Piotr(Peter) Nikolievitch Rasputin(Colossus)

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Piotr(Peter) Nikolievitch Rasputin(Colossus)

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Piotr(Peter) Nikolievitch Rasputin(Colossus)

Name: Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin
Alias; Colossus
Age; 20
Height: 6‘3“
7‘3“ (in armored form)
Weight: 230 lbs.
470 lbs. (in armored form)
Hair color: Raven's Wing Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Known Relatives: Nicolai Rasputin (father),
Alexandra Rasputin (mother),

Mutation: Can change his entire body into living metal. This makes him virtually impossible to hurt, and adds a good deal of strength to an already firm set of muscles.

Piotr(Peter) Grew up in Brighton Beach, NY where he developed into a young man of respectable stature, despite his occasional association with vor v zakone or thieves in law who held power in Brighton Beach, an association which was more sought out on the part of the vory v zakone once he proved to not only be strong but smart as well by age 13.

Sensing early that he had no interest in being a career criminal, Piotr withdrew from the thieves in law, much to the chagrin of the local pakhan, Igor Shostepovelik. The pakhan had Piotr's parents meet with an unfortunate accident one day while Piotr was at school.

Knowing full well the methods the Vory V Zakone carried out hits, Piotr knew his parents deaths were no accident and quickly found himself at the gates of Little Kiev, a restaurant which was owned by Igor Shostepovelik. Many bullets flew but in his rage Piotr's mutation manifested and not a single bullet pierced the new indestructible skin Piotr had formed. When the smoke cleared only Piotr still stood.

Disgusted with his savagery, Piotr went on the run becoming more brooding and self loathing by the day. He recalled his training as a vory v zakone to survive, stealing and breaking the law only to survive. He would only manifest his powers when he felt endangered or threatened and rarely ever used his enhanced durability and strength to harm anyone.

His time alone fending for himself has left Piotr with a very acerbic view of anyone else. He is very withdrawn and broody and rarely even speaks unless it is to say something snarky about a passerby. He continued living a secluded and guarded life until one day he was found by Dr. Xavier living in an adandoned house in the Bronx. Sensing the deep buried pain of his parents deaths and the carnage that he brought upon Little Kiev, Dr. Xavier offered to help Piotr work through his pain, to which Piotr very reluctantly accepted, after being rather curt and snarky to Dr. Xavier.

He has a full confession of his crimes in cyrillic tattooed on his back and a crude first degree vory v zakone (which he attempted to gouge off his skin) which show up as a more charcoal grey metal when his powers are active. Although at least one of his eyes is usually covered by long hair which is black as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night, his eyes are ice blue like that of an artic wolf, and his general demeanor is much the same. He is not quite sure how he will fit in as he sees the school as some sort of "yuppie rich kid school" who's taken him on as a charity case.


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