9/9 Instance: Diamond in the Rough

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9/9 Instance: Diamond in the Rough

Post by Slarti » Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:01 am

Timelined a few days after Truce

<Shinobi> It was sort of a weird relaxed type of concert, but he didn't mind. Obi sat on a blanket at the upscale shopping district's amphitheater, with a happy redhead mostly in his lap. No, he didn't mind at all. Half listening to the music, he twirled a lock of Hope's hair around his finger and kissed her temple.

<Hope> Hope was completely relaxed in their spot in the crowd, nestled into Obi. She smiled softly at the kiss and looked up at him. What do you think of them?

<Shinobi> The band? Or your super subtle security detail? He smirked and twisted a little, spotting Drake attempting to look casual. Just to make the man's day better he bared teeth at him in a traditional Shaw grin.

<Hope> Both, she smiled at him, laughing at that grin. A glance over at David was almost enough to make her laugh too. He looked like a sulking toddler.

<Shinobi> Obi followed her gaze to her other guard and he did laugh. Old man needs some prune juice.

<Hope> Poor David, Hope laughed with him before resting her head back against him. You have good date ideas, she informed him.

<Shinobi> Thank you. He smirked to himself and wrapped his arm around her in an awkward hug. I hope you really do like the band... they sound kind of like what you listen to, sooo...

<Hope> That made her snicker. Well. They weren't bad really. She leaned up, kissing his cheek. They do kind of sound like what I usually listen to.

<Shinobi> Good. He couldn't help but be relieved. Taylor Swift it was not, but hey.

<Hope> Hope smirked, then wrinkled her nose up at him. We should get sushi tonight. Drake's face could be awesome at a sushi restaurant.

<Shinobi> Sushi it is. Should I attempt to speak Japanese again? He grinned, nuzzling into her hair.

<Hope> Nah, she smiled, closing her eyes and nuzzling him back. We should think of a way to make Drake uneasy. It shouldn't be hard.

<Shinobi> I could smile at him a lot. Just the idea made him smirk. Obi leaned back, checking behind them for any drunks to close to their blanket, then pulled Hope with him. That'd do it. Used to work on you, too.

<Hope> That damn smile did me in, she told him as she faked an exasperated sigh and lay back with him.

<Shinobi> Well, I don't quite want that reaction from Drake, he sent her with a laugh, looking up at the clear blue sky. The weather was getting nice and spring was finally really under way. Lacing their fingers together, he opened his mind and let her see the shapes he spotted in the clouds.

<Hope> Hope just closed her eyes and breathed him in along with the fresh air, watching the shapes through his mind. Hey! I'd hope you don't want that reaction from Drake! That caused her to laugh again.

<Shinobi> Noooo. He joined in on the laughter, attracting curious stares from some of the other people.

<Hope> Hope couldn't help herself. She laughed with him, and stole a kiss.

<Shinobi> Obi slid his fingers back through her hair, cupping the back of her head and keeping her there. Not so fast.

<Hope> Shifting to a more comfortable position, Hope deepened their kiss and stayed in it.

<Shinobi> When they finally broke apart, he lost himself in her eyes, smiling. Love you.

<Hope> I love you too. She smiled down at him, brushing her hair back from her face to see him better.

<Shinobi> He'd been enjoying the curtain of her hair, and reached for it, combing his fingers through the red curls. You have so much hair! He grinned.

<Hope> That made her giggle. She leaned down, kissing the tip of his nose. More for you to play with.

<Shinobi> Exactly. He craned his neck and stole another kiss and did just that. Her hair was fantastic, he'd always thought so, but right now... even better.

<Hope> Sushi... music... kisses... today's been a pretty perfect day! She relaxed against him, returning his kiss. Her fingers stroked his cheek lightly.

<Shinobi> I'm glad. He hadn't been at all sure about his idea for a normal date - and neither had David. But all his doubts were pushed from his mind by Hope. Her contented thoughts were as intoxicating as the kiss.

<NickTheHick> "Hey Red. You should stick to your own kind," a rather drunk man told Hope, nudging her a bit, glaring down at the Asian kid.

<Shinobi> Obi was in a terrible position, mostly on his back, but he heard the drunk guy's slurred speech and felt the nudge. The fuck?

<Hope> The shock of being touched was enough to make Hope sit up, which was a bad idea. The man was very close to her face when she did that, forcing her to blink and lean back a bit.

<Shinobi> Now he could see the guy. Young, dirty blonde, dumb looking. Obi sat up quickly, shoving the man back and inserting himself between Hope and the drunk. "You need to back off and mind your own business."

<NickTheHick> "Why don't you go back where you came from, Chink?" He shoved Obi back.

<Shinobi> His eyebrows shot up. "Oh, so Nebraska? Nah, not today." Then he touched him. Obi was crouched on his feet in a moment and lunged forward, grabbing the back of the drunk's knee and jerking him off his feet.

<Shinobi> While he was busy landing on his ass, Obi straightened up to his full height and turned to check on Hope and help her up.

<Hope> "Seriously?!" Hope took the help, getting to her feet with Obi's help.

<NickTheHick> "You're going to regret that!" On his feet now, he tried to jump Obi from behind.

<Shinobi> He felt the fist connect with his kidneys and swore, turning to catch the moron. "Actually, pretty sure you are."

<Hope> Hope jumped back to give them space, looking for Drake or Sum.

<NickTheHick> He grabbed ahold of Shinobi and threw a punch at his stomach.

<Shinobi> With Hope out of the way he phased, but just his torso, increasing the density of his fist to return the favor, with interest. Obi punched his jaw, aiming for a lights-out.

<NickTheHick> That dense punch landed, knocking the man out and sending him to the ground.

<David> David had finally made it over there and had his tazer out... shooting the man with it.

<Bobby> Arriving at the same time, He caught Hope's shoulders. "You okay babe?" To the onlookers, he called out. "Nothing to see here! Hey - I warned you!" Another camera phone bit the dust.

<David> Smirking, David finally cuffed the guy and looked up to Obi. "Nice work, Kid."

<Hope> "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Are you alright?! she hesitated before reading for Obi.

<Shinobi> Obi smirked, accepting the compliment with a nod. Yeah, I'm fine. He forgot the drunk idiot and turned around to catch Hope's hand. You okay?

<Hope> Yeah, I'm fine. She tightened her grip on his hand, looking over to David. "You know he was already like, unconscious before you tazed him right?"

<David> "Yep."

<Shinobi> That made Obi laugh and he looked around at the staring crowd. Shrugging, he stepped in close to Hope to put his arm around her and shield her. Okay, so much for this...

<Hope> Yeah... can we... go? Hope looked up at him.

<Shinobi> "Hey, I think we're gonna..." He jerked his head and looked at David and Drake. You want to go go or just... go somewhere else?

<Hope> Just not here, she clarified, staying close to him. At least Bobby was on top of the phones. It was too much potential exposure. She had to get him out of there.

<David> Nodding, David radioed for the local police to pick up the drunk ass.

<Shinobi> Okay. He started walking, picking a path and was pleasantly surprised when Drake cleared it for them.

<Hope> The further from the crowd they got, the more Hope relaxed beside Obi. Thank you.

<Shinobi> Sorry for the dick. He lifted her hand and gave it a kiss, heading for a row of swank shops as Drake fell into position behind them.

<Hope> Because you totally instigated it, right? she asked him, nearly rolling her eyes.

<Shinobi> Nope, I know I didn't. He flashed her a grin. I was just being polite. I like to try it from time to time.

<Hope> She laughed a little, lacing their fingers together. Thanks for taking care of me.

<Shinobi> He squeezed her hand. You know I always will. And, yes, I know you could have kicked his ass too.

<Hope> She grinned, nodding. I still kind of think it's kind of hot watching you do it though.

<Shinobi> Also part of the plan. He gave her a sideways smirk, looking past her to the windows of a clothing shop. Where do you want to go?

<Hope> Smirking back at him, Hope watched his face. She followed his gaze to the shop window, but gave a shrug. Just see where we end up?

<Shinobi> Sure. He swung their hands between them and kept going. There was a lot of clothing, for both men and women, and he remembered he really would need more clothes for summer, but not today.

<Hope> Finally deciding they were far enough away from the concern scene, Hope paused to bring Obi's hands up so she could inspect him more closely for damage.

<Shinobi> Momentarily, he was confused, then smiled a little. "I'm okay." His knuckles were a bit skinned, but it seemed to already be healing. Viper.

<Hope> "I should have done something," she finally stated, pulling him into a hug.

<Shinobi> "You did exactly what you should have, and so did I." He slid his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

<Hope> She grumbled quietly, but didn't fight him. "Are you sure you're okay?"

<Shinobi> Obi nodded and stroked his hand over her hair. I'm more than okay. I've got you.

<Hope> Laughing softly, Hope nodded. Some call that a punishment.

<Shinobi> "Nope." He stepped back and took her hand again. "Not me." Obi flashed her a grin and started walking down the sidewalk.

<Hope> After lacing their fingers together, Hope was finally able to relax a little. "What should we shop for? Do you need anything?"

<Shinobi> "I should probably get more clothes, but..." He shrugged. "Do you need anything?" Studying the storefronts, he realized they'd come to a jewelry store. She did, actually.

<Hope> She laughed a little at that. "I don't really need anything these days. I've been pretty lucky."

<Shinobi> "Agreed." He smirked, raising a brow at her.

<Hope> "So do we... want anything?" she wondered aloud.

<Shinobi> "I don't know..." Obi turned her to face the storefront and the displays full of sparkling jewels. "Do you?"

<Hope> Jewels. Diamonds. Hope grinned. "Do I?"

<Shinobi> "That's the question, isn't it?" He moved closer. There had to be a wedding section, right?

<Hope> Now she couldn't stop grinning. She pulled him into the store.

<Shinobi> Her enthusiasm infected him quickly. "So, what do you want to look at? Some earrings maybe?"

<Hope> Hope just gave him a look. Earrings? Really?

<Shinobi> Biting his lip, he fought a laugh at her expression. Really! I couldn't resist. He gave her hand a squeeze and led her to the counter in the back. Oh, they had a wedding section alright.

<Hope> She couldn't hide her laugh, giving his hand a squeeze in return. All the glittering gems in the case took her breath away, leaving her speechless. Reality hit. Someone wanted to marry her. Obi wanted to marry her.

<Shinobi> He felt the shift and looked at her, giving her hand a squeeze. This too much for you?

<Hope> Not giving a single fuck for who was watching, Hope pulled him into a gentle kiss. It's a lot. But it's perfect.

<Shinobi> Good. Smiling in the kiss, he closed his eyes for just a moment, breaking away a few seconds after someone politely cleared his throat behind the counter and asked if he could help them with anything. "Yes, as a matter of fact..."

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