8/13 Instance: Lucky Ducks

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8/13 Instance: Lucky Ducks

Post by Slarti » Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:31 pm

Current timeline

<Paige> The bridal shower had been wonderful. So many of her friends had shown up or sent presents. Paigey had hauled it all inside after Ripley was good and asleep. She sat in a sea of pink tissue paper, going through all their gifts once more.

<Bobby> Bobby popped in and stopped just inside the door. Wow. This was new. Well, not new but... the pink was fluffier than usual.

<Paige> A glance up at the movement brought a bright smile to Paige's face. "Bobberz!" She had to actually look where she was moving in order to reach him, not able to just bolt as she usually did.

<Bobby> "Paigey!" He edged around a pile of gift bags to reach her and grabbed her around the middle, picking her up for a tight hug. "Have fun?"

<Paige> "My Bobby!" she giggled, squeezing him tightly and stealing a kiss. "I did have fun!"

<Bobby> "Goooood!" He stole one back and put her down, looking around. "Sure looks like you did. Wow. I didn't know we even knew this many people!"

<Paige> "Of course we do," she dismissed the notion that they weren't popular and took his hand, leading him carefully back to the couch.

<Bobby> He laughed and let her lead him, spotting one black package. That had to be from Darren and Selene. He grinned.

<Paige> She plopped down on the couch, moving a package to make room for him. "There!"

<Bobby> "Thanks," he said with an amused snort and settled down. Bobby gave her the side eye for a moment, then tackled her around the middle and pulled her back to him for a surprise snuggle.

<Paige> "Eeee!" Paige shrieked, then giggled as she moved to him, smothering him in kisses. "I've missed you!"

<Bobby> "It's only been about twelve hours!" He giggled and tickled her side. "So I missed you too!"

<Paige> She wrinkled her nose at him, squirming and trying to escape his tickle. "I knoooow, but just... with work. And everything."

<Bobby> "And stuff and junk and thiiiiiings. I know!" He kissed her nose and then took pity on her, although the squirming was super nice.

<Paige> Paige settled on his lap, nestling into him. "Now you're captured. Resistance is futile."

<Bobby> "Look at you!" He grinned and gave her a kiss as a reward for her budding nerdiness.

<Paige> Paigey giggled in the kiss, running her fingers through his hair.

<Bobby> When they broke apart, he kept planting small kisses on her lips and cheeks and even her nose. "So. You had fun, and got lots of pink packages... how many toasters?"

<Paige> "One pink toaster," she told him between kisses, finding time to nuzzle his cheek.

<Bobby> "Pink?" He laughed. "Of course it's pink! How many pink blenders?"

<Paige> She giggled again, playing with his hair. "One. People did great about using the registry! We also got... a pink mixer!"

<Bobby> "That the same as a blender?" He wrinkled his nose in confusion.

<Paige> Paige tickled him. "No silly. Like a stand mixer. For cakes!"

<Bobby> Bobby giggled and squirmed at the tickling. "That's how those get made! I always thought it was the cake fairy!"

<Paige> "That cake fairy has a name... soon to be your wife." She nuzzled his cheek again, giggling.

<Bobby> His mouth dropped open in playful shock. "You're a fairy! I knew it!"

<Paige> "A special cake glittery fairy!" She giggled and planted a loud kiss on his cheek. "And I love you!"

<Bobby> "Wooow, I have my very own fairy." He laughed and fluffed her hair - carefully. "And I love you too, Paigey-poo!"

<Paige> She shrieked at the hair fluffing, but a quick petting made sure it was in place. "Awwww! You love me!" She giggled again.

<Bobby> "Maybe just for the cakes, but shhhhh..." he gave her some shifty eyes.

<Paige> She giggled and placed another loud kiss on his cheek. "I'll just have to keep baking then."

<Bobby> Bobby patted his stomach and laughed, then picked up a piece of pink paper. "So, what else did we get? Pink toilet plunger?"

<Paige> Laughing, Paige settled in to snuggle with him. "We got kitchen stuff mostly. Mostly pick. I did get something... special." She giggled again. "But you'll have to wait to see it."

<Bobby> He craned his neck to look at her. "Special huh? Ooooooo. I like the sound of special..." He waggled his brows at her.

<Paige> Paigey waggled hers back at him. "You'll love it!" It had been fun opening that in front of Sebastian, that was for sure.

<Bobby> "I bet I will." He tickled her side again, giving what he could reach of her rear a pat.

<Paige> She let out a sound of surprise at the pat, laughing afterward. "So tell me about your day."

<Bobby> "I saved the world!" He grinned at her brightly.

<Paige> "My hero!" She kissed him happily.

<Bobby> "Well, on Xbox..." He poked out his tongue and laughed. Apparently when the Brood weren't actually invading there wasn't a lot of pre-invading heroing to do...

<Paige> Laughing with him, Paige shook her head. "You're always my hero though, silly."

<Bobby> His smile softened and he petted her hair, pulling her against him with a sigh.

<Paige> Paige smiled happily, snuggling into the crook of his neck. "I get to make out with my celebrity crush," she reminded him, giggling.

<Bobby> "Always and forever," he said, nuzzling the top of her head.

<Paige> "Annnnytime I want!" She told him proudly. "I have your figurine in my locker at work. Sometimes I keep it in my pocket."

<Bobby> That made him pause, then grin. "Aww, babe..."

<Paige> Smile still plastered to her face, Paige nodded. "Usually on really long shifts. Those are the worst."

<Bobby> He gave her a squeeze. "I love you so much, babe... how'd I get so lucky?"

<Paige> "Mmm I love you too, Bobby," She kissed his cheek softly before resting back into the crook of his neck. "I'm the lucky one."

<Bobby> Leaning back into the sofa, in their pile of pink paper, he sighed happily. They were both lucky, and he'd do anything to keep them that way.

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