Rubin Ohari aka Tantra

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Rubin Ohari aka Tantra

Post by steyn » Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:18 pm

Rubin Ohari
aka Tantra
Has an elephant-like physiology,meaning a large body size, large elephant ears, stubby fingers, tusks and trunk. When rubbing fingers together, he can produce a tiny rainbow coloured light. When this light comes in contact with another person's body, preferably skin, He has the power to amplify good feelings, something he found out that he could do since age 14. Very handy when dealing with bullies.

Age: 18

Birthday: 5 April 1996

Height: 8' 2” (248 cm)

Body type: Extra Large

Hair: Black, what little he has.

Eyes: Brown

Other Physical Appearances: Grey skin, just like an elephant's. Only has three fingers on each hand, that's including thumbs. He's a bit of a big boy, well built and tall, but also has a bit of a stomach to give that kind of Hindu God feeling.Has a bunch of earrings on both ears, nine on each.

Nationality: Indian American, Grandfather was an immigrant from India.

Hometown: Miami, born and raised there.

Relatives: Harshal Ohari (Father), Aruna Ohari (Mother), Skye Ohari(Grandmother), Sukant Ohari(grandfather, deceased)

Rubin's parents own an Indian Restaurant called 'Karmic Flavour' in Miami. He was born a rather hefty baby, and his pachydermic features slowly settled in the older he got.
At age 14 he realized he could make people act nicer towards him and others, which was something very big for him, seeing that even though he was a bit of a flowerchild, he still had a lot of trouble with negative energy from people calling him names, man. People like that are total downers, man. Like, where's the love, you gotta bring in more love in the world. All this hatred is bad for the body, you know?Speaking of which, don't tell my parents about my, um, stuff, it's... it's medicinal. Yeah. No really, it's my gran's, she's got glaucoma.
Sometimes Rubin would make some extra money on the side by playing 'the wise indian elephant guru' at Karmic Flavour. Usually when he did that, he just said something from the fortune cookies he got when ordering take out from the chinese place across the street. He never had any complaints, seeing that people were rather happy when leaving his presence.

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