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Danny Rand - Iron Fist

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:37 am
by Ult_Sm86
Daniel Rand / Iron Fist


Name: Daniel Rand

sex: Male

age: 19

height: 5'10"

weight: 188 lbs

Family: Lord Lei Kung Tuan- Legal Guardian, Wendell Rand (Deceased), Heather Duncan Rand (Deceased)

Birthday: June 27th

Friendships/Other relationships: Friendships with others in the temple including best friend, Shang Chi.

Hometown: Originally from Hoboken, NJ, Rand was adopted by Lei Kung after the death of his parents and brought to K'un L'un to train in martial arts and hopefully one day earn the multimillion dollar corporation he was an heir to. Over time, the school was not enough for young Rand, and he and his good friend Shang Chi, at the worldly age of 12, took off to study other forms of Martial Arts. They made their way to Japan and stayed in a mountain village for the next 7 years training under the tutelage of Ken Harada.

Education: High School Graduate, school of Lei Kung the Thunderer, Special Focus on "The Iron Fist" skills

Favorite food: Tofu (You can do SO MUCH WITH IT!)

Favorite Movie: Everything Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan

Favorite Sport: do you really have to ask?

Favorite Book: The Art of War

Brief History:

It was very clear from an early age that Daniel Rand, like his father, would be a mutant. His father before him was a mutant with an ability to turn his entire body into a layer of natural organic metals. When combining this ability to his martial arts, he became nearly unstoppable.

However, nearly was not enough. While using his abilities and his family's wealth to rebuild dangerous and underprivileged parts of New Jersey, most people saw him as a threat to their (mostly) illegal businesses. Be it pollution, political dealings under-the-table, dirty cops, or even mafia crime, Mr. Rand funded organizations and crime units to fight it all, and would pay rewards to those who assisted in tipping off the appropriate authorities. He was a man of strong ideals and good intentions. This earned him stronger enemies.

When Daniel Rand was only 5 years old, a dozen men snuck into the Rand manor and began to attack Daniel's father. Mr. Rand fought them off valiantly, but he was no match for their skills. He was killed protecting his child and wife.

While escaping, his mother was stabbed in the stomach with a sword and though she made it to the car and was able to flea the manor before they burned it down, she did crash and according to reports, died on impact.

Danny, remarkably, survived. He was strangely quiet, and the ambulance report later would state that the child almost seemed angry.

The would dismiss the glowing yellow hands and would leave it out of the report however.

Daniel was adopted by Lei Kung, a friend of Daniel's father who had helped train him in his days in China. Daniel was taken back to China, and taken away from the limelight and paparazzi. Most of America would (who knew of the Rand family name) would have dismissed the child as dead from the accident, or from the house burning down.

It wouldn't be for 7 years that Daniel Rand would leave China with his good friend Shang-Chi to study other ways of the warrior. They settled in a mountain town in Japan and honored the ways of Master Ken Harada.

At 18, Danny went off to the United States in search of a college education, befitting of his mutant skills. One that could help him learn to help balance his powers even more than his martial arts training had, to help balance his mind and will to be patient with anti-mutant activists, and a school that would help him prepare for the real world. The real world where he would re-emerge and take the company that was rightfully his.

He would also return to the states to bring the organization that was responsible for the death of his parents to justice. The ninja/terrorist organization that, for now, he did not know by name. Only by their bloody hand-print they would leave on the door of their victims.

Through concentration, Iron Fist can harness surrounding energy, or what he believes to be his chi, to augment his physical and mental capabilities to peak human levels. By focusing this energy into his hand, he can tap the superhuman energy & temporarily render his fists superhumanly powerful, immune to pain and injury. Like iron sledgehammers.

This ability can prove to be mentally draining, and he usually needs recovery time before he can repeat it. Iron Fist can heal himself of any injury or illness through this convergence of energy, should he have ample time to do so. It takes much concentration and discipline.

It is within his capabilities to project this power to heal others. It would, unfortunately, nearly kill him to do so.

Danny can sense other mutagenic energy, particularly that which is related to similar to his own (an energy output, rather than something like a feral or transformation).

When absorbing the energy from not just the space around him but from people around him, it is possible for Danny to fuse his consciousness with that of another person, enabling each to perceive the other's emotions and memories. This is incredibly rare.

He has unusually keen eyesight, similar to raptor or other bird of prey. His entire body has been trained through every conceivable ordeal to endure almost every form of combat, enabling him to adapt a potential to adapt within any environment.

It is rare, but not impossible, for Danny to absorb energy directed at himself (such as a fist or even a projectile) and channel it to augment his own power. Timing, with this skill, is everything.

Intro Fic (Work In Progress)

Slow, wooden, and stoic are the three words Danny used to describe the men who were pushing him around. Their skills were hollow, poorly practiced. There was no discipline, no assurance in their attacks. It was useless, trying to tell them he didn't want a fight. They were just drunk ruffians, there was no convincing them of anything really. But he knew it wasn't a fair fight.

The four men circled around Danny and each made beckoning hand motions. One of them made a kissy-face to Danny, which he briefly tilted his head at, confused as to the meaning. When did that become a taunt? he wondered.

Danny used his keen eyesight to assess the situation. The largest man was lightly swinging a chain in circular motions. He had given Danny a weapon and didn't even realize it. To the Chain-Swinger's immediate right was a slightly smaller, sleeker man, who was using brass-knuckles. He didn't seem to know how to use them other than slipping them on and throwing a punch. He had no idea it not only changed the weight of your fist, slightly, but also the time for the release by even just a hair of a second. Plenty of time to take advantage.

To that man's right was a shot, stout, fellow with nothing but his fists and finally the last man who was skinny, frail, and looked drunk enough to believe he was the first man. The fact that he carried a switchblade in his hand the way a movie-star might carry a switchblade also confirmed to Danny just how unserious this fight actually was.

This was just a brawl. They were angry, drunk, and stupid, and they wanted a fight.

"Gentlemen, I was simply asking for directions to the Institute for Higher Learning, I'm not sure how this is going to resolve any disagreeance that question might have-"

"Shove it, Gabby Cathy!" The brass-knuckled man slurred angrily at Danny. "You get off the boat, act all fruit-cake, correct my friend - "

"He referred to the young lady as a 'whore', which I believe means she willingly sells her body for sex. I also assessed from her expression that it was immediately taken as an insult, and I simply asked that he apologize or change his use of phra-"

"God, he never shuts up! Punch his jaw off, Luke!"

Luke, the man with the brass knuckles, stepped forward and shot his left fist out to Danny as the largest man with the chain suddenly flicked the metal links towards Danny's face. Danny shifted casually to the left and with his right hand, caught the rusty chain, pulling it tightly and bringing the man at the other end into Danny's fist. Before the man was even on the ground, Danny was wrapping the chain around Luke's wrist and then pulling his face down into Danny's knee. When the two connected, it rendered Luke unconscious immediately.

"Gentlemen, I assure you your friend will be fine. However his skull just made contact with one of the only two places of the body where there is pure bone, the other being the elbow. He will likely have a headache when he awakes."

They spat at Danny and charged him with drunken rage. Danny sighed and leapt into the air. With a splendidly executed split, he was able to connect both of the insides of his feet with the sides of their faces. They both stumbled backwards and the man with the knife tried to charge again. Danny reached down to where the blade was going to start from (he was swinging up from his waist) and pulled the blade forward and back, the man's hand with it. At the sound of the crack, the man let go and cried out in pain.

As the disarming occurred, Danny used his right ankle to sweep the other man's feet out from under him. Following the collapsing knife wielder's body to the ground, he dropped his knee on his chest. "Don't move." Danny demanded.

The last man, the stout man, roared and charged again. Danny quickly stood up and extended his arms out. Much to the stout man's surprise, Danny lifted him easily and flipped him over and into the empty dumpster behind them. 6 feet behind them.

"Now that the lady's honor has been defended, I am going to continue onwards. Thank you for this brief exercise, it was invigorating to say the least."

Danny stepped out of the alley and back onto the sidewalk, pocketing his fists into his brown coat. No reason to do that again, Danny… he thought to himself. Need to continue keeping a low profile! fighting a group of thugs is not exactly low profile¦

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Danny Rand - Iron Fist

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:55 pm
by Ult_Sm86
Types of bows that Danny performs throughout the day as various responses.

Special thanks to: for this information!

Types of Bows

There are two basic categories of bows. These are zarei - the seated bow and ritsurei - standing bow. Within these two basic categories, we can find several different types of bows that are commonly used. The following includes brief descriptions of each of the basic types of bows. Generally, these can be completed either as zarei (seated bow) or ritsurei (standing bow). There are types, or rather names, of other bows, although these cover the fundamentals. The types of bows include:

Soushu Rei
Soushu rei comprises a first kanji of "sou" meaning "pair" or "set." The second kanji has our common pronunciation of "te" (kun yomi), but also a pronunciation "shu" (ON yomi) with a meaning of hand. When conjoined as soushu rei it means with "both hands (or approving) bow". It is the basic bow used in everyday life in Japan.

Takushu Rei
Takushu rei is the formal "general purpose" bow. It can be used from both the standing and seated positions. It is the bow most often seen performed by students in the dojo especially when the courtesy is being paid formally to a higher rank. Literally translated, it's the "open up hands bow."

Shiken Rei
Shiken rei is a formal kneeling bow used in the presence of juniors. It also is appropriately used when listening to a person conversing in an official capacity such as one's teacher. Literally translates as "finger (point) build bow."

Gassho Rei
The first kanji is the well-known "ai" meaning unite but it also has a pronunciation of "Gatsu." The second kanji is "shu" meaning palm of hand. Gassho rei means pressing one's hands together in a fashion similar to prayer and then bowing. Shorin ji Kempo practitioners use this bow. When used in seiza, it is appropriate at religious ceremonies but is not used as an everyday bow. Interestingly, gassho is similar to the gesticulation used by the Japanese when they wish to express "I'm sorry."

The standing bow is divided into five "unofficial" types:

1. the cursory bow - Bow to an angle of five degrees, it's basic nod, "Hello", used to convey an extremely simple (impersonal) greeting.

2. the shallow bow - Bow to an angle of fifteen degrees. This is used for common salutations, "Good Day" greeting. It is slightly more formal than the cursory bow.

3. the ordinary bow - Bow to an angle of thirty degrees. This is the most common, respectful bow to be used especially when indicating appreciation.

4. the politest bow - Bow to an angle of forty-five degrees. This bow is used to convey very deep respect or to expressing extreme gratitude or an apology.

5. the ceremonial bow - Bow to an angle of ninety degrees. This deepest of bows is reserved for ceremonial occasions such as a visit to a shrine or Buddhist temple.

The only significant difference amongst each of these bows is the angle to which it is performed. This angle increases according to the level of respect that should be shown. In most everyday situations, one uses the "ordinary bow." The "shallow bow" is made only toward those with whom one is quite familiar, since it can be perceived to be, at the very least, impolite if another deeper bow is more appropriate to the situation.

Danny Rand - Iron Fist

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:58 am
by Ult_Sm86
First Semester Courses:

Advanced Mutant Physiology - Dr. McCoy

Anthropology - Prof. Xavier

Introduction to Movement: Lorna

Physical Health - Bobby

Psychology - Wade

Swimming Class - Namor