2/13 Instance: Baptism of Fire

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2/13 Instance: Baptism of Fire

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:18 am

Timelined directly after Missed the Bus and Hired

<Shaw> Sebastian fussed with the stroller, trying to unlock the wheels, when his phone beeped in his pocket. "Excuse me just a moment, ladies..." Checking the text, he frowned and looked toward the window.

<Jessica> Jess gave him a questioning look and bent to sort the wheels out for him while he was distracted and couldn't protest his manliness.

<Shaw> He moved to the door and saw the tail lights of Hope's bright yellow Corvette. Yukio said there was some disturbance next door... Tapping a response into his phone, he pulled up the security feed to the house and swore.

<Jessica> Disturbance? Miriam fussed, picking up on her mother's worry.

<Meggan> Meggan gently shushed the baby, "What's the matter?"

<Shaw> "I'm uncertain, but you may experience some of that crazy to which Jessica referred sooner rather than later..." He nodded at Jessica. "Perhaps I should see what's going on," he said, pushing open the door.

<Jessica> "We'll be back for this," Jess pushed the stroller toward Chad, "Don't spill anything on it." She wasn't going to let Sebastian go on his own.

<Shaw> Sebastian was already out the door and partway down the sidewalk. All he could see from the camera feed was ice in the house, which was blocking Widget from coming downstairs.

<Meggan> Not sure what to do and left holding the baby, Meggan shrugged helplessly at Chad before she followed them from the cafe.

<Shaw> The front door was wide open, and from the corner of his eye he saw Yukio hitting the street as well. He was aware of Jessica close behind him, and when he pounded up the front steps and through the door he saw unmoving legs - Michael. "Jess... love, wait..."

<Jessica> Jess drew up short behind him and covered her mouth with her hands. She felt Meggan stop behind her but she didn't want to take another step.

<Shaw> Sebastian carefully stepped into the foyer, his shoes loud in the sudden quiet. He went to his son and his knees, feeling for a pulse. He hissed. "He's ice cold."

<Meggan> Meggan stepped forward, "Let me help..." she turned to pass Miriam to her mother.

<Shaw> "Michael..." He looked up at their new nanny, then back to his son.

<Meggan> Kneeling beside Sebastian, Meggan stretched her hands out over Michael and used her powers to warm him and the air around him. "He'll be okay," she assured them.

<Shaw> Helpless, and more than a little surprised, he looked up at Jessica and blinked.

<Shinobi> After clinging to consciousness for what felt like an hour, Obi couldn't muster the strength to stir when he'd heard Sebastian. At the strange female voice, he tried to disengage his power. Fuck, it was cold.

<Jessica> Jess stepped inside with Miriam, worrying her lip as she looked between Meggan and Michael.

<Meggan> It was much easier to use her elemental powers when she was in her true form so Meggan shifted forms to watch the energy flow better.

<Shinobi> Obi groaned and rolled to his side, only then opening his eyes and seeing what was above him. "Shit!" He started to scramble away.

<Meggan> Meggan reached out to steady him, using her empathy to calm him down at the same time, "I'm trying to help you."

<Shinobi> "Who..." It was too cold to think properly and now that he'd phase shifted he was shaking. He brought a hand to his throat, feeling it carefully.

<Shaw> "Michael, it's all right. This is Meggan Jones... the new nanny..." He certainly hadn't expected her to turn blue. Sebastian moved around them carefully and lowered himself to the floor to help hold his son in place. Drake did this. He's freezing.

<Jessica> Why would he do this? Jess cuddled Miriam close to her.

<Meggan> "Hello," Meggan smiled at him, "I can warm you, don't worry."

<Shinobi> Obi just nodded, surprised at the other set of arms around him now. Sebastian.

<Shaw> "Just breathe," he instructed the boy. I don't know, but when I catch him... And where was Hope? Had Drake taken her?

<Jessica> Not if I get to him first. An uncharactaristic flash of anger burst over their link. No one hurt her babies.

<Shaw> He felt the anger and nodded, forcibly slowing his own breathing to help Michael along. "Relax... we'll talk in a moment, when you feel better." Call Hope for me, please, love?

<Shinobi> His eyes were locked with the glowing blue eyes of the sparkling woman in front of him, and if he couldn't see Jess looking very concerned over her shoulder he would have thought he was hallucinating. Though his breath hitched, he tried to follow Sebastian's instructions.

<Jessica> Jess shifted Miriam to rest against her shoulder and dug for her phone to try and contact Hope.

<Meggan> "You're almost at a normal temperature again."

<Shinobi> It was easier for him to breathe now, and Obi was starting to feel uncomfortable in his father's lap, so that had to be an indication he was almost back to normal. "Fuck," he groaned, covering his face with a hand.

<Shaw> "What in hell happened? If you feel you can talk now?" Sebastian took the opportunity to embrace the boy, surprised at the intensity of his own feelings.

<Jessica> "Hope isn't answering..." Jess went to the two Shaw men and hugged them both with her free arm. Then also hugged Meggan.

<Shinobi> "Hope... gone?" Obi looked up at Jess, clinging to her a little.

<Jessica> "Apparently... Bobby's not here either...." she gently stroked Michael's hair, "What happened?"

<Meggan> Now that his body temperature was normal, Meggan turned her attention away from Michael and to the ice wall on the stairs. Dissipating the ice there was much easier because she didn't have to worry about damaging anyone.

<Shaw> "Did he take her?" He itched to go call Fury, but for the moment his son still needed him. Sebastian stayed put until Michael started to sit up on his own.

<Shinobi> "No... no." Now that he was shaking off the after effects, Obi swore. "She freaked out on me."

<Jessica> "Freaked out about what? ... Did she do all this?" Jess looked around, giving Widget a hesitant wave once he was freed from behind the ice wall on the stairs.

<Shinobi> Widget nearly toppled over when Sharky shot past, barking. "I found her gun... she wouldn't let me explain - just took off and sicced Drake on me."

<Jessica> "She has a gun?! She's the one that needs to explain!" She was going to throttle the girl! And now Miriam was wailing.

<Meggan> Well... now it was her job so.... Meggan took the baby off Jessica's hands and watched the tiny silver dog bounce around their feet. Crazy was right.

<Shaw> "Why isn't she carrying it?" He began to extricate himself from Michael, reaching for his phone.

<Shinobi> "It was in one of her drawers and when I found it I thought the same thing... then she saw me and freaked out."

<Jessica> "Why does she have it in the first place?!" Jess was unbelievably angry. She tried to rein in her temper because it wasn't anyone present's fault but it was difficult.

<Shaw> He glanced at his wife. "She's always had one, for personal protection."

<Shinobi> "...she thought I was trying to kill her." He knew that, but saying it aloud made it feel that much more personal. Their link was gone, and she was gone.

<Jessica> "In our house?!" And now she was mad at Sebastian too.

<Meggan> Meggan quietly wandered up the stairs with Miriam, "Okay baby, let's go find somewhere quiet..."

<Shaw> He felt that sudden redirection. "I didn't know she had it in the house, but of course I knew she owns... several."

<Shinobi> Several? She'd been hiding several guns in their room?

<Jessica> "Our baby sleeps here! What the fuck is wrong with her?!" She turned and marched up the stairs for the kitchen. She needed tea.

<Shaw> Wonderful. He sighed and looked at Michael, who was rubbing the back of his neck, obviously miserable and perhaps a bit angry.

<Shinobi> He couldn't fault her for wanting protection, and she'd seen him react to mentions of weapons before, but things had been different for a while now. Or, so he thought. "Fucking bullshit," he muttered, pushing himself up.

<Shaw> Perhaps more than a bit. "What exactly happened, Michael?" Sebastian got to his feet as well, keeping an eye on the boy.

<Jessica> Jess found Meggan in the kitchen and the kettle already on. She managed a smile and crouched by Miriam who was merrily flailing her legs in her bouncer. "I promise it's not always like this...."

<Meggan> She laughed, waving it off, "Don't worry about it. Everyone has bad days."

<Shinobi> Obi recounted the story again as they started up the stairs and by the time they reached the kitchen level he was furious. "I can't fucking believe this!"

<Jessica> Jess straightened up and went to help Meggan with the tea, "Sebastian, call Tony."

<Shaw> He'd been thinking much the same thing, but he raised his brow at his wife nonetheless.

<Shinobi> After giving the new blonde a weird look, he flung himself onto the wooden bench in the kitchen.

<Jessica> He needs to know she's run off and what happened here. He also needs to know that I am one hundred percent done with her shit.

<Meggan> After making tea in the teapot, Meggan turned to look at the others, giving Michael a small wave, "Hello. I'm Meggan... they just hired me five minutes ago to be Miriam's nanny."

<Shinobi> He looked up from massaging his temples and attempted to smile. "Hey. I'm Micheal. Sorry about... all of this..." He waved a hand around the kitchen in general, and now that Sharky and Widget had rejoined them it was a full house. Except for Hope. "And... thank you."

<Shaw> Agreed. Although I will attempt to call her first, and Sum. Sebastian started down the stairs to their room to do just that.

<Meggan> "You're welcome... and don't worry about all of this... I believe that's why I was hired." She smiled brightly at him.

<Jessica> Just do something... She poured some tea then went to sit beside Michael, sliding an arm around his shoulders.

<Shaw> I will, he responded, closing the door and pulling out his phone.

<Shinobi> "Still... five minutes ago? Ouch..." Obi leaned his head against her.

<Meggan> "Baptism of fire, I know," she laughed, "It's okay, I'm used to weird stuff... or I was. It's not so hard to get back into the habit." She went to join them at the table and passed Miriam a rattle. "Are you feeling alright now?"

<Shinobi> "I suppose." He closed his eyes, trying to suppress his anger.

<Jessica> "Widget, can you please add Meggan onto the list of people that can come and go?" Jess looked at the robot in question then bent to pick up Sharky.

<Shinobi> The robot burbled and Obi opened his eyes to watch her pick up the silver dog. He pet the dog's head, but his thoughts were still chaotic.

<Meggan> The silver dog thing fascinated her and she cocked her head on one side, watching it. It was very tempting to shapeshift.

<Jessica> "Do you have any idea what set her off?" Jess looked at Michael, trying to remain calm for his sake.

<Shinobi> He thought back through everything, again, but there was really just one answer. "She doesn't trust me."

<Jessica> "But that's ridiculous!" She was so failing at the calm thing. "Surely she's over that distrust by now? After everything?"

<Shinobi> Obi shook his head, remembering the feeling of their link snapping. "She didn't even give me a chance..."

<Jessica> Jess put Sharky on the table so she could give Michael a hug, "This is on her, you know."

<Shinobi> He pressed his lips together, thinking. "Yeah... I know." He closed his eyes and squeezed her tightly. "I really do."

<Jessica> She hugged back just as tightly while Meggan gave in to the impulse to shapeshift and chased Sharky around the kitchen and out into the hall - much to Miriam's amusement.

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