10/10 Instance: Bobby Still Watches You Pee

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10/10 Instance: Bobby Still Watches You Pee

Post by Slarti » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:07 pm

Timelined a day or two after Tip of the Iceberg, Melted, Temporary Exile

<Hope> David had brought Hope news of Bobby going off the deep end and attacking people. He'd also told her that he was off her detail until he and Sebastian could kiss and make up. Again. When he left to go arrange a date night for her an Obi, Hope collapsed backward on her bed to text Obi about the crazy.

<Bobby> The crazy was not nearly as far away as David would hope, since he was currently wafting through the house's ventilation system.

<Hope> Hope sent a goofy selfie to Obi, letting him know what waited for him when he made it back to her.

<Bobby> Hope was taking pictures of herself again. His lack of surprise was stunning. Bobby entered the room, debating how best to do this.

<Hope> A power signature registered in her mind, forcing her to sit up. There shouldn't be that powerset nearby.

<Bobby> Oh, shit. Hope was sitting up and looking around, and that kind of awareness only meant one thing. Busted. He didn't sense anyone else nearby, so Bobby swirled into shape and solidified.

<Hope> "Shit!" Hope threw a pillow at Bobby immediately. "Don't DO that!"

<Bobby> "Shh!" He caught it and covered as he shifted to flesh. "I need to talk to you!" he said, urgently and as quietly as he could manage, looking around as if Sebastian Shaw might sweep from the vents himself.

<Hope> "See, I have this device. Called a phone. You should try it sometime." She watched him, feeling for her panic button.

<Bobby> "Monitored! You know that..." He totally knew what she was doing and made a face. "I'm not going to hurt you. For fuck's sake, Hope."

<Hope> "Noooo, not me. Just the guy I'm sleeping with, right?" No need to hide it anymore, she gripped the button... but didn't press it.

<Bobby> He didn't deny it, but frowned and stepped closer. "They're dangerous."

<Hope> "Aren't we all?" she gave him a look.

<Bobby> "You weren't there when it all started. I get that... but Doc Feelgood was part of the shit that did happen to you..." He took another step. "Knowing that Shaw started it all... how could you be here?"

<Hope> "I confronted him about it. Have you? Have you face him like a man?" She sat up more. "And stay over there."

<Bobby> Bobby blinked. "When?"

<Hope> "Months ago. When I found out." She relaxed her grip when he stopped moving.

<Bobby> His mouth dropped open. Months ago. "....how?"

<Hope> "Obi told me. He knew." She ran her fingers through her ginger hair, eyes not leaving him for an instant.

<Bobby> For a long moment, he just stared at her. He ran his free hand through his hair, nodding once, then turned to pace.

<Hope> "Sebastian about killed him for telling me," she reflected... remembering having to tackle him.

<Bobby> That stopped him, made him look over at her. "Literally?"

<Hope> "Not sure... I tackled him." She shrugged.

<Bobby> "You... tackled Shaw?"

<Hope> "Yeeeeah... why?"

<Bobby> "You're still here..."

<Hope> She just smirked at him. "Nobody touches my Obi."

<Bobby> "What are you gonna do when he turns on you? The clone?"

<Hope> "Why do you think that's possible?" she asked Bobby, hand finally completely dropping the panic button.

<Bobby> "it's in the DNA.... and he was raised by that fucker Essex, babe. It's just..." Bobby stopped, shifting the pillow to his other hand to rub his face again. "It's not safe here with them. It can't be."

<Hope> "Well. You and Sebastian both seem to think he's going to go psycho and stab me or something." To be fair he'd shot her. Details. "Does nobody think anything positive of him? Or than I can't handle this in the worst case scenario?" Hope rolled her eyes a bit.

<Bobby> "Do you not remember he shot you?" He shook his head, shifting the hand holding the pillow to his groin. "He almost killed you."

<Hope> "Yeah and then he went cuckoo and SHIELD picked him up." And then he went cuckoo. She'd never made that connection before. She'd seen him kill people and not bat an eye. He shot her... She shook her head a little. No. That was stupid. Focus. "I think there's still a greater chance you kill me than him."

<Bobby> Bobby looked stricken. "You know better, babe... I'm worried about you!"

<Hope> "Yeah and he wants to marry me," she pointed out.

<Bobby> "You can't marry him," he said, exasperated.

<Hope> "You aren't my parent. You aren't even my bodyguard right now."

<Bobby> "No, but I'm still your friend..." He paused then, looking up at her and suddenly unsure. "Right?"

<Hope> "You are my friend, but I'm not taking dating advice from you. Sorry, not sorry." She leaned back a bit, her decision final.

<Bobby> "It's not just dating advice... you know what he did and you're just... okay with it?"

<Hope> "Paige knows what you did and she's okay with that. I don't need your approval... Bobby... I love him. Even if he snaps, I can bring him back."

<Bobby> He had the presence of mind to look down at her statement. That was because Paige is a saint. "And what about Sebastian?"

<Hope> "He's never laid a hand on me. In fact, he's had to go out of his way to get me back. I think he's safe now, Bobby."

<Bobby> Bobby sighed, shaking his head. "Babe... I don't know what to think..."

<Hope> "Then allow me to assist you. You are paranoid, and upset about your own circumstances. Unless either of them does something stupid, I don't care."

<Bobby> "Sebastian Shaw sold us all to a mad fucking scientist! He would have done it to you, too, if you'd been there!"

<Hope> "Technically he already did. Or had you forgotten that's how Essex knew where to find me?"

<Bobby> Bobby just stared at her, mouth slightly open. "...and you don't care?"

<Hope> "You really are an idiot aren't you? Of course I care. But I'm not going to go stab him in the face over it. Why don't you try talking to him about it rather than running around like Chicken Little?"

<Bobby> His mouth snapped closed. "Because I was trying to make you see reason, as a friend, without stabbing him in the face. If it was up to Rogue, she would have killed him on the spot.[/i]

<Hope> "By standing naked in my bedroom?" Hope blinked at him a couple of times. "Look I appreciate you trying to warn me... but he isn't evil. He made a mistake."

<Bobby> "Hell of a mistake," he snorted, but looked down at himself. It didn't seem like she was going to agree with him, and that made all of this just... awkward.

<Hope> "We all make mistakes. If I have a problem with you, Bobby, I'll come to you. Not go run around to your family about it."

<Bobby> He shifted his weight. No, but she'd avoided him plenty when she thought he was going to kill her... back in the day. Which, wasn't really that long ago. "I... am not going to forgive him. There's no way."

<Hope> "Are you at least going to not attack him on sight?" Hope asked, sitting up better.

<Bobby> "No." He made a face. "He's still in my wedding..."

<Hope> That made Hope smirk at him. "Paige is much more forgiving than you are."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted. "That's a given." He shifted hands again, sighing. "Rogue's worse than me... she refuses to be in the wedding with him there..."

<Shinobi> After parking Hope's car, the first thing he noticed from his link with the Corvette's owner was preoccupation. She was concentrating on something very intently.

<Hope> "I wouldn't want to be the one to tell Paige that..." Hope pointed out, still focusing on not looking at Bobby’s penis.

<Bobby> "I already did..." That hadn't gone well. Plus he'd still been scrambled from Jess' little trick. Fuck. He needed to apologize to her, too...

<Shinobi> Curious, he started up the stairs, pocketing the keys. Wait, why was she thinking about that? Obi picked up the pace.

<Hope> "Ouch..." she winced a bit. "How'd that go? You going to be caught in a cat fight?"

<Bobby> Bobby rubbed his face with his free hand and sighed. "I dunno, babe..."

<Shinobi> Obi heard the male voice the moment before he opened the bedroom door. That was when he understood the meaning of Hope's internal mantra of don't look down. Unfortunately, that was the first thing he did. Ass. Male ass."The fuck?!"

<Hope> Hope startled at seeing Obi, realizing he was in her head. Ooooops. "Hey babe."

<Shinobi> "....hi." He looked at Hope, wide-eyed, then back at the very naked Drake. Don't look down. Check. "Again, the fuck? Should I be more naked?"

<Bobby> Bobby couldn't help but frost slightly in surprise and then he backed into a wall. "Hey..."

<Hope> It took Hope a moment before she shot Obi a look of amusement. "I don't know. Is Bobby your type? Maybe you two would be very happy together," she snickered a little, keeping her eyes on Obi.

<Bobby> Bobby shot Hope a glare, though it was likely a lost cause now. Well, fuck. Couldn't clone boy have waited another fifteen before skipping home from school?

<Shinobi> He shuddered. "Pass." Drake was too far away to bump on the way past now, so instead he just crossed between them to go to Hope, bending to give her a greeting kiss. "So... looks like you have a little visitor..."

<Hope> Hope returned the kiss, smiling softly and placing a hand on him. "Bobby was just warning me that Sebastian is evil." Everything was better after Obi showed up. Always. She felt relieved.

<Shinobi> "Riiight, he just now caught on to that, did he?" Obi smirked and sat down on the bed beside her, moving her panic button out of the way.

<Bobby> "See? He knows." Bobby pointed at Shinobi... Michael. Whatever.

<Hope> "And what would you suggest Bobby? I mean really?" She let her shoulder lean against Shinobi, glad to not be alone with crazy Bobby.

<Bobby> "Get out of the house." He looked between her and the clone, who from some angles still looked way too much like the elder for his liking. "You too." Maybe that would help?

<Shinobi> He laughed, sliding his arm around Hope and pulling her in.

<Hope> "And that isn't going to piss him off or anything," Hope pointed out, leaning into Obi.

<Bobby> "It gets you at least a little out of his influence." He shifted hands again, feeling decidedly more awkward now that clone boy was here.

<Shinobi> "Look, I know that that Rogue woman told you she remembers that Essex worked for Sebastian, but did she remember the whole story?"

<Hope> Now Hope was curious. She looked up at Obi, watching him. "Why don't you tell us?"

<Bobby> Bobby frowned. When Anna remembered things, sometimes it came in flashes. Still, he wasn't sure anything mitigated what he'd learned. "I'm listening," he offered, grudgingly.

<Shinobi> He looked at Hope. "You already know. He was telling the truth. Dr. Essex made an agreement with Sebastian and the Hellfire Club... the old Lord Imperial... to study the new generation of mutants, gather data and test their abilities."

<Hope> "Why can nobody do that in a normal manner?" she muttered, looking back to Bobby.

<Bobby> "Xavier did." He never took his eyes off the clone.

<Shinobi> He snorted. "Sure he did. Anyway. Essex had no intention of stopping there. He wanted to pursue his own research..."

<Shinobi> Obi paused to clear his throat. The sort of research that had led to his creation. "He waited until he had the subject he wanted, and then he went underground with them. Cut ties with the Hellfire Club, left Sebastian twisting in the wind."

<Hope> "Still think he can't be forgiven?" she questioned Bobby, watching him.

<Bobby> "He still set off the bomb that blew up half the school. He still set that crazy motherfucker on us." Bobby shook his head.

<Hope> Hope watched Bobby for a moment. "I keep coming back to this... but how many people were you responsible for killing? You can't be all self righteous that your killing is better than his killing."

<Shinobi> He raised a brow and watched both. Not that he had been overly fond of Dr. Essex's marauders, but he'd known them.

<Bobby> The clone was staring at him. "It's not the same," he snapped.

<Hope> "Bullshit it's not the same!" Hope got to her feet finally. "Look me in the eye and tell me that."

<Bobby> He stilled and met Hope's eyes, willing himself to believe. It wasn't. It couldn't be. "It's not the same."

<Hope> "And that, Drake, is what makes you worse." She told him softly.

<Shinobi> Reaching up for Hope's hand, he turned his gaze to Drake. Well, well. He wondered how the ice cube would react to that nugget.

<Bobby> He stared at her for a long moment. Then, he laughed.

<Hope> She reacted before the thought could even form in her mind. Hope's hand swung for Bobby's face.

<Bobby> Not trying to stop her, he shifted to ice.

<Hope> A loud crack was following by a "MOTHER...." as she cradled her hand.

<Shinobi> "Hope! Fuck!" He was on his feet in an instant and checking her hand.

<Hope> "Son of a bitch! That's how you want to play?" She tried to ignore Shinobi to glare at Bobby.

<Bobby> "It's instinct! You know that." He took a step back from her, but eyed her hand. "You okay?"

<Shinobi> "No she's not okay! Fuck you!" Obi stepped between them, turning to face Drake.

<Hope> "Instinct my ass! You couldn't like, duck? Dodge? Dive? No you fucking ice over." She shot Bobby a glare. Sebastian would have apologized.

<Bobby> "Oh, stand down, mini shark." Bobby dropped the pillow and closed with the clone.

<Hope> "Nothing mini about him," Hope snapped before she thought about that sentence.

<Bobby> Bobby's nose wrinkled when he caught Hope's pronouncement.

<Shinobi> "I think you're forgetting whose house you're in, jackass!"

<Bobby> "Your clone daddy's?"

<Hope> Hope moved to get around Shinobi and to Bobby.

<Shinobi> "Hope!" He put out his arm to block her. "Hey, he's not worth it. Come on." Turning back to look at her, he glanced down to her hand. "Are you okay?"

<Hope> She paused, sighing heavily. "I'll live." She stilled and looked down at her throbbing hand, remembering she had the ability to heal it. Tapping into David's power, it began to heal itself.

<Bobby> He felt a twinge of guilt at the hand. "Use my powers and fix it."

<Hope> "You should be more concerned with which power I am using." David! Her head jerked back to the bed, looking for the button.

<Bobby> She was looking at that panic button again, and he refocused on the reason he was here. "You're a fucking lost cause. Sorry, babe, but you're so far gone you're swimming in their Kool-aid."

<Hope> She grabbed the pillow instead and threw it at his head. "You're a mass murdering fuckhead!"

<Bobby> He exploded into mist and swirled over them.

<Shinobi> "The fuck?!" Obi ducked, stepping closer to Hope to cover her.

<Hope> Hope held onto Shinobi with her good hand, watching that mist and wondering if she needed to mist too.

<Shinobi> He held on tightly, reaching for her panic button himself.

<Bobby> After observing them for a moment, he vanished into the vents. He didn't know what to think anymore.

<Hope> She didn't stop him, instead felt relieved when he took it. Maybe she was really bad at judging people.

<Shinobi> Obi blew out a long breath and looked at Hope. "Is he gone?"

<Hope> "Yeah. He's gone." She collapsed into a heap on the ground, running her fingers through her hair. She winced as her injured hand shifted, having nearly forgotten about it. The pain was less than before, as it was nearly healed, but still tender.

<Shinobi> "Are you okay?" He gently took her hand, watching her face.

<Hope> "It's my own dumbass fault," she admitted, looking up at his eyes.

<Shinobi> "It's Drake's dumbass fault," he corrected.

<Hope> "Dumbass Drake," she muttered, grumbling. "I thought we were close..."

<Shinobi> "Why was he here anyway?" He urged her to move to the bed and sit down, dropping the panic button back onto the side table.

<Hope> She slid up to the bed, running her good hand through her hair. "To warn me about Sebastian."

<Shinobi> "And me, I suppose." He kissed her quickly.

<Hope> "And you," she murmured against the kiss, sliding both hands up, her arms landing around his neck.

<Shinobi> You listened really well, he pointed out, not bothering to break their kiss to respond.

<Hope> Bout as well as I usually do, she pointed out, grinning in the kiss.

<Shinobi> That made him laugh, brushing her nose with his own before diving back into the kiss. Lucky me...

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