Jacqueline 'Jac' Falsworth - Spitfire.

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Jacqueline 'Jac' Falsworth - Spitfire.

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Name: Jacqueline Falsworth

Alias: Spitfire

Other names: Jac, Jackie, Jackals

Age/Birthday: 18, November 23rd

Height: 5' 3''

Weight: 105lbs

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Nationality: English

Abilities: Hyper-speed (50 mph max), adapted physiology (hardened skin and metabolism and heightened chemical processes, advanced reflexes and other bodily adaptations to be able to withstand travelling at speeds), increased lower leg strength – can ‘leg press’ up to 550 lbs.

Skills: Snowboarding, surfing and other sports.

Known Relatives:
Connie Falsworth – Mother
David Falsworth – Father
Andrew Falsworth – Uncle
Erica Rose – Aunt
Simon Rose – Uncle
April Rose – Cousin
Karl Rose – Cousin

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/spitfirespeedy

Jac was born in Lincolnshire, in the east of England and spent her childhood playing lots of sports, usually dangerous or high adrenaline such as snowboarding, rugby and surfing, and generally getting into trouble. Her father encouraged her in this, as his wife had had a very difficult pregnancy and didn’t want any more children, so treated his daughter almost as a son as well. She grew up in Mablethorpe, a small seaside town and spent a lot of time at the beach and arcades as a teenager with her friends from school and in her local area, being a moderately popular girl, mainly due to the encouragement of her mother, who though was resigned to the fact her daughter would never be girly, wanted her to at least have lots of friends and social activities due to having a demanding job that meant she was unable to spend too much time with her.

Jac attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, and though she was excellent at sports, she tended not to join the teams, as she preferred the boys sports but was not allowed to participate, so did not wish to be on girly teams. However, she was on the athletics team for running until she was 15, when it started to get difficult for her to control her speed, so she dropped out until she had more control over her powers.

When Jac was 14, she was with her friends in the town centre of her hometown, dumping bottles of bubble bath in the fountain, when the police turned up. Naturally Jac ‘legged it’, only to find herself running faster than her friends, so fast she was on the other side of the town before they had even gotten out of the town square, leaving a trail of what looked like flames behind her. Panicking, Jac went home and hid in her bedroom for a week, afraid to even jog in case she did it again.

A few weeks after discovering her powers, she admitted to her best friend Martin, that she was a mutant, as she was finding it very hard to cope with hiding her powers and not being able to participate in her sports. After initially being shocked and morbidly curious, her friend was supportive and agreed to help her hide that she was a mutant and even went with her to hold a stopwatch to try and time her speeds to get an idea of what sort of speeds she could go at to make sense of things.

Over the next few months, Jac’s skin started to harden to become resistant to her travelling at high speeds. The strength of her legs increased dramatically, as did her metabolism. With the threat of being taken to a specialist as her parents were worried the massive amounts Jac was eating, and the fact that she had gotten thinner, meant that she was bulimic. Jac had to tell them the truth, which made her parents incredibly uncomfortable for a time, but eventually came to terms after a while of pretending nothing had happened to avoid talking about what the ‘situation’ meant for the future.

Jac is very much a tomboy and is usually happy go lucky, with a bit of an attitude. She doesn’t like being told how to think, how to dress, who she should like and generally how to be and act. Telling her what to do that intrudes on her own personal tastes generally results in her doing the complete opposite of what she was told, ‘just because’. Generally she gets on with most people and not as argumentative as she may first appear, she just likes her own opinion to be valued.

She received a letter from Xavier’s University and after pondering it against several offers of sports scholarships decided on XU, mainly due to her parents reluctance to allow her to attend school in America due to the political situations within the country on the mutant registration vote. Jac sees that the closer she is to danger, the safer she is, rather like a hobbit, so naturally made it her first choice.

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