10/10 Instance: Melted

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10/10 Instance: Melted

Post by Slarti » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:56 pm

Timelined directly after Tip of the Iceberg

<Paige> After a panicked call from Jess to Sebastian, it was time to head to the Shaw house whether Paige liked it or not. Ripley was going with Sebastian to Jess. Now... all that was left... was for Paige to face her future husband. That short walk up the steps, however, was daunting. Paige just stood there, staring at them.

<Yukio> Which gave her plenty of time to slip up behind her. "Konnichiwa!" Yukio cheerfully greeted, then slid around to the blonde's other side. Drama always made her playful.

<Paige> Paige screamed and flailed, nearly punching Yukio in the face. "Go away!"

<Bobby> Upstairs, the scream cut through a particularly thick soup of brain fog. "Uuuuuugh.... fuck me..."

<Yukio> She giggled and jumped back. "Go away? But I'm here to help you!"

<Paige> "I don't need your help. I don't want your help! Please leave."

<Yukio> "Your boyfriend threatened to kill my boss, sooo I think you do." She grinned and nodded, adjusting her backpack where she kept her silver friend and backup.

<Paige> "You need to leave. You'll only make it worse."

<Yukio> She parked her hands on her hips. "And what if he makes it worse, huh? I don't want to have to clean your blood off that ceiling, blondie."

<Paige> Paige glared at her. "You don't know him at all."

<Yukio> "But I do. I've read his file." She smirked and her voice took on a sing-song tone. "Aaaaand I know what he's dooone..."

<Paige> "Then you should know that you are more in danger walking in there than I am." Paige shoved passed her to get to the door. "Good bye."

<Yukio> "Oh, heavy sigh." She cast her eyes heavenward and gave the blonde a salute.

<Paige> It was easy enough to get herself through the door, pausing to lean against it from the other side. Going up the stairs, however, was a different matter.

<Yukio> She knew her way around the Shaw house, after all, so she just strolled around to the Starbucks and scaled the side of the building. Silly woman. She would keep an eye on her.

<Bobby> Bobby rolled over onto his back and covered his eyes with one hand. The fuck had happened? His head was pounding and the room was more than rotating - it was spinning. "Somebody stop the ride..."

<Paige> Where was Bobby? She whispered his name before clearing her throat and trying again. "Bobby?"

<Bobby> He tried staring at the ceiling, but it made him want to puke so he covered his eyes again instead of closing them and stared at his hand. ....weird.

<Paige> Move. Paige had to move. Before Sebastian did something stupid. Hopefully Jess could keep him away long enough for her to get Bobby calmed down. She moved to the stairs, taking them one step at a time. "Bobby?" she called out again.

<Bobby> "Yeah?" He answered before he had the chance to think it was odd he was on the floor, in the nursery, in Sebastian Shaw's house.

<Paige> "Bobby?!" She asked again, picking up her pace. Paige stopped at the landing, waiting to listen for his voice again.

<Bobby> It all came back with a rush, and it hurt. "Oh... fuuuuuck..." Bobby tried to sit up. "Paige! Where are you? Are you okay?"

<Paige> She knew where he was. Paige ran for the nursery, pausing in the doorway long enough to look at him and take in the sight of him. "Oh Bobby..."

<Bobby> Despite himself, he whimpered. "Paigey..." Bobby again failed at sitting up and instead rolled onto his side to push himself up on an elbow. "Oh, fuuuuu...sorry..."

<Paige> "Oh Bobby..." Paige hurried to him, sliding down on the floor beside him and checking his vitals immediately.

<Bobby> "Hurts." He knew he could fix that... but the very idea of shifting made him want to barf. "Where's Rip?"

<Paige> "She's fine. She's with Jess so I could come get you," she told him softly, stroking his cheek.

<Bobby> "Jess..." He blinked, vision still blurred. "She... did this." Swallowing, more came back. "Zap..."

<Paige> "We can deal with that later," she assured him gently, stroking his hair. "Are you okay?"

<Bobby> That was when he realized he was naked. Again. "Yeah... just... scattered." Bobby relaxed back onto her lap and reached up to touch her face. "Are you?"

<Paige> She pressed his hand to her face, kissing it gently. "You scared me."

<Bobby> "...I scared you?" He blinked.

<Paige> Paige looked away, unable to form words to confirm that. She was just able to nod her head slightly.

<Bobby> "H-he wouldn't let me talk to you..."

<Paige> "Bobby... I didn't want to talk to you. Sebastian did what he was asked to do."

<Bobby> "Y-y-you didn't..." He pulled his hand back and tried to sit up, this time somewhat more successfully. "You asked him?!" Yelling hurt his head.... owww...

<Paige> "You threatened to track my phone," was all she said, looking down at her hands. She couldn't even voice how badly that had scared her.

<Bobby> "Yeah! To find you! Get you away from him! He had both-" And he still had Miriam. Fuck! It was only then that her tone registered, and the fear in her eyes. Oh....fuck.

<Paige> Paige said nothing. She didn't have an argument except that she'd been more scared of Bobby today than she had been in a long time.

<Bobby> He ran his hand over his face. He'd channeled fucking Eve, hadn't he? "Rogue... you know what she did to Essex." He tried to look at her, but she wasn't meeting his eyes. "She got his memories when she... They fade, after a while, but sometimes she get flashes... remembers things..."

<Paige> Slowly, Paige looked up to meet his face. "What did she remember?" she got out softly.

<Bobby> "Essex was working for Sebastian Shaw." With that look on her face, he almost hated to tell her, but she had to know.

<Paige> "What does that mean?" she asked, cautiously reaching for his cheek again.

<Bobby> "Everything he did to us... the students he kidnapped... me, Dee, Rae... Shaw was behind it all..." He took her hand, sliding closer.

<Paige> "Oh Bobby..." she leaned in, resting her forehead against his.

<Bobby> "He played us, Paigey... I'm sorry. It just - it brought it all back." All the king's horses and all the king's men... "Never put back together again..." he whispered, unaware he'd said it aloud.

<Paige> She kissed his forehead before resting her own against his again. "Is that why you never trusted him?"

<Bobby> "I just never trusted him. I didn't know." He shuffled closer and wrapped his arms around her. "I didn't know..."

<Paige> Paige folded herself into his lap, holding onto him tightly. "What do we do now?"

<Bobby> "I don't know... Rogue was..." Rogue wanted to kill him, but he was hesitant to share that. Aaaand he might have threatened to kill him too. To Jess. Fuck. "We're in his fu- h-his house, babe... He knows I know now..."

<Paige> "Well. First things first. You can't go anywhere naked," she pointed out, smiling softly.

<Bobby> He stopped talking and looked down, then gave Paige a sheepish smile. "Yeaaaah..."

<Paige> Paige giggled a little. She nuzzled him, kissing his cheek. "I'll grab some of Sebastian's clothes. Just so we can get Ripley and get home... then we can figure things out, maybe."

<Bobby> "He might not let us go... or let Rip go..."

<Paige> She kissed the tip of his nose with a smile. "Leave Rip to me." Paige stroked his cheek gently. "Just get dressed and meet us in the truck?"

<Bobby> His brains were still scrambled enough that he just nodded, brow slightly crinkled in a thought he couldn't quite catch.

<Paige> With one last kiss to his temple, Paige stood and offered her hand to help him up.

<Bobby> He struggled to his feet, head pounding.

<Paige> "Are you going to be alright?" she asked him, worried.

<Bobby> "Yeah... I'm fine." He winced, reluctant to attempt the shift to fix his headache. "Jessie just walloped me good."

<Paige> Paige noted that comment for sure. "I'll see you downstairs," she affirmed gently.

<Bobby> Bobby nodded. Shaw's clothes... how could he wear the monster's clothes?

<Paige> Paige lingered just a moment before finally heading for the stairs. She paused in the doorway, looking back at Bobby. "I love you, Bobberz."

<Bobby> He looked up at her, feeling the weight of guilt for scaring her. "I love you, Paigey... I just wanted to keep you safe." Bobby bit his lip. "Sorry I freaked out..."

<Paige> She smiled softly at him, nodding. "It's going to be okay. I'll go get our baby. Then we can figure out what to do."

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