Sooraya Qadir

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Sooraya Qadir

Post by Ferguson » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:16 pm

از فایل های تقسیم
CASE NUMBER:453-76-Sooraya Qadir
Golshifteh Farahani
اطلاعات مشکوک پایه
Basic Suspect Information
SUSPECT NAME:Sooraya Qadir
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: August 10
GENDER: Female

Sooraya possesses the ability to convert herself into a sand blast by shifting the substance of her body into loose silicon particles while also creating an explosive release at her center, expelling her particles at high velocity in all directions, afterwards forcing herself to reassemble back into her form. With apparent telepathic control, she can then move at high velocity resembling a sand storm. The sand storm effect is strong enough to destroy steel and rip the flesh from one's bones. While in this form she possesses some telepathic resistance as it is difficult for telepaths to zero in on her mind when it is sand. Outside of her sand form, however, she does not demonstrate this power. Her skin, bones, and muscles are enhanced in comparison to a flatline human, making her more durable.

OCCUPATION: Student interested in journalism and history.
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Herat, Afghanistan in her family's home where she has lived all of her life. It is fairly obviously upper middle class but is old enough it has suffered it's share of wear and tear as well, moderately well-sized considering the small family it houses and the lack of extended family staying.
ظاهر مشکوک جزئیات
Detailed Suspect Appearance
ETHNICITY: Persian-Tajik for the most part though there is enough Arabic lineage in her family as well.
BUILD: Sooraya has a narrow build about her as well as a squareness in her shoulders and jaw, making her appear a bit more rigid in a way. She holds herself rigidly as well, securely in her bubble at all times and seemingly self-conscious of the space she is taking up, holding long limbs closer to her body than is necessary and generally keeping her head down so she does not stand at her full height. For now, anyway, that is the case. It's quite possible soon enough her mannerisms shall see a shift.
HAIR STYLE: Her hair is kept long and out of her way, sometimes in her niqab but always covered with some form of headdress.
PREFERRED DRESS: There are just some things about Sooraya that make demonstrate that she is very conscious of tradition and that would be how she dresses so don't expect her to show much variety outside of her usual abayat (Not that she believes it has to be worn to be decent but she chooses it for herself). The clothes worn under aren't really fashion conscious, generally chosen for comfort and still for modesty's sake.

مشخصات شخصیتی
-Is a devout Sunni Muslim
-Is very good at remembering what people say to her, expecting them to stand by these statements later on as well.
-Clicks her pen on the edge of tables
-Once you get to know her she is surprisingly sarcastic but generally keeps this well to herself and feels guilt for such things
-Makes and flies kites as a hobby
-Has a bad tendency to read out loud
-Is a bit of a people watcher
-Very detail oriented, can recall a lot of details from a past situation.
-Talks quietly
-Quite enjoys quiz games

TEMPERAMENT: Sooraya seems to be a mixture of hot and cold. She is opinionated but she is also too soft spoken to make those opinions heard outside of her trusted friends and family. She is curious but she is afraid to lose herself in too many new things like those that are going to be around her at XU.

So, essentially, if Sooraya doesn't know you all that well you're going to get exactly what you would expect; a shy and quiet girl that probably won't go out of her way to start a conversation with you. Once she is comfortable with you, however, expect her more outgoing tendencies to start cropping up. She is smart, serious, and doesn't take too kindly for too many assumptions to be made about her because of her background and what people think about it.

At her best, Sooraya is a quick-witted girl who, while she is limited in some of the more intricate cultural understandings of her new environment, is a friend who loves to be helpful and offer advice (which might not be appropriate with those aforementioned cultural differences). At her worst she is timid yet everso slightly bitter at feeling thus.
اطلاعات تاریخچه مشکوک
AGE: 38
OCCUPATION: NGO worker for Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development, organizing women teachers for the literacy program.
AGE: 42
OCCUPATION: A Professor at Herat University teaching Literature.


Now, considering her home, we can safely assume we know something of Sooraya's childhood. Both of her parents were very involved in education so that was one aspect that, while is a continuing problem in the region, was not too terrible much of a problem for Sooraya. There were instances of violence from the war and there are still lingering problems in the region considering the fluidity of the government and Ismail Khan's value judgment on human rights. If we are to talk about Sooraya's childhood from the sense of her family and not that of the world around her with it's conflicts, things were comfortable and secure enough.

A lot of Sooraya's education took place at home but she had a pretty excellent education by the regional standards, having attended girl's school in addition and also having many a language lesson so don't expect her English to be lacking because she's been studying for a while. The only reason she did stop attending her public school was the manifestation of her powers. This is something Sooraya hasn't exactly been open about as being a mutant makes her nervous if she's to be honest with herself. The manifestation happened calmly enough, however. She was merely sitting in her room reading as the fan in her room blew air towards her, blowing away bits of dust until it was blowing away bits of herself as well and she shifted all of the way. To say it was a surprise would be a gross exaggeration, obviously, and partly because of this, Sooraya has never been open about her mutation to her parents, not certain what they would think of her being one.

She had fully intended to go to University where her father taught, intending to study journalism there. The idea of accidentally falling to dust, however, was a great deterrent from this but it wasn't something she wanted to explain to her parents considering how insistent she had been on the subject. So, when Xavier University contacted her she went with the rash desire and joined. Now she's going hemispheres away and is not sure at all she has made the right decision.

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