Wanda Maximoff

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Wanda Maximoff

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Birthingday: 23rd June, 1993
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Known relatives: Bartholemeu Maximoff (father, deceased) Terra Scererzen-Maximoff (mother, deceased)

Powers and abilities:
Able to use probability to her benefit relying
heavily on the sheer possibilities of what can
happen around her, this comes into play through the use of hex spheres. These forces feed on the discrete units of energy known as quanta causing the alterations in reality, and that is the extent of her abilities. She is still wholy untrained and these abilities come out in times of deep rooted duress and so can be extremely explosive and dangerous to mildly irratating.

Wanda's memories are hazy at best, as she cannot recall anything from before age 12. At this time her mutant abilities became known in an outpouring of power which consumed the family's small flat in the suburbs of Truth or Consequences, NM. She awoke a few blocks away from the disaster with no recollection of anything aside from her name and basic skills such as reading and writing. She was later picked up after living on the streets for a few weeks; the charges were arson, as it appeared, she'd set the apartment on fire as opposed to a simple accident due to the flux of her abilities. She couldn't remember any of her past or what happened and so was sentenced to the juvenile correctional facility of Truth or Consequences. She was detained for only 6 months before being released to a foster family.

Since the moment she awoke after that first outburst of her abilities, Wanda had been confused. Unwilling to discuss her problems for fear of another outburst, she bottled everything inside her giving an arrogance which displays itself in an almost regal bearing (something she had picked up from the plethora of fantasy novels she'd started reading in juvenile hall). This arrogance keeps people away as well, protecting her own fear of herself and of being hurt as she had been each time. The foster families would send her to be relocated for not being able to handle the horrible things that kept occurring to the kids she was around; everything from loss of hearing to illness to death. While they could never place what was happening, they knew she was the cause.

After she turned 18 she returned to the streets, gladly. Here she began to start learning to use her talents in the privacy of her own 'home' in the far corner of a homeless shelter where she met her only friend by the name of Benjamin. An elderly man stuck with the mind of a child in his old age. He looked at the world with the innocence of youth, though the lines on his face had spoke of unforgettable pains and trials. She sat and talked to him often while he listened intently to her, giving small answers periodically. Sometimes though his odd innocence would fade, and in his lucidity he would give her advice and guidance; though these moments were far and in-between. Due to this chance relationship she carries a soft spot for both the elderly and for young children. It was Ben who also instilled in Wanda a love of color. He was a painter and often in the depths of his own madness would sit and paint with the washable paints the shelter had reserved for the children but out of pity, gave to Ben. She would watch his intricate work for hours as she spoke to him, mesmerized by the careful detail in the painting and the almost perfect realism.

Now at the age of 21, she finds herself at the shelter still. Leaving the confines of the only truly safe haven she’d ever known to follow protocol as dictated by local law. It was during these times away that she’d find her own mind slipping. Constantly getting flashes of childhood instances though they are seldom happy, normally embarrassing minutes of childhood or pain caused by others. These terrible flashes would cause bouts of horrid depression and anxiety and again her powers would trigger out of control.



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