02/1 Instance: Ghastly Tour

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02/1 Instance: Ghastly Tour

Post by JackSkulls » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:39 am

Timelined- Just a few days before Brood invasion

Warren: Warren looked around the halls totally confused as to where he was supposed to be going. Heather had given him a quick tour but since then he was still getting lost constantly. For the most part it was because he would get bored and go exploring.

Cassie: The curious newcomer himself had caught the attention of someone else stalking the school's hallways, having followed him like his shadow. Quite literally, in fact. Before long just watching the new student became boring, and Cassie decided to reveal her presence, emerging from a dark corner ahead.

Cassie: "Hi!" she greeted him, wearing a cheerful grin.

Warren: "Holy shit!" Warren produced a very unmanly squeak when the girl just popped out of the shadow. It was plain to anyone looking at him that she had scared him. His wings were the dead give away, flared out and fluffed up in shock. He just stared at the very pale zombiesque looking girl who had appeared out of nowhere. "First... you didn't hear that squeak. Second, please tell me you're not here for my brains."

Cassie: "If you say so," Cassie said, and stepped out of the shadows. "Though I'm pretty sure the entire school already heard it." She proceeded to look the shirtless new student up and down. "And don't worry about me. It's true I've had some experiences with cannibalism, but never really saw the appeal."

Warren: Warren really hoped she was pulling his leg about the cannibalism thing. "Well shit... At least they won't know who it was. So we can just keep that between you and me and any other ghosts or vampires or whatever else is lurking in the shadows down here."

Cassie: Cassie snickered. "I'll be quiet as a grave," she promised. "So what are you doing down here all by your lonesome self?" She skipped around him to get a better look at his impressive wings. "Did you get lost, little bird?"

Warren: "You know the whole guys never admit to being lost? Yeah well I've been lost in this place for like an hour." He laughed a little. Warren was starting to get a little nervous, he had heard this place was haunted and this girl really fit the role of evil spook.

Cassie: "Well, you're lucky that I found you then," Cassie said, circling back around him. "Even if you know your way around this place it's easy to get lost here. So, you must be new then, pretty bird? What's your name?"

Warren: "Warren." He slipped out quickly. She was making him more and more nervous as she appraised him. Warren started to wonder how this girl was managing to make him feel so off.

Cassie: "Nice to meet you, Warren." She looked up at him with a smile on her dark lips and held out a pale hand for him to shake. "My name is Cassie."

Warren: Warren gently took her hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. "It's a pleasure to meet you Cassie. But I guess if you really want to you can still call me pretty bird." He gave her a little wink.

Cassie: Cassie returned the gesture with a smirk of her own. "How tempting," she said with another snicker. "Now, want me to lead you back out, pretty bird? I could show you some of the most spectacular sights to see here on the way."

Warren: "There's spectacular sights here? Didn't this used to be a insane asylum or something?" Warren quirked an eyebrow. "A guided tour by a pretty young woman such as yourself would be pleasant though." He gave her a big smile and stretched his wings a little.

Cassie: "An insane asylum turned into a school for mutants," Cassie corrected him with a knowing grin. "Isn't that amazing? You won't believe the crazy things you can discover around here." She skipped ahead to lead the way.

Warren: "Just as long as you're not leading me down the rabbit hole into some crazy acid trip." Warren watched her skip down the hall and had to pick up his pace to keep up with her. "So any idea if the rumors are true and this place is haunted?"

Cassie: "If you listen to what the teachers tell you, it isn't," Cassie replied, before diving into a shadow, only to reemerge behind Warren. "But even they won't deny that there are many inexplicable things going on around here. Like the hole in reality we have in the basement!"

Warren: Warren jumped when she reappeared behind him. "Yeah I'm betting haunted. I mean we have... Wait there's a what in the basement?"

Cassie: "I don't remember all the fancy words used to describe it, so you'll have to talk to our resident alien genius if you want to get technical about it," Cassie said. "But basically it's a dimensional portal that leads to other places. Sometimes naked blue demons come out of it. Don't let them steal your underwear."

Warren: "Meh, wouldn't bother me. Don't usually wear them." He said without thinking. "Okay so avoid the basement." Warren tried to change the subject as his feathers ruffled out of embarrassment.

Cassie: "At least until you know your way around," she replied. "And if you go, don't let the noises scare you. It's also where we keep the medical facilities and science labs and workshops and anything else that could explode."

Warren: "I'm starting to regret letting Heather talk me into coming to this place... Is it all gumdrops and radioactive test subjects or is there some form of normalcy here? I mean, didn't one of the teachers attack Alaska? How has this place not been shut down by the government?"

Cassie: "No idea, but I think it involves lots of bribes, personal favours, and sleeping with the president's daughter." Cassie chuckled, and looked back over her shoulder. "And if this place were normal, how would we fit in so well?"

Warren: "I guess. I am quite interested in meeting my business teacher. It's not every day you get to learn the odds and ends from the Sebastian Shaw."

Cassie: "Oh, I know, isn't he just amazing?" Cassie swooned to herself for a moment. "At all these business... things, I guess."

Warren: Warren laughed a little. "Sounds like someone has a crush. I'm just after him for his intellect. Though hopefully he won't be a penguins fan, cuz then I might have to hate him."

Cassie: "Why?" Cassie turned her head and smirked. "Jealous of their stylish coat?"

Warren: "Oh uhmm no sorry. Hockey not the animal. I'm from Detroit, he's Pittsburgh. Detroit Redwings and Pittsburgh Penguins have a rivalry thing." He spread his wings wide. "Love my wings. I'd hate not being able to fly."

Cassie: "Aw, but just think how cute you'd look while sliding on your belly." She snickered. "On the other hand, you couldn't take me for a spin through the sky then. No, I think I like you just the way you are."

Warren: "Aerial tours by Warren. Has a slightly catchy ring to it." He smirked. "Now just gotta figure out how much to charge and maybe a liability waiver."

Cassie: Cassie tilted her head to look up at him and made a pouting face. "But I don't have any money," she complained, before a smile brightened her pale features. "I could pay you with a kiss."

Warren: "Sorry I am immune to the pouty face." He turned to look away just to make sure. "Maybe the first one'll be free like drugs. Then you'll get hooked and I can keep raising the price." Warren laughed a little, completely ignoring the mention of the kiss even though he started to blush.

Cassie: "A great idea!" Cassie smirked. "That's how I use my kisses, too."

Warren: Warren laughed a little. "Oh so you were trying to seduce me huh?"

Cassie: "What made you think that?" Cassie's innocent face was as convincing as her pouty one. "But are you the type who gets lost in creepy places and let's himself be seduced by a strange girl he doesn't know?" she asked, showing him a smile before slipping around a corner. "You coming?"

Warren: "Not yet." He gave Cassie a little laugh as he followed her. "Maybe we'll discuss that kiss after a quick fly. I do owe you for getting un-lost."

Cassie: "Sounds like a fair trade, pretty bird," Cassie said, looking back as she strode ahead. "I show you the sights from down here, and you show them to me from up there."

Warren: "It's a date." Warren gave her a wink and quickly caught up with her. He used his wings long reach to get around her and tap her butt.

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