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9/9 Instance: Tip of the Iceberg

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:54 am
by Slarti
Timelined right after Tactical Error

<Jessica> Miriam was taking a nap and Jess was using the time to go through prospective nannies at the kitchen table. She had several picked out that sounded reasonable for Sebastian to check later and run background checks or whatever he had to do. She plucked another picture from the top of one of the files and hid it with the others before she paused to take a sip of tea.

<Bobby> Paige's phone was still off and there was only one place nearby he could check... it was at least a starting point. Bobby nearly rear-ended Shaw's fucking tank parked out front and then stared at it, considering doing just that...

<Jessica> Jess cringed at the sound of squealing tires from outside but there was no impact sound... She got up to cross the hall to the window and investigate.

<Bobby> With his luck, the thing would destroy his truck and not even take a scratch. It might even have automatic armaments. Bobby satisfied himself with a glare at the tank and jumped out of the truck, slamming the door and leaving a trail of frost from the jolt.

<Jessica> That was Bobby's truck... and Bobby. Jess turned for the stairs then decided that was too slow and headed for the gaps in the floor to get downstairs faster.

<Bobby> He pounded on the door, again leaving frost, and considered how long to wait before he froze the entire thing and kicked it in.

<Jessica> Jess was a little alarmed by the thumping on the door and opened it quickly, "Hey, I wasn't expecting to see you today." She offered him a smile.

<Bobby> The sudden Jess startled him and he stopped mid-knock. "Is Paige here?"

<Jessica> Jess slowly shook her head, "Noooo she went out with Sebastian hours ago.... why?"

<Bobby> "Fuck!" He ran both hands through his hair, making it stand on end. "And they haven't been back? Has he been back? Have you heard from h-him?"

<Jessica> "He said you were being weird... but I thought he was just being him.... apparently not." She moved aside, "Why don't you come in?"

<Bobby> "Oh, being weird? It's weird to be fucking concerned when your wife and kid are with a fucking killer and he won't let you talk to her?" He pushed past her and headed right for the basement. That was a good starting place for a dungeon, right? They even called it the dungeon. "Where's the other one? Where's Hope?"

<Jessica> "Killer? What are you talking about?" She closed the door, irritated now, and followed him. "Michael and Hope aren't here. Miriam's asleep upstairs."

<Bobby> "Your fucking shark husband." Now at the bottom of the steps, he barged into Shinobi's old room and flipped on the light. Some of his clothing and crap was on the bed, but the room looked unused.

<Jessica> "Bobby!" Jess grabbed him and spun him to face her, keeping hold of his shoulders, "What the hell are you talking about?"

<Bobby> She had a hell of a grip and he squirmed. "Shaw!" he spat. There could be a hidden door down here!

<Jessica> "No? Really?" Her words dripped with sarcasm. "Why are you down here? Calm the fuck down and explain why I shouldn't smack you."

<Bobby> "Have you ever seen any kind of... weird door down here? O-or does Shaw hang out a lot here for no reason?"

<Jessica> " you hear yourself?" She released her grip on his shoulders and folded her arms, "He spends all his lurking time in his work room upstairs. Michael used to live down here, why would Sebastian be down here at all? The only person that comes down here now is me because the washer and dryer are down here."

<Bobby> "Work room - right!" He darted past her again and hit the stairs at a run.

<Jessica> "Bobby! For God's sake!" She ran after him and tackled him in the hall.

<Bobby> Bobby iced as he fell and skidded across the tile. "Motherfucker!"

<Jessica> "My baby is asleep upstairs so you are going to stop tearing through my house like a mad man and tell me what the hell is going on!" Jess planted herself between him and the stairs. "Explain or I'm going to throw you out until you've calmed down."

<Bobby> "That fucking crazy has my baby! My Paigey!" He cut himself off and covered his face with both hands, dragging his fingers down and digging into the skin. "Oh my Goooood, Jessie... you married him!"

<Jessica> "Yes. I did. And I thought we'd agreed you two were going to tolerate each other. What the fuck happened?"

<Bobby> "I found out what the fuck that monster really is! What he did!" He started to move past her again.

<Jessica> Jess caught him again, "You're not finished. Keep going."

<Bobby> "Everything that happened is his fault. Everything that happened to me, to Lorna, to Rachel - and Warren didn't make it!" He jerked his arm free. "All of it! You need to get away from him..."

<Jessica> Jess stared at him for a long moment. "This is about Essex, isn't it?"

<Bobby> Bobby's mouth was still open, but then he stopped mid rant to stare at her. "No..." He took a staggering step back from her. "Nonononono.... No, Jessie..." She knew and she still married him! "What the fuck were you thinking!"

<Jessica> "I was thinking he was hating himself for it and, God knows, I'm not one to refuse people second chances. He's more than proven his intentions, Bobby."

<Bobby> "Hating himself for it - yeah, right!" He nearly spit the words. "He sold us out, Jess! And we suffered, and some of us died! And you just said 'oh, okay!' and kept fucking him!"

<Jessica> "Oh so you've never done something you regretted and wished you could take back?"

<Bobby> "Oh, right about now I wish X-Force still existed!" He narrowed his eyes, tone going cold just as the temperature in the room dropped. "Maybe I'll bring it back and fucking finish the job."

<Bobby> "Got the other one now too. Might as well get 'em all. Wipe out the gene pool-"

<Jessica> She'd managed to resist the urge up until now because she assumed this was just the shock talking. But that was the last straw. With lightning speed, Jess raised a fist and struck him across the face, her strength barely modified in her rage. "Get out!"

<Bobby> Bobby's cheekbone felt like it was going to explode and landed on his ass, shifting to ice instantly, instinctively. His head was spinning, despite the change. Fuck she packed a punch.

<Jessica> "Get the fuck out of my house!" Her hands crackled with electricity, "If you ever threaten my husband or my children again, it'll be the last thing you do!"

<Bobby> His grin was wicked, overly wide, and jagged and his laugh hollow. "Just fucking try it. Won't be the first to try and fail to kill me. Got Essex to thank for that!" He pressed a hand to the wall to push himself up and the ice started to spread.

<Jessica> "I don't want to hurt you!" She was trying very hard to think of a solution that didn't involve hitting him with a fully charged venom blast. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Do you even know what you just said?!"

<Bobby> "Just wait until it's you and your baby he hands over to a fucking mad scientist. No wonder he was so damn ready to adopt a freak raised by Doc Feelgood!" The temperature in the room dropped yet again, the frost creeping over the mirror on the foyer wall.

<Jessica> "He's not handing anyone or anyone's baby over to anyone else! Listen to yourself! He is not the same man he was when that happened! And he has regretted it ever since he found out what Essex was doing! You have no idea how guilty he felt! Don't you dare come into our house and threaten our family!" She eyed the ice warily.

<Bobby> "You believed the line he fed you?" He shook his head. "How fucking stupid are you?" Maybe he should take them both out of here, take them to the school and get them the fuck away from Shaw. Once he told Lehnsherr and Hank... allies. That's what he needed.

<Jessica> "It wasn't a fucking line!" Above them Miriam awoke and started crying and Jess had to temper her rage. "Stay. Here." She turned and headed up the stairs.

<Bobby> He gave her a ten count and then followed. That's what he'd do. Take them to the school, explain everything...

<Jessica> "Heeeeeey..." Jess picked up her baby and cuddled her, "Did the idiot downstairs wake you up? I'm sorry..." She rocked her gently to soothe her.

<Bobby> His creaking gave away his position long before he reached the nursery and he scanned every room he passed for additional heat signatures. Eventually, he stopped at the door. "You should get out of here. Both of you."

<Jessica> Jess turned to put herself between Bobby and Miriam, "Or what? You'll add her to your hitlist? The whole gene pool you said."

<Bobby> "Not her. Can't help that her father is a traitor to his own kind." He shook his head, watching her with the baby.

<Jessica> "Right now, Bobby, I'm more worried about what you might do than him. I told you to wait downstairs."

<Bobby> "I won't hurt you." His hollow tone didn't sound at all convincing. “I just want you to come back to the school with me."

<Jessica> "Just my husband and Miriam's big brother. That's reassuring." The sarcasm was strong once more.

<Bobby> "He's not really her brother... kind of more her... father..." he observed, head cocked.

<Jessica> "He's her brother." Her tone was firm. "He's also dating Hope, or had you forgotten? You want to explain the death threat to her? Or shall I?"

<Bobby> "I plan to talk to her, too..."

<Jessica> "Talk? Is that what you've been doing? Because it looked a lot like barging into someone's house and threatening their lives to me."

<Bobby> "That's not what I intended..." He stepped into the room and the temperature fell. "I wanted to see if he brought them here after he fucking hung up on me! I wanted to warn you! ....turns out, you knew all along..." Another step.

<Jessica> The creeping cold worried her and she moved away from him, wrapping her arms protectively around Miriam. "Don't come any closer." She just about managed to keep the tremor from her voice.

<Bobby> He did anyway. "He has my wife and daughter..."

<Jessica> "And they're perfectly safe." Unlike Sebastian's wife and daughter right now. She moved back from him, her breath fogging the air in the chill.

<Bobby> Noticing the plume of her breath, he watched it, and solidified the droplets further into solid crystals of ice. "How can they be safe? He knows I know..." Two more steps. "He knows I know and he has them, Jessie!"

<Jessica> "And you have me and Miriam." Her back hit the wall and she extended a hand into the cold, "Bobby... stay where you are... please..."

<Bobby> "I do... don't I?" Since she put it that way... The baby was crying, but he didn't hear it. "Candles red, I have a pair... shadows dancing everywhere..." he sang.

<Jessica> "Bobby..." she had no choice. She closed her eyes and looked away before firing the strongest blast she could muster at Bobby. And then she bolted for the hall.

Re: 9/9 Instance: Tip of the Iceberg

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:24 am
by TechPrincess