Sean Cassidy

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Sean Cassidy

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Name: Sean Cassidy

Code Name: Banshee

Birthplace: Cassidy Keep, County Mayo, Ireland

Birthday: March 1st, 1993

Height: 5’10

Weight: 260 lbs

Hair: Dark Auburn

Eyes: Turquoise/Blue

Powers: Cassidy is blessed with superhumanly powerful lungs, throat, and vocal chords which help produce a sonic scream capable of shattering solid objects, and a sonic shield which can tighten sounds waves around himself and others around him protecting from an opposing attack. By sending out a precise, pure note and listening to the returning, altered wave front of the note, Cassidy can evaluate his surroundings in total darkness with varying degrees of resolution giving him the capability of sonar. His power can cause vocal disorientation affecting an enemy’s equilibrium and balance and can also be used as a vocal trance when subtly influencing people’s subconscious mind by changing the tones and vibrations in his voice. Because of his unique and powerful gift Sean Cassidy has long since acquired sound immunity because of the superhuman stamina in his lungs. Aside from his vocal abilities Cassidy is also blessed with the ability of flight. By using his voice to propel him through the air, Sean is capable of reaching subsonic speeds.

Parents: Sean Cassidy is the only child to a single mother, Brynnly Cassidy.

History: Sean Cassidy is an heir to the Cassidy Keep where he was born and spent his childhood. Raised as a Catholic in the Northern Irish Republic of County Mayo, Sean grew up believing that violence solved nothing and was encouraged to believe that the best way to change something negative was from within. Growing up he always had grand aspirations and dreams of fighting dragons in some far off fantasy is his mind. While his childhood dreams eventually gave way to his constant need to learn and an intense eye for observation, Cassidy still holds strong to his faith and optimistic mindset. After hitting puberty his mutation quickly advanced and Sean soon discovered his mutant power while protecting his family’s estate from a band of drunken looters. His ear piercing, sonic scream shattered the walls and severely injured one of the thieves. With the fear of what the superstitious elders in his County might think, Sean decided that he would live with his secret until he left for Trinity College in Dublin to advance his desire for criminal justice.