Emma Frost

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Emma Frost

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Name: Emma Frost

Alias: White Queen

Powers: Telepathy and an organic diamond form. While in diamond form, Emma can’t use her telepathy, but has enhanced strength, stamina, and durability.

Age: 20

Birthday: March 10th

Height: 5’ 4”

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Eye color: Blue

Father- Winston Frost
Mother- Hazel Frost

Background Information:

Emma Frost was born into the very, very wealthy Frost family. She was the only child of one of the infamous Frost brothers. The Frost brothers owned their own corporations, and were filthy rich. So Emma was no stranger to the best that money can buy, and how much money can buy.
She survived this way for all of her childhood. But things started to get interesting for Emma when she started hearing people’s thoughts after she turned 13. At first, it was just random things here and there that she ignored, and then she started to get complete streams of consciousness, and that freaked her out a little. She told her parents, and they were actually accepting of their daughter, that was after they spent thousands of dollars on shrinks to all tell them she was fine.

Needless to say that Emma used her newfound power to her advantage all through school. She was of course the most popular girl in school, without actually doing anything. She never tried out for sports or cheerleading, she was too good for that, and all the academic teams begged her to join, but she wouldn’t be caught dead in those polos. She was extremely intelligent, but why bother studying for the tests when you could read the teacher and student’s minds. She had gotten a good grip on her mind reading skills, and graduated from high school. Of course the queen bee adjusted great to college, but one day when she was walking to class, she tripped on the sidewalk and started to fall…

When Emma hit the ground, she left a crater in the sidewalk. That was because she had turned into diamond. That was when she realized that she could do more than just read minds. But she had no idea what the hell had happened to her. It was when the headline “Blonde Bombshell makes Crater in Sidewalk” got around the internet that Emma’s life would change drastically.

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Emma Frost

Post by Elfdame » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:24 pm

I hope there'll be an "Out of Timeline" ficlet telling about her (hint,hint).
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