Jeanne-Marie Martin

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Jeanne-Marie Martin

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Jeanne-Marie Martin
Age: 18
Birthdate: April 14th
Powers: Jeanne-Marie uses her own random atomic motion to send herself at superhuman speeds and, as such, also possesses the powers to withstand her own speed and keep up her stamina in order to utilize her powers.
Height/Weight: 5'09/122 lbs
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Black, streaked with white
Jean-Paul Martin – Brother, doesn’t know him all that well due to the nuns.
Blanche and Louis Martin – Aunt and Uncle, adoptive parents

History: Jeanne-Marie was adopted with her brother to her mother’s sister and her husband after her parent’s died in a car accident. Though due to the fact that her aunt and uncle were not the richest of people, Jeanne-Marie was sent to a very strict and religious school to relieve the family’s burden. Though little did her family know that Jeanne-Marie was unstable and the harsh environment from the school didn’t help.

Jeanne-Marie was incredibly introverted and depressed, so much so she tried to commit suicide by jumping off the schools roof but instead of falling, Jeanne-Marie started to fly. She was shocked and when she tried to tell the nuns at her school about her experience, they severely punished her. This triggered a multiple personality disorder that caused Jeanne-Marie even more trouble. Her personalities were vastly different. Her actual personality was a quiet, polite, sweet girl, a vast difference from the new personality that emerged, a wild crazy, party girl with an appetite for mayhem. Her alternate personality caused a lot more trouble for her and caused her even harsher punishments. Eventually she buried her extroverted alternate personality. For now, Jeanne-Marie is integrated and keeps her powers a secret, though for how long that lasts is really anyone’s guess.


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