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Post by steyn » Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:08 pm

Maxwell (aka Max) Jordaan



Max has porcupine-like quills growing alongside his normal hair. His quills can detach from his body.

Age: 18

Birthday: 5 July 1994

Height: 1,6 m (5’4”)

Hair: Dark brown hair with black and white quills.

Eyes: Brown

Other Physical Appearances: Max’s skin has an unusual brown discoloration.

Nationality: South African

Hometown: Cape Town

Relatives: Francois Jordaan (Father), Amanda Meyer (Mother, deceased), Henrietta Jordaan (Stepmother), Samuel Jordaan (Stepbrother)

Max’s parents weren’t married when he was born, and they had a very rocky relationship, which resulted in them not getting married at all. At birth his parents were concerned about his skin color, which was explained by the doctor as just a discoloration in the skin’s pigmentation, probably caused by a high concentration of melanin.

When Max was two, his parents broke up, and another two years later, Francois, Max’s father, married Henrietta, who already had a six-year-old son, Samuel, from a previous marriage.

When Max was four his mother died due to a hijacking on her way back from work. His father and stepmother raised Max from then on.

Growing up, Max and Samuel got along, but only as friends and not as brothers. The gap between them increased as time went by and high school came into the picture. By then Sam would rarely make any contact with Max on school grounds, especially when Sam was with his friends.

At age fourteen Max had noticed some strands of his hair appeared to be much thicker and harder than other, and a couple weeks later noticed the same happening on his arms and legs. When mentioned to his father, it was joked as going through puberty and shrugged off, until another week later when he poked his dad with one of his thicker hairs that quite easily came off his head. He also pointed out that it looked like the thick hairs were turning grey.

The next day Max and Henrietta went to the doctor, who suggested a dermatologist. The dermatologist, after a couple of test, suggested them going to a medical geneticist for a proper genetic testing. By the time all of the tests came back and declared Max a mutant without any actual health disabilities, he was already sporting thick black and white quills on his head, arms and legs. As the years passed, more quills became visible on his shoulders and down the back of his neck and part of his back.

Max however didn’t let that get him down. He seized the opportunity to make jokes about it all, garnering attention from his peers, but unfortunately also getting attention from bullies and people who preferred normal over abnormal.

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Maxwell "Quill" Jordaan

Post by Starfish » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:26 pm

Awesome job, Steyn! Max sounds like a lot of fun; I can't wait to see him in the game. And I love the pic! :love
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