8/4 Instance: Memorex Moments

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8/4 Instance: Memorex Moments

Post by Slarti » Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:31 am

Timelined a couple days after A Nightmare on Charles Street

<Shinobi> Leaning over to check his phone again - it was still recording, luckily - he quietly turned the page. "This is a dinglehopper. Humans use these babies to straighten out their hair..." He felt faintly ridiculous doing this, and was glad he'd opted out of his half-formed idea to record video as well as audio.

<Hope> Hope had been working on her final project for quite some time. She'd lost track of exactly how long, but she was so done and bored and frustrated. It was time for a break. She threw her screwdriver down and rubbed her forehead. No more robots.

<Shinobi> Hope was working, which meant he had time to perfect this. Hopefully. She was so engrossed when he'd slipped out he was fairly sure she'd be there for hours. Reaching the end of the chapter, he paused the recording and took a sip of water from a bottle.

<Shinobi> Taking off his new glasses, he looked around. The rooftop garden was coming along quickly. He knew the Japanese-influenced design wasn't for his benefit, but he liked it nonetheless.

<Hope> Yeah, no more robots. She was not making one of these shitty things again. She'd stick to coding. Much easier. She glanced around the room, suddenly aware that she was alone. Where had Obi gone?

<Shinobi> He flipped through the pages of the novelization, smirking at the illustrations. Yeah, he needed a break. Turning the book upside down to keep his place, he propped up his phone and opened a new file - video this time.

<Shinobi> Smiling into the camera, he took another drink. "Hey." Obi cast about for a moment. "So, you're downstairs working on your final project," he smirked. "Finally. Sebastian's right on that one. You need to graduate." He licked his lips and his smirk softened. "I looked at rings today, after class..."

<Hope> Obi was gone. Hmmm... Well, she'd just have to find him. Maybe he was doing something fun. She picked up her phone and began her hunt of the house.

<Shinobi> "I have some ideas of what you might like." He frowned and stared at his water bottle. "I think. Who knows, maybe you'll hate what I pick out. Not sure how I'm going to pay for it, but by the time you see this, we'll know how I did it, I guess."

<Hope> Kitchen, nope. But since she was there... might as well have a snack right? She set about making them some jelly sandwiches.

<Shinobi> "I know that you're generally supposed to ask for a blessing from the father of the bride." Obi looked into the camera and wrinkled his nose.

<Hope> Sandwiches made, drinks acquired, Hope mounted the stairs for the library. She knew he liked to read. Maybe he was hiding up there.

<Shinobi> "Well, we'll see how that goes, right?" He smirked and gave the camera a wink. "Better get back to work, yeah?" Lifting the floppy, colorful book, he gave it a shake and picked up his glasses, placed them back on his nose, and reached for the phone.

<Shinobi> Once he ended the recording and saved it, he thumbed back to the audio file. After a moment, he mentally marked his spot and flipped back to the beginning. He settled in, checking the background and starting another video recording. "Okay, here we go..."

<Hope> Obi wasn't in the library either. She was not going back downstairs without checking. A brief glance at their link told her she was close. She headed out for the roof.

<Shinobi> "Okay, we both know I'm not going to act this out, but luckily we have this." He turned the book around and hoped the pictures were in frame. "It's Prince Eric's birthday," he began.

<Hope> Hope balanced the sandwiches and opened the roof door, stepping out onto it and shutting the door softly behind her. One look at Shinobi made her stop, trying to process what she saw.

<Shinobi> He heard the sound of the door opening and froze, but it was too late. Eyes wide, he just stared at Hope. Well, fuck. With a sigh, he reached for his phone.

<Hope> Hope blinked at him a few times, still not sure what to make of this. Slowly, she crossed the rooftop to him, reaching for the book.

<Shinobi> Obi licked his lips and handed it over with a faint smile. "Hey. You, uh, weren't supposed to see this..." Yet.

<Hope> She looked between him and the book a few times, the reality of what he must have been doing sinking in. "You... were reading me a story?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he said, sliding his glasses off.

<Hope> She drew her lips in, pressing them inward as she pulled the book tightly against her chest, arms wrapped around it. Wordlessly, Hope sat down next to him and pressed her head against his shoulder. It might have been the most thoughtful thing anyone had ever done for her, and her emotions couldn't quite cope with the surprise.

<Shinobi> He slipped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close, kissing her through her hair. She wasn't supposed to know about this, not when she was already so afraid.

<Hope> Hope smiled softly, nuzzling his shoulder. "I... have no words."

<Shinobi> "That's a first," he said with a chuckle.

<Hope> It made her laugh, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "It's just... thoughtful. So, so very thoughtful."

<Shinobi> "I just..." He smiled at her, brushing back her hair. Didn't want you to feel alone? Wanted you to remember me? It seemed he had no words either. None that were a good idea, anyway.

<Hope> She nodded, not needing his words. She knew. Or she could guess. "I really, really appreciate it." She sniffled a bit, fighting back some tears.

<Shinobi> He sighed. "Hope..." He kissed her forehead, then her eyelid, tasting the salt of her tears. "I hoped it would be more comforting than depressing..."

<Hope> "It is," she whispered to him. "I'll always have a way to remember your voice. How you read. A way to remind me of our hours of reading together."

<Shinobi> "We can do it together again now," he said, reaching over and picking up his glasses to slide them back on. "And it doesn't have to be this," he added with a breathy laugh, touching the book in her arms.

<Hope> "But... you picked a book about me. Well, your name for me." She rested her head back against his shoulder. "Nobody has ever cared like this before."

<Shinobi> "I've never had anyone to care about," he said quietly, trying to dismiss the sentiment with a shrug.

<Hope> Hope smiled and moved to lay down to gaze up at the clouds, tugging at his hand gently.

<Shinobi> It didn't take much prompting for him to join her, intertwining their fingers and making himself comfortable.

<Hope> She set the book aside and gave his hand a squeeze. "Tell me about your day?"

<Shinobi> Surprised, he blinked a little, looking over at her profile from the side of his eyes. "It wasn't all that exciting," he tried.

<Hope> "Why not?" she pressed, watching a particular set of clouds above him.

<Shinobi> "Class was boring." He'd been thinking of quitting, actually. What was the point? "After class, I picked up your biography there, came home, watched you yell at your robot for a while, then totally failed at being sneaky." Smirking, he turned his head to look at her.

<Hope> Hope laughed a little, nestling into him. "I'm sorry. I've learned I hate robots and am not making another one ever. I should have stopped when you got home."

<Shinobi> "No, it's fine. You should finish it, then you can throw it off the roof, right?" He picked up a red curl, now that they were in range.

<Hope> That made her grin. "And set it on fire."

<Shinobi> "And set it on fire," he agreed with a nod. "Borrow one of your dad's missiles." It was something he could picture her doing, truthfully.

<Hope> "Ohhhh you are the best boyfriend ever! We are SO doing that! I'll even let you push the button." She grinned, kissing his shoulder.

<Shinobi> His lips twitched with amusement. "I don't know. I'd probably miss."

<Hope> She nudged him, wrinkling her nose at him. "Not if I'm the one who aims it."

<Shinobi> He smirked. "I'll let you aim whatever you want."

<Hope> Hope shoved him, laughing. "Oo look at that cloud." She pointed out one that had a more heartlike shape to it.

<Shinobi> Obi looked back up at the sky and hummed. "You see the other one, about two clouds over? It looks like a gummy bear."

<Hope> "Mmmm gummy bears," Hope just smiled and watched with him for several moments. "Totally going to set my robot on fire."

<Shinobi> "Totally going to help." He laughed and nudged her. "I am a terrorist, after all."

<Hope> "Only in your bedhead," she teased, grinning at him.

<Shinobi> He ran his hand through his hair. "You like my bedhead."

<Hope> Hope just grinned. "Yeeeeeeah. I do. Because it's usually my fault."

<Shinobi> Her grin was infectious and he mirrored it. "Absolutely." He rolled onto his side and propped his head on a crooked arm to watch her.

<Hope> That made her smile more, reaching up and playing with the tips of his hair. "So weird. Went all that time thinking it was black."

<Shinobi> "I thought you were a blonde." He squinted at her and reached for his glasses.

<Hope> That earned him a soft punch on the arm. "What about this looks blonde to you?!"

<Shinobi> "Just this part." He raised a hand and poked his finger right between her eyes.

<Hope> "Hey!" Hope reached up and ruffled his hair playfully. "Take it back!"

<Shinobi> He ran his finger down her nose. "How about I just tell you how cute your freckles are again?"

<Hope> "Nope. I know better now," she grinned, watching him happily.

<Shinobi> "And this dimple..." His fingertips trailed over her cheek and said dimple.

<Hope> Her grin softened to a smile, watching his face as he touched her. "Yeah?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah..." His fingers brushed over her mouth. Biting his lip, he half smiled at her, meeting her eyes before he turned his gaze back to her mouth.

<Hope> Hope slid one arm up underneath her head, getting more comfortable as she just watched him. Her fingers slid up to his cheek, tracing down to his lips.

<Shinobi> He smiled and mouthed I love you, moving his hand back to thread his fingers through her hair.

<Hope> She smiled back at him, I love you too. Hope leaned up to catch him for a soft, sweet kiss.

<Shinobi> Closing his eyes, he leaned into the kiss. He needed to get that ring, soon.

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