1/2 Instance: Survival at All Costs

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1/2 Instance: Survival at All Costs

Post by Slarti » Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:12 am

Timelined during Spacebugs Invasion

<Jessica> Mid morning was a nice time to be done with housework... but Jess had no idea how to fill the rest of her day. She plonked herself down in front of the tv and put the news on to watch until she thought of something better to do.

<Shaw> Sebastian had been hard at work that morning, his phone on silent. With an empty cup, he finally picked up the phone to check his messages on the way to the kitchen. There were several missed calls, then texts. Danvers, Lehnsherr, even Tony... this was not good.

<Jessica> Usually the news was just full of things that she didn't want to hear about but that actually didn't affect her in any way. Today there was mostly just one thing. Which had some impact on her. "Sebastian..."

<Shaw> Even on the stairs, he could hear her, then he heard the sound from the television. "I know, I'm coming." He attempted to call Danvers back first.

<Jessica> Fucking space bugs. She hated that Viper was right all the time. She got up and moved to the doorway to wait for him.

<Shaw> It went to voice mail and he tried Tony. "What does the news say? I had my phone turned off," he explained as he joined her.

<Jessica> "Reports of strange sights in the sky, scattered stories about space ships - way too many for them to shrug it off as crazies...." She looked back at the tv.

<Shaw> "I have one text from Carol... it says 'they're coming,'" he said, sliding his arms around her waist. "How delightfully ominous..."

<Jessica> "Well she's probably busy now..." she leaned against him, "The news says there's three of them...."

<Shaw> "Where?" Tony wasn't answering either.

<Jessica> "They're being vague at the moment... maybe they're trying not to panic people? But there's bound to be at least one of them at the school - that's where Broo was studying the brood creature..."

<Shaw> "That's entirely too close for comfort." Sebastian looked at the screen, where the talking head was opining about government test projects and that there had as of yet been no comment from the White House.

<Jessica> "And yet too far away for us to help them..."

<Shaw> "Help them" He gave her a look. "Love, I realize those are your friends, and I'm quite fond of some of the residents of that school as well, but our place is here, protecting Miriam."

<Jessica> "What about Broo?" Viper wasn't around to take care of him, after all.

<Shaw> He winced. "I don't know, Koibito, but there is very little we can do..."

<Jessica> "So what do we do? Just watch?" she gestured at the tv.

<Shaw> "No. I'll try to get in touch with Tony. There are plans for dealing with this, and though I received general briefings I don't get details." He rubbed her back soothingly, shooting off texts to Hope and Michael.

<Jessica> "I'm sure they all have a plan for it... Viper gave them notice so they could prepare..."

<Shaw> "Yes, they do, and I saw activity from that dimensional portal in recent weeks, so I suspect the plans involve help from the other side."

<Jessica> "Seems likely... they have stuff we don't..." She moved to sit down on the sofa and listened to the news again.

<Shaw> There were shots of three craft in the sky above suburban Boston now. "Perhaps... it might be a good time to see Switzerland?"

<Jessica> "You're suggesting running away?" she frowned, "Would they even let people fly out with this going on?"

<Shaw> "Strategic withdrawal." His eyebrow rose. "I'm certain Tony is currently in transit to a secure, undisclosed location. And yes, they would let me fly." Sebastian bared teeth.

<Jessica> She looked between him and the television again, "I don't know if I'm comfortable with that...."

<Shaw> Sighing, he checked his phone again. "Perhaps we'd be best served to observe the situation first?"

<Jessica> She nodded, "If... if it doesn't work - their defense - I don't think moving to Switzerland will help much anyway - they have space travel."

<Shaw> "There is always the portal..."

<Jessica> "Abandon our reality? And everyone we know?"

<Shaw> "Perhaps only for a time... if it's that or death? For us, for Miriam?" He looked at her questioningly.

<Jessica> "I know...." she looked down at the floor, "But there are people here I care about..."

<Shaw> "Yes. There are people here I care for very much, but then there is my family." He took her hand, straightening her ring.

<Jessica> She sighed, nodding and trying to ignore the guilt she now felt. "I just... it feels like a betrayal to just walk away..."

<Shaw> "I'm not suggesting we do this immediately, love. Just... that it could be a last resort." He leaned to see her face. "Yes?"

<Jessica> She nodded again, "Absolutely last resort." Of course, if they left it that late they may not even make it to the portal given the Brood's choice of landing site.

<Shaw> That had already occurred to Sebastian, of course, but he had contingency plans. "Then we're agreed," he said, kissing her temple. "We will survive."

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