7/6 Instance: Brooding

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7/6 Instance: Brooding

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:43 pm

Timelined for a day or so after [Instance]Sniffing for Trouble.

<Greer> Greer was excited. Not just because she was going to finally actually get started on the work that SHIELD had dragged her ass all the way here for, but also because she got to explore the other basement labs. Labs made her happy.

<Carol> Carol wasn't sure whether she needed a laser pointer or a gun at this point in time. Their most recent assigned personnel member looked about ready to roll over and bat at something... or claw something to ribbons. Really it could go either way. She opted for the stairs down to the basement rather than be trapped in an elevator with the woman who Cessily assured her was perfectly harmless.

<Broo> Broo in his infinite wisdom had decided that the time had come to finally explore more of pop culture. He opted for wearing what he considered the most hip in fashion, including tinted glasses, a baseball cap, and clothing that even the Bieb would have worn. Confidence secreted out of every pore of him as he worked out a formula on a large virtual chalkboard while singing along to a song in his earbuds.

<Carol> Carol came to a stop in the doorway to the lab, "Have I somehow walked through the portal and not realised it?"

<Broo> The miniature genius didn't hear a thing as he jammed out to the song, even going so far as to making a hand gesture to activate the holographic accompaniment of a laser show. The show would have made more sense if his audience heard the song.

<Carol> Oh look! Millions of laser pointers! She eyed the other woman suspiciously. Then whistled loudly in an attempt to get Broo's attention.

<Greer> Greer cringed at the loud whistle and put her hands over her ears, her tail curling around her legs protectively.


<Carol> Carol gestured for him to take the earbuds out while stepping into the lab.

<Broo> Broo pulled the buds out and the sudden silence around him was nearly deafening. "Wow that was loud. I should probably look into making a limit to the volume on that. So, to what do I owe the pleasure for this visit? I'm pretty sure I haven't detonated anything recently."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, deciding for the sake of her sanity not to ask if that was a potential issue. She gestured behind her at Greer, "I brought someone to see you."

<Broo> "Hello." Broo waved. "Are you a student?" he asked.

<Greer> She shook her head, "Not anymore." She studied the kid, tail uncurling and flicking back and forth behind her, "I'm a chemist... SHIELD hired me to teach some classes and do some extra stuff..."

<Broo> "Well that's something interesting. Anything I can help you with?" he asked.

<Greer> "I hope so..." Greer's arms were folded over the file that Viper had given to Cessily, she glanced at Carol.

<Carol> Carol sighed and sat down on an empty corner of a desk, "We've been given some information and we're not mad... we want to help..."

<Broo> "Oh? Oh... I was hoping nobody noticed until I had it fixed, I've only been tinkering and tweaking things a little bit, hoping to get it working better but somehow it went south fast." he started blurting.

<Carol> "Woah, woah!" Carol held her hands up, "Before you make me wish I hadn't come in here, it's not about something explosive or in any way engineering project-y."

<Greer> "It's about the Brood," Greer tossed in helpfully then blinked at the look on Carol's face, "What? You were taking forever."

<Broo> "Oh, right, yes, what about them?" he asked. "If it's about me secretly researching them in a place holding specimens of them, then I don't know a thing."

<Greer> "Actually it is..." Greer wrinkled her nose a little, "And your.... mom? person... kind of already dropped you in it there...."

<Carol> "But we're not mad!" Carol interjected hastily, "Like I said, we want to help... because there's a thing..."

<Broo> "Phew! I was a bit worried there. Well in that case," Broo did a few gestures, pulling up all the information he had on the holo screen around them. "I made a report that you can leisurely go through on all my studies on them, their biology including speech and whatnot. I'm rather proud of it."

<Greer> "Awesome, we'll compare that with what's in here..." she offered him the file, "Viper gave us this file with all of Hydra's research in it... wasn't sure if you had any of that so I brought it down."

<Carol> "Viper told Cessily that they've picked up some signals... signals that indicate the Brood might be coming here in force... we need to prepare."

<Broo> "Huh, well that would explain the reason why the specimen was acting a bit more unusual." Broo added, pulling up two videos of it. "Left one is when I first started studying him, right one is the most recent. He's more docile, and I get the impression he was waiting for something. Guess we now know what he's waiting for."

<Carol> "If she's worried enough to be coming to SHIELD with this stuff... it's obviously something we need to worry about too..." Carol sighed, "I was thinking about asking for help on the other side of the portal - they've had more experience with this stuff than we have."

<Broo> "That is definitely one of the actions that must be taken. I would also suggest upgrading SHIELD's firepower, flight power as well as scanning technology. Brood are very much like the Aliens from the Aliens franchise, in which they prefer attacking by surprise sometimes and can also lie in wait in crawl spaces."

<Carol> "Yeah... unfortunately, we apparently don't have a whole lot of time to do that. According to Viper we have a few weeks at most." Carol chewed her lip, watching Greer investigate the lab.

<Broo> "Now that's very short notice. Yes, we better go find help from the alternate reality versions who know how to fight them. Especially the ones with space fleets... if there are any." Broo replied with concern.

<Carol> "I know a version of me with a space ship..." Carol was trying to formulate a plan.

<Broo> "Well if SHIELD gives me full control of their aeronautical department, I think I can get a small fleet of space ships ready as well." Broo added.

<Carol> "Uh... I'd have to talk to Fury..." She chewed her lip, "I'll see what I can do... but come up with a contingency just in case..."

<Broo> "Well the contingency would be to send an ark probe towards all the best goldilocks planets, seeding those planets with DNA and hope a new Earth can start up in a few million years."

<Carol> "I would like a better contingency than that..." Carol wrinkled her nose, "Just... come up with something, work with Professor Grant."

<Broo> Broo saluted, "Yes Ma'am!"

<Broo> Turning to the mutant feline, Broo smiled, "Do you have any ideas? I'm now contemplating a virus that might do the trick, or at least weaken them. Unfortunately my expertise still lies mainly in quantum mechanics and such, I still lack a bit of knowledge in biology."

<Greer> "My specialism is chemistry and I've done some bio-chem... maybe if we got McCoy on board to help out we can figure something out," Greer offered the kid a smile, "Plus we have all of Hydra's research to work with."

<Broo> "Well then, I think we can use that as the contingency before the contingency's contingency. We better get things started, I'll integrate Hydra's data in with mine, and see what we can use."

<Carol> "Awesome, I'll leave you guys to it and go call Fury..." Carol gave them a wave, "Don't blow anything up unless you have to, okay?"

<Broo> "As always, Ms Danvers, I shall endeavor to not break things that should not be broken. I have learned my lesson with the hole in the reality.... even though that ended up becoming our best bet to fight off the invading aliens."

<Carol> "Yeah yeah, just make sure you don't." She headed away down the corridor.

<Greer> Greer looked around the lab, tugging at the corner of her lip with a fang, "So... is it okay if I just clear off a workstation? Or shall I sit on the floor?"

<Broo> "Oh, by all means, please, you may choose any of the workstations... except those three there.... and that one.... and that one..... and try not to touch the one over there." Broo replied.

<Greer> That didn't leave her with a lot of options but she happily cleared off one of the non-prohibited stations and started collecting things from the chemistry lab to get started.

<Broo> "Just watch out if you find any mice, they're miniature cleaning bots, they keep the place sterile and dust free." Broo added as he started to upload the Hydra information on the Brood.

<Greer> She paused in setting up her equipment to blink at him in confusion, "Uh... I... Can't make any promises."

<Broo> Broo matched her confusion, before it dawned on him. "Oh... yes... apologies, I didn't think about that. Well not to worry, I have a swarm of them in stock, if a few don't survive, there will always be those that can replace them."

<Greer> She gave him a small grin, "I'll do my best... I'm usually okay... just if they run away that's it... they're done for. I can't resist chasing things..." She turned back to her equipment, "But don't tell anyone, I get enough cat jokes as it is...."

<Broo> "Must I get rid of the laser pointers as well?" Broo asked with a bit concern.

<Carol> "... Only if I've had too much coffee."

<Broo> "...then we have something in common." Broo said, before placing his full attention on the brood data.
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