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Clarice Ferguson - Blink

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:56 am
by puppygirl
Play By - Lori 'Lolo' Jones
Name: Clarice Ferguson

Alias: Blink

Birth Date: 2nd of September, 1997

Death: Clarice was killed in action during the events of the Hydra invasion while trying to evacuate survivors

Height: 6'1"

Hair Colour: Dark purple/pink

Eye Colour: Luminous forest green with no visible pupils

Nationality: American (naturalised)

Status: Unregistered mutant

Affiliation: X-Men

Mutant Abilities:
  • Bio-Molecular Spatial Displacement (Teleportation): The ability to displace matter through teleportation rifts, which appear as bright pink, blinking holes. She is able to move objects or people various distances using these rifts with no ill-effect. Her effective teleporting range is currently unknown but she seems to have no trouble crossing multiple states with a single 'port.
  • Energy Javelins: Clarice can concentrate her teleporting powers into short, pink crystal javelins. She uses their sharp edges as a weapon in close combat and when thrown they can (depending on her intentions) either instantly teleport whatever they come into contact with to any location she wishes, or disrupt them on a molecular level, catching them momentarily in a portal and temporarily splitting them into pieces before reassembling them, when used on a living being this causes them to be knocked out for a short amount of time.
  • Heighten Athleticism: Clarice seems capable of performing acrobatic feats far beyond that of a normal human.
Relatives: Parents; Gerald and Nailah Ferguson - deceased
Mother's Cousin; 'Uncle' En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse)

Appearance: Clarice is obviously a mutant, pink-skinned, purple-haired with some very strange marking on her face, a dark pink diamond in the centre of her forehead, two half cresents just above her right eyebrow and a full cresent going through her left eyebrow and eye, ending on her cheek. Rather tall and leggy, she moves with a grace you wouldn't expect from someone with such long limbs and excitable personality. She's much more muscular than most girls her age with noticible definition on her arms and stomach. The life she's lived has left her quite scarred, most noticably on her forarms but pitted all over her skin, but luckily none of them are too disfiguring. Due to her unusual colouring she normally wears a plain shirt (usually in green, her favourite colour) and jeans, to avoid clashing, but she's more than open to experimentation with her look, as under her no-fuss exterior is quite a girly heart.

History: Born on the small island of Cartusia, in the Bahamas, to an American father and a native mother, Clarice's family migrated to Miami, Florida in the US when she was five in the hopes that they might be able to provide a better life for their unusual looking daughter. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way, her parents struggled to find work and ultimately the family ended up homeless. When Clarice was nine, and after a particularly harsh hurricane season, her parents made the difficult choice to place their daughter into the foster care system, where at least she would have food regularly and have a roof over her head.

At first the family tried to stay in contact, but after six months Clarice was transferred out of state to a home for 'special needs' children and she lost all contact with her parents. Shunted from home to home Clarice nethertheless remained cheerful and optimistic that as soon as she was old enough to leave the system she could go find her parents again. Due to her obvious mutation she made very few friends and was bullied quite badly by the other kids, but that did nothing to dampen her sunny disposition and she became adapt at playing her own imaginary games, mostly superhero fantasies inspired by her favourite show, the 1960s run of Batman.

During this time she also discovered a love for all animals, be they great or small, and would often gently play with whatever bugs she found in the home's gardens and cry noisily whenever another kid came along and squashed them.

When she was twelve her powers manifested when she really, really had to go potty and was waiting outside the bathroom, she suddenly teleported inside causing both her and the boy in there to wet themselves. After another hasty transfer Clarice began to practice using her powers in secret, aided a great deal by watching some of the older boys in the home playing Portal.

Once she felt she had mastered the basics she ran away from the home, teleporting herself and her few belongings slowly across the country, back towards Miami to try and look for her parents. Though she searched high and low there was no sign of them and for the first time in her life her constant, cheerful optimism took a knock.

Falling into depression, Clarice roamed aimlessly till she was eventually befriend by a Buddhist monk named Narayan, who took pity on the lost mutant girl. He invited her into his home and shared his food with her, teaching her about his faith when she asked. Clarice liked what she heard about the religion and later on she would eventually convert to Buddhism.

What she especially found herself fixating on was the idea of 'karma', that eventually your deeds come back to you and how she could apply that to her own situation. She was a mutant and her life had been hard, but she was rewarded with her fantastic teleportation abilities, karma had clearly given them to her for a reason.

Perhaps influenced by all the cheesy super-hero shows she'd watched as a kid, Clarice came to the conclusion that the universe had granted her these powers so that she might act as karma's agent in the world, using her powers to bring those who would normally escape to justice.

Clarice parted ways with Narayan, knowing the man's pacifism wouldn't agree with her new outlook and mission, thanking him for everything he'd done for her. She then cobbled together the first version of her super-hero costume and taking the name 'Blink'(after the noise her portals made) she set out into the world to right wrongs in the hope she could collect enough universal brownie points to find her parents again.

Remarkably she's still alive five years later, so she must be doing something right ...

Previous Appearances: White Hat/Black Hat - The origin of Clarice and Jean-Paul's friendship
This... Is... Public Property! - The X-Men's first encounter with the Astounding Blink!
Pink Bedfellows - Clarice drops in on the Martin's and is shocked to find Jean-Paul there when he should be at Xaiver's, much hugging commences.
Unlikely Wisdom - The following morning Clarice and Jean-Paul discuss the events happening at xaiver's and after a little thought and kindness she convinces him to return to the school for his own sake ... but not after visiting a tropical beach and perving over him in is swimming trunks ...

Further Information: Clarice's 100 Questions
30 Fun Facts About Clarice
Clarice's G+

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing Game Character Sheet

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:16 pm
by puppygirl
Solo - d10
Buddy - d8
Team - d6

Indominable Spirit: Clarice never gives up, no matter what
Kind Hearted: What it says on the tin, she's a compassionate person
Street Life: For all her big-eyed innocence, five years living and fighting on the streets have made her wiser than she appears

Teleportation: d10
Crystal Javelins: d10

SFX: Thinking with Portals: Clarice uses the power of gravity to give her physical attacks more power - Replace a d10 power trait with 2d8 or 3d6
SFX: Portal Flurry: Clarice rapidly opens and closes portals around her target at random, striking them in quick sucession from various different angles - Step up or double a power trait against a single target, then remove the highest rolling die and add another into your total

Limit - Mutant: Gain 1 PP when affected by mutant-specific technology.
Limit - The Astounding Blink: Clarice sometimes forgets that real-life crime fighting isn't like the cartoons - When inflicting a complication on a target, gain 1 PP and take a complication of equal die size as your effect.

Acrobatic: d8
Combat: d8
Covert: d6
Crime: d6
Medical: d4
Science: d4
Vehicle: d4

Semester Seventeen Summary and Thread Tracker

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:57 pm
by puppygirl
Clarice, the Valkyrie of Beatroot, by me
Inspired by this instance
Clarice's first semester at Xaiver's was remarkably free of drama-llama but still rather eventful. She settled in with her studies and peers, forming friendships with her class mates such as Ankka and Sooraya, and swiftly becoming best friends with her roomie Noriko (foreign toilet habits non-withstanding) doing activities like trying each other's native cuisine and ice-skating. Her friendship with Jean-Paul was instantly renewed and the pair generally had many silly adventures.

Her first few missions with the X-men were less successful, despite her training. After getting carried away during the evacuation of Genosha she ended up stranded on the island and had to make her own way home via teleporting and finally managed to crash land in the refugee camp that had been set up outside the school, as a result of this she was laid-up for a while with a nasty cold she managed to contract somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.

Not long after she recovered, Clarice received a letter claiming to be from a representative of her parents, who she hadn't seen since she was nine. The letter it turned out was from En Sabah Nur, a billionaire businessman and philanthropist who also happened to be her mother's cousin, he had managed to track down Nailah and her husband and then Clarice, and the three visited the school and were reunited as a family, much to everyone's delight.

Life was pretty uneventful for Clarice after that, she hung out with her friends, took her club with Noriko very seriously, investigated panty thieves and helped defend from the occasional attack. Pretty standard fare for a semester at Xaiver's ...

Or was it?

Chronological List of Instances and Fiction