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Name: Nezhno Abidemi

Alias: Gentle

Powers: extreme strength caused by temporarily increasing
his muscle mass to impossible levels

Age: 18

Birthday: March 10, 1990

Height: 6' 6"

Hair color: a sleek shiny balk head

Eye color: silvery-blue

Father- Okoyo Abidemi
Mother- Nokianna Abidemi
sister- Ebony Abidemi

Background Information:

Nezhno's past has been a troubled one. He was part of a wealthy family growing up in Wakanda. He had a very loving family and a supportive community. Nezhno was especially close to his twin sister Ebony, who was born three minutes before him, and the apple of thier father Okoyo's eye.

Nezhnos father always favored Ebony more than his only son who he frequently told that he shouldn't have been born and was worthless. However his mother Nokianna loved both her children equally and always stuck up for her son.

Nezhno's mutant ability came into effect in tragedy. He grew to such mass and couldn't control how powerful his movements were. He grew to such size that he went through the roof, crushing his sister who was trying to calm him.

After he calmed down and returned to a normal size his father came in and saw the lifeless body of his daughter and immediatly blamed his son who he thought an evil spirit had posessd. Nokianna trying to protect her son left with him to go see a medicine woman who was believed could exorcise demonic spirits. She believed the only way to banish the demon was to put mystical tattoos on Nezhno.

Even after the painful ritual of applying the body tattoos Nezhno could still grow in size and his mother had no choice but to turn her son over to the local police.

Nezhno was sentenced to life in prison and from the age of 14 was beaten and tortured on a daily basis because he was a mutant, as everyone had figured out at that point. He chose not to use his power because he didn't want to accidentally kill anyone again. From all of his trauma with his sisters death to his time in prison, Nezhno became a very silent person.

Ororo Munroe found Nezhno on one of her yearly trips and freed him from prison and invited him to come to the school to harness and develop his mutant ability.

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wow...that's shitty life if I've ever seen one.

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Damn. what is it with shitty things that happen when our kids manifest. sucks :(

Can't wait for him to become a steady part of the game :)

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He and Monet have a lot in common ... in some ways ...
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