Lars Micheal Dietrich (Nightcrawler)

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Lars Micheal Dietrich (Nightcrawler)

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Name Lars Micheal Dietrich
Alias Nightcrawler
Occupation Acrobat
Age and Birthdate 18 years old on May 17, 1993
Height 5’ 9”
Hair Blue/black with thick curls.
Eye Colour Yellow
Nationality European, born in Munich Germany

Abilities Lars is one of the few mutants born with signs of their mutation. He has a coat of deep blue velvet like fur over his skin (which is blue underneath). His unusual pigmentation includes the hair on his head (which is such a darker blue that appears black in most light), his facial hair (which grows a bit longer on his chin unless he trims it), and the uh... rest of his hair (if you must know). He was also born with a tail, elfin ears that come to points, and a spaded prehensile tail. If you look closely at his upper incisor teeth, they are a bit longer and sharper than average. He has four fingers and a thumb on each hand, but only two thick toes and a clawlike “heel” on his feet.

Recently Lars has had a few episodes where he wanted to be somewhere else and then suddenly appeared there. He’s not sure how he does it and is still trying to sort that out.

Skills Lars is a skilled gymnast - he is very fit and agile. It is difficult to tell, with his training, whether or not Lars’ unusual physical attributes give him an advantage over other acrobats with similar levels of training or not.

Lars spent most of his life speaking his native German, but as a performer who travels he has the rudiments of a few different languages besides; mainly French (the lingua franca of circus) and English.

He has a BMX bike that’s been kitted out for flatland tricks and another freestyle bike that he is able to ride over most terrain.

Known Relatives
Lars comes from a multi-generation circus family and until recently has lived and travelled with a collection of parents, brothers, sisters, and various other relatives. Like many circus families, they are spread out all over Europe and North America. There’s too many to list so here’s the basics

Father The current “senior trainer” for the family. He and Lars butt heads a lot about what constitutes “good circus” vs. just screwing around doing “tricks”.

Mother Refers to Lars as “Lars Micheal” and is the only one who does so.

Brothers 4 of them; two younger, two older. The younger ones are currently in Munich training for international gymnastics competition and the older have finished representing their country as gymnasts are back with the circus. Lars would like to be training too.

Sisters One. She’s training in Munich too.

History Lars was brought up in a circus family which means he has been training and working since before he could walk. Like most kids from multigenerational circus families he spends part of his day doing school work and the rest training and performing. Trained in a variety of circus disciplines and apparatus he was a solid performer in his family’s tumbling act. Until recently he enjoyed this lifestyle, but recently has taken to more experimentation in his style of performance.

Tired of the same acts and clichés that he grown up with, Lars has spent the last few years trying to adapt “urban artforms” into circus arts. His current favorite act is on his specially adapted BMX bike, though he has been scouring YouTube and has discovered Capoeira and Parkour as well. Since then he has been playing with that and continues looking for new ways to turn the entire planet into a piece of circus apparatus.

Eight months ago, Lars and his father agreed that their father/son/coach/acrobat working relationship had deteriorated so much that it was a good idea to find Lars a new coach for a little while. So when offered the chance to come to the United States and study at New York Circus Arts, one of the world’s leading circus schools he jumped at it. Since then Lars has been in New York City, studying, and living in the school’s dormitory for underaged students.

He has recently developed a keen interest in biology and medicine after his 8th consecutive rejection by the German Gymnastics Federation due to their inability to classify him has having either an advantage or a disadvantage over the competition. Irritated by his inability to join his siblings to follow in his brother’s, father’s, and grandfather’s footsteps, Lars has lately had doubts about his mother’s insistence that he’s “just like everyone else” and had taken to reading everything on the subject of genetics he can get his hands on.

Now that he is about to turn 18, the idea of leaving the dorms and perhaps the school entirely is on Lars’ mind a lot. It’s a big world out there and there is a lot to learn.

Impressions at first glance.
Lars is a typical teenaged acrobat - he is very fit, tends to talk as much with his body and hands as he does with his voice, and has the fearless physicality of youth. He’s not afraid to take risks and when given the opportunity to jump off of, over, or through - he takes it.

His personal clothing style is simple and casual. He wears t-shirts, button downs, and jeans most of the time. He has shoes, but prefers to go barefoot as that allows him to use his feet to grip on the terrain when he is climbing, jumping, and flipping. Lars prefers his hair a little long to cover his ears even though it does get bushy. He styles himself as a bit of a vaudevillian when he performs and though he is bit shy in new situations, he is quick to smile and make friends. Lars speaks English with a fairly thick low German accent and since moving to New York censors his curse words by saying them in German or French. He gets away with it most of the time. Most.

Visuals to either enhance curiosity or eliminate confusion -

Flatland BMX riding
Rob Alton - cirque du soleil BMX act:
Balazs Foldvary’s lovely bicycle tango (mix of tricks and dance.)

David Belle, Sebastien Foucan, and others doing parkour
More David Belle -
Big rock climbing structure: (check out ~ 0:35 for some really superhuman stuff but the whole thing is amazing)

Various Circus Apparatus
1. German Gym Wheel:
2. Cyr Wheel (a variation on the GGW):

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