8/13 Instance: Pink Ink

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8/13 Instance: Pink Ink

Post by Slarti » Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:55 pm

Timelined a few days after Lucky Ducks

<Paige> The bachelorette party had been the talk of the town. Or so it seemed to Paige. Tons of people had showed up. Sebastian had done a wonderful job as Man of Honor and taken care of everything. However, with her guests on their way home, Paige was not yet ready to go back. She touched up her hair in the bathroom before heading back to find Sebastian.

<Shaw> Sebastian was at the bar, as to be expected of a man of honor. He'd booked the swank uptown venue for the duration of the evening, and he was going to take advantage of the facilities while the women squealed. He'd just bid farewell to the last of said women, and was now nursing a fresh scotch.

<Paige> A slightly (maybe totally) drunk paige made her way back over to the bar, sliding into the seat beside him. "Heeeeey!"

<Shaw> "Hello, love," he responded, smiling to himself when she tipped the barstool slightly. Sebastian caught it without comment and steadied her.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige grinned up at him. "Tonight was AWESOME!" She didn't even notice him steady her.

<Shaw> "I'm glad you enjoyed it." He chuckled and turned slightly to better see her, and catch her. "Still, it's a shame you refused those dancers..."

<Paige> Her face flushed instantly. "Clothes stay ON, Cookie!" she reminded him.

<Shaw> "What a pity." Sebastian smirked and pointedly loosened his tie.

<Paige> "Noooo!" She shrieked, pushing at his tie to make it go back up.

<Shaw> He laughed and shook his head, stopping after he unbuttoned his top shirt button, lest her head explode. "Surely you don't wish me to roast in this suit all night?"

<Paige> She gave him a look finally, taking in his outfit. "Okay... the jacket being off is acceptable. And um.... roll the sleeves!"

<Shaw> "Yes, ma'am." Sebastian smirked and stripped off his jacket. "So, we should gather your... gifts..." He nodded toward the table, festive pink with a few pink penises he could have lived without ever seeing. Women gave quite odd gifts at these things... "And I shall see you home to your betrothed."

<Paige> Giggling, Paige nodded. "But.... do we have to go home just yet?"

<Shaw> He paused, one arm still in the jacket. "Really? Caught a case of cold feet?"

<Paige> "Never!" She grinned though. "Unless he's in icy form," she giggled. "I just... I don't get many nights out."

<Shaw> "Ahhh, I understand." He shrugged off his jacket and smiled. "I suppose, all things considered, neither do I anymore. It's odd, since my life was entirely comprised of nights out two years ago."

<Paige> Paige held out her hand for his. "Shall we have a night out then?"

<Shaw> Sebastian took it and kissed her knuckles. "Of course, love. What is your wish?"

<Paige> "For a pony! But I think Bobby would notice," she giggled again, grinning widely at him.

<Shaw> "A pony has possibilities..." Sebastian stroked his chin in thought. "Get back to me in a few years when the child is older..."

<Paige> "Awwwww I need to take Rip riding. I think she'd love horses! But no... not tonight. What did you used to do besides sleep with loose women?"

<Shaw> "They weren't all loose." He smirked. "At first."

<Paige> She snickered and shook her head, doubt all over her face.

<Shaw> He chuckled, only half disappointed she'd missed that one. "Mostly, this." He picked up his scotch and took a sip. "I do dance. Mostly I... networked." These were hardly helpful suggestions.

<Paige> "Oooo Bobby and I like to go dancing. He's a faaaabulous dancer!" Paige told Sebastian proudly.

<Shaw> Absorbed in placing his cufflinks safely in a pocket, Sebastian hid his smirk and rolled up a sleeve. "Well, if you'd stoop to accepting a replacement partner for the evening, there is that..."

<Paige> "Hmmm I don't know. I can't decide!" she toyed with her blonde hair, thinking about it.

<Shaw> He rolled his other sleeve, then leaned on the bar to sip his scotch, watching her. How on earth Drake had managed this, he was still amazed.

<Paige> Paige gasped a bit, her face lighting up. "I know! I know what I want to do!"

<Shaw> Sebastian took a sip, then smiled in response to her bright expression. "And what is that?"

<Paige> "I want to get a tattoo!"

<Shaw> To say it wasn't what he expected was the understatement of the month. "A tattoo?"

<Paige> "YES!" Paige pulled her leg up gracefully, pointing to her ankle. "A snowflake!"

<Shaw> Distracted by the show of leg, he looked, then looked back to her face. After a moment, he laughed. "I'm certain something can be arranged."

<Paige> "Do you think they can make it pink?" she wondered, letting her leg drop back down.

<Shaw> "Ink does come in pink." He smirked and picked up his phone from the bar, searching for something suitable.

<Paige> "Yay!" She giggled again. "Do you think Bobby will like it?"

<Shaw> "I daresay I don't know Drake well enough to know, but considering your chosen theme..." He located several tattoo parlors, showing her the result of his search.

<Paige> "Who could say no to a pink snowflake?" she grinned, peering over to look at the parlor. "Let's go let's go!"

<Shaw> Amused by her enthusiasm, as always, Sebastian helped her gather her gifts and belongings and, with the grudging help of the driver, loaded everything into the Shaw Industries company car. Soon, they were on their way.

<Paige> Once settled into her seat, Paige leaned to look out the window. "Too bad we didn't do a winter wedding. Snow would be so pretty!"

<Shaw> "I'm certain Drake would be willing to oblige." Sebastian smirked over at her, having just finished texting Jessica.

<Paige> "I bet he would! He likes to use his powers. And Ripley likes it too. Elsa has those powers! And her daddy! Do you have a Bobby figurine?"

<Shaw> "....there is a ....Bobby figurine?" The car pulled up outside of a suspiciously dead-looking tattoo parlor. "Hmm... they should be open."

<Paige> "...I know what you're getting for Christmas." Paige looked over at the parlor, twirling a bit of her hair.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed his eyes, wishing for strength. "Shall we?" He stepped out of the car and offered her his arm.

<Paige> "Yes yes yes!" She slipped out, grabbing onto his arm (totally necessary), and grinned at him.

<Shaw> He smirked again and led her into the storefront, casting a gaze around at the flash art and colorful walls. "Hello?" he called. A similarly colorful man with stretched earlobes came out from the back. "Oh, hey, man! We were just about to close!"

<Paige> "Awwww I was wanting to get a tiny tattoo..." Paige felt the wibble in her lips starting. "Do... do you have time for one more?" she asked, looking up at the man.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched the blonde with alarm and stepped in. "Now, it's certainly impolite to refuse such a lovely lady on the eve of her wedding, yes?"

<Shaw> The guy looked unconvinced, edging away from the big guy to the hot girl. "What do you want to get, babe?"

<Shaw> "Her name is not babe," Sebastian corrected.

<Paige> Paige stepped to the man, sniffling a little. "A little pink snowflake."

<Shaw> The artist looked from the big, pissy-looking man to the small woman again. "Where?"

<Paige> She sniffled again, locking her blue eyes on the artists' eyes. "On my ankle."

<Shaw> Sebastian watched the man closely, and saw his eyes travel over Paige before he stepped back to look down at her ankle. Sebastian cleared his throat and when the man looked up gave him a knowing smirk.

<Shaw> "Yeah," the man responded. "I can do that. Come on in."

<Paige> "Yay! Thank you!" Paige squealed a bit, going with the strange man.

<Shaw> Locking the door behind him, Sebastian followed.

<Paige> Paige bounced on over, helping the guy get a very clear idea of what she wanted.

<Shaw> Sebastian eyed the flash art on the wall and leaned against a counter, listening to their conversation.

<Paige> It wasn't long before the guy had Paige laying down, and started to work on her. To her credit, Paige didn't scream. Or cry. Much.

<Shaw> After a few sad cries and the application of a pair of large blue eyes, Sebastian found himself holding her hand while the artist worked.

<Paige> Paige looked up at Sebastian, sniffling a little. It hurt way more than she thought it would. "Thanks for staying."

<Shaw> "Of course, love." He smiled slightly and watched the man outline the small snowflake. He hoped she'd been warned the alcohol in her bloodstream made it worse, and made it bleed more. "I believe it is part of the job description, yes?"

<Paige> Giggling, Paige nodded. "You do your job so well!"

<Shaw> "Why, thank you." He smiled and lifted her hand to his lips for a quick kiss. "I take great pride in my work."

<Paige> Smiling back at him, Paige lay back down on the table, trying to distract herself. "What if he gets mad?"

<Shaw> "Impossible." He smirked. "Would you like to go home when you're finished here, or do you still wish to dance the night away?"

<Paige> "I... don't know. What if he's mad and like kicks me out or something!?"

<Shaw> "Paige... why on earth would he do such a thing? You're getting a snowflake. If he should overreact for some bizarre reason, you would have more justification to be angry than he."

<Paige> "You think so?" She questioned, twirling blonde hair around her fingers.

<Shaw> "I know so." He shook his head and smiled at her, squeezing her hand.

<Paige> Paige smiled brightly, squeezing his hand. "Thanks, Cookie."

<Shaw> The smile became more genuine and he wondered when the ridiculous nickname ceased to bother him. The artist seemed to be finishing up and he straightened. "Are you ready?"

<Paige> Nodding, Paige kept a firm hold on his hand. "I'm ready."

<Shaw> He helped her sit up to see her pink snowflake, and her equally pink irritated skin. His nose wrinkled slightly as he'd never felt the need for a tattoo.

<Paige> "Awwww it's so cute!!!!" Bobby was going to love it.

<Shaw> "It's as lovely as you." He bowed over her hand once more and let go, reaching for his wallet.

<Paige> "Oh... thanks, Cookie!" She grinned up at him.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her an answering indulgent grin and took the artist aside to settle the bill.

<Paige> Paige spent her time looking at her ankle, wondering once again if this had been a good idea.

<Shaw> After a generous tip, he came back to collect his ward. "Worrying will give you wrinkles," he warned.

<Paige> There was an audible gasp. "No!"

<Shaw> "I'm afraid it's true," he said, tone sympathetic. "I tell this to Jessica all the time..."

<Paige> "Then I should be a prune by now," she confessed, laughing.

<Shaw> "Tsk. We can't have that." He offered her a hand up.

<Paige> Laughing, Paige got to her feet, holding onto him for support. "Thank you for tonight, Cookie."

<Shaw> "You're quite welcome, love." He smiled, steadying her for a moment before he led her toward the door.

<Paige> Paige may have agonized most of the way home over Bobby's reaction. It had been impulsive for sure, but he'd surely like it. It represented them after all! Still, once they pulled up, she got nervous all over again.

<Shaw> A nervous drunk girl was one step away from a vomiting drunk girl, so Sebastian had kept one wary eye on Paige throughout the ride, then jumped from the vehicle to escort her the moment the driver rolled to a stop.

<Paige> She giggled, leaning against Sebastian... "Hoooome! Where's Bobbywobby?"

<Shaw> His nose twitched. Where, indeed. Halfway up the front steps, he swept Paige into his arms, deciding it would be safer - and faster. He left the driver to unload her gifts. "Likely waiting up for you, my dear."

<Paige> Giggling more, Paige held onto him. "I bet he is!" she tried to whisper, but failed.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed one eye at her high-pitched giggling right in his ear. "How could he not? He needs to ascertain that I return you unharmed."

<Paige> "That's so silly. Of course I'd be unharmed. Sillywilly Bobbywobby."

<Shaw> He smirked and turned down the last hallway to her door. "You may wish to keep your voice down lest you wake your little one..." Sebastian paused to listen for movement inside, then knocked lightly on the door.

<Bobby> He jumped, turning off the xbox and leaping to his feet, immediately getting tangled in the cords and nearly falling over.

<Paige> Paige had to cover her mouth, still giggling and unable to stop.

<Shaw> That as quite the racket inside, and Sebastian stifled a snort of his own. "Can you stand, love? I'll put you down..."

<Paige> "I can maybe..." she giggled "I think I can!"

<Shaw> He bent to set her on her feet just as the door opened.

<Bobby> The door swung open just in time for Bobby to see old Sharkface manhandling his Paigey! "Um..."

<Paige> It took her a good few seconds to get to her feet and steadied before she could look up at Bobby. "Bobbywobbykins!"

<Bobby> "Paigey!" He shot the shark a look, but decided he could deal with that later. For now, he hugged her tightly, and wow did she smell boozy!

<Paige> Giggling, Paigey snuggled into her Bobby. "I gotta show you something. Cookie, we gotta show him!"

<Shaw> "Indeed, but you may wish to sit down first." He grinned at Drake, showing plenty of teeth, and raised a brow, jerking his chin toward the interior of their apartment.

<Bobby> "Show me... what?" Oh shit... could he just grab her and slam the door in Cookie's face? That probably wouldn't go over well, so he led Paige inside and grudgingly invited the evil one inside.

<Paige> She held onto Bobby as she moved to the couch, plopping down and twisting to get her ankle to a showable position. "Look look look!"

<Bobby> Bobby squinted in the dim light, then jumped when Shaw flipped on the lamp by the sofa. Once his attention returned to Paige, he saw it. "....is that real?"

<Paige> "Yes! Look! It's even pink!" She grinned at him, watching his face.

<Bobby> At first, he couldn't believe she'd done something like that... then it registered. "A pink snowflake..." Bobby looked up at her with a grin. "D'awww!"

<Shaw> Sebastian stifled a snort. "I told you there was no cause for concern, love."

<Paige> Paige grinned back widely. "You like it?! I was worried you'd be mad or not like it or something like that."

<Bobby> "Mad? Babe, why would I be mad!?" He tackled her for a hug, forgetting all about the witness. "I love it! ...I had one for a while too."

<Paige> Paige nuzzled into him, giggling happily. "I love you, Bobberz," she told him, holding him tightly.

<Bobby> "I love you too!" He sighed. "Did you have fun?"

<Shaw> His lips twitched in amusement and Sebastian cleared his throat. "Well, now that I've seen you safely home, I believe I shall retire myself. Good evening, Paige... Bobby."

<Bobby> He jerked a little at the voice. "Yeah... night... Sebastian." There, he said it! He looked up, wondering if he should bother getting up. Bleh. Dude knew where the door was. Still... "Thanks for watching out for her."

<Shaw> "It was my pleasure." He nodded to them both and summoned a small, but genuine smile.

<Paige> She waved over at Sebastian. "Bye Cookie! Thank you for a great night!"

<Shaw> "Thank you, my lovely bride to be." He let himself out and went on the search for the driver.

<Bobby> As the door closed, he narrowed his eyes, trying to decipher that. "Riiiight." Creepy. Bobby shook it off and turned back to his Paigey. He had kissing to catch up on!

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