2/13 Instance: Shark Talk

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2/13 Instance: Shark Talk

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:32 am

Timelined after Cracks

<Shinobi> Only a few short hours without her, and their room had never felt more desolate. Obi never remembered feeling more alone.

<Shinobi> After the new nanny cleared the ice -- and he wasn't about to ask about that -- he'd unloaded Hope's gun with short, precise movements and taken the weapon to Sebastian. The man had looked at him with an expression that made him uncomfortable.

<Jarvis> Obi's watch lit up and Jarvis' voice spoke up clearly. "Excuse me, Mr. Shaw. I have an alert. Would you like to hear it?"

<Shinobi> "A present..." he said, presenting the gun to his father. The voice surprised him, but not enough to make him instantly look. An alert? He took a step back from his father.

<Shaw> He accepted the gun, tucking it into his belt for the time being and pocketing the bullets. "What in hell is that?" Glad for a diversion, he looked down at the watch and reached for Michael's arm.

<Jarvis> "It is classified as rather urgent," Jarvis continued.

<Shinobi> "Urgent... what? You hid the fish food..." Obi stared down at the watch, but continued to evade Sebastian, primarily out of habit.

<Jarvis> "That is correct, but this is not about Flounder. I sensed dangerous levels of emotional distress in Miss Stark just before we were disconnected. Intervention is advised."

<Shaw> "What about Miss Stark?" He took two steps forward and grabbed his son's wrist.

<Shinobi> Dangerous levels... that was one way to describe it. His shock made him stare at the watch -- and Sebastian's hand around his wrist -- with numb surprise.

<Jarvis> The watch displayed Hope's last known heart rate (130 bpm). "The levels began before she arrived at the Shark Tank. My apologies for not alerting sooner. I was down momentarily due to an update."

<Shaw> The corner of his mouth twitched. Shark Tank. "Well, that was an inopportune time for an update, yes?"

<Jarvis> "Yes, I do apologize. It seems, sir, that a data feed was accessed at the same time her distress levels began." Jarvis began replaying the videos, in order, that Hope had already watched in the car on her way home.

<Shinobi> "Hey! Do you think you could possibly ask before you-" When his eyes fell to the watch, he stopped. That was him. More importantly, that was Shinobi.

<Shaw> His calls to Hope had gone to voice mail, so this information made him jerk his son's arm up to better see the video.

<Jarvis> As the videos ended, Jarvis cut the video and returned the watch to the normal watch face. "As already stated, intervention is recommended. Communication is still unavailable."

<Shinobi> "She didn't want intervention! I fucking tried to talk to her and she just cut me out." He jerked his arm away from Sebastian, shooting the man a glare. It was deserved.

<Shaw> Sebastian let the boy go and sighed, reaching for his phone again. No calls. "I have tried to call her."

<Jarvis> "The last signal I received was the emergency memo recordings. Communications still unavailable. Emergency intervention is necessary."

<Shaw> "Memo recordings?" Confused, he looked up from his phone.

<Shinobi> Obi swallowed. How she'd managed not to see the video of his capture before he didn't know, but then again his own memories of it had only recently returned. She'd seen him, like that just before she came home? "Jarvis, was she sent that video?"

<Jarvis> "Mr. Shark, her memo recordings in the emergency file are used during time of high emotional distress. They are a technique from therapy to stabilize reality. Mr. Shaw, she was indeed sent that video."

<Shaw> He stifled an eye roll at the name. "If she was sent that video, then it's another threat." Sebastian dialed Tony's number again.

<Shinobi> "Yeah... no shit." Obi rubbed both hands over his face and through his hair. "Where is she, Jarvis?"

<Jarvis> Jarvis flashed the map onto the watch face. "I have downloaded the last known location to your phone, Mr. Shaw. It is assumed that she would hike the mountain that is nearby."

<Shinobi> "Okay." He nodded to himself and started for the stairs.

<Shaw> Sebastian moved to block his son. "Michael, you can't possibly mean to go after her. Not with Drake there, not if she's not thinking clearly."

<Jarvis> "Emergency intervention is necessary," Jarvis repeated.

<Shaw> "Indeed, and this is a job for Sum." Sebastian met the boy's eyes.

<Jarvis> "Agent Sum will be contacted."

<Shaw> "Right mind or no, she tried to kill you today!"

<Shinobi> Obi wet his lips. "You know how many times she did this for me..."

<Jarvis> "The emergency program recommends Mr. Shaw alone."

<Shinobi> "I have to," he said quietly, meeting his adopted father's eyes, hoping for once he would understand.

<Shaw> With a heavy sigh, he moved aside. "Jarvis, I will connect your interface with Widget. You will keep me apprised of the situation, and we will continue to contact Agent Sum and President Stark."

<Jarvis> "Absolutely, sir. Shark Talk initiated."

<Shaw> "Thank you," he said drily. Suddenly, he was quite glad Widget did not speak.

<Shinobi> Obi hid his smile and darted up the stairs.

<Jarvis> Once Obi was out of the room, Jarvis communicated to him again. "I await your command, Mr. Shaw."

<Shinobi> "Give me a minute." There were super ears listening, after all, and Obi grabbed a few things from their room and then started back down the stairs.

<Shinobi> Once safely in his new car, he took a moment to breathe. "Was that really everything you know?"

<Jarvis> "That is all that is associated with this event."

<Shinobi> "Okay..." he started the engine and closed his eyes, willing his mind to focus. "You said her memo recordings. I didn't realize there was more than one that told her... who she was."

<Jarvis> "There is only one. The rest are about you."

<Shinobi> That brought him to a halt before he could even shift the vehicle's gears. "...about me?" It was only a robot, but he couldn't help but be a little ashamed of the way his voice caught.

<Jarvis> "Miss Stark kept many reminders about the two of you in the file."

<Shinobi> He wanted to ask, but instead just nodded, as if the robot could see. Swallowing, he started driving and waited for Jarvis to direct him to the mountains.

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