12/17 Instance: All Apologies

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12/17 Instance: All Apologies

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:45 pm

Timelined for after [Instance]Bobby Still Watches You Pee.

<Jessica> As it was a nice warm day and Jess really wanted to be out of the house for a little while, she decided to take Miriam to the park. They walked around for a while, looking at the flowers and the ducks and the other kids playing. It felt good to do nice normal things.

<Bobby> Hanging out at the playground most definitely required pants, so there was no lurking in the clouds for Bobby today. From across the park, he watched Jess and the baby, trying to guess her mood from what he could observe - and looking for any sharks guarding her.

<Jessica> Jess was happy, spending quality time with her baby and out in the sun. Plus she was picking up on the happy of the other people enjoying themselves in the park so that also helped.

<Bobby> He exchanged another text message with Paige and slid his phone into his pocket, his knee jumping nervously as he sat on the park bench. He had to do it. Had to.

<Jessica> Checking the time, Jess figured they should probably start at least wandering in the general direction of home so she started along the path.

<Bobby> Shit! She was leaving! He jumped up, nearly tripping over a piece of landscaping, recovered and cut across a rubbery-paved play area at an undignified trot.

<Jessica> Jess heard the quickened steps behind her and turned, her paranoia levels still as high as ever. When she saw who it was, it didn't help at all and she made sure to put herself between Bobby and Miriam.

<Bobby> When he saw her reaction he stopped short, hands up. More shit! "Jess..."

<Jessica> "What do you want?" There were other people around and it was still warm so maybe it was safe to talk...

<Bobby> "J-just... to talk." He tried a smile.

<Jessica> "About what?" she reached behind her to keep a hand on Miriam's stroller, "Because if you're going to start threatening people again, I don't want to hear it."

<Bobby> "No! Not... nothing... like that." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, looking around them as he cast about for how to do this.

<Jessica> "So what do you want?" She tried to focus her empathy on him to figure out his motives.

<Bobby> "Like I said! J-j-just to talk!" The smile came out as a grimace and he shifted weight. "C-can we?"

<Jessica> "I'm listening." Though she was completely prepared to blast him again if she had to.

<Bobby> Bobby blew out a long breath, then slowly breathed in again, trying to order his thoughts before he did something stupid...er. "T-thanks," he blurted, to buy time.

<Jessica> She relaxed her stance a little bit, glancing over her shoulder at Miriam while she waited for him to say whatever it was that was on his mind.

<Bobby> He closed his mouth and focused, then tried again. "I-I wanted to say I'm sorry, Jess..."

<Jessica> "Good. But do you even know what you're apologising for?"

<Bobby> "Yeah." He licked his lips and looked down.

<Jessica> "Well go on then," she prompted, "I'm sure you didn't come all this way and ambush me in the park just to say sorry..."

<Bobby> He gave her a confused look, because that's pretty much exactly what he'd done. "Um... I don't remember... all of it... exactly..."

<Jessica> "So you don't remember coming into my house, threatening my husband, Michael, and Miriam or nearly freezing us to death in Miriam's nursery while you told us you would never hurt us? None of that ring a bell?"

<Bobby> His large blue eyes grew even larger. "Not... all of it." With a wince, he took a step closer. "I was worried about you because Shaw hired Essex..."

<Jessica> "And you didn't think Sebastian might have mentioned this to me all by himself already?" She raised an eyebrow at him, "You really think I don't know who I married?"

<Bobby> Bobby swallowed, hard. "Yeah, that was the part I think that got me... how you could forgive that..."

<Jessica> "How could I not? He was so sorry, Bobby... you have no idea... he didn't mean for any of that stuff to happen and he tried to stop it. Essex used him too and he's had to live with knowing what his actions caused." She shook her head, "He's not the only one that's done something he shouldn't have that ended badly."

<Bobby> That made Bobby's nose wrinkle up. Fucking X-Force, which was also kind of Shaw's fault. "Yeah... I suppose..."

<Jessica> "Everyone else gets a second chance... and hasn't he proved his loyalty since? It was one stupid mistake and he shouldn't be punished for it forever. He certainly doesn't deserve to have his family wiped off the face of the Earth."

<Bobby> "I... wouldn't have really done that." He shook his head. "But I lost my cool and I lost control and..." Bobby closed his eyes. "I'm sorry. I-I wouldn't hurt you and Miriam. Never."

<Jessica> "But you would have, Bobby... I was begging you to stop and Miriam was screaming but it just kept getting colder and colder - I had no choice other than to venom blast you and run from my own house."

<Bobby> "I'm so sorry, Jessie..." He advanced another step and glanced at the stroller. All he could see was a hand and a puff of dark hair in the breeze. "I don't even really remember that part... I was there..."

<Jessica> "But that's my point... you can't say you'd never hurt us because you could have done and I think you would have if I didn't stop you. You've got to let all this go now, Bobby... Sebastian's sorry and he would never cause any one of us harm intentionally."

<Bobby> "You're right..." He stuffed his hands into his pockets, looking away and nodding. "I could have without even knowing. I'm sorry..."

<Jessica> "Yes you could... and you're avoiding talking about Sebastian. So you're probably not going to let this go..."

<Bobby> "He's..." Bobby tried to meet her eyes, smiling faintly. "I'm not going to do anything to him."

<Jessica> "Good... because I'd have to hurt you and I wouldn't forgive you for that." She sighed, "I know it's going to take time... because knowing this now is just going to drag it all up again and reopen those wounds... but I'm asking you.... please just give him a chance... and remember the good he's done since."

<Bobby> He snorted. "I'm not - I can't forgive him... but you're right... we've all done things..." The litany of excuses why those situations were completely different ran through his head again and he pushed them aside.

<Jessica> "I'm not asking you to forgive him, Bobby. I'm asking you to let it go. He's trying... let him try."

<Bobby> Bobby nodded. "I'm just going to.. pretend like I didn't find out... or something."

<Jessica> "Denial's not healthy either, you know..." she cocked her head on one side, watching him for a moment before she gestured him to her.

<Bobby> Slowly, he edged toward her. "But it's a great river in Egypt?"

<Jessica> She laughed softly, pulling him to her for a hug once he was close enough, "No more freaking out like that, okay?"

<Bobby> He gave a jerky nod and wrapped her in his arms. "I'll try my best," he said with a nervous laugh.

<Jessica> She gave him a squeeze and attempted to reassure him with her empathy, "We're all friends now." She pressed a kiss to his cheek.

<Bobby> "Okay." He held her and laughed again, this time less strained. "I'll do my best. Thank you."

<Jessica> "You have someone else you should apologise to," she loosened her hold and turned to pick up Miriam.

<Bobby> Bobby swallowed hard and carefully took the little girl's hand. She babbled and blew spit bubbles at him, exploring his fingers. "Hey, Miri... I'm sorry, baby. I'm a moron sometimes."

<Jessica> "She still loves you," Jess offered him a small smile, "And so do I."

<Bobby> "Awww, thank you, Miri." He smiled at them both, then leaned in to kiss the top of her fuzzy head. "And thank you, Jessie."

<Jessica> "You're my best friend, Bobby, I'm not going to stay mad at you forever... but, seriously, never scare me like that again."

<Bobby> He leaned back in and gave her a one-armed hug. "I scared me, babe."

<Jessica> "So we both agree it was bad and we don't have to talk about it again." She returned the hug, "No more scary Bobby."

<Bobby> "No more scary Bobby," he agreed with a laugh. Miriam happily squealed and grabbed a handful of his blonde hair.
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