Jonathan Storm

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Jonathan Storm

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Travis van Winkle

Basic Information

NAME: Jonathan Spencer Lowell Storm
NICKNAME(S): Johnny, Matches
CODENAME: Human Torch
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: January 26
  • Pyrokinesis -- Johnny possesses the ability to control ambient heat and fire as well as being capable of turning portions of or his entire body into a plasma-like state at will. His body stores and converts energy that is used for this purpose, and once he's out of energy he's unable to change forms, remaining in his solid state, and is generally left exhausted.
    • Plasma Form -- Johnny can envelop portions of or his entire body in plasma that radiates one to five inches from his body, depending on his energy output, and burns at about 780 F. While in his plasma state, projectiles that come within range of him are melted. If not, they pass harmlessly through his body, due to the fact that he is no longer solid. The energy used to support the plasma is relatively low, but if he wills his flame to a higher level, he'll burn through energy faster, causing him to revert back to his normal form.

      Fire Manipulation -- Able to create or sculpt shapes from flames that burn around 2,800 F, Johnny can sustain them for a limitless amount of time as long as he's focused on it. Otherwise, they dissipate within three minutes.
    Thermokinesis -- Johnny is able to mentally control the ambient heat, even when he isn't aflame. Within a radius of approximately 80 feet, he is able to reduce an object's temperature to about 30 F and raise it several hundred degrees. He also absorbs heat energy from the environment, however he is only able to take in so much before becoming aflame. While Johnny is aflame, the limit of energy he can absorb harmlessly is unknown.

    Flight -- Johnny is capable of carrying about 180 lbs. while in flight and is also able to achieve a flight speed of 140 mph with acceleration up to supersonic speeds.

    Immunity to Fire/Heat -- Johnny isn't affected by fire or heat, even when he is not aflame. There's no way he can be burned so long as he's putting out more heat than the other source of heat.
OCCUPATION: Greatest Superhero in the World


ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
BUILD: Johnny is 170 lbs. of muscle and sheer awesomeness.
HAIR STYLE: Not one to fuss over his hair, Johnny usually just rolls out of bed, assuming he'll look fantastic, hair done or not.
PREFERRED DRESS: A simple t-shirt and jeans suffice. He wouldn't want to take any attention away from his face with flashy clothing.

  • - Being awesome.
    - Showing off.
    - Drinking tea.
    - Playing video games.
    - Avoiding anything involving water, except for drinking, cooking, and showering. Had a bad experience with the stuff when he was younger.
    - Avoiding work. Because it's work.
TEMPERAMENT: Johnny is the center of the universe. There is no equal to or greater than him.

...According to himself.

At the risk of coming off as immature, Johnny jokes around in just about every situation, be it appropriate or not. A fun-loving guy, he is fairly content to just go with the flow as well as slack off when it comes to working. However, he is perfectly capable of getting down to business and putting his serious face on, should he deem it necessary and if the situation calls for it. In these types of situations, Johnny is level-headed for the most part and usually attempts to look at the bright side of things or make light of the whole event.

Most of the ego, humor, and charm is a facade. He doesn't sharing his feelings and would rather brush it off by insisting he's perfectly fine, as he's not one to take anything too seriously. If someone is capable of being around him long enough to break through the ego, most will find that Johnny is a relatively good guy, who would go out of his way to help anyone he considers a friend.

Despite being an easy-going guy, Johnny has a temper that should likely be feared, given his powers. Luckily, it's not easy to get on his bad side.


AGE: 45
OCCUPATION: Kayaking Instructor
FATHER'S NAME: Frank Storm
AGE: 48
AGE: 21


Growing up in a small town in England, Johnny was the youngest of two. Despite being the baby of the family, he wasn't generally the favored child. That title belonged to his older sister, Sue. However, being younger and more adorable, he did manage to get away with more than his sibling. He led a fairly average childhood but didn't find it very satisfying and was constantly looking for a new adventure to occupy his time. If there was something to do, Johnny was there, whether it was ice skating, annoying his sister, or simply hanging out at a friend's house.

And friends were not something Johnny lacked.

Being popular in school, he easily made an abundance of friends. A risk-taker, he would do almost anything to impress, especially when it came to girls. Sadly, he never strove to impress on his actual schoolwork. He managed average grades, which were likely well below what he was actually capable of.

When his powers manifested, Johnny was ecstatic. It was finally something that wasn't normal. His excitement was short-lived though. Unable to keep the secret, he rushed to tell Sue, however tell actually meant "light her schoolwork on fire". After this display and the ensuing rage, his sister convinced him to keep the powers a secret, and he swore her to secrecy with the threat of melting her should she breathe a word of it. If he wasn't allowed to tell, neither was she.

It turned out the threat was effective because no one suspected him of being a mutant until he fell from the sky on fire.

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