Noriko Ashida (Surge)

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Noriko Ashida (Surge)

Post by PsychoKez056 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:10 pm

Name: Noriko Ashida Alias: Surge

Other names: Dark Charge, sparky, Kurai [dark] Ryookin [charge]

Occupation: (Formerly in Japan.) Lead violinest for prefecture orchestra (Current) None

Age: 17 (as of first year) Birth date: 13th May

Height: 5'0"

Hair Colour: Black brown (natural) Current : Dyed multiple colours.

Eye Colour: Brown (natural) Glows blue/white when using powers

Nationality: Japanese

Abilities: Siphon electricity from her environment and channel it into bursts of superhuman speed and electrostatic discharges, wears rubber gloves (sometimes) that insulate her energies. Can (with enough build up) create electro magnets and magnets out of certain metals.

Skills: Can play violin and cello to high standards, excels in tea ceremony and gymnastics. Can cook - sort of. Can roller/ice blade/skate and is also teaching herself to free run and parkour for use during missions.

Known Relatives:
Father - Hosihro Ashide [Alive]
Mother - Yumiko Ashida [Alive]
Brother - Keitaro Ashida [Unknown]

History: Has lead a relatively good life until her powers manifested, excelling in her sports, music and literature classes. Always the energetic bouncy one became the schools gymnastics team leader at 14 and has helped the school win 4 trophies. Thanks to alot of pushing from her mother Noriko has also taken both her Violin and cello playing to a professional level.

Her powers manifested over afew months as her energy levels started to saw no matter what she did, mainly during her sports lessens as she slowly started to break all the school sprint/ lap records. Then on a fairly memorable day in the school a good friend of Noriko's, decided to jump out and frighten the already jumpy girl. Noriko sparked out for the very first time and blew every light in a full block radius, and now occasionaly does it on puppose.

Her parents getting fairly annoyed with their daughters hyperactive and electrical tendancies, and also fed up of belt buckles becomming randomly magnetised, decided to call up Xaviers to get help.

At Xavier's aside from suffering from homesickness which affects her powers she's been adjusting well having made a best friend of her room-mate Clarice and a boyfriend (Ankka). Though her powers still aren't under control they are getting better and stronger thanks to Xavier's training

Looks: Aside from her ears she's got no piercings and no tattoos so far, having found none she likes or she can hide from her parents. Obtained her first scar from her first ever rescue mission on Genosha with the X-men, a bullet wound on her left ribs.

Slightly angel faced, with big blinky eyes and almost permanent look of glee on her face matching the near sickeningly optimistic and bouncy personality. Being definitely on the short side the girl makes good advantage of the small cute and innocent look.

Actually prefers wearing her sailor suit school uniforms, though the colours don't tend to match regulations by being blinding. If not in her uniforms tend to revert to wearing Japanese cybergoth wear or even the occasional cosplay for her favourite anime/manga.

While not speaking she's got a calming reassurance voice, and she can sing alittle mainly pop though.


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