaimed, her face bright with excitement as she pointed. "You have chickens!"

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "Yeah, Phyla wasn't kidding. We got the roosters first - I rescued them from a bet two other Avengers were having. Figured they might want some company..."

<Cessily> "Aw they're so cute! Can I pet them?" Cessily remembered that they were here for something else, and grinned at the other Carol. "After we've seen your spaceship, of course."

<CaptMarvel> "Sure you can," she giggled, looking over at Maria again, "Remember to wash your hands before you eat anything."

<Maria> "'Kay, Mom." Maria continued to cuddle and pet her chicken.

<CaptMarvel> Carol took them to the end of the yard then placed her hand on the invisible hull of the ship, it slowly melted into view.

<Cessily> "Wow." Cessily gasped and stared open-mouthed. "That's so awesome. Even better than the raccoon's spaceship."

<CaptMarvel> "Well duh, he probably stole his..." she laughed, opening the hatch, "Or upgraded it to the point of ugly." Both were likely. "Go on in, don't worry about touching anything - it's genetically coded to me..."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla got out of the shower and changed into more comfortable clothes. She came down stairs to the empty room and got a little confused. "Carol?" A small remnant of fear that would always be there almost made her panic, but she knew she was over reacting. Phyla found them outside and gave Maria a smile when she noticed her. "Always running off and leaving me wondering where you girls are. I should get a gps attached to you."

<Maria> Maria giggled, "Mom would break it." She let her chicken go and got up, "I'll go wait for pizza!"

<Cessily> "Okay!" Cessily had already stretched her neck to poke her head through the hatch. "Oh my, this is so cool." She marvelled at the alien design inside the small spaceship. "Where did you get this from?"

<CaptMarvel> "Long story short... Phyla's dad crash landed here on Earth in this thing. When we found it, it was empty and I touched something in there and it gave me powers. Later on, I tried to return the ship - that's how I met Phyla - but I ended up just keeping it... it's come in handy."

<Phyla-Vell> "She kept me too for some reason." Phyla smiled in at them from the doorway.

<CaptMarvel> "Apparently I thought you'd look good in my bed." She threw a grin over her shoulder at Phyla because she knew it'd make her blush.

<Cessily> Cessily looked at the two laughed. "I like to think that's also the reason why Carol puts up with me," she said. "That, and I keep her supplied with fast food and coffee."

<Cessily> She looked at her own girlfriend. "You don't happen to remember touching any strange alien spaceships when you were younger, do you?"

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla blushed a spectacular shade of red for the comment. "I do but that better not be the only reason or I'm going back to calling you Carolkins."

<CaptMarvel> "Uuuuugh don't...." she facepalmed.

<Carol> Carol gave Cessily a helpless shrug, "I don't have a lot of memories of my childhood... Rogue sorta sucked them out of me and most of them never came back."

<Cessily> "We'll find it out," Cessily assured Carol, a small smile on her silver lips. "I think this is a very useful lead, because I'm quite certain that something similar must have happened to you."

<Carol> She nodded, wishing that she'd known any of this before she'd lost Steven. "I don't know who I'd ask though..."

<Maria> Bursting back into the yard, Maria sucked in a breath and yelled: "PIZZA! PIZZA IS HERE!"

<Cessily> Cessily put her hand on Carol's shoulder and gave her an encouraging squeeze. "Let's worry about such details later," she said. "You heard the boss. It's pizza time."

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla just rolled her eyes at the yell. "Yeah she's definitely your daughter Carolkins." She hadn't gotten the answer she wanted so she decided to use the pet name Carol absolutely hated.

<CaptMarvel> "Guess I better go pay then..." she headed back out of the ship toward the house.

<Phyla-Vell> "Unless Maria scared him off." She followed Carol back to the house wanting to sneak a kiss when the others were still outside.

<Cessily> "Aww, how could she scare anyone off?" Cessily asked, taking Carol's hand to drag her back inside. "She's such a sweet child."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "But she's hyperactive as all hell..." she followed Cessily outside, remembering the gesture her other self had made to make the ship hide itself and trying it out. It worked.

<Cessily> Cessily raised an eyebrow at Carol and smirked. "I guess that means that your parents can't be too different from hers, either," she said.

<Carol> Carol gave a helpless shrug, "I don't know... nothing makes much sense... I guess I can ask Joe if he knows anything useful..."

<CaptMarvel> Pizza paid for, Carol set the boxes down in the middle of the table and went to get some juice for Maria.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla cornered Carol at the fridge and snuck a kiss. "You gonna disappear on us again?"

<CaptMarvel> "We're still in discussions..." she sighed, wrapping her arms around Phyla, "But things are settling down some so I should be home more."

<Cessily> Cessily squeezed Carol's hand, then sat down at the table. "I don't know how hungry you girls are, but I suggest you hurry before it's all eaten."

<Phyla-Vell> "You better. I miss you when you're gone." Phyla ignored the others for a moment and gave Carol another kiss. "And next time no company, got that?" She had leaned in close to whisper the last part.

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "I promise." She gave Phyla a squeeze before she released her and went to the table with the juice and helped Maria with her pizza choice.

<Phyla-Vell> "If she doesn't I'm stealing your Carol. She's a better kisser." Phyla grinned a little as she took her seat and got some pizza.

<Carol> Both Carols stared at Phyla for this comment, Cessily's Carol recovered fastest, "Do I get a say in that?"

<Phyla-Vell> "Guess you'll have to get mine back to me unless you want a crazy alien lady to smooch on." Phyla smirked enjoying both of their faces.

<Carol> "It's not like we're holding her hostage!" Carol protested, "And I already have a girlfriend... who I'm perfectly happy with, thanks..."

<Cessily> "You're too sweet." Cessily grinned at her Carol and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. She turned towards the other couple. "And I'm very happy with her, too. So if you wanna borrow her, you better make me a good offer."

<CaptMarvel> "Okay... before this gets into creepy territory..." Carol deposited some pizza in front of Phyla then Cessily and then her other self before she sorted herself out.

<Phyla-Vell> Phyla laughed at Cessily's comment. "Well I was just joking. But I think I could shanghai some people for a trade. There's a few cute ones up on base."

<Carol> "Should I be worried?" Carol looked at her other self.

<CaptMarvel> She shrugged, then said in a stage-whisper, "I'd say no but... she's crazy."

<Phyla-Vell> "Only as crazy as you made me honey." She made a funny face for Maria's amusement.

<Maria> Maria giggled, nomming happily on her pizza and smiling around the table at everyone.

<Cessily> "I have to say, this other Earth really doesn't seem so different from ours," Cessily commented, before she stuffed her face with another slice of cheesy pizza.

<CaptMarvel> "It's not... I mean, the technology here is a little more advanced and so is the attitude to super-humans but otherwise, it's pretty close..."

<Phyla-Vell> "Just don't feed us after midnight." Phyla wondered if they would get the reference.

<Carol> She laughed at Phyla's joke, "Gremlins aside... I guess I got lucky there... you're kind of my only hope for clues about my powers." Carol offered a smile.

<Phyla-Vell> "Maybe we could come and see if the Kree world is in the same place in your world?" Phyla bit her lip, "it might be a bad idea though, they're kinda mean here...."

<Cessily> "Yes, our only alternative is a space raccoon, but I don't think Carol is that desperate yet."

<Carol> "How're we supposed to get all the way there?" Carol blinked in confusion.

<CaptMarvel> "We can fly that far..."

<Carol> "Really?" She stared, "Goddamn...."

<Phyla-Vell> "I can teleport..... like across galaxies. It's kinda awesome. Makes vacations sooooo easy. Especially if we forget something." Phyla gave Carol a worried look, she still wasn't over what their accuser had done to her.

<CaptMarvel> "We also have a spaceship."

<Cessily> "I'm not sure if that's a good idea," Cessily said, her gaze wandering from her girlfriend, to the other version of her, and Phyla. "After all, we have no idea if these people will be friendly towards us. Especially if we just show up there uninvited."

<Carol> "Well I'm not saying to do it right now... I mean, they'll probably want to know where my powers came from too...."

<Phyla-Vell> "How about dinner and then we'll figure more out later." Phyla smiled.

<Cessily> Cessily returned the smile. "Now there's a great idea."

<CaptMarvel> Carol already had most of a slice of pizza in her mouth so she figured her agreement was obvious.

<Maria> "And then we can watch a movie!" Maria announced.
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